Bruno Fernandes Deal Back On? | Man Utd Transfer News

Bruno Fernandes Deal Back On? | Man Utd Transfer News

yes everyone welcome to the channel my name is Steven Alves and this is transfer talk and I know you can hear me now we are going to be talking about Harry McGuire Nicolas Pepe mousa dembélé and of course Bruno Fernandez again this is the guy tongue of 2019 isn't it Jesus Christ you're gonna have people saying you've seen him in Waitrose and everything soon on the outs we've got Lukaku we've got dean Henderson but let's first talk about Harry McGuire and make sure I hit that subscribe button if you're new around it and make sure to LIKE the video if you're enjoying the content so first of all we're gonna be talking about then is of course Harry McGuire Sky Sports reporting that United manager on igano sasuke's made it clear to the club's executive vice chairman Edward wood that he wants to sign her McGuire as soon as possible while we know this will be no it's fucking said it in a press conference in it Lester will not let him leave for less than 80 million which is 10 million less than what we was getting told about a week and a half ago and it's also 10 million more than you know it have actually bid apparently according to Sky sources apparently took some wood wood now to get the deal done of course it's always wood will risk technically McGeorge that is a guy that's getting these deals done sauce guy is dire need of a central defender especially after Eric Bay went down injured and your water is wet summon Moloch of the Daily Mirror claims that you know it could be forced to me the 80 million valuation because of what's happened with Eric Bayer Saskia on the bay injury says it seems as if he's twisted his knee we'll have to wait for some scans but the first time look didn't look great so a couple of starts there for old slab ed in the Premier League last season and 31 appearances 152 clearances 77 headed clearances 181 jewels 1 118 aerial battles won 3 goals and 84 percent pass completion it's not bad some I know that you know it want this guy and I think he definitely improves does he wouldn't have been top of my list Coulibaly would be and I think if you're heading into the 90 million start arrange I would just push the ball out a little bit further and go and get Coulibaly if he's available for that sort of price also don't really fully understand the reluctance to go and get al Devere out I believe his laws expired even yesterday are at the end of this month so that looks like that 25 million pound absolutes happen for him as now expired or it's on the verge of expiring and isn't going to be any good to anybody for it so that's a little bit of a shame because that felt like such an obvious fit there's a few people that I chat to that was like you know get a cent a half and get that guy as well because it gives you the flexibility to potentially play three at the back interesting option I thought that but for me I think we'll probably get this one done I just think it's gonna drag out and obviously can't drag out too much further but I thought I do feel like we'll get this one over the line eventually Nicholas pet paid now a lot has been spoken about a recent move potential recent move with Pepe see you know it first report came from a pretty reliable outlet for Lille news Levada not they can't claim that lil have an agreement with Napoli Junaid Inter Milan and an unnamed fourth club basically everyone was getting a schmuck the next report came out from Italian football expert Jenna Luca DiMaggio DiMaggio and he claimed that although nappy Napoli were highlight those favorites very signature that United are interested in the player Jerrod Lopez the lil president has come out and he said a few things which certainly seem a backup like the Vlada nods claims goes for Pepe will receive for acceptable offers from four big clubs basically saying exactly what the paper said Napoli have made a bid for Pepe which satisfies our 80 million euro demand it's not for the player to decide so I wonder if by them coming out and saying that Napoli have made the 80 million bid does everybody else or has everybody else not made a bid to that same sort of level and if it's up to the players to decide does that mean maybe there is a couple of over bids where he could go and choose licky licky I've also claimed that the clubs have made offers our incident Apple in Liverpool and Arsenal they said United expressed an interest but need to make sales first which I think sounds a little bit true and it seems to me that there was a briefing from United as well the other day which seems to be pouring water all over the Bruno Fernandez and the Pepe deals and I'd be inclined to believe both of roles should be honest with you 38 appearances last season 22 goals 11 this 3.28 shots per game and at five point three six shots per goal which puts him I think just outside of Lukaku in terms of how effective years bought shoots from different places and Lukaku is probably should be a touch higher than that Bruno Fernandez of course we have to talk about Bruno Fernandez as the title says Scott Sports reported yesterday that you know it probably not gonna sign Bruno Fernandez although he is on a list of targets he isn't a priority that's also my understanding is that United was interested but nowhere near as interested as what the Portuguese press seemed keen on humming up with a guy Oh Joe go obviously today reporting that Fernandez his agent is negotiating with United and they also claimed that while Fernandez has expressed an interest also impressed Jurgen Klopp in a pre-season friendly against Lisbon Lupul just aren't interested but which it's a madness in it like they have to start asking well you play the game similar friendly Journal by him no okay obviously the the formal a great local newspaper now disreputable online blog the Manchester Evening News they claimed to understand that you know I'd remain interested in Bruno Fernandez and admire but I've been irritated by the constant speculation in Portugal it's also been reported that United are out with the running to sign a 24 year old but we we don't really have any idea if that's the case or not I supposedly still on the radar and I could still be made before the transfer window shoots it feels very much like we're an ice this guy very much like what happened with Mariah where you see it dragged on and drag on and dragged on and drag on and dragged on even the player had no idea what was going to one move himself and then someone else comes out of nowhere and it happens now with the the talk of having someone like Christian Eriksen available for seventy million if it's 70 million for Fernandez or 70 million for Erickson I think I'd rather go with the tried and trusted in Erickson on this one and I wonder if that's what you know they're doing is Erickson or maybe Savage a preferred choice to it so Fernandez and that's why we're supposedly dragging our heels over it or are we not even asked and all of this is just pure speculation coming from Portugal Oh Joe going the ones pushing it today saying that the thing still on and as soon as we know we'll obviously let you know his stats for last season 53 appearances 32 goals 18 assists absolutely ridiculous 5.8 three shots per goal very similar there to what you're looking at with Pepe 3.3 five shots per game 75% past completion always looking for something to happen do the ones to talk about about coming in is mousa dembélé i am a fan ask a sports reporting that Leon striker will be on United's shortlist if you know it sell Lukaku with Ben Yoda I like it to be honest and if we're going down that direction makes a lot of sense to me I don't really buy it they something to be honest though former Celtic and fallen forward seems a bit more of an out and out number nine well you know it have been linked with Pepe from Lille he's obviously more of a winger and seen as a bit more similar to Alexis Sanchez who who still exists by the way and I'd be very interested to see how he lines up in what we've seen Ollie do can you play that number 10 role we will see stats from mr. Dan Bailey last season 34 appearances 15 goals three assists six shots per goal less clinical drifting out into the being a little bit unpolished sort of territory there in terms of the outs Lukaku of course Italian news outlet Gazzetta dello Sport are claiming that Lukaku is proposed moved from United say is still a massive way off with the Nazari considering a swoop for former City forward ed in jekko instead how old is he now Conte has made no secret which desires to sign the car coupe or inter haven't been able to me you know he's asking price good because what they were offering was dogshit because when you see what people are going for now dogshit less than two weeks left in the window and Roma striker jackal looks more likely to join in sir if what's coming out in Italy is to be believed according to the male Lukaku left Manchester as soon as everybody in London to take another flight to Belgium for talks with his agent defining talks expected to accelerate in the next 48 hours or so over a move to inter and the final one that we've got for you then is Dean Henderson as sound the new contract was going to keep him at the club until 2022 with the option to extend for under the year and it remains to be seen what's happening with that guy in the future going forward he is going to be going out on loan by the sounds of things to chef United so we hope him a good season but I think they're gonna be going straight back now and again is my guess but hopefully Dean can stand out and not let me know your questions and all the rest of that start stuff in the comments below hit that subscribe button and I'll see you in the next one laters you


27 thoughts on “Bruno Fernandes Deal Back On? | Man Utd Transfer News”

  • Every ones going on about not spending and the Glazers the main issue is our HUGE SQUAD OF DEAD WOOD we’ve got the biggest wage bill in Europe. Players like Rojo Darmian Smalling Jones Bailly Sanchez Martial to some extent have been stealing a living they have no consistency and therefore can’t hold down a place, most of them mentioned are injured a lot as well. That’s what’s holding the club back from spending we can’t just keep bring players in on massive wages and have a 40 man squad FFS. I’d even go as far as saying start terminating contracts to free up space in the squad and on the wage bill!!!!

  • We need goals, stop spending money on fake players who haven't won trophies before just bring in Fernandes and Maguire's

  • Wake up and smell coffee this is Ed and Glazers. 2 aignings £65 millions is all what they will spend. Want any more players sell and buy bcoz Glazers neee more money into their pocket

  • The Glazers and Woodward has mugged off OGS by starving him of suitable team replacements and forcing him to retain deadwood.OGS is not in a position to put pressure on the management (even Mourinho struggled here) as OGS is an inexperienced manager who was won nothing.

    It’s embarrassing to watch the post-match friendlies where OGS has had to state United will only bring in players at "right price”. We have all been victims of the Glazers who have leveraged debt against the once great club.

  • huntingforwifi says:

    yeah back on for a few days then we shift eyes to pepe for another few days, then maguire and then savic and then dybala and then and then and then.

  • nandish chandra says:

    Really pissed off with the F****ing Woodfuck and his slow rate to buy players. So many players linked to Manchester United and still just 2 signings out of which I suspect, Bissaka is the only guy to impact and contribute in the matches. James is too brittle and always seen flying off by getting hit by other players. We really need good players and that too fu****g quick. Time to remove Woodfuck and get an owner who thinks to build a club wisely and can shed fast and buy super players.

  • Its troubling that Fernandes doesnt want to come to United. The offer United made to Sporting was agreed 5 weeks ago but he wants Champions league football. We simply arent a big draw anymore.

  • Toffee Rozario says:

    Woodward will give Ole Gunner a middle finger at the end of the window just the same way he did for for the previous managers.
    Just shut up and stop all this speculation and pretending you know so much.
    You'll do better to spend your time telling the United board why Ed Woodward as to be sacked immediately.
    Lets get everyone to join hands to keep away from the club on day one if the key transfers are not realised.

  • Johnbosco Logwee says:

    It is going to be the same if their is no change in the squad for next season Bruno and maquare are enough for this time as we improve in other aeras

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