Bruno Fernandes Deal Still On? Pepe Latest! Man Utd Transfer News

Bruno Fernandes Deal Still On? Pepe Latest! Man Utd Transfer News

hello every our welcome to the United stand this is your latest magician I'd transfer news where we talk about all the latest majesty not a transfer news and give it that real fan opinion I feel like haven't done a transfer daily in ages but it's bloody hot it is very hot in the UK at the moment even at this time and I shouldn't be wearing this but it is hot and we've got to do the hotter metre which people asked me to do but let's fly into it because there's a lot of hot breaking news around Manchester United then transfers as well is that coincidental now the tour is over we will see a bit of speed around the transfer news less than two weeks to go now we're actually got less than two weeks to go two weeks last night it closes but big headline news we're going to talk about Fernandez we're going to talk about Harry Maguire but let's just start off a Nicola Pepe because this is a little bit late news really doesn't feature on any of the images here and he's certainly not on the hata meter cuz I just don't think will sign Nicola Pepe Carlo Ancelotti yesterday confirming that Nicola peppe's agent was at the Napoli team hotel discussing a move yesterday Damacio late last night saying that you know confirming that but also that Manchester United are interested I'll tell you what Damacio hasn't been that reliable around the United for a long time but when it comes to Italian news he's quite good let's hope it is something in it because I tell you what if Nicola Pepe is available you wouldn't say no I love Greenwood I love Chong I think we've got some really good young players coming through but you know what I've always said we need a bit of experience in the club as well and at 24 and the goals he scored for Lille Nicola Pepe would bring us you know some ready-made talent for those players to you know maybe go on loan or work off so I'd be all for it but when the agents admittedly with Napoli it's looking favorable for Natalie Napoli can you not do anything about it I don't know let's keep an eye on that one because something could happen it could happen and let's talk about Bruno Fernandez then Harry McGuire we'll talk about in a moment all eagerness all char according to Sky Sports demanding that that Edward would get that deal over the line but apparently with Leicester there's still an ocean between what you know I had her offering and whatnot but with regards to Bruno Fernandez it was an interesting day yesterday and if you look at the hotter meter on the left the hold the way the hotter meter works is all summer I've had the the gold bridge hotter meter they're out of ten I'll rank the top seven players that I think are likely to come to United at any given time as you can see Maguire nine out of ten 90% chance Bruno Fernandes at the star that we I had at 90% I'm not gonna lose sight of the fact that I still think Bruno Fernandez did he's realistic I'm not as confident I was at the start the week I don't like the fact that he appears United have leaked to the press that we're not interested so I've dropped it down to 70% but I've always said I will go down with this ship as the great died I wouldn't sang and I will go down with this ship I will not put my hand up and surrender and I'm singing the lyrics to the song but no look I've I have to sync with with ship Bruno Fernandez I'm happy to go down with it because I think he's so significant so important to Manchester United and I don't understand why we'd move away from that deal so I am just hoping the the things I've heard around all summer around United said what I was told back in March I'm hoping we're going to stay the course of a football club and sign a player that would be very significant for us and vastly improve is in that week midfield area in relation to the depth we have so I'm going to stick that we're still gonna do the deal and I'm gonna hope that a lot of what United are releasing is about trying to drive that price down as we approach the end of the transfer window Manchester United needs a sign a midfielder Bruno Fernandez is the perfect midfielder forest malinka Mitch Savage as you can see there look I think Paddy Power have got as 1 to 14 on which is basically we've signed the link of each savage and the Italian reports are very convinced that Manchester United are gonna sign Milankovitch savage and I just wonder if there is anything in this I'm still earring towards they are the the caution that I don't think there is but if there is have we suddenly changed our opinion to go and get Milankovitch Savage and keep poker or easy the replacement for Papa and as I said last night on Twitter what I find really interesting is Bruno Fernandez was scouted all of last season by Manchester United and it was a priority signing going into the summer however high priority you can guess for yourself but it was a priority sign if you night he was certainly on the list for United to Park that deal and go and get Milankovitch Savage would be odd and I like malinka be savage he's a very good player but what I'm saying is malinka vich savage was a josie marino target a year ago how weird would it be for united to put a lot of time into Bruno Fernandez looking like they're gonna sign him move away from that deal to go and get a Moreno target and it's and if that happens and we don't get Fernandez but we get malinka be savage and we keep papa that to me looks like well who's in charge of transfers here then is that would would making decisions here because would would would have been looking at me link of its savage with Moreno a year ago and then the year later we go um assign that player is Manning is is would would and whoever's in charge of the board going no we don't think Bruno Fernandez is a good signing we're gonna get him a Lynch of its savage and instead and that in in in many ways he's quite a scary proposition but let's wait and see what's happened what happens with that I'm still hopeful on Bruno with regards to Harry McGuire it was coming out after the game yesterday from Sky Sports that alia said look go and get me Harry McGuire we need to get Harry McGuire we need a sense back at not just United I'm still confident we'll do the deal but I wouldn't be hundred percent because are you not willing to go to the feed that they need to pay and I think in many ways we do look a little bit stupid don't we you know why holding out for ridiculous money for the car to on one hand but on the other hand we won't pay the going rate for Harry McGuire and I say the going rate I'm bored of saying this he is Van Dyck 175 million he's English he's Premier League proven he's got to be worth around eighty million pounds whether you agree with that or not he has to be in today's market so why you know I'd not offering that money because I think Lester would be more than happy to take that but at some point I think over the next week or two we will be announcing Harry McGuire which which which we which which would be nice to do we spoke about Pepe so Grameen kovitch savage we spoke about Fernandez and we've spoken about well look when's Lukaku gonna happen to Manchester United I mean I think that is quite interesting and whether Lukaku ends up staying at United I think in many ways if man just you know I had kept Romelu Lukaku it would be quite a sad situation out in John it's a sad sad situation and it's come more and more absurd rubbish sing in there but um no look if we don't if Lukaku ends up staying I think it's sad for everybody sad for the coffee because he wants to go it's sad because in tamam wants him and it's sad for Manchester United because what we've seen with James and food and Marcial and Greenwood and even lingard to a certain extent even though he's not played that well we have seen pace we move a bit mover maneuverability quick movements of the ball alright some of them haven't played that well at times but they're all capable of doing that you think about the way United's front three have played on preseason and then you drop the car come into that you lose straightaway you know it's like a track to come in to get the ball and turning and knocking it off without Lukaku with Lukaku you've got a player kaku and I think that stunts what we're trying to grow as a team and look I don't want a Lexi Sanchez to stay but Alexei Sanchez does have a good touch of the ball he can pass and move so he'd be far more suitable for a front the breve at the moment in the car key would so hopefully we'll see him move on interestingly there was discussion yesterday about mousa dembélé Sky Sports talk about Musudan ballet the Leone striker again being a replacement for Lukaku I mean look somewhere along the line we've got to accept that 80% of these stories at the moment are total and utter nonsense there's no way we're signing mousa dembélé Nicola Pepe Bruno Thunder Fernandez Harry McGuire and Milankovitch savage will be looking to get two of those I don't think we're going from us in and ballet have spoken about this all summer Leone will not sell I believe more than three players and they've already sold vecchia mehndi and end in ballet so I don't see massive in ballet leaving Leone I really really don't so I just think that's being thrown around because I think if you are a news outlet you know that Manchester United's story sell your night they're trying to sell the car coupe who were they replacing with because it's boring to say they won't replacing with anybody but I think that's the truth I don't think we necessarily do need to replace him with anybody and if you look on the hotter meter looking at other players on there I mean Longstaff is dropped a little bit as well I think he was up to 80% at one time he's down to 60% Steve Bruce's said he doesn't want to sell him look whether United can get him out of there I think the problem with Shawn Longstaff in a sentences unite have really want him they've scouted him and they've obviously highlighted a player there that they think can become one of the best midfielders in England but unfortunately he's only played nine games for Newcastle if expect though if he's had a whole season in the Premier League like deck and rice and Newcastle say we'll sell for 50 million you can sort of justify that but you can't you can't justify spending 30 million on a player that's played nine games but from New Castle's points of view they're like he's under contract we know he's going to be a good player we know in a year's time with a season with us he probably will be worth 50 million why would we selling now for 25 million so maybe it's a deal that can't be done because you know it would be paying ridiculous money for a person who's got nine games and it's just potential but we'll wait and see we'll wait and see coolie barley look if cool if we got cleanly body great but I don't see a swerving from McGwire to be honest I know people have read that if you're not don't get McGwire they'll go for coolie barley I mean it really is like saying I'm gonna dry I want to buy that mini from the next-door neighbor but if they don't selling me I'm gonna buy a Ferrari you know it doesn't make sense so I don't think that Gareth Bale's obviously around 30% chance of coming so you know I hadn't been yet or as well look I don't see I don't think you know I don't go for Gareth Bale I think if if this transfer window was in May now we would be and we had all these stories around we would be quite encouraged with three months to go maybe we could do this baby we could do that we've got to accept that there's only 13 days left in this transfer window and what we can do in 13 days is is limited even if you're an efficient football club what you can do in 13 days when you consider you've gotta sign the play you've got to agree the terms you've got to arrange all the publicity I just don't know what you know it can do in all eagerness oh sure I did say we could still do two deals in and two deals out maybe we could but something's got to happen in the next few days that's for sure and I'm not convinced that the way it's going with United at the moment that we that we can do that but you know who knows who knows my feeling at the moment honestly well what's your feeling getting the comments actually could be very interesting to see what you are thinking so get your comments in below 13 days to go unlucky for some how many deals do you think Manchester United will do personally I think right now I'll stick with Harry McGuire being done as I've been told I will stick with lekar keep going because I think that will happen and beyond that I think you're moving into you know predict I'm gonna I've gotta stick with Bruno Fernandez other knives I've said it all summer so I've got to stick with the Bruno Fernandez steel and I've got a go down with the ship if it doesn't but it's one one if Harry Maguire happens because it did say that three weeks again if neither happens forget about it I'm not doing transfer shows anymore and so yeah Harry Maguire to come in Bruno Fernandez to come in the car coup to go out and pop was still worries me watch this space with Paul Pogba people like really seriously I surely he's going to stay now but why do we think he's gonna stay maybe he's just gone on the tour to keep everybody happy if he goes oh how do you do the replacement of pop Braswell and do you five deals so I don't know I think the three I'm confident about Maguire I'm confident about the car keep going Bruno Fernandez I'm just being stupid on and then I don't know I don't know what what else will be done but we're definitely running out so Ayanami anyway please do smash I like on the video subscribe to the channel if you are new very very very just keep an eye out keep an eye out on the United stand today got a few surprises for you coming up probably around this afternoon early evening pineapple keep out an eye out anyway subscribe smash the like on the video and obviously if anything happens we will go live I think we're moving into that territory now I don't know when you know I do get back from the tour but we don't go to Norway till choose they were back in Europe now after Norway were back in the UK because it's got that kind of game on the Saturday so I'm intrigued as to what Manchester United are gonna do over the next few days and I think we will do something next week surely you can't leave it all till the last week so let's see what happens let's stay positive are you positive get in the comments what deals do you think you know you're gonna do in and out in the next 13 days thanks for watching I'll speak to you soon


41 thoughts on “Bruno Fernandes Deal Still On? Pepe Latest! Man Utd Transfer News”

  • Adeyeni damilare says:

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  • Why are we buying Maguire.. the players we're buying these days are shocking.. we're a laughing stock. The funniest thing is everyone was laughing at liverpool for buying virgil you could see he was a beast but does Maguire have half the talent virgil has. To me Maguire isn't even that good how are we paying more for someone with less talent.

  • samairey 2003 says:

    If we sign Longstaff, fine. But he’s not worth a penny more than £15m. We payed £18m for a younger Championship winer who has played for a full season. Longstaff has played less than 10 games and is already 22

  • Vincent patole says:

    This is such a waste of time watching this channel and this stupid hot o meter nothing concrete just bla bla don't upload anything until we sign someone

  • jog on with your bullshit , Fernandes deal is dead United looking at longstaff even Maguire isn't going to happen this transfer window guy just wants views

  • Ricardo Gomes says:

    Hey, its all right. Milinkovic-Savic is better than Fernandes according to Woodwork. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Pogba n Lukaku will be sold for a Combined 200mil. After our window closes.
    If no more signings Glazer's make money 135mil on the Summer window.
    If the board has any feelings for United n invest 150mil
    Bruno 60
    Savic 70
    Pepe 70
    Maguire 80.
    That's 280mil
    Woody can keep 5mil as tips.

  • I wouldn’t be upset if Paul Pogba leaves at this point. We are making no attempts to put someone with quality alongside him, we’ve failed to secure a signing that would bring some quality BEHIND him, and no efforts to show a clear direction moving forward. I love Paul, because he reminds me of the last of an era that, to me, died after Giggs retired. He left and grew at Juventus, but was still raised in the academy, during a time where United were an elite powerhouse in Europe. Most traditional United fans, aren’t into his off-pitch activities, and his dancing/celebrations, etc. But even the traditionalists have a soft spot for Paul because he is an academy player who never got the chance under Fergie. When we bought him back, it was one of the happiest moments of my life as a fan. I was so proud to see him in a United jersey, not only as a starter, but as the best player on our roster. For him to WANT to come back, KNOWING it was a tough time for United, shows his love for the club. For us to have WASTED these last few years of his career, is the real story that needs to be addressed. The one thing that I know for certain, is that Manchester United FC, need a Director of Football Operations, whose name is not Ed Woodward. There are two weeks left in the transfer window, and we’ve signed Wan-Bissaka and Daniel James so far. Lol

  • raynewooney10 S says:

    If we don't get another signing
    The board are a pack of wnkrs
    A player of this quality for small money in comparison to others

  • With all the recycled Ball Curry talks Mark has been dishing out I'm beginning to wonder if he's added a zero by mistake to the number of Subscribers the channel has.

  • Shimelis Ayalew says:

    Maguire, not worth more than 60mil cuz he is not as good as VD. I would rather play back three and sign defensive midfielder like RN from Watford.

  • Anthony Heath says:

    The only hot news around man Utd and transfers is that you're not going to get any good ones.
    Why would pepe go to Utd when he's got his pick of the best teams in Europe, inc the European champions, Liverpool f.c.

  • White Lion Radio says:

    Seriously worried that we haven't got rid of any dead wood, I suspect Maguire will be the only player added.

  • Woodward doesn’t even want a director there he wants all the power an he’s useless with it wanting to save money haggling over 5-7mill he’s a 🐐

  • I can't handle it anymore, Never has such a big club with such spending power been as impotent as we are right now. Never mind the people higher up in the club not understanding football they don't even understand people or normal human behaviour. It is more important this summer than ever to make confident concise moves in the transfer market in order to transfer that confidence into the staff, the players and fans , in order to get us all pulling together to get us back to where we should be. They just don't seem to understand the negative effect dragging transfers out over weeks and months has on confidence in the whole club and vision for the future but it appears that they think saving a few million here and there will make all the difference. There is very little left that resembles an actual Football club.

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