33 thoughts on “Building a Media Player #2: MSE, HLS, and DASH”

  • It'd be nice if you could show some visuals (slides, websites, …) to your spoken explanations. Kinda like Rob does it. While I really like your cheery nature this series needs a bit more "productiveness". BTW great topic. I'm curious how the series develops.

  • Gil Goldshlager says:

    Too short! calling Day(3);
    Question: Assuming you gonna have huge traffic on your site, how will you reduce the millions ajax calls of the live-search please?

  • Benjamin Schultz Larsen says:

    Nice series, for a couple of weeks ago, a was thinking to do something like this by myself, but by building my own video player for adaptive streaming, I was hoping you would build the video player for the ground up, but don't looks like so 🙁 Nice series anyway, can't wait for the next one

  • Two questions:
    – Why do we have both dash and hls?
    – If content provider wants to support both, does it mean that he has to keep two versions of the same video on the server? Or the difference is in manifest format only?

  • Paul, i commented this on your last video as well hope you saw it.

    Later on can you do an episode on refactoring and making the code production quality? I want to know the thought process of a googler before code goes to production!

  • Nice update! Definitely sounds like you are seeing the rabbit hole of streaming formats. I'm actually very curious to see how the video player itself is going to be built and function. I don't have much experience with the player part since most of the time I see people choose pre-built or in-house-built players.

  • Great idea a video player! I hope you could also talk about metadata embedded in media chunks. it's more for live streaming..

  • Actually HLS works on all browsers that supports MSE and since Firefox supports H.264 I do not see a reason to support both HLS and DASH in a player.

  • loved this one.
    things I want covered… hmm. when you're done with encrypted media and live streaning, maybe a quick primer on world politics and how to program a quantum computer.

  • Brameshmadhav Srinivasan says:

    Why is the order of the Playlist in reverse order? The newest video should be in the last don't you think, that way we can let it just play continuously?

  • Great videos Paul. You know, you're kinda "slow" when you explain things, so I have to speed up the videos not to fall asleep. Don't take that bad but maybe something you can improve

  • Thanks for the video. Just wondering how widewine drm or any video encryption works and how is it transported across network

  • I am trying to build an app that digitalizes your dvd and bluray collection, and puts it in a library together with all your other digital media for playback on any device.
    The issue is the amount of files, HLS works on ALL devices and ALL browsers, the problem is that an anime episode with 9 or 10 audio languages can run up to 200 thousand files for just one episode if you set the parts on 10 seconds (imagine 5 second parts like youre supposed to do).
    DASH would be much better in this case because it just uses one file per stream but is only supported on desktop and Android.
    The Playstation 4 doesn't support language switching so the video ts files need to include an audio stream… adding up to the filesize.

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