Business Pants from Free Float Media

Business Pants from Free Float Media

if the end of the end of the end
if end and and and and and and
and if if hello and happy Halloween
of this tense where we make of
business newswire bowl and 32nd
taker ads and it’s out of the
nei its right of all goods and
that’s something the foliage use a better story will pull it is a bug Damien Ross is
offered to date that isn’t as a
devout following the first
thought is a lot to say it as a
Ralph at all so I mean that are you
only if referring to you retire
and all were you referring to
like the Halloween business
pants Lo young Lady Don excess you could
just be any want us to I’m
calling our graphic in turning
here hired a good idea setup and a thick are
reliable and it’s as the ID map
for years he never were sued to
work it’s true that not he’s qui writers selling out of which have applauded isolate
out as fast as I could after
quitting selling out if jack up
yet a day so to date on
Halloween s a liaison free problems database
and a daughter weekly wash talk
about that this week called big
stories out while talk about a going that’s course mats mats
that’s not steal of Netscape and
not all I can talk about what
he’s been called a segment on a us today show for full , and the new Wu-if not burst
out of the wash clothes lads that’s that’s why the big bear
thing yet that’s where the two big stars
the week low clouds and Boeing a
cyclical ads featuring baseball
Kentwood are on the promise of g see according to ceo jack Dorsey
who said on Internet political
ads present entirely new
challenges to civic discourse
all at in base but by contrast said please
write your checks payable to
king’s AC of so lest the lack of
hours begin matter II mean this
i stop cases because pointers
stopped while I was talk about this
because you would you suggested on a production
that you think that this puts on
bail out of this entirely six
punts so is that with the sunny
app trump Aunt Witter trump is like
basically the entire revenue
streams to air right now is any
me and he sort of an ax policy
on t which means twitter doesn’t have to run
political ads for it to be a
platform for political discourse and a lot of sort of negative I
rolled misinformation can be
disseminated onto a puter I
quickly doesn’t mean ID and add
it just the other millions some other
tweeter yet where sort of Oregon
monetizing the center for
information as to redo on their
right f there are there OK Wainwright was out of
the winemaking distinction will
watch that you say that I made
from what I hear there is a
tight it’s already going on so what what was the distinction
between 20 spoken this regard
will and I also can’t on all
face local care error they add
that to I don’t see viral politician
means on face book now really
pay a Seattle actually been a
close attention to anything I
read i that’s the one port and pointers
up up maybe the population is
arty caught up to this and put
is the breeds a anything on a
sofa the type of political discourse
we had before that he was always
a budget know it’s right that we
had to wait for all happy yeah me is easy ride is
for foreign agent to be involved
but a unknown and the one that I just don’t
I’m as ours are just starting to
knott’s lee at that, I initially fell
again wanted to applaud jacked
or sea and ceo case taking a
potential revenue hit for up to
that o ands and contrast himself with
Maher sector bird excited I think that the Vari
monetize them as they think more
about it I just I think the
congratulations and you you you
you b the bank’s steadily that
business model it was really
expensive to do that’s only 2007
is a great idea and 2011 was
less a great combat this is bright is great
news for the plan outlining yet
it does sort of have that I’m at
an unopened just being cynical b plane but he owns the face book
Dorsey doesn’t own the twitter
in the same way he can divide
out sees is not the same class
owne bet that it seems like the moral
high ground as much easier to take yet what’s a good PR move
because of the PR you’re gonna
get and as October he doesn’t
have to care and he can zone by the almighty
dollar fee once the short term
as not to care about now we’ll
see where we’re at sex abuse
that on the call complete an abortion
at one because all of that that
meet the influence is what I think the stock is
looking for rights it’s not that it’s that is the influence of
looking like a he’s fighting for
free speech is also the
influence of getting in bed with
certain and by the sock use add a guy
dressed in Minot-interregnum and
then a lookup Iraq lifted off
for the city where there were
weak your data that searches let us
go to Boeing of the other big
weekly war story of so this ball
and ceo of this convert was
grille it was brought up on a looks
like the Senator Peter Defazio
were on is all obviously a big
fan of the suspense on the aces and was irregular
watcher aunt which is what he
said he said you’re the ceo of
the largest Aircraft
Manufacturing the w and so are the consequences to
you as being a oh you’re not
chairman of the board anymore so that’s a direct quote from
Defazio so yet the airline how
Gary how dare he minimize what
it means to be in the 33% club
of ce and the mom and also about its
I’m a talk about it, station
between Senator Steve: route
Tennessee and up Ceo Dennis on
because of the role of the board and how
to mind my perspective estate
sector looking at the board’s
makeup there’s no way is to
fortify a twill they update will be just
the latest are stationed all of
you response Ochoa said is is
anybody a ball and taking a cut
o Dennis said a congressman my
board will conduct a
comprehensive review oh of the
senator said so you’re saying
you’re not giving that cause all these people’s
reluctance to go to disappears
and I do not taking a cut in pay
it all and end Dennis said again
o and the senator said you’re not
tenable than you’re saying the
board to cop, below or so that’s a nice enough alike
I like that should I mean he’s
not planning is not really wrong not the data to the board to think
lasts through 20 Sunday that the question so
cool is this first the border
that are the worst seats or the
situation in which it paid don’t
ge subject enough to move here some
outright something as the change
I still think that Dennis is
gone on basis is too much and
awa who was an analyst with this for
a long time visit the king
junior’s on its ban on obsessed
with the idea of the cultural
proble if you don’t make a change does adjust the coaches as
perpetuates right that but while
to lead me to talk about that’s
maybe we should I buy a bike
with a at a house go inside the pants the error and row to be a
Chrysler and truly show owner
PSA Group of announce the terms of
$48,000,000,000 merger that
would create the world’s third
largest automaker and help
spread the huge c thought of a penny wise inside the offstage
wanly when I think about this so
I think fiat Tolly fought this
up miles year when data they
they at the jet and this is a this is
like ye you asked the prom queen
take go out with you and shoes I
can now all but on maybe you that it it’s it’s it it’s fine I
guess but the eye has a lot of
catching up to do we talks about
that sort of anti California th and fiat’s tunnel leading and
like party that’s Pierre on and they have the lowest
electric vehicle sales basically
if any automaker globally I
wrote that down on a piece of
paper yester but it’s like they haven’t
figured it out so they’re just
trying to find anyone who has
and PRI’s please pretty please
go to the of that it’s not exactly
innovation tesla style its
innovation out like what what
can I buy that builds Manzanita
Air in and out of former Exxon Mobil Ceo Rex
Taylor sent denied a misleading
investors about all the oil
giant measured potential cost
climate so this case became the first of
several climber related lawsuits against major world companies on
trial and limits to build more
detailed oh please a lot of
detail this is a pure out and so
upd by falsely telling them that
hate properly evaluated the
impact of future clever
regulations on business so the
company use a pr to those were one of the year
but internal use fares as low as
$4.00 baton so what is this mean
what what what is this I got nei but mike’s wrong so I take that
shot up at a list here on but I
got into the bay with them about
this this morning a big mistake is that this is them is
a governance problem I like the
adults of the legal case is
about like you said the number
two i that some illegal and misleading
so give us money write like it was
basically at investor fraud like
a disclosure fraud it’s a
disclosure thing to technicality
migh when it comes to climates or ESG
or anything any time by
companies put out a number they that they have a different
number insider alternate version
inside business open the floodgates
that any sort of us some Div
disclosure of all not not just like card and into the header
thing yet it does so that I write some
like it but was mice point of
visiting at a governess problem
at Exxon get its silicon Exxon
govern this is the ad is tobacco size
climate problem to net and he
was like not to disclose the
problem lies like to know who
the sock on but lets out to your business , the error and if not an oxon
see business for the heart of a in a hotel on today is, are
you as our weekly raps auto
giant OPS could jump around on in spirit Halloween on the startup and talking about
a also be called zombie
directors so waters on the
directors us that I did not the first of all of me tell you
one wrong thing about this photo heat on the one thing that that
is wrong about this photo dwell on it that buys by this
phony you’re referring to a
picture of that out for women
dressed as the bees in likes a
matter of update yet I am II assume this
is this is wedded bliss is a
picture wedded bliss that Israel with a picture of
the form women is that there’s
there’s no board that’s
dominated by women love and
others that whe up but they stay on the board so
89% of the directors and 2018
will or Botha owl by shareholder
are still on the board I mean that’s crazy of sorbet
that Synopsys should be a bigger
deal it should be some of the
people talk about but nobody
talks you can just ignore it , there’s no point in the final night when I sit
here nice balance like you know
like Marge Edward is the king is
that has all the voting power
but they don’t have to care about
that either at Aidid alice’s AC
is actually has a higher moral
ground there because he
disclosed t clearly going against what about
the resources of the directors
you are the original autocracies
were saying that we can’t say w a night of next you talk a
little bit about this with Exxon
so maybe this is a good on site
right so Bernie Sanders on the
said again dished up a mission or
ticket centers upset that he
would use the Sherman antitrust
act to put CEOs of mine up
monopolisti to CEOs like Boeing’s Dennis Nam
part in the wake of the two
plane crashes some that are we potentially inching
closer to a actually holding
CEOs a couple for their sting
piles like cases is this the new
could we doing really wanna take a
position that all its corporate
ceo should be in jail if not the
position I mean it battled up but he’s
got this thing that’s like look I’m not I’m not personally
a fan of the idea of somebody
making $30,000,000 a year to
crash and airplane with people
in it but that it’s, leaped to GL in
my brain lock is it up a Dickens
are walking a satellite in
dealing with anyone the right in
Leic and then we’ll send you the gel
we do not like one women are
minorities do this soldier at
that either he saying we need a
level mori saying that on that we should descend CEOs do I
sometimes can tell it’s just
routed me somehow but were at
Alicia Alonso like look into
things accountability structures that
actually work beyond the check
everyone in jail but we should
have a system in which does
someone the state is called a
stakeholder rules Packard down
court that are at a healthy diet
systems kit sting of systems Ken Fischer
is sexist comments as Casas firm
out three billion dollars in
client assets or loss three
weeks so my question team that is as a
possible that a canny boy fisher
year has inadvertently man
stumbled into some actual
systemic this or this is like got a nothing burger have on that news for you yet 97% of the
Cipollone fever and book night and 97.3% of financial
planners will be robots in the
next two yearlong anyway, is
that all Larry that this ends up
matter if they are robots to deal with its aging
population but trickier robots
so how was the wreck the robots
how secure robots bedside manner
you ask w electrocuted me that it’s we
bought the cilantro sauce given
a strong deep loss and carol Bartz map of this is
batting right and replace the
nurses with care robots as me
come on at this is that but this
is t is not because we go up as the
only like all are still people
like two spots and there is but my
name at Aidid follow-up I do
find companies to give care
robots there was a company that
offers on any solace on mind that the date
that they offer like digital
pacts that that someone controls
from like in all foreign country two per and smile and send along
parts to all people here back at
if yeldell source mike at a date next week that we have
the more you’re right were at a
time officially on here’s the headlining Hong
Kong protest drag economy into
recession totaled the team that this year
it’s a cheap shot up look at
next on our cycle will close
hangar has been developed by a
fashion of the fashion industry so
lasting that why can’t plastic
hangers be the plastic hangers
of the fashion industry due weight genetically by step
plastic hangers be quite a plastic straws be the
plastic hangar of the food
industry of fun of what we do
not what little is the one
that’s yet by lee Johnson &Johnson says it
eight or retested its baby
powder and found no signs of
asbestos a prompt the recall so
it looks of what’s the watts jump in time mats that’s
what is this mats whiten would
tell us what this is not the one
who demands and data back and
loo are are on please come at us with names to
the kid we can do some good a
good name for this segment of us
with listening are additive that and there’s nothing more frightening two when
executive of a saying company
that is face book apple Amazon
global mat flex and Microsoft
and in rece Mi yahoo finance in which they showed employee
campaign donations from employees of these
companies while the middle part
of this those of you streaming
us for those in the streaming
the student on but for those of you not the
majority of campaign donations have actually been coming on that data coming from frying
employees and going two Sanders
and war and the democratic
nominees in this includes trump
and h yet on days of the two candidates who
are espousing breaking up the
tech effectively sell on tech
employees are are siding with
breakin but we had we been talking about
this together for why lot about
employee sort of stock ownership
and and voting in voting right on muffing on the picket
standard of logic is not a lot
more to the standoff dear Don
Clinton to carry on the back the
graphic i the paint part of their
employees in shares on an I pulled the percentage of that in 2019 of the outstanding
shares were share plane shares it’s not a small amount like
this is Amazon up 6% of the
total outstanding shares of
Amazon actually owns as part of employee share
ownership plans that the miss
this excludes executives like
bees of physics is just as a
nonexecutive on when I add then the
executives this is what ends up
looking like on that and I should save looking like
because I’m showing a charger
but for list all of your diet
aid ID take a moment to good
plot are when you do think about the ceo
shares on Amazon just and the
palma’s bees also owns 16, 16%
of all Amazon shares of the Amazon also stands a big
fan of you know that’s all Lyons
write like to so what what we’ll
find is that you’ll face book but he owns all right if the 7%
of the voting power of the
Dingell is that it’s a silly
clones really kind of a small
amount of the companies who the employee’s own more than the
ceo of that and they can vault
and it matters right that’s
apple doctors often at flex
owners t on yet nothing sticks up where
the vault matters in the
employee’s own more shares and
ceo so imagine measure the
situation on i you cannot help vote your CE a update you cavalier ceo so I
wanted to make some suggestions
for Halloween night for this
scary directors on these boards that may I suggest first if
you’re an athlete’s employee jay
Hoag at 61 years old 20 years on the
board hears NFS or did you can
own efforts existed for 20 years
out and updates and not far enou that is he’s on three other
boards it’s it’s just for J it’s nothing personal it’s just
time of day that might be a
vacancy a Boeing jet it’s mostly
scary how long you been on the
boar helm what painted 72 years old 15 years on the
board to the spending quite a
long time to write this sky
looks topology but army and
other than lo that he’s a BMW along but he
secretly sitting on the board
also of Bayer pool on high until
a few heard anything about Bayer
exc count of thing that yet maybe he
should pay attention to prior to that helmet had the distinguish
honors sitting on the UBS Board
as UBS help destroy the
Financial System and 2008 styles
of light of may we suggest two Microsoft
employees helmet mike time had
come exercise that vote yet lackey of IE view Dr. Ronald
you had it you ran it on your
last but deftly not least for an
apple employee may we suggest a yet brown sugar yet 70 years old
lot of those names is very sexy
if 70 years old eight years on the
ball board so has been there as
long as the others are run is on four other boards
yet beyond apple to busy man had you ever tried to run five
companies simultaneously on women, think that not one for
humanity back to what the answer
is that stocks don’t do it that
Ron sugar yet the other boards to any other
boards he also was on his
Northrop Grumman feet of fence
manufacturing company right on
and Chevro Chevron probably next in line
after Exxon for lawsuits firm destroying the environment right
run sure yet say so apple
employees if you need an idea
all we want Al vote of your ceo on my beat either on
sugar goes a teacher yet that’s
my data bath yet it back out on
that go back and go back to a s Russian and that still is talk
about new apple employees are
supporters supporting
overwhelmingly up senders and
warren of staff up specially pure and France and
Jan oh centers were they are our
most lack can it so I would say
Mr. Sure that you do not repre daily until we as a last small
planning something is wind out
of the tape reductions in the
pointed out at that point that
flick on a TV Sunday morning and were
you are you’re called acts
netflix from tying Sunday can
see this all but but it every single one of these
companies is beautiful Krapek
that Matt has included all
update that the two top tiers of
overwhelming except at netflix were on eight
that they they seem to can’t
really hate Bernie of the
daylight warring but they love
Mayor Pete a soda Gaza thinking like why is that likes the outlier
year and the reason is that they
do not belong in fact of the
only DC this is a sort of the
weirde I can not be able to connect
nowhere tour which thing is why
other thing what and this is
your thing is the average every
day ou a sauce: that I was more views
of one know about why the likes
of an established the bats and
Sunday were more way over out
and and a vacuum at of this is out and do you know
where you are right next to the
get-tough and if if the rules
were those words every second of
th end and 10th and if


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