Bruno Fernandes Final Bid & Aubameyang Bid? Man Utd Transfer News

Bruno Fernandes Final Bid & Aubameyang Bid? Man Utd Transfer News

being welcome to the United stands this is gonna be your latest Manchester Transfer news we've got lots and lots to talk about on Maguire Brendan Fernandez and Bama yang long staphylococci da me and Rojo loads and loads to talk about but first of all I want to draw your attention to what was a fantastic interview this lunchtime with James Cooper from Sky Sports it's being quoted all over social media because he actually gave quite a lot of information in his interview to flex and make sure you watch it click the I in the top right hand corner and go and give it a watch this is Manchester United's Sky Sports correspondent for the last however many years really really really good insights there you know that is coming out tonight that the haters going to sign a contract in the next two to three weeks James Cooper said that on our interview that's why it's coming out he also said get rid of Rojo he's not good enough he also said he didn't like the way that Herrera was likened to Roy Keane because he ran about a lot he also said Pogba will go where the money is very hard-hitting interview very refreshing to get you know instead of James asking the question somebody who's close to United being asked the questions absolutely fantastic make sure you give that interview and listen to but What did he say about Harry McGuire which is very interesting let's start off with Harry McGuire and then that's moved on to Bruno Fernandez what you said about Harry McGuire is Manchester United will definitely sign a centre-back in the next few weeks and that Manchester United have got options and that to me look this is a man whom has you know is close to Manchester United and he said Leicester have got to be careful because Manchester United have got options now what are the whose options that's immediately what I thought is the very first few seconds in the video for those who've watched if you haven't watch it that Manchester not have got options and that Leicester City needs to be careful I think there is this perception that Leicester in the position of power you pay 80 million or you don't get Harry Maguire clearly United I've got other options and what are those other options but you know what Harry Maguire is desperate Harry McGuire's desperate we're hearing stuff today that you know his idols are Phil Jones and Chris Martin no they his idols are Steve Bruce and Vidic and Ferdinand they even thinks that he could come to Manchester Knight and be a captain at Manchester United he wants that move he wants that move and these opportunities for 26 year olds don't actually come around that often because in a year's time you know admire moved on Liverpool are gonna need centre backs with what they've got with Van Dyke and Gomes and people like that United and City need a centre back they might not need one in a year's time so this is the opportunity for McGuire and that's why it's pushing for the move but Lester obviously won a price that may not be a price that they can get less than one a replacement for McGuire as well so it's gonna be very interesting with three weeks away virtually to the hour that this transfer window closes you know I'd need to get that over the line and the need to get it over very very soon but I'm interested to see what those options are if United do decide to walk away which I don't think they will I don't think they will I just find it was interesting what James Cooper said because he's a little bit closer isn't he you know I'd have walked away from Longstaff at 50 million turned attention to 25 million out a million Nicola sannio Lowe it says Chloe Jenkins well well I'll talk about Longstaff very very quickly obviously Steve Bruce has been appointed as Newcastle United manager I mean I've got to give you the update on Bruno Fernandez ah let's do you Bruno Fernandez first then we'll go to Longstaff because actually you know Longstaff is sort of page 10 is new whereas you know Longstaff is Bruno Fernandez would be page 3 traditionally you go straight and have a look at that so let's have a look at Bruno Fernandez so look the latest with Bruno Fernandez and is that his agents in England Roy's in his agents blood may as well buy a bloody house in England he's always in bloody England he's been flying back and forth more than a bloody bird but he is apparently in England and this means that a bid is imminent but he has we've heard this so many times to Brennan Fernandez and I've had a lot of people contacting me because obviously you know I'm even bored myself of telling you what what I know about that deal he is a priority for Manchester United the situation with Bruno Fernandez and a tweet it this morning the situation with Bruno Fernandez is this I am up to 90 percent sure that he will sign for Manchester I can feel a meme coming on already 90 percent sure they will come to Manchester United Bruno Fernandez wants to come to United all eagerness all she wants Bruno Fernandez Sporting Lisbon want to Salvia know Fernandez to Manchester United the only thing stopping this deal is the Manchester United board decision-makers who pay the money you know it can get him for as little as 55 million pounds which is about 60 million euros Sporting Lisbon will take that but you know I had apparently a messing around around thinking about putting an offer of 50 million now the reason the title of the video is Bruno this final bid is because the first bit is the final bit for anybody knows anything about Bruno Fernandez his contract the first bid will be the final bid and if we mess it up we won't get him because when you offer for Bruno Fernandez as long as you offer though over 35 million euro which anybody is going to because he's worth double that the minute you offer over 35 million euro and Sporting Lisbon reject it they have to pay Bruno Fernandez 5 million euro because it's in his contract and the minute Sporting Lisbon rejects a bid and pay Bruno Fernandez 5 million is the minute I think they'll go you know what we're not selling you we'll just keep you so the fire at the first bit is the final bid so you know I haven't put any bids in for Bruno Fernandez yeah I heard some out let the other day say United have bid for Bruno Fernandez well they bloody well haven't because if they haven't it's been rejected sporting Lizabeth will have paid broad brilliant and there's five million so the first bid will be the final bid and this is why I think this is what this is what I think's going wrong I think United want to get him for the cheapest price they can but they're gauging what that cheapest priced is going to be very difficult so the first bid will be the final bid because if they get it wrong Sporting Lisbon or say up yours so I think that's why it's taking so long I'm very confident and we'll do this Bruno Fernandez deal because I do actually think and I don't know what you lot think I do actually think that if we if we don't get Bruno Fernandez we're screwed next season and and you can hide behind the positivity all the positivity of hominid and Fred might suddenly become the player we thought he was and Pereira might become the play we thought he was and gomez and Chong and matter and year lingard and all they might there might be brilliant they might be brilliant but reality will bite in octo because they're not good enough a lot of those players some of them are good some of them need need to develop pod was the only midfielder we've got that is relevant and Bruno Fernandez would be a player that comes in that is relevant a top-class midfielder we need that you can't just bring long stuff into that made field and go you know what we've sold her error but we've got long staff he's played nine games for Newcastle really we're gonna finish in the top four no you're not because Matich is shit so it's not gonna happen they have to sign Bruno Fernandez and Olli goodness ol Shana knows this this is why is a priority and United cannot cannot cannot do a parasite on this where Mourinho desperate for Paris H wanted Paris Paris each wanted to come to United into one or to sell to United that Manchester United board refused to go five million more now now we're not going to pay it and Marino's like then well where's my replacement that no man no we would have paid forty five million for him but or forty million I think it was we would have paid forty million but we're not paying forty five yeah that's great but that's the player I wanted to put the crosses into the box full of cocky like what where's the replacement no there isn't one so the forty million you were gonna pay you just gonna pocket that and learn the interest welcome to Manchester United and and that's what worries me about this deal with Bruno Fernandez is if we walk away from it is there anybody else coming in is there and they've got so they've got to get the deal done and but also I actually still believe that Manchester United will bring it and Bruno Fernandez Maguire and long staff in because I think with the summer of discontent with all the Glazer out stuff etc if they don't do a good transfer window that's another man all I will say on August the 8th is they've they failed another manager this is nothing to do with soul shot you know I could be managed not managing you could be much not manager you could have a list and if you don't get half your list they've you failed so if all film August the 8th we've only got one bussaco Daniel James Sean long staff and Harry Maguire they've let the manager down again it's on to the board three weeks to do it crack on love the channel keep up the good work do you think it would be acceptable if we bought a right-winger later on we just don't have time now because of a lazy board says a shock baked I said this in this morning last night I think that with regards to the right winger we don't have time to get it right when you're in and we're very fortunate that we've got Mason Greenwood coming through because I think he's ready and I think he will actually end up solving that problem for is Marc Whitten you'll be surprised with the players that want to come to United well mark spot on with that comment there that was made by the club you'll be surprised at the quality of players that want to come York so United are you surprised by the player that wants to come tonight on I'm not surprised that Daniel James wanted to come it's a massive step up I'm not surprised one but Soccer wants to come on massive step up not surprised Harry McGuire wants to come it's a step up not a surprise Shawn Longstaff wants to come it's a step up Bruno Fernandez I'm not massively surprised if he comes but that's that's the sort of player I was thinking about when was said more to be honest Phil Brown said we've had two bids rejected for him says Matthew west we haven't bid for Bruno Fernandez we haven't bid for Bruno Fernandez we haven't bred for Bruno Fernandez because when you bid for Bruno Fernandez Sporting Lisbon have to give him 5 million euro in a four year contract on double wages so we haven't done that that's why it's constantly about the the agent coming over well I must just bring James Cooper in what did James Cooper say about Bruno Fernandez he said this is being driven by the Portuguese media because Sporting Lisbon wants to sell Bruning Fernandez to Manchester United it's not being driven by the English media so look it's on Manchester United's to get this deal done Jonathan and cherry Smith says 322 thousand views for Perth live match well done mark Thank You Jonathan Thank You Jonathan so yeah look I just feel and I said this last night that there's got to be something done with Manchester United over the next week they've got to do something they we cannot be here in a week's time going we still need three Sinese cuz I'll say it now if next week no one's got on and no one's come in forget it we're not gonna get it done but I will lay this down on the line now because I've said it on Twitter and mark I'm off to the damn tomorrow looking for zxs chopper how're chops how Wonderware dziak will go actually for my axe and he would've been he would have been a good sign if you know I but we've never really been linked to him if over these next two weeks we sign mcguire bruno fernandez sean Longstaff and we sell Rojo darmian and Lukaku I think that's a very good summer for Manchester United with one bus akron daniel james as well that's five in three out i could have been greedy and wanted six in four out but i'll take those five in those three out the reality is will we get mcguire longstaff Fernandez and selled army and Rojo and Lukaku in three weeks I don't think we will do it in three weeks so I think there is gonna be a feeling of dissatisfaction but I'm still confident I'm more focused on the ends than the owl's if as I said we hit August the 8th and we haven't you know I mean look we're playing Thursday Night Football next year I was talking to Jared actually in the group chat before we came out I nearly swear Thursday Night Football next year if I if we've still got ramen Lukaku bounce in his balls into Sainsbury's carpark on a Thursday night I'm gonna lose I'm gonna lose it he has to go he has to go but I'll ask James Cooper sending that interview with Flex you know the desperation of conte to get Lukaku means that it's inevitable that he will go and he has to go do you really think Greenwood can be the solution to our right-wing problems as Pablo Mendes yes and no I think yes because if you look the way your night had played in the two preseason games and I know we're playing total shit opposition but I always said in these preseason games yeah if we get good individual performances great it's all about confidence but what is most important is the way we play tactically and what I've seen from the front three is interchangeability and somebody said on the watch along yesterday most of the top teams now their front three interchange you look at Liverpool and Man City it was just United that were very stagnant and pragmatic under a stagnant and pragmatic manager like Mourinho so you say can Mason Greenwood play off the rights but actually yesterday yesterday in the first half he was sort of playing off the right but then he scores a goal very centrally and rash for drifts to the right so he's not gonna play right wing like huggly the touchline right wing there's going to be interchangeability and I think that in that situation he certainly could do it yeah sure – Singh says less than three weeks left and we're still being cheap I can understand it with McGuire's valuation but in what world is Fernandes not worth at least 60 million and you know what I think what that is and I know we're all scared of saying this I think what that is is what we've been talking about I remember this being discussed probably six weeks ago are United's seriously a club of their size doing one deal at a time and the answer seems to be yes we're doing one deal at a time so Terry McGuire at the moment then it will be somebody else and what's going on with a cocky Imran OTV on close friends with Woodford's nephew and he told me we're preparing a bid for Messi starting at 50 million pounds with 99 pence in add-ons and pressure our Prasad says Bruno Fernandez wants to come Marc if he didn't want to come he would have been off to Liverpool or city right now thoughts yes I think the perfect move for Bruno Fernandez is Manchester United it's no sit you know what I understand the toxicity on social media his frustration 'men nature isn't it we love our club and we know you know that leads team yesterday was a leads 11:00 it wasn't Leeds United's best team it was Leeds 11 and we beat them and it was good but who's missing four is really not good players we're not missing any players we're missing we're missing speculative signings that we think are going to come so you can't really count them and we're missing Sanchez Fred and our Mian weepy you know so that's pretty much our best squad and we beat Leeds for Neil great but it's a Leeds 11 so I'm I can see the sprouts of positivity within Manchester United in what we're doing but let's not be realist let's let's be realistic that team is going to struggle to get in the top four if it doesn't get two or three players added to it very very soon ash Shay suit says who do you think will captain this side this season I'd vote for data I put mean I personally think that you know it will try and give it to pot but to make him stay and whether that's a right or wrong all I can give you is my opinion and I just think that a player that wants to leave your club if you give them the captaincy to make them stay that makes you a small club I'm not saying that we should let Pogba go I said this yesterday when Papa came and apparently this has been a flip-flop apparently this is a flip-flop it isn't it's just a change of an opinion which is based on facts so when Padma handed in his notice I want a new challenge I basically came out a lot like a lot of you lot did defended my club and said get out if you don't want to be here go but here we are six weeks after that he's still here we haven't got a replacement we haven't even built the midfield that we needed to build if he was going to stay and it's very obvious to me we haven't got time to replace pogba so we need them to stay because it's what's best for United next season that matters and we're better off with pulp with them without Popper if we can't get a replacement that's the logic of it do I want to see limey like like I'm gonna keep playing James Cooper from the interview you've got to watch it behind the top right-hand corner but he said about Pogba he said he's not a minute I don't I don't want to call him a mercenary but he will go where the money is so for a Madrid dude the best package you'll try and go there if you're not I'd offer him a load of money he'll probably sign a new contract but the new contract doesn't mean he'll be in here next year it just means he's what pay more money next year and he might force a move next year so I don't think any Football Club not just Manchester United I think you know if mo Salas says I want to leave and then you're not and then Liverpool say we'll give you the captain scene he goes and a load of money and he says stay I think that makes Liverpool look weak I think if if harry kane says disperse i want to go and play somewhere else for a new challenge and spurs go will give you double the money in the captain's armband and gold-plated because i think he is the caps in any way that makes Spurs look weak so if united give pod with the captaincy having him literally says and his agents say he wants to go i think it makes us look small and nobody should be smaller than a club and but i do want him to stay i just don't think we should be given in the captaincy in the circumstances I don't think I just think it we it sort of in my mind it it diminishes what our great clubs all about but I do want him to stir just don't think you should get the captaincy but we don't really have a captain to be honest that's why Ashley young runs around in it Nick P mark I think after watching Jones against Leeds if he gets his head down trains hard and applies himself there's a real chance he could have a role working in the staff canteen but um dish I'm really I'm rooting for him I hoped you were going with a joke there Nick P I really really did right let's talk about Sean long staff for a moment so Steve Bruce has been because I have a theory on short long stuff and I keep mentioning about signing in but actually I think it might be different and might it might be difficult because so Steve Bruce has been appointed as Newcastle manager Sean long staff is affect well what they're saying is Steve Bruce is gonna sit down with Sean long staff and say that he's fundamental to his plans next season which he will be of course he will it's Newcastle you know they're not that good to play like that it's gonna be fundamental to their things but if you look at it from Newcastle's point of view why would you sell Sean long staff to Manchester light for 25 million when you know full well if you get him to stay next season he'll play a lot more games and his value will go up by at least 1015 million and then very you keep a good player that makes your team better and in a year's time you get 15 million more than you get now so Newcastle are gonna do everything they can to keep him because it's in their interest to keep him and they know they can't sell him for a ridiculous fee because he's only played nine games so the only way this deals gonna happen well there's two ways this deal will happen you know I will do something stupid like pay 35 million for a player that's played nine games or sure long staff's got to force and move and and will he do that will he do that I don't know so I think that that deal even even the shore longstaff deal this is not straightforward is it and some would say that's a good thing but it but I certainly don't think it what do you think of Fred at CDM next season says Ishaq vague well it's a very easy quick answer for me about Fred I like what I saw from Fred around the end of March last season when we had a lot of injuries and we played him in the midfield and I know he made a bit few mistakes but I mean it might just because Matich is so bad in that role but Fred wanted the ball was quick on the ball yeah made a few mistakes but I would rather have friend as a CDM than Matich but as soon as everyone was fit again Ollie dropped him so I don't see Ollie using him I think I think long-term pop red speech is over it might just you know I to be honest with you that's just how I feel about it I've not mentioned aubameyang even though he's in the bloody title which is which is sort of my sort of hints away at how I feel about this because it was a few weeks ago that we mentioned aubameyang a bomb Yong is apparently unsettled at Arsenal who wouldn't be besh it but apparently FC inter news and I don't know about that credibility are saying that United a looking at a 62 million pound bid for aubameyang when the Cardew goes now that would be very very interesting in a hypothetical situation because I've always liked aubameyang and I know he plays for Arsenal and you can call in the Gabonese e-governance Jamie Vardy if you want I didn't that was Rance who did that I called lacquer zet the French Charlie Austin I actually do like a bomb you and I can't see him leaving Arsenal but I could understand why I'd want to I can't see ask them selling to Manchester United and I don't think United will go and spend big on Alec our key replacement I actually don't think you know it will buy Alec our key replacement I think we were going to unless it's somebody who's got development in them because I think it's very clear to me that Holly once Raschi to be his number 9 he's got Marcy Ally's got Greenwood he's gonna have to do something with Alexi Sanchez so I just don't see it I just don't see the Obama yang thing but what I would say is it was mentioned from quite a good source a few weeks ago when we spoke about it and the Goldstein who obviously works for MUTV and said that you know he's got a source who's normally about 80% right who said Obama yang to United so I mean it would be a shock let's just see I mean you get a lot of these transfers don't you that are they start out as a little murmur and they become oh what they become at they sought they effectively start off as a little wave and they get bigger and bigger let's just see were they banned young but for me I just don't think so Lee makar McGowan McGowan says are you confident only having sure at left-back he's injury prone and could leave as vulnerable during the season congratulations on 500,000 subscribers I think you raise a good point that we could do with the back up left back I agree with that I don't agree that Luke Shores injury-prone I think he had a bad injury and it took him a bit of time to get back last season he wouldn't player of the year because he was our most consistent player with a Lindelof I don't I don't think that he was our best individual player within certain moments I think you could say maybe that was Pogba but over the season Luke Shaw and vent sealing that off a ridiculously consistent and that's because he stayed fit so yeah I mean super fields were super fields 11 says then that I be honest 30 years of age yep that is a factor of course it is marlee three to one says we can still get from the top for Chelsea and ask them all good I've said this so many times Marlee and I totally agree with you Manchester United if they don't get top for next see if we're sat here next season and we didn't get a top four I think you've got to look at Seoul show big time maybe not exclusively because what look we should get top for next season 100% we should get top for I I you know I'm not I've not even done the Premier League preview yet went bit for a few weeks but I'll tell you right now spoiler alert fourth you know I had a fourth or above like not below you know it should get fourth we haven't got a transfer ban like Chelsea we haven't lost our best player like Chelsea we haven't got a new man like Chelsea Arsenal banter don't even need to do lists they're just the banter club so you should finish above them it was banter that we finished below them so forth next season is minimum for Manchester United but mr. Glen Johnson says the crying from Arsenal fans if Obama hang signs I'd do it for that I'd so night if there was any chance I'd sign it by me I'm just to do that but I actually do quite rating but what was going to say is if we don't finish top for next season I'm not gonna be a hypocrite here and say you should look at soldier because actually there isn't in there isn't there is a very very relevant point to this if we don't finish in the top four next season is it about the manager because right now is that squad we've got good enough to finish fourth it's debatable it's the baseball yeah all right Chelsea haven't got Chelsea have got a new manager they've lost hazard and they've got a transfer ban but their squad is still pretty good I know what have we done to a squad I mean this is the this is the cold harsh reality here because if we don't sign anybody else which I think we will but if we don't are you telling me a squads better or worse than the end of the season considering Herrera is gone we've not replaced him yet all right when bussaco is infinitely better than Ashley Young Daniel James yeah he's an option he's an untested option but realistically all teams strength is their midfield and Herrera was a very important midfield for us whether you felt he should have gone or not he was a very important fielder and we haven't replaced him so our midfield is very very weak very very weak so I think actually as things stand now we haven't taken advantage of Chelsea's transfer ban we haven't taken advantage of the fact that are still a crap that fourth spot is there hanging fruit to be eaten but you've got to spend the money to get it and I don't I can't this is why I'm so confident you know I will do more business because I you know one thing Manchester United are is a business they're a business they've got bank managers high up in that job who know exactly about business so you're telling me that they're sat in the boardroom knowing fourth is there and knowing fourth is Champions League football and know Champions League football is a hell of a lot more money than Europa League football especially from your sponsors so that fourth spot there forget Liverpool man city in Spurs if you finish above earning an M its high five moments or 10 but fourth spots they're to be grabbed and that's a cash cow that's got a lot of money in it how do we get that fourth spot with this squad well you probably don't but if you buy a centre-back in a top-quality midfield like Bruno Fernandez you probably do you will get top four so that that's my sort of interpretation of the situation at the moment fourth spots there but if we go into next season with the squad we've got I don't think we'll get it if we get Harry Maguire and Bruno Fernandez I think fourth spots there for us to get and we should get it and if Ali doesn't get it he's failed so and that's the scenario one I want Soulja to fail or succeed with the tools that he needs to do the job I don't want to happen what happened with Mourinho last year where he didn't get the play as he wanted Liam summers says it's disgraceful that we talked about shifting players all still there we have signed two players it's making us look a joke there's still time there's still time Daniel Britain says recap please mark just watch Cooper interview great interview by flex we should be getting a director of football in very soon to prefer to January wasted if not it is an absolutely fantastic interview I cannot urge you to watch it enough click the I on the top right corner when you've listened to finish in to me or you can go now if you want I've still got more to talk about James Cooper is the Sky Sports Manchester Life correspondent flex interviewed him out in Perth the background where they did it was fantastic but the the detail in there and the range of topics that they spoke about from daheia to Pogba from glazes out to soul Shire from Bruno Fernandez Terry McGuire everything was covered in the interview and this is from a Sky Sports Manchester night correspondent who's very close to the club very very interesting half an hour to sit back and listen to flex did fantastically well and James Cooper was a joy to listen to so make sure you listen to it because actually a lot of what was said in that interview it's a privilege for the channel is being now quoted in the mainstream media especially about daheia signing a contract in the next two to three weeks that was James Cooper in our interview at lunchtime saying that and now it's in the mainstream media which it will be because he's credible and the only way we resolve our problems and go back to winning ways is by appointing a technical director our board sucks when it comes to transfers is really Sunday well that's the second one we've read out isn't it where we're talking about the stretch of football which is one we should have got six months ago you can't bring one in now to solve this transfer window third one Akshay Sood the bigger picture being ignored is director of football and the acquisition of the club it's high time we moved out at the glazier shutter Deadwood needs to go leave as well sorry Deadwood wood means to leave as well Ryan FTW imagine if we lose pod burn don't replace him a midfield of three of Menominee Pereira and mattock please sign Bruno ASAP rather we sign a new sense midfielder than a centre-back I tell you what Ryan though and I'll throw this out to the live comments if we if Pablo was sold and we bought Bruno Fernandez in do you think that's good I don't I rate Bruno Fernandez but you can't let pogba go and just bring Bruno in pop but with Bruno or Bruno with a pub replacement but you don't just let Papa go and bring Bruno and that cannot be the plan that would be a disaster transfer window and it's interesting I think the next I've said this so many times I think August 8th I said it in May said it in June said it in July and I have a little slip every now and again as you do I get frustrated and fed up fed up with it but ultimately August the 8th three-week time is when we're going to judge this transparent window will know exactly to the penny how much we spent we'll know exactly what players have been brought in and brought out and I'll tell you now if we've only spent 100 million and we've only bought two or three players in they've got a big problem at that club because the glaze is out thing might not work when it's the middle of the summer because it's all on social media but it will bloody work when the fans start going back to the ground so the challenge is there for the club and that's why I believe they will do the business that needs to be done because if they don't the club the team won't succeed on the pitch and there's gonna be a lot of trouble off the pitch and that's not a threat it's an obvious statement it will happen and what else didn't wants to walk about I mean look out the door rojo darmian and Lukaku i said that at the start the show they gotta go they've got to go row home as many people have said he's a poor excuse for a defender darmian is what is he actually done for the last two years I don't even than why he's still here he's obviously homesick you know he's got to go and Lukaku yeah go just get get rid of him get the money and get rid of him so those three players would I have liked to have seen more go look I don't really understand what Harry BAE's future is at the club but we can discuss that in August let's get it done and the highest thing is a positive as well and I think there's positivity from some of the youth that's coming through especially Mason Greenwood I thought I think Chong and Gomez need to go out on loan there are positives but they shouldn't steer as away and they're not steering up as a way when I look on social media etc is that you know I came into this summer needing a sense about two midfielders in a right winger at the moment we've got none of them we've got to get at least 75% of those and I still think United will I don't know why I think it because actually time is running out but I have I have to I actually what did I say at the start of the week in relations Harry Maguire I never thought it was going to happen during the start or the middle of the week I said Friday well he's not gonna sign tomorrow but I would hope we're gonna get something tomorrow because we're playing a game again on Saturday and you know what happens when we play again it's all about the game on the day and then Thursday after is all about the reaction to the game so then you hit him Monday next week we've got to start moving on these deals if Arsenal dowon's are harsh early they will have to sell someone worth value so if you know I did bid for him chance Arsenal could sell such Jordan search well I did a video on that's football this afternoon where I said I think this is the worst transfer window in Premier League history because the top six have done very little but you're right I think Sahar will go to Arsenal but they're gonna have to generate some money the brilliant thing is if we did buy a Bama yang for 60 million and then I'll still use that 60 million to go ends up by Zaha we'd get 15 million back because we get 50 million rooms are so ultimately we'd be buying in Birmingham for 45 million it would be a triangle that would work for us but I just don't see it to be honest and again how are we gonna sign a Bama yang like we're gonna sign mcguire fernandez Longstaff and a Bama yang we've only got a three weeks mark win what a big club now not I've seen these signings sorted and be looking at the mid-season transfer win what should we be looking at in January I don't want to depress people but don't I say this every year the January transfer window it's irrelevant to me is you don't buy proper players in the January transfer window it's not it's not the time and you know I'd have said that countless times we've heard Mourinho say that van Gaal say it the January transfer window is not the time to be doing your rebuild so I don't see the January transfer window being used effectively Hamza Televisa's why we're not looking at Rubin ever as he scored four goals and assisted three goals from the CDM position last season with amazing passes and interceptions oh because wolves don't want to sell him and he obviously doesn't want to move so yeah you can't buy everybody would be absolutely perfect Imran OTV may be good not replacing the Kaku is we will have six players in raschi Marcio lingered Greenwood James and Sanchez who can play anywhere in the front line which Holly likes could be a fluid system yep yeah but that's if Sanchez agrees to come off the left wing isn't it Fernandez agent Tia bam yang Longstaff McGuire's desperate take the chance the kaku inevitable to hire two to three weeks yeah okay I've covered virtually everything make sure you smash in a like on the video everybody we've got over 11,000 people watching but we don't seem to have many likes on the video tonight like me I need to be like Rashid says it was a rubbish video with James Cooper flex is bad at presenting you're gonna get a lot of hate for that in fact you've already been deleted by smutty you're an idiot make your absolute idiot I've been doing this five years I think it's one of the best interviews I've seen absolutely fantastic I really enjoyed it and I thought James Cooper was fantastic but judge it for yourself click the I on the top right hand corner and go and watch it I mean he's a fantastic interview I've watched it twice because they watch the first time just sitting back relaxed having my dinner then the second time I watched it to take all the relevant quotes out there because this he speaks about so much and he's so close to the club so you know I really enjoyed it I have never seen a football club that is so slow in dealing with transfers like Manchester as flanking Zahra it is massively frustrating it is massively frustrating deep breaths is what I would say I mean you do see somebody like Real Madrid in the way they deal with things especially this summer yeah you do please we've just had 400 likes in five seconds says Benny haha you're fantastic let's see if we can do this then please do subscribe to the channel if you're new bottom right-hand corner and we are live every night at 8 o'clock we have a transfer daily every morning at 7 a.m. although I've got some big news on that for you so tell you in a minute matches we're live an hour before kickoff all the way through to a full time match reaction fancams flex and Josh the camera guy have just landed in Singapore actually so if you're not following us on Instagram and Twitter you won't see all the pictures that they're doing got daily vlog from them got one going up tomorrow lunchtime as well and so loads going on on the channel so make sure you subscribe bottom right-hand corner and get your notifications on which is the Bell and I just want to say that tomorrow morning there won't be a transfer daily simply because only gonna sell shares press conferences at 9:00 a.m. so to do a transfer daily at 7:00 a.m. when we're going to be live just after 9 o'clock to react to Ollie's press conference or combine the two it will be a live show it's about quarter past 9:00 tomorrow morning through Ollie's press conference which he's doing over in Singapore if we're gonna start a new goalkeeper I don't want to we're not gonna do that Riley HD don't worry about that and nashi HD says BAE's just as good as Lindelof I would be fine if we don't sign mcguire o nashi somebody tell nashi you can't you can't do that we can't stick you can't go into next season this is a small club mentality we were crap last year but you know what we've had a preseason we might be good this year you can't do that what did I say I personally said at the end of last season I'm not gonna change it no matter the fact that we're all feeling positive because it's the preseason I said at the end of last season and so did many of you so don't cheat yourself I said at the end of last season I don't trust these players and they're gonna have to do a hell of a lot for me to trust them why don't I trust that squad I don't trust that squad because for three months and Riley got a soldier they look they they look like they could win the Champions League they were amazing and in the last two months they look like they could get relegated and I'm fed up of this over the last six years it's not just Ollie it's not Mourinho it's not van hey lit snot Moyes over the last six years Manchester United went from being one of the strongest minded teams in world football to one of the biggest jelly baby spineless pampers FC bottlers I've seen that squad in my mind and I've got to remind myself because I have been very positive with the preseason and you've got to look forward but that squad in my mind I don't trust it I don't trust that squad I don't trust them to go to Crystal Palace and not get beat but then turn up against in the Derby and win it they are flip-flops they are banter they are pampers FC they are jelly babies and they need that in their head you don't just go off on the summer holiday come back in the preseason and everyone forgets they need to get a backbone that that spine needs to be made of titanium they've got to start fighting for that shirt I don't trust those players I won't trust them if we win every game up until October because I'll still think they'll drop off in November and December they have got to go and play for that shirt week in week out for six months and now go I trust those players again but how do we build that trust if we don't improve the squad and went specifically when we talk about centre backs I don't trust Lindelof Jones base mauling Rojo I don't because this to sense bites I trust Lindelof do I trust Ling that often Bane no they've let us down directress Linden I can Smalling no directress Jones and Smalling God no I don't trust the combinations that those centre backs provide the various reasons which is why we cannot come out this transfer window without a sense back and James Cooper said we weren't as well I need to close to the club so I believe him to let – you've a 480 million Maguire for how much as Vivek Church and Ron look I said this today a lot of people are talking about the delete price it's irrelevant it's absolutely irrelevant because Dionne went to Barcelona for 70 million euros if Manson if Manchester I had tried to sign Declan rice from West Ham they'd want 60 million you know Dutch players from the Dutch league go for ridiculously cheap prices compared to Premier League players who are inferior to them if the lit was playing for Lester he'd be going 100 million assistant and he was English you go 400 million it's the premium it's the it's always been like this Premier League money if they're a Premier League player it adds money on if they're Premier League in English it adds a lot more money on if wamba soccer was called derby soccer playing for Feyenoord we they've got him for 15 million because he's won by soccer from Crystal Palace and he's English you pay 50 million you accept it you know I just don't I don't actually see why people are making a big issue of it McGuire's gonna go for more money than tool it doesn't mean tool it's not better than Maguire doesn't mean McGuire's better than tool it just means Harry Maguire is an England international who is English for Lea north and Premier Li Friedman and you pay a tax on that it's as simple as that I don't want to see people when we sign Harry Maguire United fans going it's ridiculous to dilute word for 64 Ivan we've paid 80 Perry Maguire that's its reality can you get interviews with forum United players like Neville Rio etc and get concerns across to them it is important for the fans to be heard you know what Prince I think even if we did it'd be a waste of time I vibe to be honest I've always said on the United stand I don't want to interview X players I don't want to interview journalists and the two that we've done Simon peach and James Cooper we did because they were refreshing the Frank and honest and they didn't sensitize what they were going to say and they didn't you know just be totally up the clubs are they actually said what they really felt and that's what this channel is it's real opinion that's what it is are you gonna get Gary Neville on this show saying what are you really thinks are you gonna get Rio Ferdinand say what they really think if they are they can come on the show if they're not then and they're just gonna be all positive because I was part of the youth and I like every youth player including Jesse lingard I mean they said the truth is lingard for me is not living up to anything and if he wasn't from the youth it'd be a button because we would have sold him and really real real opinion that's what it's all about isn't it please do smasher like on the video everyone make sure you subscribe if you are new we are live tomorrow morning just after 9 o'clock with that reaction to all these press conference it'll be you will be asked about transfers again so don't worry about that yeah and what are we gonna say to you again is get make sure if you watch one video this summer make sure you go and watch the click guy on the top right hand corner and watch the interview with James Cooper there is so much in that and if you love Manchester United and you're intrigued with what's going on with United at the moment every topic is covered glazes out soldier Pogba mcguire bruno fernandez the youth soldier i've said that twice everything's covered in that half an hour click the I go and give it a watch it's absolutely brilliant and if you do enjoy it make sure you leave a comment in there for flex and James because I think it's brilliant thanks Evan for watching I'll see you at 9 o'clock make sure you go and give that video watch I'll see you soon


22 thoughts on “Bruno Fernandes Final Bid & Aubameyang Bid? Man Utd Transfer News”

  • So you can make a living producing daily 30 minute videos about buying the same player? You've been yapping about Fernandes for like 2 months.

  • Makainternational says:

    A good transfer window at this stage would be: hakim Ziyech, bruno Fernandez, Ruben Diaz, Harry maguire and then swap Lukaku for Icardi. Problem solved. Much stronger at the back and with options, more solid in the middle of the park and striker choices of rashford, icardi, Martial and Sanchez. That’s a good window but it won’t happen. Woodward out!
    Man united are an embarrassment!!! when you see what Juventus, Barcelona and Madrid have done in the transfer window. They are getting stronger and getting things right and united are stuck with a former banker who acts as CEO and sporting director and has failed for 6 years. I am sorry to say this but Aston Villa, who have just got promoted have been more proactive and are a better run club. No comparison between the owners. Glazers want to milk the United brand. Sawiris wants to restore glory days back to Villa, they have a manager, CEO and Sporting director who all work closely together. Simple things united can’t do. They are their own worst enemy, blind and the club will be a mid table one soon.

  • Would just like to see fernandes and maguire deals done getting quite depressing will we even get them hoping so

  • Conclusion: Ole has to sell Young, Jones, Smalling, Matic and Sanchez. Loan out Chong, Pereira and Garner. Sign Milinkovic-Savic/announce Maguire and Fernandes. Play Martial as a striker and perfect our strikers finishing. Also appoint someone as our club director- Top 4 here we come🔴

  • What’s point watching it!!! if your just gong to delete there text, I honestly think you sat behind a desk on a green screen if far ether, !!! Honestly

  • Man Utd will forever pay way over the odds for players, no matter what their actual ability, Woodward, the managers and the fans have spent the last 20 years going on about how "we're the biggest/richest club in the world" and well, in some sense you are but that has been to your detriment as when you go in for a player like Maguire Leicester are only happy to sell but on their terms and will only sell based on their valuation of how much he's worth to MAN Utd not how much he's worth to them, if City wanted him his price would be around 50-60m because they don't need him as much as Utd. It's the same at Arsenal with Zaha, he's not worth more than 40m but Crystal Palace know that Arsenal want and possibly need him so the price goes up. Man U fans want to trade on history instead on the present situation, yeah there's the talk of a rebuild but the players being touted are not players for the next 5-10 years 3-4 years yes, but there's an arrogance or blind confidence that Man Utd are bound for the 'top four' this season when since Fergie left the best finish was 2nd. Man Utd are a victim of their own success and revenue in the transfer market, when everyone knows you're rich and desperate then teams will welcome you to come and buy who you want as you have the money and you need the player. Also not employing a Director of football, or Sporting Director was the biggest mistake Utd made after Fergie left, as just having 'the United way' is naive if there isn't someone to implement it throughout the club from the under 9s to the first team and throughout the scouting network.

  • Great interview but flex needs to wrk on taking over the person he’s interviewing and not to start answering his own questions,

  • If united got auba from arsenal it aint going to be 62 million especially if pogba is worth 160 and zaha is 80 auba has to be 105 110

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