Bryan Cranston Played Mind Games on Aaron Paul While Filming Breaking Bad

Bryan Cranston Played Mind Games on Aaron Paul While Filming Breaking Bad

We’ve had people like
Jeff Daniels and Keri Russell, who are actors who are
on Broadway right now, and I’m always fascinated
by the distractions that might happen
with a Broadway audience because obviously people are
very excited to be there. You know, but it is live,
and all it takes is one person doing something that could
maybe, as an actor, sort of pull you
out of the moment. What is the worst
you’ve had to deal with? -Well, it’s interesting,
because on your show, if there was a distraction here,
you would just cut the tape. -Sure.
-And no one would really know. But when you’re doing
live theater, it happens. It’s there. Well, what’s interesting is that
when an actor is on stage, it’s normal to feel an audience
looking from right to left at the actor speaking. So this movement — horizontal
movement is natural. What isn’t natural is
when someone is doing this. It’s like —
[ Laughter ] And once when I was playing LBJ
in a play here called “All the Way,” there was a kid about
16 years old, very front row, right in the front
and right in the middle. And he was doing this. [ Laughter ] And it was catching my eye. And I walked over to see
what he was doing. And I kind of looked down
from the stage. And I saw he had his phone. -Oh, no.
-In his lap. And he was like —
[ Audience aws ] Aw, aw.
[ Laughter ] Very sympathetic audience.
-Yeah, very sympathetic. -Aw.
And he was doing this. [ Laughter ] And I got upset.
-Sure. -I did.
I started to get a little angry. Primarily because his parents were two seats away
and saying nothing. And I thought,
“Well, that’s kind of rude.” So I realized that my next
speech was a fiery one filled with anger
and vitriol and spittle. [ Laughter ] So I adjusted the blocking
to come right downstage. [ Screaming ] [ Laughter ] And my spit is flying at him. [ Laughter ]
And I swear to God. The kid’s like —
[ Cheers and applause ] “Oh, no.” -That is —
-Yeah. I spat on an audience member. -I mean, that —
what a gift, though, that you’re playing someone like
LBJ, who’s got — I mean — and I should say, this
is — these are screamers. You know, I think people should
be warned that you’ve got
some real speeches and you can throw
some spit at them. -Yes, and I will.
-Yeah. -I will spit on you.
-Yeah, I think — [ Laughter ] -Please do come to my show
so I can spit on you. [ Laughter ] -I also want to ask, you know —
because again, when we first met, it was when
you were on “Breaking Bad.” And I always love stories
from that time. And you — Aaron Paul, you know,
I know you guys are dear friends and you worked together
for years. But you used to give him —
You used to play mind games. -Well, as one would to
a younger brother, you know. He was very susceptible
and sweet. And he was only mid-20s then. And I used to say to him,
“Hey, man, it’s been great. It’s really —
it’s really been great. And you’re going
to use this time to go on
to really other things.” He’s like, “What do you mean?” I go, “Did you read
the next script?” He goes, “No.” I go, “Oh, never mind,
never mind.” [ Laughter ] And then I let it go
for a while. And I’d say, “You know what? The next best thing to being on
a show for a long time is a great death scene. It’s great. You’re gonna
rock that death scene, man.” And he just bought it.
He caved in. He was like, “No, no!” -After everything Walter White
put him through, you did that as well.
-I teased him on top. Yeah, exactly.
-He needed that as well. -Yeah. -Hey, congratulations
on the nomination. -Thank you, man. -Both the Tony and the Tomei.
-Thank you. -I hope you bring them
both home. That’s Bryan Cranston,


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