Brutal beating of two Japanese tourists in Kakaako makes news headlines in Japan

Brutal beating of two Japanese tourists in Kakaako makes news headlines in Japan


40 thoughts on “Brutal beating of two Japanese tourists in Kakaako makes news headlines in Japan”

  • ricky hofmann says:

    what do you expect, you are in a city, thats why i live north shore and stay there so i dont snap, north shore you catch cracks to

  • Hawaii has not upgraded to surveillance cameras yet, esp in Tourist areas..Japanese will not take this lightly esp if they see Hawaii does nothing .

  • unfortunately, Hawaii is not the safe place it once was. We are constantly bombarded with stabbing, kidnapping, robbing, etc everyday. Best you carry something to protect yourself as you won't know when you will be the next victim.

  • Easy to blame the homeless now days…if it happened around rich folks are we gonna blame them ? LOL the sea is rising…lets blame the homeless…the rail looks ugly…lets blame the homeless 😂

  • lol. I wonder wtf happened. I'm laughing because I can imagine the cultural clashes between one dumb chronic and one upkept Japanese guy. probably just one misunderstanding. I hope they find the guy!

  • Charlotte Cannon says:

    Hawaiians boast how peaceful it is there and how peaceful they are, but their hateful ugly behavior and name calling shows every day on various youtube posts, so this violence is clearly nothing new for them.

  • svborek 1975 says:

    This is the hawaii I know. See fights everyday. If you didn't see a fight it was a good day. Once I seen this fight in traffic, and the best part was there was a cop 2 cars behind them. Instant justice. Hawaiians think there better then every1 else that visit the islands. There best slogan is. WHAT BRA LIKE BEEF. OR WHAT YOU LOOKIN AT [email protected]$%A.

  • At least he got to go home, other states in america isn't really that lucky sometimes. More then likely that low life's life is gonna continue to be living a shitty life. Maybe alittle less college rail and more survallince.

  • Maintenance Man says:

    Glitter and highrises.. Haha what about all the homeless people and crime? It happens all the time, everyday…

  • America does not have a race problem, but a race baiting problem. America is so obsessed over race they don't address the real society issues of crime.

  • Normal American random violence, unlike civilized modern Japan.
    The Hawaiian Islands were actually taken by American government officials with the implicit threat of violence buy a military which had landed on Hawaii.
    The Hawaiian people were peaceful and had no military and had no choice but to give their Island to the Americans for military bases and other resources they wanted.
    Hawaii was lucky it was spared from Atomic Testing as the Marshall and bikini Islands were totally irradiated for American military testing.
    It could be random Hawaiian violence towards Japanese since there ownership of Hawaiian real estate is quite large and their lifestyle is quite luxurious compared to many natives.

  • You have to be alert and aware when you visit a foreign place…Mother Waldron park and and that part of kakaako are not exactly tourist destinations, so I don't know how they ended up there

  • innerviews897 says:

    "brutalized and attacked for no reason"
    okay let's make a list of reasonable attacks and brutalizations…

  • With such a case, I think that tourists will definitely decline. Because it does not have to be Hawaii. Think about that. Can you agree to go to places rumored that your son or daughter is a dangerous place?

  • im sad japan looks down on the u.s. because of this. the west is slowly turning into a 3rd world jungle. thank you democrats. we dont have money for infrastructure but enough to feed refugees

  • Hawaii is full of loser druggies. The natives whine and complain about white people doing this and that but by far are more responsible for trashiness of that island. Oahu is one huge ghetto, overly crowded, and expensive. I’ve met great people there, but there is an undertone of being a victim and woo-is-me behavior and irresponsibility. Glad I left

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