Buying The $50,000,000 PENTHOUSE In GTA 5! (NEW DLC)

Buying The $50,000,000 PENTHOUSE In GTA 5! (NEW DLC)

the gta5 casino update is finally here and that's why me and my only two friends are going to buy a penthouse inside of the casino and spend all our money it's gonna be great if you want to see more GTA videos I want to see at least 100,000 likes on this video and also let me know in the comments which penthouse you thought look the best I think mines gonna look amazing guys we're finally gonna be neighbors even better Jordi is finally gonna live in a home let's go into the casino really guys this just looks like an average hotel that's my car leave it alone piece of crap seriously can we no hogging it I'm going all right I'm gonna buy a penthouse bye guys oh my god this is your house Josh oh yeah we're gonna buy a house inside of this new casino wait you can win this they can hook us up with something I don't know where the front desk is where Jenny turn around Josh I'm sorry this place is so massive put a sign mine and then I'll see you guys in a second all right here's some money all right here we are the penthouse is that's what we want so we can either design our own by the high-roller dude six million dollars let's wait to cheap buy the crash pad or buy the party penthouse dude I'm gonna design my own I'm gonna make the sickest and best-looking penthouse in the world alright so on the right we've got a floor pen we gotta buy all of these rooms which one do we have now this is the master penthouse it's not just a palace it's your patter saw if you want a private spa not really you can have it you're a boy you're a party huh oh wait launch area oh my goodness that's crazy-looking right so we could have a media room I want to watch movies so yes I would love a media room in my house I pretty much spent all my time either playing video games or watching movies so we need a media room boys way that costs five hundred thousand dollars that's a lot of money for watching movies we've got what's this a spa spa comes with around-the-clock personal stylist it just sounds like humidity issues I don't want to have a spa in my penthouse a bar and party hub you know what that means that a lot of friends are gonna have to come over to my place and I'm gonna have to clean it up nope I don't like cleaning a private dealer a private table for blackjack and three-card poker with the best view I love views I'm buying it for the view I don't care about the dealer I'm buying it for the view office I don't work anymore I don't mean office sometimes you need to take care of business no I play video games and watch movies what do you want I don't need an office lastly we've got an extra bedroom but like I said I don't wanna clean those things up so now I know extra bed I don't have no friends anyway all right a garage yes because I do want to buy sick cars colors we've got sharp timeless vibrant oh there's pink and vibrant I mean my girlfriend likes pink so I guess we'll buy the pink one Pat turns it looks fine I don't really care all right let's let's buy this four and a half million dollars I have enough money oh my god was that rich great I'm really really poor all right guys you wanna check out my apartment I want to check it out okay I'll bless you guys up guys welcome to my pain Turner I gotta be honest this looks so good you know I get the bathrobe to relax and you think it's a little dated Josh it's like a little bit classy anyway yeah like it classy you know I do here's some drinks by the way if you want to make this tour okay you have orange juice oh gosh gosh gosh it's early in the morning come on make it we don't do that guy oh good stay here for a second which is Jilly's bedroom you get your nice little lounge you can have a seat over here wait oh this is the lounge of my bedroom yes jelly oh wait wait guys there's someone outside people are creeping onto us ah screaming I think it's the bathrobes I think it's the matter guys follow me look at this look at this bed so cool but turn around for a second do you see that black wall thing over there Jilly welcome to it wait what is it what is it I'm scared wait wait this is crazy Josh you want to stand here together with me it's a big shower we can all shower the same there's no you guys look at the toilet it is a telephoto dude I like this style the marble yeah oh man thank you guys then you spent a lot of TV while sitting on the toilet that's what you want to re-watch all the mind or videos guys Shelly's room right over here we have Josh's room okay so Josh this is Josh Anna beds I'm Joey Josh do I get – well because me you are sleeping in the same room what bed troop dude I will happily take my own bedroom me and Josh in the same room in the mall again Josh seriously there's no bathtub in there these no but it is a nice shower and a night better bed shorty well get all of his hair and like he's my own this is where we can do our work and stuff you know yeah look and this is a pretty big couch Josh Josh guys look take a look oh oh oh my god oh no oh good dirty clothes those legs guys we've seen your basics what are your like you were to exit yeah what are the extra story gonna roof terrace you know the usual looks good then this is where all my Awards will go when I win them one day working on it up why are there drinks everywhere for Josh the Iceman needs to stop why that's why he's like curly Josh you can't even talk anymore you need to sit down Jilly no one arrived at the party what did you just say room can we go there immediately I really do not care about this office okay with more drinks Josh oh my god no we were just here Josh what do you mean yo can someone show me where the bathroom oh the bathrooms right here Josh what about the bedroom we've been party guys we can actually play late no Josh Josh you go we're gonna play games come on I'm playing game wars Jordy oh it works oh my goodness jelly get off a machine is party time that was a hundred-year any guy oh my god it's party time Rose go turn you gotta keep on shaking it yourself anyway gosh Wow well Geordi I gotta say nice views super Oh No sunset we love it guys Oh shaky I think we should go and check out my place I think this is all right let's wait do you think this place is boring dosh is that it I want to cry welcome to my gosh it looks the same the colors are different on the wall I look the door to the bedroom so there you go you don't have it Josh blocked it I don't think you bought it Josh because you're poor my god all your bathroom is so nice I love it it's very white Josh you got to be careful nobody does anything bad on you some of my water on it come with me I want to show you guys my special features oh yeah you show a sure what are your special special features this one is actually above Jordi's apartment so if you smile it's not I'm pretty sure that's not true nice blue lights come on in here this is my office wait what you have an office whoa diamond wall will you play on a Mac when I drink drink guys just bring the drinks you've had is telling you your office is a little bit empty Josh yeah I mean I need to decorate it and I apparently have something else so you're telling us you need to decorate it but you're giving us a tour now well check out this guys check out this okay what you're gonna be amazed wait no wait wait what oh my god no way first dollar bills everywhere I love it nice light touch – wait wait double hidden say no where are you – good Oh nerf guns – pretty real to me Jax anyway very real look somewhere over here is my other thing here it is not here is yours that's poor Josh wait who's this dude wait who is this dude Jordy I get my eyebrows done okay I got one thing to fix oh here we go – I got a surprise for you you're gonna love this whatever you do don't lift up your no look at that jelly you look beautiful that's green would be your favorite color whoa Joey's getting a makeover Jenny you and me we get in the you guys get in this guy's really useful oh it puts my clothes off automatically guys he cut off all my hair that's hair that's just my hair that fell off and stucked in my chest guys he cut off my chest hair and he put it on my head again that's good look at that though you white ball Jordy I preferred him his spot was great job was that that's pretty much everything all that was about five million dollars guys you know your houses are cool and all but mines way better no I don't believe it yeah like mine is like ten times cooler let's check it out Oh chilly like what you see guys that's very pleased this is better isn't it this is better this is right you like bright colors right Josh pink can you learn the colors down no no turn it up turn it up well my girlfriend loves pink and I love green and that's why they have pink and blue no no one asked about your personal life okay god yeah boring guys have another drink Josh name is my name is John but guys seriously I've got I've got some cool things to showcase your cool thing first of all look at my nice little own okay that's my cool with all the colors I've actually got secret door here do you see the door yeah what's that yeah you see that no oh yes we're watching the something movie whoa look at that movie it's great okay wait you could play games wait what play video games watch move at the same time exactly what don't cross the line let's go hey guys it's not it's not slither it's snake this is litter what do you mean no no this is cool oh you guys are in trouble Oh josh is dead already Oh lock him in but then I killed myself oh yeah what else have you got jelly I asked someone else just follow me over here we've got my private do you guys play a game this actually comes with a really nice view but it's starving let's do some blackjack oh yes oh yes Michelle playing blackjack how did I do Josh are you kidding me all right guys I'm gonna bet about a thousand okay all right turn you're betting a thousand two okay Jordi what the race got a tool to try get to 21 okay try again right anyone I'm gonna 11 okay how about 11 as well Josh what about you I'm on 79 what did I do now Oh josh is gonna stand all right so don't let Jack know wait we love thousand bucks oh my god okay let's go again I think I've got a better option for us yeah what's up let's go to the actual casino I've got a good idea dude I said buddy on this person oh good I did Josh get a cut from this cuz it's his room it's my jelly it's her there's really gonna cut from this profits are for me Oh guys come on I'll give you 5% of the profit no jelly are you kidding me okay all right boys follow me forgot my shoes and my clothes by the way this is a crazy looking casino getting the true casino experience the truth you experience table games okay well they may follow me we're going to the high stakes area all right nice high stakes I've never been to a casino what does high states mean it means a lot of money welcome oh no way oh my god okay okay that's a bad idea Josh that's a bad how do you play roulette okay so money on the number basically I want everyone to max out at five thousand and put it on red are you dumb red yet okay I max bet ten thousand thread are you sure yep place the bet and now what now we wait 15 seconds oh no way okay the bus way if it hits red money yeah I think if you click it you place it Jilly oh my god please hit 10,000 do that that's stupid no no no no we lost it all Tosh did you place 20,000 on red yeah 25,000 open to any thousand okay fine five I guess my money bad guys I've got $25,000 I'm gonna spend it all I'm gonna wave something jelly it's 25,000 chips that's 250,000 dollars you put it all on red jelly okay okay I just bet everything I have oh no please please number seven you put it on a number as well oh please save it Mon frΓ¨re come on red oh my god it almost one in seven it weight and I forty thousand chips boys take it all right gamble kids we're going to get boys I got a forty thousand on red all right sorry but I got ten thousand of red I have $40,000 additional five thousand on number 21 what's up with red white I don't know ready so I hold a man's color I mean I should have done green really but you know whatever oh my god God we got about oh I want 70,000 chips no take it man I'll feel deep rich chili I'm gonna buy a car thank you guys so much for watching this video if you enjoyed it click on that subscribe button and also make sure to check out the new exclusive jelly army t-shirts on jelly


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