Bruno Fernandes Transfer Drama! Man Utd Transfer News

Bruno Fernandes Transfer Drama! Man Utd Transfer News

the United stand this is your latest Manchester United transfer news where we'll be talking out all the news from the day but we're going to start off with the brunei fernandez transfer drama and this is very interesting because there's the first story i want to talk about there's a few outlets here and when i talked about but the first one i want to talk about is actually from the Liverpool Echo now on last night's show towards the end of it we actually were live and somebody said check the betting odds for Bruno Fernandez to Liverpool and they dropped ridiculously absolutely ridiculous odds on Bruno Fernandez to to Liverpool which sort of just don't make sense which we're talking about in a minute in relation to a lot of the Portuguese reports and the latest reports it doesn't seem logical however the Liverpool Echo are talking about it and saying that there must be something going on because Liverpool are heavily linked to Bruno Fernandez and theirs but they actually do say in there that Manchester United are reluctant or refused to pay the fee for the Sporting Lisbon wants so that I'm interested in what Manchester United are doing with this deal since March we've known that Bruno Fernandez was a big target for Manchester United but you know maybe one bussaco was a target in March it doesn't mean it's taken us till the middle of bloody June to be negotiating a fee and the slow pace of how you know do things can be quite irritating especially when there is a player that I think he's I think he's going to be absolutely brilliant if look you know if we have got any Liverpool fans watching because you're interested in Bruno Fernandez because I've seen Liverpool fans going don't really know much about him didn't expect us to go in for him you get in a cracking player if you get in you're getting an absolutely cracking player if you get him but we are slow and we asked though and to be honest with you it's the same old story isn't it we're seeing it with Wamba Soccer I'm sure that's going to happen this week I don't really want to talk about one but soccer tonight because the reality is I want to try and ignore the one by soccer deal for a moment because I don't know how you lot feel but we're talking about this a few weeks ago and with a few people today and it reminds me of every transfer deal Manchester United do they suck their joy suckers Manchester United Football Club aren't they when it comes to transfers because we know a players signing before they do sign so we don't get that excitement I mean remit some at Liverpool that Fubini Oh deal eight o'clock they're linked to him nine o'clock they've signed him I mean that's the excitement that's how that's what a transfer can be like it can be really exciting we just never ever get it but with Bruno Fernandez that the story in the Liverpool Echo was that manchester United have refused to meet sporting Lisbon's B which really as we wander off there and try and grab what the true story is with Bruno Fernandez have no doubts about this Manchester United want Bruno Fernandez they do I've said it don't listen to me but since March a lot of people will say that as well but also in recent weeks we're getting more and more from the British tabloids now that majesty night are interested and we've had an absolute load from the Portuguese press Manchester United want Bruno Fernandez but Manchester United wanting a player in getting a player is a very very different different thing and we've seen that over the years and there is a reluctance from our board to play the going rate a lot of the time and we will walk away from a deal rather than pay five million pounds more now there was a rumour last week that Liverpool had offered around 40 million pounds for Bruno Fernandez I spoke the other night about this thing that if somebody makes an offer for Bruno Fernandes Sporting Lisbon if they reject it have to give Bruno Fernandez five million so it's interesting whether somebody actually has made an offer yet but the interesting thing is that apparently well let's quote a few things from sport witness who I I think it's a very good website who basically pull in a lot of stories from around the world in Europe and give it their opinion on it and they're basically saying that with regards to this from there is a reluctance from not just Manchester United but Tottenham were linked as well and maybe even Liverpool to pay the price that Sporting Lisbon want I think it's what in Lisbon would like about 70 million euros which is about 65 million pounds but they probably would take around 60 to 65 million year raise which is around 60 million sterling which I think again look I've said this I'm bored of saying this one buy soccer is worth 50 million as far as I'm concerned welcome to pee and the Patrick the latest members united stand members club and savage black is using the beans emoji xeno am answers have a feeling we will sign sauna guess I mean sauna guess would be very difficult to sign because of his price but interesting theory but there is a refusal I mean 60 minutes one buy sock is worth fifty million I don't know why we're negotiating around that then why was taken three weeks he's worth 50 million in today's markets with regards to Bruno Fernandez he's worth 60 million in this market he's 24 he scored a low regards got a load of assists he's an international for Portugal he is were sixty million I'm sorry is so you know I have you know I've been reluctant to pay it I'm sorry you're wrong you're absolutely wrong I mean everyone likes a bargain but should you know is it really isn't you know to coin another analogy this like you know your family is starving at home and you go shopping and instead of going with the hundred quid you've got in your pocket and buying some bloody food whilst you're in Marks & Spencer's or Poundland or wherever you're negotiating the price of a can of beans like your family's starving at home by the friggin food and take it home but United we are you know you're not at all the starving family at home we are the fans we are the team the you know the shit team the fans that are pissed off we're the starving family at home you know it's bored around shopping for food and instead of buying some decent bloody food they've got loads of money 100 money 100 quid 100 million to 2 million whatever in their pocket it's an analogy so let's pretend it's 100 quid there in the supermarket there's beautiful food there they can get bags of it really good quality stuff the screw Poundland we're actually Marxist Pence's food haul they can buy really really good food and they're like bartering for it and MRSA Spencer's are like one more shit offer and I'm kicking you out and getting security and we'll get no food and we'll starve and that's what it's like with Manchester like we're bartering like we're in a position of power we're not in a position of power edge we're not wake up and smell the coffee Manchester United are not in a position of power we are in the AM Bedell cup we finished sixth we may well be a big club with a big history but we are not in a position of power so let's not let's stop pretending we are let's stop going to Sporting Lisbon and saying well we're not paying 60 million we'll give you a 50 let's not you know let's pay one but the one bazooka fee let's crack on with it and feed feed those starving people back those feeds the fans feeders give us something Michael Collins says can I have a double helping of beans please yes beans on toast you can't beat it but you know that that is right isn't it you know and this is where when we talk about Britain if and I'm this because got a lot of talk there's lots to talk about tonight but this is this is the issue now a jogo who is a Portuguese outlet they've said that look Sporting Lisbon want this deal to be done they're using the agents of Bruno Fernandez to try and negotiate this deal apparently was bit was in London last week apparently is going to come back again this week to try and negotiate a deal and this is where Liverpool are apparently not going to spend that much money this summer but if they can pick up Bruno Fernandez what a player why would they not be all over that but United still can be in the driving seat because this look Liverpool are clearly in it I ain't gonna lie if you've got you know as I said if Liverpool fans are here whatever great you're welcome it's unite fan channel but you might be interested in Bruno Fernandez if you're a United fan I think we need to open our eyes up to the fact that Liverpool are in this race I mean people go in our bookies get it wrong and there's a lot of bookies putting good odds on Liverpool and even today 24 hours after yesterday which is normally the case it's normally is 24 hours after yesterday isn't it but the the bookies are still putting Liverpool as odds on favorites and we're around three to one now look you the bookies can get it wrong but there's numerous of them doing it and I believe that Liverpool are in this race but Manchester United can win this race they can win this race because if we believe my Liverpool are in the race which I think they are then you've got to believe that Manchester United is screwing this deal up because you know I'd want this player we've had leaked leaked that soldier wants it doing quickly three months this has been going on the Portuguese press the scouting of Bruno Fernandez it's been going on for a very very long time man chest you know I had want this player but what Manchester United want to do is get him on the cheap but when you've when you're up against somebody else who actually know what aired I'll say it again Liverpool or a better Club than is at the moment they've got a better team they're in a better position they're in the Champions League and their title contenders when none of those things if we go head to head with Liverpool and match their bid we lose we lose what Manchester United need to do with players of the quality of Bruno Fernandez is remove the rod from their ass and realize we are not a big club at the moment we are trying to become a big club again and to do that you pay over the odds for the right sort of player and we paid over the odds for Alexi Sanchez it was the wrong deal and maybe we paid over the odds for Fred it was the wrong deal with Bruno Fernandez you go in ten million over what Liverpool are gonna pay and you get the deal done and that is how I'm anxious you know I'd get this deal done you outbid Liverpool we've got more financial power than and we push it you push the envelope you push the envelope for the player that you want when you're competing against the direct rival it might not work but if an analyst might say no I still want to go to Liverpool and in that case you lose it but to win this battle United have got to stop refusing and and negotiating low prices and get some bloody deals done that's what they need to do should all equipped Manchester United if he doesn't get the transfers he wants as Ryan Lachman somebody said this last night Ryan I would you quit Manchester I'd managers job if you were in a league in a sole transposition if you don't get the transfers you won because I wouldn't I wouldn't i'd be bloody furious and I'd make sure the leaks got out there that well so shag does not need to leak it Mourinho did last summer and fair play to him he let it be known him that he wasn't happy with this summer he wasn't happy with the tour and he came across as a miserable shit because the football he played was terrible and people had ran out of patience with him all you gonna soldier doesn't need to do that because if we start the season next season with Daniel James and Wamba soccer in some two-bit centre back then we've had a bad summer and Ollie doesn't need to go on a sympathy from the fans because he will automatically get it so I I don't think only gonna soldier will walk away from Manchester not had regard the regardless of whether it's a bad transfer window neither would I because he's a fan of this club and if you walk away from this club even if you've not been backed by the board and you're leaving it to somebody else to try and solve the problem I don't think soldiers like that I think he will try and solve the problem himself no matter how hard the task but it'll be a lot harder Kobi Jenkins Marc Klopp thinks 87 million euros is too much and he's backing cater for the coming season and I don't know where 87 million pounds is coming from for Bruno Fernandez because I would agree with Manchester United that that is too much anyway it's way too much we won't pay an 87 million pounds I think Bruno Fernandez will go for around 60 million pounds which to me is exactly what he is worth and it is a good deal so I wouldn't have a massive issue with that but what I would say is I with if I was Manchester United and Liverpool are in this race you've got to go to 70 million so it's gonna be very interesting to see what happens with Bruno Fernandez United look as fans it's very frustrating I wanted us to sign for beanie Oh a lot of people agreed with that I thought which was a tragic signing but with this Bruno Fernandez one I'm with all my heart convinced that he is the right he is the most important signing for us this summer unless we're gonna go and get Jaden Sancho on the right wing or coolly barred it sent about I think Bruno Fernandez is the most important deal because what he will bring to us and if we do keep pod but great if we keep popper and get Bruno Fernandez I'll be very very happy because the complimenting of each other and the attacking elements of that midfield would be very exciting Matich becomes a weakness but that's a problem in the future get Bruno Fernandez and party now let's see what happens there is a battle there it is a drama United should have had this deal wrapped up they're negotiating and the trouble is when you start negotiating or refusing to pay the high price with a player that other clubs one you can lose and this is what we should have done you know we negotiate all you like with one bussaco because no one else is in for him but not with the players like Bruno Fernandez and Rabi art and people like that you you've got to go in with a higher offer because to be honest with you let's imagine Man City Liverpool Spurs and United want Bruno Fernandez we cannot offer the same money as those clubs because they can offer a better scenario you'd have to offer more money that's the way it is but as with our board we know they don't like doing that Marc never die or retire you put a smile on my face che Crowden I probably will retire and die I can't cheat science manufactory one absolutely actually I can probably not retire the death think I'm going to struggle with man you found a p1 absolutely love your show watch it every day I'm extremely frustrated with this transfer season but hoping for a turnaround for I am worried we will be fighting just to stay above the top four well I've been asked this quite a lot this week and I think Manchester United top I've got to finish fourth right I'll repeat a tweet if you don't follow me on Twitter it's your last but I'll repeat a tweet this afternoon Manchester United minimum fourth I'm not saying we're going to finish third they've got to finish fourth next year Chelsea no hazard new manager transfer ban weaker than is Arsenal Arsenal no not really got any money to spend and that defense is like hookers legs I'm not gonna say anymore you know what I mean so like we've got to go for fourth we've got to get fourth even if we don't have a great transfer we know we've got to get fourth but I don't really give a shit about that I'm not really bothered about that I want at least forth but I'm not really bothered about that because I think we should finish forth even with this squad that we've got but I'm not thinking about that what this sum is meant to be about it's not really about next season of course it is because you've got to see progress but it's about building towards winning titles again that's why this sum has got to be at least four signings it has to be you missed my super chat Marx is living in Pradeep I never missed them what I do sometimes but I don't mean tit and I will go back and review the ones that I haven't so yeah there's this still lots to talk about actually I'm gonna I'm gonna hop over a couple of stories first of all and just say that there was one I read in The Evening Standard today which which may offer you look there's so many stories out there at the moment you've got to take everything with a pinch of salt haven't you a bag of salt some would say but there is a story in The Evening Standard to today that after Wamba Sokka are they gonna soldier once another three signings which fits in with what I consistently keep saying and I haven't got a source on this there's no HP or anything like that it really is just I for whatever you want to take my opinion on anything i from my side guarantee will sign at these four players I can't see a scenario where we don't sign at least four players hopefully five or six but definitely for and welcome trading cards and more thanks member the nightstand members club and but yeah we will sign at least four but what what the standard is saying is basically that Manchester United will Olli guna soldier wants three more signings at the wamba soccer so we've got Daniel James you get rhombus actor and three more ping that's five I'll take that but the interesting thing is he's still not enough there who see it isn't it cuz I thought yes three more signings after Wamba soccer that's five innings for the summer alright we probably would probably need about eleven but that'll do for summer one but then they said two of them in midfielders and I thought shit that that that becomes a problem because Daniel James Wamba soccer three more signings to a midfielders hold on we ain't getting a right winger or a centre-back one of those is not so if we get two mil two midfielders after Wamba soccer we ain't getting a right wing or a centre back if that story's right and you know I always said you've got to make six signings to just cover the bases this summer because Daniel James wasn't a position we needed take Daniel James away right back center back to midfielders right winger that's what we needed this summer Daniel James is sort of like the boneless sick but if you drop them into the five you lose one of the more important positions top geezer said would you be happy with a starting lineup if the high ashore one by Sokka Lindelof coulibaly party Fernandez James Pepe Marcial Rushford with Pogba to go yeah Manila I'd love that I'd love that so basically you've got Cooley barley and Wamba sakharine's the back for yes party Fernandez and who's you midfield three there that doesn't work though you play in a 4-4-2 you can't play party in Fernandez and then have James Pepe Marciano Rushford that that's two attacking so you'd have to put James on the bench and probably play Tommy I suppose yeah but it's not too bad it's not too bad and the X of the initial excitement disappears okay and welcome to dr. Peter Thatcher the latest member of the united stand members club welcome welcome Peter a real doctor Doctor Who rubbish joke at all Pandy says no player wants to play for a club where we have brats like Bob Brenly and God we need Keane in the dressing room right away make him the director never gonna happen but I don't disagree with the with the feeling towards that so people joining us a little bit late we're moving through the news now but Bruno Fernandez Liverpool vs Manchester United I think it's a reality but as I said in its very short summary Liverpool if it appear to be in it Liverpool sources are saying that United have sort of opened the door because they're refusing to meet the fee that Sporting Lisbon one surprise surprise surprise but that's how you solve this battle and win it you know I had just outbid Liverpool but have we got a board that does that we did it with pogba we did it with Sanchez let's do it for the right bloody payer for once let's get brunette Fernandez in I don't see us signing a right winger I fear also I fear the future says Shawn you know what I agree with you Shawn and I saw a few people in the live comments saying there if we do have Daniel James and Wamba soccer we sign three more players and two of them in midfielders what do you think the fifth one will be a right winger or a centre back I think it will be a sense back I don't think we'll saw in a right winger why would we we've got Y matter and Jesse lingard with the wave you know that and that would be the shame but to be honest with you what would what would you prefer then if we if you can only have a right-winger or a centre-back we're not going to get both this summer which would you go for it has to be I've got to be fair it has to be the center back doesn't it because I don't trust those defenders it's got to be the sentiment as long as the defender back sends back his top class no player yeah we've read that from a ttle and bracing 1989's if we don't change the structure of the club we will be struggling for years I don't see any of the players we all will Inc with as one of the strong leaders we need if you disagree then who's as Brice in 1989 well look the players we're linked with and to be honest with you the leader that you're talking about doesn't really exist in them in the way that we want it to the Roy Keens the Steven Gerrard the John Terry's they're not read there are a few but there's not really anybody that comes to mind that's like that anymore but one ba soccer is a very dedicated hard-working talented reliable fallback so look you might not be shouted and leading the team like Roy Keane but he's a good right back Bruno Fernandez likes a tackle he's not very good at it he's tenacious he's a you know he's consistent he's hardworking so leadership can come in different ways I mean leadership can be very very simple like being consistent and keeping going and being talented what we saw last year was a lack of leadership not because people weren't shouting and leading the team but because they were letting their heads drop that's not leadership leadership can mean many things leadership can be you performing your ability consistently for 90 minutes well we didn't see that from most of our team last year especially in the last three months so leadership's many different things of course I would love this to sign a Coulee barley or a delete because they are leaders but you know leadership can be many different things I agree vit look Bruno Fernandez Wamba soccer Daniel James Thomas part a Nicola Pepe Jayden Sancho Rabi Arts they're not Roy Keane are they they're not John Terry that's not what they are but what they can bring they can bring leadership and consistency has then Dembele told Leon president he wants to leave yes he has sister a territory yes he has thanks for the confirmation Ahmed blue and let's just talk about the car coup for a moment because the not reports there was confirmed sightings that and that the the intimate sorry the the agent of Lukaku was inland and today in the offices of Inter Milan in semana I've got offices in London amazing isn't it so maybe they were talking about that the situation with Lukaku appears to be that Inter Milan man I'd want money I think was ESPN reporting that you know I do not want to cardi I think that's a mistake I really do think that's a mistake they want the cash for Lukaku and I think that they want the cash for the car key because they're not going to buy it replace him they're not going to buy a striker so they that's why they want the cash to put towards other areas personally I don't think you can go far wrong well if you know it's who can get 75 million 70 million for the car key from Inter Milan which I don't think they can then you've got 70 million added to your transfer budget but if it's a choice between a cardi swapping for Lukaku or keeping the car key you've got to do that swap deal so that is I personally would take a cardi you know I just don't seem to be made up on doing that and I think it's because they're not gonna replace the car Co any way and also soul shy loves Raschi doesn't he he thinks he's amazing let's hope he can turn him into something amazing but I personally would take him the trouble that Inter Milan have got is they've got to raise the money they cut they've got to sell a car D to get the car coupe and who's gonna buy a car D which is why you know it probably should be looking at that deal and Ronnie TV says in that case we should withdraw the clause in Alexis contract and have him play in the position he played half of his career right-wing whoa look you know let's just talk about that for a moment Imran it was once it was a topic that's actually there with regards to Alexei Sanchez and where do people stand on Alexei Sanchez now I think he's got two goals and an assist for three in three games in the Copper America for Chile there are United fans I've seen say oh let's get Richards although there are the United fans saying give him a chance he's earned like nearly 25 million quid it you know I had or 20 million or whatever ridiculous amounts of money and he's doing sod all in 18 months and how old is he now have a quick look Aleksey Sanchez I think he's 30 isn't he 30 he's gonna be 31 in December he's lost the yard at pace but everyone's like yeah let's keep him at the club I mean the reality is from a business point of view keep him and keeping him at the club he's still unformed around the weekend he is an expensive experiment to try for another 18 months so alone I don't know what people think about it so look top geezer I think you're right mark we will go for a sense about we will then go for Sancho if we get a Champions League plays next season I do think we need another forward though and Tony Bane says Manchester United should turn it around and approach into the screen eeeh and say we will give Lukaku and cash I think just don't want to sell screen earri was moderate modeling modeling their new away kit he's one of their big big players so I just I just don't think we're gonna be in a way position to do that to be honest with you Marty okay I'll have a look about for you now buttburn so yeah a few people are saying they would give given Sanchez ago interesting interesting the Mart CEO is just talking about Tottenham and and and ballet which is quite interesting isn't it because we're a Tottenham getting the money for ending ballet or have they moved away from Bruno Fernandez to get end of it I mean that that to me will make me throw up that will make me throw up if Liverpool get brunette brunette Fernandez and Liv will get brunette Fernandez and sort them get and in ballet I mean we're worse than we were when we finished the season and we finished the season sixth crap and in the Amedeo Cup but if Spurs get Spurs who finished fourth get Bruno Fernandez sorry Annabelle II and Liverpool get Bruno Fernandez they're moving further away from us like that we won't be able to bring a midfielder in of their quality you know Thomas parte he's not as good as those two I don't think and he's probably not available anyway and he's also in the African nations the Afcon so when we're going on the pre-season tour you know you get in their belly Oh Bruno Fernandez the flying out with you to Australia so just don't know I don't know it's you can't get too negative because none of these things have happened yet but I am very worried and the thing is like look of course there might be a footballer out there who says I want Champions League football I don't care what you offering me but the reality is if if as I said with Bruno Fernandez if Liverpool are gonna pay 60 million for him and give him 200 grand a week wages United ring is Asian and up and go well we'll pay you 70 million Sporting Lisbon so they'll accept our offer and then you go to Bruno Fernandez and you go and we'll give you 250 grand a week I mean look I know we spend it but people talk about the wage structure and let's not damage the wage structure there's a big difference between paying Bruno Fernando's 250,000 pounds a week to get him away from Liverpool's clutches and bring him into our team 400 grand a week is what's damaging our wage structure you know Alexis Sanchez is on nearly double what our next best player is it's ridiculous that's what's damaging the wage structure but United have got to be a great I always say this I said this like the last two or three transfer windows and we've all agreed on there you know I have got to be ruthless and aggressive in the transfer window ruthless with the players you get rid of aggressive with the players that you're going for they've got to you can't sit back negotiating we're back shopping in the shop starving kids at home look at Real Madrid for signings already and they want more players and pogba what are we doing other than having a holiday in the beaches it's nicer I think Manchester United are in a bloody mess we spoke about this at the weekend we're in a mess the two reasons we're in a mess is because they don't know what's gonna happen with Pogba and the targets they wanted they're not able to get because they're negotiating too much with the transfer window is slipping by too quick for United and they're in a mess they can turn it around but does anybody trust them to turn it around that's the thing I will applaud them when they do and I hope that they do but let's not let's not beat about the bush here you know it's transfer window has not been very good and it's not looking good for the targets that they want of which and then Bella is one of which Bruno Fernandes is definitely one Robbie OTT was one as well I mean what you get is you get the sympathizers if the apologists coming out saying show me the proof that we're in for a br okay alright let me just get Edward wood on the line he will publicly tell you mr. Twitter that we were after Robbie OTT and we got turned down for Ventus that never happens that never happens but it doesn't mean we weren't obviously for a bee oh of course we're in for bloody Adrien Robbie oh there's a major reason we were in for him one is a very good midfielder and we need midfielders but to winning the prize the fact that he's free like Ed Wood would would love to get raviolis won because he's good me feel to it mainly because he's free there's no transfer fee you know I had wanted him they tried they didn't get him you know end of story but let's not pretend that we're not in for these people no we're not in for Robbie oh we're not in for Bruno Fernandez were not in Brendan Ballet we not in for telemon's we just want Shawn Longstaff he was the priority as we came into this window Thanks we're getting relegated at least we know see you next year um bill each one says selling pogba straight Lacock away all and keeping deadwood not willing to spend in this or the last transfer window keeping ad and no director football are they asset stripping before they sell the club um I don't think they are you know I don't I don't think the club is up for sale I don't think we're going to sell the club I'd like to see that be the case of course I think we all would but I don't think the club's up for sale and I think if the club was up for sale he would be try it you would be trying to retain his value you know its value I think since the PSG game has dropped it's quite a lot and it's still dropping so if they're looking to sell you sell at the most valuable put you know if you've if your club is and I don't know what your night share prices but if United's value is as a football club is 400 billion and that could be right up could be wrong I don't know and it's dropped to 350 billion because of poor performances you've lost yourself 50 billion if you sell and if we keep getting worse and we drop to 300 billion you've lost like a lot of money you know you sell them you sell the club at its optimum price and if I was united and it's dropping if I was the glazes and how did wanna sell I would be like right we are the we aren't we are losing value we can't sell at the moment how do we get the value up right in a year's time we need to be back in the Champions League the team needs to be exciting showing progress and have some good players that's how you'd go about selling so I think if you're not looking to then they would be spending and trying to get the clip back if they're not looking to sell that's the more dangerous thing if they're not looking to sell but they know they're still going to be making profit each year alright the profits are diminishing but they're still making profit that is the more worrying scenario because they might be look we're not going to spend a lot of money we're just taking our profit out of the club it'll get by and hopefully we might scrape top 4 without spending much money that's the more worrying 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500 K to do and we um yeah so I'll remind you about that at the end people are talking about me talking about you know its value being 350 billion I was always joking I was joking about that but it's it's it is what it is Kyra Mitchell stop telling me to check Twitter because I'm not going to check Twitter I don't take any any need to do that and also I don't need to check Twitter cause draw two Devils in the live comments and he will tell me if there's anything that needs to be packed up and Steven Bradshaw you've just been blocked by the channel because I'm fed up of people talking about the audio there's nothing wrong with the audio turn it up or get better internet I checked it last night okay what else do we need to talk about United rejected card e3 for two best eleven so yeah only gonna so sure this is interesting as well only gonna soldier has spoken about you know the preseason games think we've got Perth Glory Leeds United in Summerland Spurs the Norwegian Club and Olli gonna soldier has said that on the 3rd of August our final preseason games in Cardiff against AC Milan and a parent is gonna pays best eleven bullshit ah I just think it's total nonsense like I just think it's just filling pages I really do not think that he will play his best eleven against the week before we play Chelsea because what if we're signing kudi body is not even back yet you know I just I don't agree with that i think you'll put a strong team out but i don't we're gonna pay our best eleven yeah I'm gonna play my best eleven and I'm gonna play exact tactics I'm gonna use against Chelsea in a massive opening game season a week before just to give Chelsea an idea of what we're doing throwing more money for Bruno to take him away from the club he wants to go to feels like Sanchez all over again also he is only proven in Portugal that's Mike Hawk small yeah but you know Bernardo Silva was only proven in the French league when he was bought from Monaco Rinaldo was only proven in Portugal I know as a teenager but you know the fact that he's not I always think that with regards to players coming in from other leagues there are sometimes players that come in and people just don't go for them what's his name Carvalho the the I don't even know he plays for but he was linked to United and asked over the years and he's plays for the Portugal national team will M Carvalho I think we got his name right and and he's never been taken up by a Premier League club and I always think that's really weird because when he plays for Portugal he does do quite well but clearly everybody who scouted him has found something in his game and maybe I don't know what it is that feel he's not good enough the Premier League because he was a prime player that I thought oh you know sense defensive midfielder be very very good no one's ever took it on him these players are scouted Bruno Fernandez was scouted all last season by Manchester United I've watched him a few times and I think he's got more than enough to be a Manchester United player and more than enough to be successful in the Premier League if he goes to Liverpool as well he's quick on the ball he's tenacious he likes a tackle but he's a bit weak at it a bit like Paul skulls but he's dead ball ability he's shooting his passing his is flair I don't see how he's a footballer you can see that you saw that even if you'd only watched him for the first time in the nation's league he's a footballer he can play football and you can stick him anywhere and also I think I think he thrives in in a quicker game and that's what the Premier League is so I think it'd be absolutely fine and as I said in the current market 60 70 million that's that's what he's worth anyway it's not like we're being robbed he's worth 60 or 70 million in today's market I mean Barcelona spent 135 million on Roseman Dembele and he not set the world on fire at door Mindy was a good player but he'd not set the world on fire and I just think you know I just can't and also as well what I'd say to that is um it's all right saying oh let's not waste our money on Bruno Fernandez well where are you gonna put it like who else are you gonna go for because you know what beggars can't be choosers we are begging we have got the Hat out we're shaking it give us something you know you know I'd have to take risks in this transfer market because what we've got at home it ain't good enough so you know I'd have got to take risks that's out that's what I feel about it when a club signs four to five players only three or four the four of them have a successful first season you know I wouldn't have all players firing in their first season says shabu selfie I think that's a great point and we spoke about that before didn't we that is a very very good point and we won't we won't be flying off off that we won't fly straight away I've said before that you know you name me a manager who's who's even 70% of their signings have been successful and I'll probably call you a liar because statistically if you sign five players two of them will flop that's just the way it is with signings I mean look even if you look at what clock did last summer Allison was an excess as a success Shaqiri yeah and Liverpool fans like him but as he set the world on fire not really he's don't know okay now be cater not really for be no took off a season to bed in and then I'd say it was a success so and Liverpool won the Champions League and Liverpool were nearly won the league but if their signings last summer cater not great Shaqiri mhm Allison good for B know half a season bad half a season good so that just shows you even when a Clips been successful yeah you know if we were to sign one by soccer Daniel James Bruno Fernandez clearly barley and Nicola Pepe I'm sorry as much as we'd be over the moon with those five players two of them are probably not gonna have a very good season that's just the way it works doesn't mean that we shouldn't sign them they Shakira was a bargain sis Joe Allen yeah I look you know he's don't okay honey no and Dan ballet is what we need says Dean gray well the Mart CEO is pretty much saying that he's off to Spurs and that would worry me I never thought to be honest though the shows are there I never felt we were gonna get in them belly I thought it was a bit of a pipe dream because I feel that under ballet once Champions League football and I think this is where you know I'd have absolutely screwed themselves with some players they will not come to our club I mean if you're and and ballet and you've got a choice between Spurs and Manchester United I'm sorry I like Spurs I wish they'd won the bloody Champions League final and I like paja Tino I think is the best pound-for-pound manager in Europe but if you are saying to a player Spurs or Manchester United with all due respect to Spurs and you're gonna win this one so you know be happy it's United every day of the week see you now at every day of the week but what sir why is it not you don't odyssia this week because we're not in the Champions League like we're not we're a mess we're in the amedeo Cup Spurs got a great manager a great way of playing got to the Champions League final and they're back in it and then belly will look at that and go I love it I love some of that and that's just how embarrassing the situation is for United because now people are choosing Spurs over us and I'm not being disrespectful to Spurs they're you know well done Fairplay you're a better club in a better proposition that is I'm I'm more put in shade on unite and saying I'm how embarrassing it is that you know Spurs are now a better proposition than ourselves and we've only got ourselves to blame for that somebody just said therefore can't get an dembélé why don't we go for nd desus on you are but look we're not Real Madrid we're not Manchester City we're not Chelsea when they've not got a transfer van we're not aggressive in the transfer market and efficient we're not so the worrying thing for United is if they don't get robbed you're and they don't get end and ballet and they don't get Bruno Fernandez but those three players were targets at the start of the summer and they don't get any of them who's the next round who is it long staffs probably one is me but is is it who is it and then when I get really worried he's like I don't trust you know it's a good you know I don't if we there will have been work put in by United trying to get these players and when you miss out on them it's all dead work like if we put a lot of work in to get in Bruno Fernandez what we have and then we don't get him all that time is basically wasted for nothing if it goes to Liverpool and then you've got to start again with somebody else and by the time you start working in somebody else we saw this with Vidal a few years ago when he got on the plane to Asia with was it with Juventus and we were like ah no we've missed the deal and we had missed the deal and we'll see this again if we don't get the targets we're looking at now preseason starts in July it's not just United off to Asia it's every other bloody target we want somewhere on a plane and then a deal becomes very difficult when they're on pre-season training with the club that they're at very very difficult I think I said last season when we went to America and we don't nice aynd bloody filling event when when we bought filling grantees irrelevant but we'd only signed Fredman de l'eau and we got on the plane to go to America not literally and we were doing shows and I said we ain't sign anyone at all and people are we've got to sign people on saw acid we don't sign players on tour you know the back end of July look statistically you know don't sign many players when were on tour so you could argue that we've got two weeks to do most of our transfer business we will we woke sign players on the tour this year because we've got to haven't we but we don't normally so it is a worry it is a worry but it's nothing we don't know we're right to be concerned I still retain optimism that they'll sort it out I don't know why because I think if you don't you just get depressed but um it's not a surprise if it doesn't go back if it goes badly is it I remembered we were talking about it right at the start of May and we said look well I said it and I hoped a lot of people would agree you judge this transfer window on August the 8th and we'll see what happens with that and again talking about August the 8th that is gonna be United stands first ever get together it's going to be in London town on August the 8th it's a Thursday night it's the transfer deadline end as well so hopefully we'll all be cracking the champagne and celebrating a good transfer window if you're interested in getting tickets you know I understand orders at August the 8th it will be a Thursday night in London town so if you are thinking about flying in or traveling down or anything like that we're giving you the date now make sure you drop us an email and details and your age and we'll start allocating the tickets so yeah that's how you do that you'll also find in the video description Rance is disco Just Giving page he's fighting on Saturday night against DTS Sun and he's doing he's fundraising for homeless people remember in the winter everyone always remembers the homeless quite rightly because it's cold but though the contributions drop a bit in the summer so Rance is doing something for that link in the video description I think he's trying to raise two thousand pounds so please do give to that if you can and and also we're giving something else away we're gonna give it away you know it's then deaf seek it as soon as we hit 5,000 followers on Twitter you know I stand FC Twitter details are in the video description for that give us a follow when you're going for that but very very excited about the get together really can't wait for that so if you can make it do come down a lot of people are gonna be in there obviously myself flex Rance some of the fan cam people I think Adams gonna be there side will be there hour and will be there and also some of the mods some support talking to Paul today he's gonna be there I think George Karl will be there and people like that and obviously hopefully a lot of you because that's what it's all about we're gonna do a live show while we're there as well lots of interacting Q&A all sorts of stuff so really looking forward to that it's about time we had to get together in a celebration and hopefully I'll be the first of a few more worldwide ones but yeah definitely get involved looking forward to that make sure you smash a like on the video remember I'll be back again at 7 a.m. tomorrow with transferred daily unless something happens later on tonight I mean realistically tomorrow understand we're off way through another bloody week and we're still negotiating on one by soccer and we still don't know who else we're looking at like this it's just got the next week and a half now I said it once Sunday the next two weeks the next week and a half now are critical to this transfer window for Manchester absolutely critical but I retain some hope thanks everyone for watching I'll speak to you soon the recap can now see very very quickly we started off with Bruno Fernandes Liverpool are definitely in this race but even from Liverpool side they're saying that they're in this race because United are refusing to pay what Sporting Lisbon won you know it cannot afford to do that they cannot afford to refuse to pay what Sporting Lisbon want when it's a player we need and and what's at home isn't good enough we've got to get used to paying a little bit over the pro asking price because we're desperate we are desperate we were desperate before the transfer window opened you know from a business point of view yeah you might not want to pay 70 million for Bruno Fernandez but you you pay it you might want not want to pay 50 million pound for one but soccer but you pay it because actually you're only paying a little bit more than they're probably worth and we need them we need them and the same at coulee barley oh we don't want to pay anything more than 75 for it 90 million or get him get him get him getting Mike Hawk small says rabiot to Juventus Fernandez to Liverpool and and ballet to Spurs fellaini to United Earth and on that bombshell well I will see you tomorrow morning at or later on tonight if anything happens sometimes around half turn it does make sure you subscribe we're getting very close to four hundred and eighty thousand subscribers it would be nice to hit that tonight and go into another ten thousand on that run to five hundred thousand subscribers and yes get in the video description and check everything out cuz it'd be nice to see some of you on August the 8th I'll see y'all soon


35 thoughts on “Bruno Fernandes Transfer Drama! Man Utd Transfer News”

  • A Moose That Rants says:

    We all know has shitty the Portuguese press is they’d say Cruyff was gonna come back from the grave to play for Porto if it sold a few copies. I really wouldn’t read that much into it.

  • I would hope to see B.Fernandes line up for MU 2019 because Pogba and Fred didn't live up to expectation last season. to some extent, Pogba did great but he was not consistent enough and quite messy and noisy outside the pitch. I hope that he will stay but I am not quite sure whether his attitude will be more professional. Anyway, welcome B.Fernandes.

  • Chelsea and Man city when they got taken over spent over the top money to buy players when no one wanted to go to those teams but now City can attract players at will so pay the high price to get the 2-3 players and start challenging for the trophies and we will be back in a few years to attract players to come not still try to fight with other teams that can attract players without even being linked to the club like City or Juventus or Real Madrid even though Madrid failed

  • Manchester United please support Ole by signing Fernandes to strengthen the team and make the great again

  • I liked Ashley Young. He played to the best of his ability but unfortunately, his ability wasn’t up to MUFC standards. Best wishes elsewhere Ash. 🙂

  • Kenneth Hansen says:

    Bruno Fernandes should be target no.1! He is Exactly what we need and we wont get a better midfielder deal anywhere.

  • michael wards says:

    And this man is missing this fact. It's been took over. Look at Brazil 7.0 Germany. Nike ordered Brazil to play players that were out of form. Lol don't waste u time ditch sport

  • michael wards says:

    OK here's why utd fans need to stop watching and oust glaziers. Woodward is not buying because he looking for a Adidas player who popular. Adidas if we sell pogba will have no model for their gear. We are buying to please sponsorship. Tiger Woods Nike brand have took it to the next level check tiger Woods tricks and parlours. Sport is over folks. It's all about money the love of doe. I won't watch sport now. Check woods stupid puts radio waves controlling the ball. Chuck sport in the bin where it brlongs

  • Liverpool ARE NOT in for Fernandes. Liverpool are being used to get the fee sporting want. But Mark, Liverpool have plenty of money and can easily spend the required fee 'if' they want him. They're not so breath easy if you want him.

  • United’s Capitalised value when Jose was sacked was USD$ 2.8b having lost more than USD $ 1.0b at the beginning of the same season.

  • we are fans and a club in massive denial bottom line is we are kak in the transfer dealings crap as a bonding unit crap at defending crap at midfield duties crap in attack I rest my csse

  • Mukund Krishnan says:

    Arsenal & Utd have become laughable… the mighty have fallen !!! the rivalry which, in a sense , " MADE " premier league are now rivaling each other for who the bigger BANTER FC is 🙄😔

  • They are the 2nd richest club in the world and tighter than Newcastle when it comes to spending, I hear we're after Ben Yedder now, probably because he's less than £40m!!

  • 400 Billion 28:00 ! The glazers are looking to sell for about 4 billion, which given anyone needs to invest 500m in the squad, it's more like 3.5 billion. That's why they could be panicking a bit, we are an overpriced antique at the moment. So nobody wants us. And if you look at other clubs in the PL, they offer a much better value proposition…even Newcastle a snip at $400 mil.

  • Nemanja Djordjevic says:

    Recently Barca signed Dembele Suarez Coutinho DeJong for 75-100mil each
    Real signed Bale James Hazard Jovic 75-100 mil each
    Man City signed DeBruyne Mahrez Sane Laporte Stones Walker Sterling Mendy 60-75mil each
    Even Chelsea signed Kepa Jorginho Higuain Liverpool Allison VanDijk Keita Mane Fabinho Arsenal Aubameyang Lacazzette for 60-75mil each
    Man United signed only Pogba Lukaku Martial Fred for large sum, overpaid. Best sell them all for 400mil with Sanchez Rojo and Darmian and get some serious signings in – Fernandes Eriksen Bissaka DeLigt Ziyech VanDeBeek all 40-60mil Griezmann 100mil

    Bissaka* DeLigt* Lindelof Shaw
    Fernandes* Matic Eriksen*
    Griezmann* Rash Ziyech

    Subs Romero Smalling Dalot VanDeBeek James Lingard Mata

    6-8 star players is a team already. now we got 2-3 at best.
    Barca Real Liverpool Juve even Spurs all have 8 star players at least

  • Dont spend a penny on anything united, no sponsers nothing, the only way to make then sell.when the money goes so do the Glazers.

  • ArchonScourge says:

    Put yourself in the shoes (boots) of a player that United "want". Their current club value him at a certain price and we don't want to pay it. His current club value and rate him higher than we do, that's not going to endear him to the club. Why would he move to a club that appreciates him less than where he already is?

  • I have one question: Where do you draw the line of overpaying for players? Do you like every single club in the world wants t screw us on transfer? I think this is not the correct time to do it, but I hate clubs ask for ridiculous money from us.

  • Seriously wtf is wrong with the hierarchy at United..are they escapees from Gotham Asylum..the haggling and absurdly high wages of some players..would have you thinking JOKER is running the club.

  • Reineke Grobler says:

    Man Utd were suppose to buy Bruno Fernandes before going for any other player , we need him . It is now clear Man U board is the flop at at the club not the players

  • Xander Den Harder says:

    You have no faith in your supposed club. Man Utd are dependent on the selling club, the player, the agent, etc. All prices are inflated and not normal. Man Utd should go for younger English players. who are hungry. Like, Mount, Maddison, Rice, etc. Also need to start using the youth squad to rebuild. Change your tune a bit, every day it is the same, with the complaining, why are you supporting this club??

  • The GLAZERS and Edwoodward have completely ran United to the ground!!!! GLAZERS , IT IS HIGH TIME YOU SOLD UNITED!!!!!!!

  • United is losing its Pride and prestige day after day, year after year its a headache thinking about United stands and its future..But this club is in my blood! I'm getting fed up of associating in social medias too unless things dramatically change for good

  • Bruno n pepe to liverpool, ndombele to spurs.. Why not to United?… No world class player will want to play for united anymore.See their games in the last 6/7 seasons.. Always defensive!! If United had finished in top 4,do you think it would be easier to sign? Maybe a bit. But as a player I will still pick Liverpool, City or spurs or maybe even wolves. Why, becuz they all play aggressive game..

  • United is going down, sinking deeply and badly!!!! No good player wants to come here!!!! CAN THE GLAZERS NOW SELL UNITED, PLEASE!!!!!!!

  • Dean McDonald says:

    A transfer window for man utd was always exciting and if it wasn't u were safe in the knowledge fergie new what he was doing. Now all utd offer is stress and uncertainty. Woodward out!!!

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