Bruno Fernandes Transfer Latest! Man Utd Transfer News

Bruno Fernandes Transfer Latest! Man Utd Transfer News

hello and welcome to the United stand this is your manchester united transfer news daily sponsored by universe and if this isn't enough transfer news for you remember you can get all the latest updates on the unibit vlog they've got some really good writers on there constantly updating about all the latest transfer news and breaking news the links in the video description for that so get over there and have a look but first of all let's start off with well let's remember last night let me just remember this from last night i was talking about the RW theory which i'm going to talk to you about in a moment but let's start off with bruno fernandez because everybody seems to want to know what the latest is with him there's talk of private jets as I said last night which is a load of nonsense there's fake pictures of him and and there is but but the big story I suppose is what we had yesterday afternoon Sky Sports breaking news they were in for him validation momentum we want to see some momentum I feel that he will sign for manchester night by the end of next week which is fine you know I'd like him to be on the plane for Sunday I don't think we're gonna get it done that quick but as long as he joins up with us on the tour and embeds himself into the team that's actually great but the latest from Portugal was that finances for Fernandes agent was flying into England yesterday and there was no deal done Italian reports were saying that we completed a deal with was with Fernandez that's apparently not true and he will be back in training today with Sporting Lisbon they're back for pre-season training today so expect some developments around Bruno Fernandez today I'm sure we will but if his agencies in the UK they did mention Spurs and Liverpool again so I don't know look not just United frontrunners for this don't fall off the horse get over the finish line get the deal done for Bruno Fernandez let's keep our eyes and ears peeled because I'm sure we're gonna hear something in the next 24 to 48 hours but and as you can see three players I want to talk about on there as well and there's a little bit of a mix here I mean that all W theory is the right wing theory and I'm going to talk about that in a moment but let's just update you on some I suppose bad things ending ballet Don just burst rabiot gonti Aventis their targets job Felix off let's go Madrid some people quite liked him so a lot of targets are disappearing by the wayside now Tillman's is apparently gonna sign the less they're very very soon potentially by the weekend that would be another player gone out off the agenda Lozano has a gap according to Italian sources has agreed personal terms with Napoli this has been rumored also now he's agreed personal terms with Napoli and then they've just got to sort the fiower and he will be going there so that's another right-wing option gone Hammond's Rodriguez he's going to Napoli as well expect that to be confirmed around the back end of July that's again coming out of Italian sausage so Napoli are doing quite well but does that mean they're gonna sell Cooney Bali they've also bought my glass for 35 million I think Napoli's outlay with man last at 35 million Lozano is going to be about 40 million hammies Rodriguez you know they're gonna spend upwards of 100 million now they are gonna sell players as well I don't know the Italian market as well as I know the Premier League but maybe maybe there is a maybe there is an avenue there but you know what with coulis barley as I said last night I bet we get Harry Maguire and clearly barley goes to PSG because we want to go for the slightly cheaper player interesting though interesting what's happening there's a lot this is what's happening the transfer window is moving and it and it was never just Manchester United's transfer window and maybe we could have moved a little bit quicker but other clubs are making moves for their own interests you know Knapp you've got a rebuild Spurs have got a rebuild you know I need to rebuild so we need you know the options are thinning out and when it comes to right wingers we spoke about Nicola pepe last night Juventus are after Paul Pogba apparently but no they have been linked to him for a long time Pogba was in New York signing Aventis tops and manchester night ops and Arnie's Annie's meet-and-greet so look could Papa go batty Aventis he's gonna go to events around Madrid if he leaves and impact there's a story yesterday that Manchester United had been offered to Bala and Matuidi and Alexandra now if that was two years ago I'd be like wow the tables have turned because pogba third dibala Alexandra and between D even a year ago I would have said do it do it but now I'm saying no now I'm saying no I don't I don't I don't know how what do you feel about it getting the live comments what do you get in the comments below what do you feel about it because dibala's 25 and a very very good player but I've worried about his consistency in the Premier League I really would worry about his consistency he's not add a bit Silva he's not a surger he's not got that movement across the ground over the first five yards and he is a bit inconsistent but you know it could be a good sale I just don't feel social I would want the baller Alexandro again touching 30 last year order took him but Luke Shaw's developed into a very good life back now why would you want Alexandra doesn't fit in as a as a long term sort of you know Kieran Tierney would work well because he's young and they could fight it out but Alexandra he'd need to play Luke Shaw drops that it doesn't make sense and Matuidi again I can't remember our old Matuidi is but I think he is a lot older than I thought and again where's the longevity in that so Aventis can offer up these players that they don't want anymore I can't see it if you ventas want to give those players they're gonna have to give us players that we they don't want to give us the burner – ease the Ben tankers who's a midfielder Bernadette she's a winger you know play at Bryn alder but I just don't see him going to give entus anyway so I think he's an irrelevant but I'm sure your ventus would offer as those players because the bowler is it a sort of halfway house now do they want him is there a place for him now I don't think there is so they would like to offload him and but I wouldn't take any of those players not that I think they're bad players I just don't think they fit in with this vision of exciting development those players don't fit in with that a player that does and a colleague of herping Lozano who is going to go to Napoli Steven Berg one he is a player that 100% I think he will lead PSV this summer and it's very interesting to see where he's going to go now I just think Berg wines got Spurs written all over him and if Spurs signed him it's another fantastic signing they'll get him for about 30 million pounds he's only 21 I've been very very impressed with him why I've seen I don't watch the Dutch league of much but from what I've seen of him I thought you played very well in the Nations League for Holland and I think he's very is a very very very good player in a very exciting Dutch side he's strong as well for a winger he's strong he's got a good shot on him I think he would fit into the Premier League very very well but I can see him going to Spurs and then Spurs within Dembele adding depth to their midfield maybe luttrell so as well a wide player a brand new stadium paja Tino the squad they already have Spurs are strengthening Spurs are proper strengthening if they and get a player like him and Lashelle so with ennum belly so you know it should be looking at Steven Berg while we were heavily linked to him actually in the January transfer window so look could it be a Lindelof remember Linda laughs we all thought we're gonna sign him in the January we didn't we're not getting him then we got him in the Sun well you know I'd look at a player like bird one because he fits the model he fits the model in some ways I would rather get Lizano because I like this RNA but in some ways Berg wine yeah he can be batteries younger he's more he's more explosive in relation to his pace and his and I think he'd be very good but any shooting um and he definitely fits in with what all he gonna soldier wants which is that player who was at a club who's shown talent who needs who will be in in all of coming to Manchester night because it's a step up and they've got plenty left in the tank to grow and develop so he's the perfect option for Manchester United in many ways absolutely the perfect option but whether we'd go for him or not I don't know and I'll bring in the are W Theory there so my are W theory it's not a game of throwing things as I said last night my right wing theory are W I'm sure most of you figured that one out if not you need to go and support Arsenal because you're not all there but um ya know right wing theory is that we won't get a right winger I feel that United will we've spent fifty million on Wamba soccer fifteen million pounds on Daniel James let's say another fifty five million to 60 million on Brunei fan and as that takes us up to about 120 million then you've got Kerry McGuire which is probably gonna be around 70 million million that takes you up 290 Shaun Lang staff just over 200 million I think you know I'd have got 200 million pounds to spend I think we'll get two midfielders Longstaff and Fernandez centre back will be McGwire one buck of the right back Daniel James the sort of utility winger and two hundred million pounds spent and I think that's what United have got to spend and I think that will be it so I don't think we'll get a right winger I don't think we've got we should have 250 million spend but I don't think we have I think we've got 200 million pounds to spend for anybody who says well if Lukaku goes if Lukaku goes we will buy probably a striker maybe a Ben header and I don't think we'll get a right wing with that money and if pogba goes we will use the money to replace POC but I don't think we're gonna get a right winger and I think there's plenty of right wingers out there like Steven Berg wine but I don't think we're gonna get one because I and money has been spent elsewhere and maybe maybe the right-winger like a lot of people think it's a theory that the right wing around got the money for we're gonna wait till next year and try and get Sancho but that will be difficult because I think now Madrid and Barcelona will want different players next year and they might go for him and then it would be a very very difficult thing for us to do but yeah I don't think we will get a right-winger if I'm totally honest with you and that's just that's just my theory about it and we'll have to wait and see we'll have to wait and see I think I think how we approach this transfer window if we've you know 200 million is a lot of money to spend as well 200 million is a lot of money to spend and you've got to make decisions and I just don't think we will we will sign a right-winger unfortunately but you know there we go and with regards to Harry Maguire there was stuff coming out yesterday that United have retracted from Harry Maguire because if they've they've had the 70 million pound bid refused which we did put in we did put a 70 million pound bid in so you know it's not like speculation this is the OP and everything like that we did bid ferry Maguire so we do want Harry Maguire and I think we will go back for Harry Maguire but apparently he wants to leave as well he's on holiday at the moment but he wants to leave he's gonna leave I mean you might go to man City but if Lester have refused is 70 million Man City are gonna have to go above 70 million or don't think they will so I do think Maguire will end up at Manchester United I really really think that's gonna happen with regards to telemon's I think he will end up a Leicester I do I think that that's where he's gonna go there was something yesterday from Christoph to rare whom he's a very good Belgian journalist and obviously Tillman's is Belgium he's been very accurate about fellaini in the past and the kaku and he said that with regards to telemon's telemon's knows that soul char likes him and if there is an indication from manchester night that they want him because they can give european football and that's important to continent players even though it's Europa League continent players not incontinence telemon's doesn't piss himself he's from the continent and he would he was basically saying that telemon's would probably go to United over Leicester but United have got to show that interest but he did mention in that in it that song sure likes him so but I think you know I'd will snooze on telemon's I think telemon's is about telemon's you know I just think you know I'd want Fernandez and Longstaff and that's what it is and telemon's would only come into the equation if pod believes and pod believing we might know by the weekend and maybe that's what Simmons is waiting for because if pod wood comes in and puts a transfer request in you know I will have to act quick whether we get Harry McGuire if we saw in Simmons as well political transfers it's always been like that Lester probably would salutary McGuire but if we take telemon's they'll probably go up yours who want 90 million so there's lots of things that are gonna go on with that but anyway look you've had your right wing Theory you've had the discussion our Batpod Fernandez hopefully we'll get something today I really like Steven Berg wine by the way how do you feel about Harry McGuire Steven Berg wine cinnamons what do you think's going on there do you agree with my right wing theory do you think we've got more than 200 million pounds to spend actually that's the Mary that's the very important question because when bussaco Daniel James Bruno Fernandez Harry McGuire that takes you up to just under 200 million anyway then you get Shawn Longstaff and maybe that's why we're looking at Longstaff because we need another midfielder and it's going to be quite cheap with potential if we went and bought a Thomas party you know up to Thomas 215 you still haven't got your right winger I just think you know I'd have got 200 million pounds to spend and and they've they're having to sacrifice not getting a right winger and also bring in quite a cheap midfielder with Bruno Fernandez but what are your thoughts get him in below remember the Uni bet vlog go and give it a watch go and give it a watch go and give it a read links in the video description univac vlog all the latest breaking news and transfer news stories on they're really good writers even I put articles upon their if you've not seen that from yesterday the links in the video description thanks everybody for watching smash a like subscribe and I will see you at 8 o'clock tonight but we may well see you before if there is some breaking news I've got a funny feeling there will be today thanks everybody for watching check out the link in the video description


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