Bryan Cranston Confirms Breaking Bad Movie Rumor

Bryan Cranston Confirms Breaking Bad Movie Rumor

-Welcome back. You’re a stud.
You’re a good-looking man. -They want us —
Speaking of Broadway, they want to take
this show that we did, this musical, right to Broadway. -Wow!
You’re delivering me the news? -Well, they are going to
recast your role. -Oh. Oh, my God. Understood.
-Just a little. -But, I mean, you do drama.
You do comedy. You do movies. -Musicals, too. -Musicals. Yeah, clearly.
We just saw it. What do you do
to get into a character? Is it a method thing?
Are you a method actor? -No, I wouldn’t say
I’m a method — I love to do a lot of
research on it and get into the character. When I was less recognizable,
I used to go into stores, shops, malls, anything,
any kind of store and put on an accent and do… [ European accent ]
You know, it’s like the — From maybe someplace, you know,
back in Eastern Europe. ‘Scuse me. Please to tell.
Please to tell. How much — This… [ Speaking fake
foreign language ] -Wow! You would go to, like, a Home Depot
or something and do that? -Yes. And, you know,
if I’m with someone… [ Conversing in
fake foreign language ] And you find new rhythms
and you just get in there. And the person’s like,
“I’m sorry. I don’t speak your –”
-And does it work? -It does. Yes.
-I mean, for getting the roles. -Well, it does. I did a — I did a show —
One of my first roles was in, man, 30 years ago, on CBS, called “Raising Miranda.” And this character was
really a wacky — -Hold your applause, everybody.
I’m sorry. [ Laughter ] Sorry. It’s only an hour long. -It’s only an hour-long show. We have to get on
with the conversation. Please. -I know.
-Everyone, calm down. People are… -Very — The restraint they
showed was fantastic. -I didn’t expect that
reaction by — Wow. -Wonderful respect
and restraint. -“Raising Miranda.” I don’t even want to say it
again, yeah. -Yeah, it was stealth. We were the least-rated show
in all of television. -Is that correct?
-Yeah. Yeah. -That’s something. That’s something.
[ Cheers and applause ] -Now they love it.
-Now they love it. Well, that’s something. Why not?
-Yes. Yeah. -From there,
you go on to being you and being on “Breaking Bad” —
-I know. [ Cheers and applause ] Yeah. Almost the same as
“Raising Miranda.” It was like —
-It was the same exact applause. -We can’t pick a winner.
-No, no. Equal response from “Raising Miranda”
and “Breaking Bad.” Oh, man. I know you can’t say anything
about it, but I’ll just say it. But let me see if I can
get you to say something. But I heard a rumor that there
might be a “Breaking Bad” movie? [ Drumroll ] -Thank you, Quest. Well, let’s put it to rest.
-Yeah. -I can say and announce tonight, in front of your audience —
exclusive announcement — that I can confirm that there is
a “Breaking Bad” movie… rumor that is making its way… -Oh, my gosh. You guys,
he announced it on our show. There is a
“Breaking Bad” movie — -He’s upset with me.
-He’s mad. Yeah, he’s upset. -Come on, man. -He was upset — He’s more mad
that he never saw the end of “Raising Miranda.”


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