#LiveatFive with Kara Young of THE NEW ENGLANDERS #LiveatFive with Kara Young of THE NEW ENGLANDERS

(upbeat music) – What’s up everyone, we are Live at Five. It’s Thursday, October 3rd. You can’t tell, but we’re in
the heart of Times Square. – We are.
– At I’m Paul Wontorek. – And I’m Ryan Lee Gilbert. – And we’re joined by Caitlin Moynihan. – Hello.
– Giving jazz hands, as always.
– As always. – Yes.
– Like she does on every Thursday and Monday. – And Tuesday.
– Wednesday. – Plus Friday.
– Gotta switch it up. (laughs) – Hey Ryan,
– Yeah. – So, I saw this great
new play last night. – You did. – At Manhattan Theater Club. – Yes you did. – Called “The New
Englanders”, and Kara Young. – Yes! – Who’s fantastic in it.
– Yes! – Is our guest today. – So exciting. – It was opening night, so I’m excited to talk to her all about it. But first, today’s top five. (upbeat music) – And we’ve found out who’s
gonna be helping bring in “To Kill a Mockingbird’s”
second year on Broadway. – [Ryan] Yeah, some really
big casting news this morning. – [Paul] It’s like a reboot. – [Ryan] It is. So yeah, it’s gonna be year
two of “To Kill a Mockingbird.” – [Paul] Okay, yep. – Over at the Shubert Theater. And we already knew that Ed Harris is going to be taking
over for Jeff Daniels. And Nick Robinson, “Love, Simon” star is going to be taking
over the roll of Jem. But now we find out who will
be joining everyone over there. – Why didn’t you mention
“Stepmom” for Ed Harris? If you were gonna mention “Love, Simon.” – You’re right, I could
of, you’re right I could of mentioned–
– I love “Stepmom.” – I do love “Stepmom.”
– I’m sorry, I love a lot of Ed Harris things. – I love “Stepmom” as well.
– Sorry. Go ahead. – But some really exciting people. So, we have Nina Grollman will be taking over the roll of Scout. Taylor Trensch will be going on as Dill. And Kyle Scatliffe will be
taking over as Tom Robinson. Alongside Eliza Scanlen, who, if you watched “Sharp Objects.” Did you watch “Sharp Objects”? – Yes. – She was incredible,
she was the daughter. She was Amy Adams’ little sister, right? – She’s gonna be Mayella. – She’s gonna be Mayella. LisaGay Hamilton will be Calpurnia. And Russell Harvard will be playing Link Deas and Boo Radley. Caitlin Moynihan,
– I love him. – You have a little tidbit
about, an interesting– – I love Russell, I
saw him in “King Lear.” – [Ryan] Absolutely. – And he is a deaf actor. And I just love that he’s
continuing to get acting rolls in characters that aren’t
necessarily deaf themselves. – Absolutely.
– Yeah. – [Ryan] It’s super cool. – I just love that he’s
continuing to get awesome work that isn’t defined by his hard of hearing. – That’s right, well done
over there in “Mockingbird”. – Absolutely. – There are many other people. Manoel Felciano, and M.
Emmet Walsh, William Youmans, Patricia Conolly, Christopher
Innvar, Rosalyn Coleman, Gene Gillette, Luke Smith,
and Yaegel T. Welch. Are also all joining in the cast. – But what’s going on with Neal Huff? – Neal Huff, he’s sticking
around, but he’s gonna be playing Bob Ewell– – ‘Cause he was Link Deas, right? – He was Link Deas, but now
he will be playing Bob Ewell. And Ted Koch will be taking over the roll of Mr. Cummingham,
Cunningham as well. All of the people that
are currently in the show, they will playing their last
performance on November 3rd. And then all of the new
cast members will join the show on November 5th. – Wow. – So, very exciting stuff. – Wow, that’s a lot. – And I found my new favorite TV show and it hasn’t even started yet. – [Paul] I love Bernadette Peters. – [Ryan] Who doesn’t? – [Paul] Who doesn’t? – [Ryan] Right? – [Paul] She’s gonna be on TV, guys. So, they’re making a spinoff
to the CW hit “Riverdale”, And it’s called “Katy Keene.” – Yeah. – Now, is Katy Keene a
character from Riverdale? – She is from the–
– ‘Cause I watched the first couple of seasons.
– Not from the TV show. – Okay. – But, she’s a character in the comics. – [Caitlin] In the comics. – She’s related to Archie? – I, she’s like a– – I don’t mean to quiz you, I’m sorry. – No, it’s all right.
– You just normally know. – I don’t know if she’s, she might be like a cousin or something
– I know, cousin. I think she’s the cousin.
– Okay, well either way, Bernadette Peters has
nothing to do with her because she is playing the
mother to Pepper Smith. – Oh, yes, Pepper Smith
– Okay. – Is one of Katy Keene’s friends. – Julia Chan.
– Yep, yep. – And her name is Ms. Freesia,
like the flower, I guess. – Oh, okay. – And she’s a close friend,
so she’s the mother, okay. You know, but this is interesting because also they’re getting all my favorite Broadway divas to
play the moms on this show. – No kidding.
– Because we already said that Daphne Rubin-Vega is
also on it playing Luisa. And we’re getting a hand from
Kara, ’cause I love her too. – Yeah. – So this is cool. So, which other Broadway
divas will get cast in the PTA group of “Katy
Keene”, we’re not sure, but–
TBD. – Stay tuned. (laughing) – And a hilarious “Star Wars” parody from the mind of a Broadway star is heading to 54 Below. – [Ryan] Yes, if you have taken the time to follow Andrew Barth Feldman on twitter, he talks about his love of “Star Wars” and his wanting to do a musical version of it for a very, very long time. And now, it’s kind of happening. So, he’s–
– But he did it already. – He’s done it already.
– So, let’s talk about this. – But he did it–
– This is cute. – He did it in eighth grade. He and his friend, I
have his name up here, Adrian Dickson. So, he, and they wrote
this parody in eighth grade of the combined–
– And they had the rights of course. – Of course, that takes
“Star Wars: A New Hope”, and takes their love of
that and musical theater and then middle grade humor and combines it all together and they loved it. And now they got a lot of like their friends to–
– They’re doing it again right? – They’re gonna do a
concert version of this. It’s called “SW: A New(sical)
Hope” and it’s happening at Feinstein’s/54 Below
on February 9th of 2020 at 7:00 pm and 9:30 pm. And lots of friends are joining them, Drew Gehling, Wesley Taylor,
Jason Gotay, Natalie Walker, Antonio Cipriano, Heath
Saunders, Nathan Fosbinder. And so many of his of his friends who are over at “Dear Evan Hansen.” Alex Boniello, Sky Lakota-Lynch,
Gabrielle Carrubba, Phoenix Best, Josh Strobl, Dan Macke, Roman Banks, and Diamond Essence-White. – Are they all gonna fit
in Feinstein’s/54 Below? – I mean there are a lot of… True, yeah, I’m sure they’ll fit. There are a lot of
characters in “Star Wars”, so you need a lot of people
– You know, if you call it SW you don’t need the rights. – That’s right, sorry, it’s SW, not– – It’s SW. – Yeah. – The musical. – The evenings proceeds
from these concerts will be donated to NEXT for autism. Which is amazing.
– Cool. – And, so yeah, additional casting for this will be announced soon. But you are going to
wanna get your tickets for “SW: A New(sical) Hope.” – And Cynthia Erivo is booked and busy and we are blessed because of it. (laughing) – [Paul] Okay, so Cynthia Erivo is already getting Oscar buzz. – Yes.
– Yes. – Because
– Harriet Tubman. – [Paul] Her Harriet Tubman movie had a huge debut up at the
Toronto Film Festival. So, suddenly it’s all happening. – Yeah. – But just cross your fingers,
we’re very excited for her. Wait, that would EGOT her, right? – It would EGOT her.
– It would. – I don’t mean to get ahead of myself. – It would though. – But, anyway. So, National Geographic does
this show called “Genius”. – Yes. – And every season they cover
– They’ve done, like Picasso. – A different genius, so, right. So they did, Geoffrey Rush did Einstein, and then Antonio Banderas did Picasso. – Yes, which is incredible. – And they were supposed to
do a Mary Shelley season? – Right. – But, I guess they were, like… – What happened to that?
– I guess they started writing it, and they were like, “This isn’t very interesting, “let’s just do Aretha Franklin.” – Yeah, yeah. – But I love that they went from Einstein, to Picasso, to Aretha Franklin. So now, I’m gonna watch it.
– Absolutely love to hear it. – So congratulations National Geographic, ‘Cause now you’re gonna
get me to watch it. – Yeah, now you got us, yeah. – And they cast Cynthia Erivo as Aretha Franklin.
– So amazing. – So, Erivo will play the Queen of Soul throughout the season. And Suzan-Lori Parks,
– She’s unbelievable. – A Pulitzer prize winning playwright. We’re getting more hand waves from Kara. – Yes, yes. – She is, like, she’s writing it. – Yeah. – Which is great.
– It’s incredible. – So, this is probably going
to be pretty incredible. – Must see TV. – Now Cynthia Erivo doesn’t need an Emmy, but she maybe can get another one? – Hey, she’s got shelf
space, I’m sure, yeah. Fill it up. – And it’s time to get in losers because we are taking you across the country with “Mean Girls.” – [Ryan] Yes, happy “Mean Girls” day. October 3rd, out there all of you. – [Paul] Ah, happy “Mean Girls” day. – [Ryan] And very exciting,
Mariah Rose Faith, Who you may know, she was
a member of “Team StarKid.” Which, Darren Criss obviously, you know. Also, she has an
incredible YouTube channel. She’s playing Regina George
in the “Mean Girls” tour. And she is our newest vlogger. – Oh. – So her vlog is going to
be starting on October 11th. It’s called “Get in Losers.” And she’s going to be taking a
– That’s a quote. – That is a quote.
– Just pointing it out. – I believe from the movie. Yeah, so, I mean, there’s all
sorts of cross references. – Sure. – The tour launched on September
21st in Buffalo New York. It is headed to 25 cities across the country over the next season. So, it’ll premier on October 11th and it’ll be on every other Friday. – Okay. – So, it’s a bimonthly vlog. Very exciting, happy to have her. Vlogging for us.
– Cool, couldn’t bimonthly also mean every other month? – It could, but I think,
I don’t know, who knows? – Sorry, I hate that word. – Yeah, I do to. – I hate biweekly more. – Yeah (laughs). – Also on the set, you interviewed the stars of the “Jesus
Christ Superstar” tour. – Yes, James Delisco Beeks, who’s Judas. Jenna Rubaii is playing Mary Magdelene. And Aaron LaVigne as Jesus Christ. We interviewed all of them,
took gorgeous photos of them. You can get to know a little about them in this new rock interpretation
of “Jesus Christ Superstar.” – Where are we gonna see that?
– Yeah. – We need to go see that. – I know, we need to pick
– Somewhere. – A city and go. – Pick a city.
– Absolutely. – [Caitlin] Any city. – And also “All About the
Bass”, ‘Bout the bass. – Yes. – The episode six of
Joan M. Jackon’s vlog. – He was on vacay. – It’s literally a vacation episode. – Yeah, he was in Aruba. – [Caitlin] So jealous. – Good for him. – At least he didn’t drop it in February, we would have been more annoyed. – Yeah, that would of been very… – And also a character
study with Patti Murin. – Yes, as Anna.
– Anna. – “Frozen”, it’s beautiful. – Over at “Frozen”, the
Disney Character Study series is still goin’. – Yeah
– Still happening. – A couple more to go. Thank you Ryan. – My pleasure. That’s it for me.
– Thank you for stopping in. – Yeah, totally. – Hey, Caitlin, tell
everyone about today’s guest. – Gladly, yes we have Ms. Kara Young here with us in the studio. She is currently appearing in Manhattan Theater Club’s,
“The New Englanders.” Which just had its
opening night last night. So she’s a rockstar for being here today. We’re gonna talk all about that. Some of her stage credits
include “Revolving Cycles Truly”, “Steadily Roll’d”, “The Publics”, “Colored Water”, “Sinking
Ink, and a lot more. Right, thank you. And we’re so excited to just talk all about her incredible career and what it’s like to be in this
awesome production. Follow her on social media @Karaakter, A-K-T-E-R, after K-A-R-A. And please leave all of your questions in the comments below. Everyone please welcome Kara and Paul. – Thank you Caitlin.
– Yay! – Thank you Caitlin, yay, Caitlin. – I’m so glad she explained Karaakter, because for some reason when I saw it, I didn’t get it said akter.
– It could be like character too. – Oh, multiple levels.
– Oh. – [Caitlin] Double meaning. (laughing) – How are you doin’? – I’m good, how are you? – I’m good, happy to have you here. I saw your show last night. – Wow. – So, it’s still very fresh in my mind. – Wow. – And then, it’s like I just
made you appear in front of me. (laughing) And it was opening night.
– It was opening night. – How was it, how are things going? – It’s wonderful, it’s like a dream cast and dream
– Yeah, it’s a great cast. Of theater actors.
– playwright, dream directors. It’s just like everybody’s just in this beautiful thing together and we’re just doin’ it. Yeah, opening night was really sweet too. – [Paul] Yeah. – It was like a beautiful audience. Really warm
– Oh, thank you. – Yeah, thank you, Paul.
– Thank you. – Thank you so much. (laughing) It was really great. – And it’s at stage two, Manhattan
Theater Club’s stage two. At City Center, underneath
City Center basically. Which is such a cool
space, it’s so intimate. – It is super cool, it’s like that old school black box, you know? – [Paul] Yeah, exactly. – Yeah, really intimate space. Very, very intimate space. So, it’s like, yeah, that’s
all I gotta say about that. I was gonna keep on talking about it, but didn’t have anymore words. – [Paul] That’s all right, you can talk about intimacy, it’s okay.
– You know? – So, let’s talk about this play. So, Jeff Augustin’s the playwright, right? – Yes. – “The New Englanders.” Let’s set it up, we’ve gotta
talk about this girl you play. – I know. – So, where are we, we’re in the heart of New England somewhere. – We’re in the heart
– Where there’s a porch. – Of New England somewhere. There’s a porch, there’s a school, there’s a Chuck E. Cheese. I don’t wanna give too much away because I feel like the
elements of surprise that kind of take you, makes you start thinking other things of like, what your expectation
was in the very beginning. How did you feel when
certain things went down? Were you thinking that it
was going a certain way and then you were like…
– No, no, no, no it definitely took me, it shook me, it took me places. – Yeah. – But you’re a teenage girl in the show. What’s her name? – Her name is Eisa. – Right. And she has been raised by two dads.
– Dads. – A gay couple. And they are played by… – Teagle Bougere. – Yeah.
– And Patrick Breen. – I wanted you to say his name
– Bougere. – because I didn’t want to say it wrong. – Teagle Bougere.
– I knew you were gonna say it really good.
– The OG master. – Yo, Teagle.
– Yeah. – And Patty Breen, Patrick Breen. – Patrick, Patty Breen. – Patty Breen. (laughing) – Yo, I love them so much. It’s just a delight
– Well, they’re your dads. – And pleasure. They’re my dads. – They’re your dads. – They’re like my dads, my
actual fathers on stage. – And so they’re an interracial couple. – Yes. – Basically in Connecticut, raising you. And how is she doin’? How’s this girl doin’? Where is she at? She has a lot of things in her head. – Well, it’s last year of school, she’s goin’ to college next year. She’s trying to figure life out, she’s obsessed with Lauryn Hill. – Oh, okay, stop.
– You know? – The miseducation of Lauryn Hill. – Let’s talk about it,
let’s talk about it Paul. – I was obsessed, this came out in– – Were you obsessed with it too? – Oh my god, huge. – Oh, snap, let’s talk.
– Yeah, so that album came out in 1998, it’s an amazing
album, look it up. But it played, I was so excited, it played a big part in this show. – Huge. – And in you. But, then I was looking at your Instagram. – Yes. – And you actually posted about that album like two years ago. Were you doing a reading
of it or something? – No. – ‘Cause posted a whole thing about how that album changed your life. – That album did change
– Is that why you got cast? – My life. – They were like, “Oh, okay, “well she should be in this play.” – No, actually, well I could
talk a little bit about that. And I obviously wanna
get back to the play too. But, the album did change my life. And I remember Cameo Brown, a teacher, came into our home room
and literally wrote all of the lyrics out to “Doo-Wop That Thing”. – That song.
– In a composition notebook paper
– Yep. – And then wrote all of
the lyrics, handwritten, and then copied that for the entire class. And we went through that song.
– Wow. – So, we all knew the lyrics to this song. – [Paul] That’s amazing. – But it’s such an uplifting song. – [Paul] Yeah, yeah. – It’s like, no, you need to
learn, you need to know better. – Yeah. – Go live your life. But know that everybody’s
about that thing. You know what I’m saying? ♪ That thing, that thing ♪ (hums) – Now I’m gonna have (mumbles). – Yeah. Totally, but, so– – Those songs were all still like… – Those songs. – Yeah, it’s a great album.
– Epic. – But your character. – My character is
obsessed with Lauryn Hill. And she is this beautiful black figure that, it’s probably like the first time that I’m really attaching myself to icon, or that idolatry, that sense of I can be
like this black woman because I’ve never seen that
represented in my world. – [Paul] In your New England life. – Right.
– Right, yeah. – And so, there’s so many
themes in “The New Englanders.” You can kind of hold on to
whatever rings true to you. But for Eisa, I feel as if there’s this big ol’ microscope on her. And she’s also ignored. And what is that… And it’s very, I can say, I don’t want to speak for all people of color, but to be other in the
world can be very… It’s a weird experience. Because people ignore you, and then you speak, and
then you’re dangerous. And, so what is that operating when you’re the only person of color
in a town your whole life. – [Paul] Right. – And being raised by your
black and white father. But really, identifying
with your black father and then you’re out in the world. And then how, who, what happens? You know, so I honestly wanted to hear how you felt at the end. Because my mother was
like, “I don’t like her.” She was like, “I don’t
like, she’s dangerous.” “That girl is dangerous.” And I was like, “ooh, okay.” – I felt really conflicted about her. – Yeah. How did you feel about her? – I did, I was kind of wondering… What, where is this? I would love to see a
10 years later story. – The 10 years later story of Eisa Stein. – Yeah. But, she has this loving,
these loving fathers, right? – Totally. – So, she definitely
has this great support. – Totally. – But she’s definitely acting out a bit in the show
– Yeah, yeah. I mean but also it’s really sort of a story about a, not troubled perse, but a teenager who’s going
through many changes. – [Paul] Yeah. – Very scary changes. And everybody remembers the time that, the year before they have to go away, or the year before they turned 18. And the year before it was like holy. 17 was a year. – [Paul] Right, how long
have you been in New York? – I grew up here. – [Paul] Oh, you did? Where’d you grow up? – I was born and raised in Harlem. – Oh. – I’m a Harlemite. – You’re like, I’m legit. – I’m legit, I was born in Harlem hospital at 135th and Lenox. – Oh, okay. – Yeah, you know what I’m sayin’? – Okay. (laughs) – I was. I was, I’m first generation American. So, both of my parents are
from Belize Central America. – Oh, okay. – They’re still here in New York. We talked about this, we
just talked about this. (laughing) – Yeah, yeah. But I’m a Harlemite. – [Paul] Oh, cool. And, so where did you go to school? Where’d you study acting? Did you study acting? What’s your story? – Yeah, you know I got a big up, I really just wanna big up
Labyrinth Theater Company. Those are my people.
– Oh, fantastic. – They nurture me, they feed me. – Oh, that’s why you gave
the hands up for Daphne. – Daphne’s Labyrinth.
– Oh yeah, Daphne! – That’s Labyrinth family. (laughing) – Labyrinth family.
– Queen. – Yeah.
– Oh my god. Daphne Rubin-Vega is a queen. – I agree, I love her. – I adore all of my Labyrinth family and I can say that they gave me a platform to appreciate my artistry. You know, as an artist, as a
contributor, as a collaborator. And I just love them very, very much. Yeah. Word. – [Paul] Word. – Word. – So, what are your goals? What do you… There’s a vision board, a
vision board comes into play. – Oh, yes. – In the show right? – Yes, and we all had a
moment with that, right? – It’s a topic, the vision board. – Yes. – And your character’s not a
big fan of the vision board. – Well my character’s not a big
fan of terminologies, right? – Yeah. – And so, it’s like… When you do watch the play,
when you do come and see it. – Playing through October
20th at Manhattan Theater Club stage two
– Thank you very much. That’s right, Paul. And, well, when you do come and see it, Eisa just has a lot of
big ideas about the way that we choose to give
language over to young people when they’re building their lives. And then what do they do with that? It’s like you’re telling us how to live. You’re telling us how to be. You’re telling us how to get in trouble. You’re telling us how to be successful. Or, what is success? Why are we not breathing
life into our own brains. Instead of just following
this sort of construct of how to navigate the system. – Right. – Or, how to navigate the world, you know? And, so Eisa is really,
sort of, exploring, I am exploring those ideas and facing the people who, my immediate people, my fathers, my teacher. And really asking the important questions. It’s like, are you actually happy? Are you actually living
the life you envisioned? Because I don’t see this
world, this basic ass world. I don’t see it for myself.
– Yeah. – You know what I mean?
– Yeah. – Honestly. – [Paul] Yeah, yeah. – And I think that Eisa’s just,
she’s more than a dreamer. She’s more than a visionary. You know, she just doesn’t really think things through
at the end of the day. But, you should definitely come and see that for yourselves too. – So, what about you as an actress? What kind of things excite you? What kind of stories do you wanna tell? – Oh man. Well, definitely this
story, because I feel like it just is, like I said before, just a really, the in-depth nature
of being brown in America. And, when we’re in a lot of white spaces, it’s really for survival. And there’s a lot of times
when we are the only ones. – Like this room. You know? And I mean, just the truth
– Right, yeah, yeah. – Of the matter is. So it’s like, what does that
do when that’s the norm? What actually happens when that’s normal? When you’re sort of ostracized but also there is a big old
microscope right on you. Tryin’ to track every
wrong move that you make. And, also, sometimes you ask the question after “The
New Englanders”, like, if this was a white
boy, how would you feel? – Right. – And that’s like a really deep question. How would you actually feel? – Right. – I don’t know. – The same actions, right, yeah. – You know.
– I get that. – I mean that’s a question
that I have, but– – By the way, the play’s
also really funny. – The play is very funny. – There’s a lot of humor, yeah. – Jeff Augustin is very smart. Saheem Ali directed this and
he’s just a dream to work with. Very clear in what he wants to see, he’s a visionary as well. And I’m just so grateful
to have just been able to be apart of just a
beautiful team, you know? – I wanna ask you something random. – Yeah, sorry. – You’ve done voiceovers
for the VMAs, right? – Oh, yeah.
– Right? Could you give me a little
sample of a VMA voiceover? – Oh my god, well then, can
I read something, though? – Well, I mean,
– ‘Cause it’s – just like comin’ back. Like just say, after the break Beyonce will be on, or something, I
don’t know, you can do it. – Oh my god, okay, so… Can I set this up for you though? – Yes, of course.
– Yes. – So, it’s a very intense,
on demand kind of job. – You’re doing it live during.
– You’re doing it live. – So, it’s like.
– So, where are you, you’re up in a– – So I’m like outside of the
stadium, or wherever it is and I’m in a trailer and
I’m connected to everybody. – Are you wearing
– I’m like, your pajamas? – I could be wearing–
– Or your after party outfit? – I could be wearing my
pajamas if I wanted to. (laughing) But, anyway. So, you basically are the voice– – Throughout. – Throughout.
– The show. – [Caitlin] Wow. – And so, but you have a button to– – Welcome to the, yeah
– Yeah, it’s like welcome to, that’s not even it. – Give me a sample of how you do it. – It’s like, well this year,
I was so in my own voice. So, it was like, welcome to the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards. Comin’ to the stage, live, Beyonce! Beyonce, well I didn’t say it like that. But it was like, you know?
– I love it. – I love voiceover skills.
– It’s like, comin’ to the stage, Kevin Hart! And then, one year it was like, coming to the stage it’s Kevin Hart. And Tiffany Haddish. – So, you mix it up a little bit, you have a little fun with it – Sometimes I do. (laughing) See what I’m saying? – I love it. – It’s great ’cause voiceovers
– It’s a good gig. – Are very, it’s very intimate. You can also go very casual with it. – Right, right. – You know? – Yeah. – That’s so good.
– I love that you were really lit this year. That’s a good one. – I was lit, I was lit, I was on fire. – [Caitlin] Yes. – Hey Caitlin,
– Yes. – What are the people online asking? – Oh, snap. – Yes,
– There’s people online? – Of course, yeah.
– Sure. – So, Jordan wants to
know, you’re working with such great actors in the show.
– Yes, oh my god. – What’s the biggest lesson
that you’ve learned from them? – So, so, Adam Langdon just came on board and he’s been there, but
he just came on board. And he has been… I’ve just learned, you
can just really just go. You just gotta take a dive in. You just gotta trust yourself. He got a call to come
in to replace an actor. – Oh. – And he got a call, at
like what, say it’s 11:00, be at the theater at 2:00,
he picked up his phone, he got to the theater at 2:00. He went through each scene twice, for him. – Wow. – All of his scenes. – And you have a lot of scenes with him. – I have like three scenes,
four scenes with him, or something like that. – Yeah, yeah. – Three scenes with him. And then he was on the stage at 7:30. – But, same day? – Same day, book in hand. Got an applause after his first scene. – [Paul] Was he gettin’ those laughs? I was gonna say because he’s really funny. – He’s brilliant, he’s brilliant. – So good. – I’ve learned, watching Patty Breen and Adam Langdon on stage, ’cause I try to
– Yeah, they have some great moments – get changed fast and just watch them. And I’m back stage with
the stage manager Katie. I’m like, “Oh, snap,
they are just on fire.” And you can just see, there’s
these really beautiful, not even calculated, it’s
probably so effortless for them. – [Paul] Yeah. – They just have this
comedy that just is so, I can’t even describe it
– It’s very funny, yeah. – And then working with Crystal Finn, first of all, the entire
cast, Javier Munoz. – Yes. – Oh my god. I don’t have any scenes with him, but Javi is just, he’s a boss out there. – Yeah. – You know what I’m saying? And then Crystal Finn,
working with Crystal Finn, I’m obsessed with Crystal Finn. – You are? – I’m obsessed with her. – Some of the– – I know it doesn’t
seem like that on stage. – No, I was gonna say, their onstage, their onstage chemistry. – It takes everything in
my power to not laugh. Because she’ll be like,
is the camera on me? She’ll be like, she’ll
look, she’ll be like. Like, you know, like it’s
like this very, like. And then I’m trying so hard to just Keep it together.
– To keep it together. Keep it together. – You know? And then Teagle just is so giving. He’s just so generous. Patty and Teagle,
they’re just so generous. – [Paul] You really love these people. – I love these people so much. – [Paul] What are you gonna
do after October 20th? – Cry. (laughing) Cry a little. You know? Cry. You know, say goodbye and cry. That’s it, see you later, see you later. – That’s show biz. – [Caitlin] We got, yeah. – Yeah, what do I learn though,
did I answer the question? I don’t even know.
– Yeah. You learned stuff
– But I just, – From them.
– I learned so much. – You learned stuff.
– I learned a lot. – [Caitlin] A lot. – A lot. – A lot.
– A lot, that’s the answer. – All right, this is a fun question. Ziggy wants to know,
– Love that name. – Your costars get to eat ice cream on stage.
– Oh yeah, there is ice cream. What would your dream ice cream topping be if you got to do the same? – Gummy bears, oh. – [Caitlin] She knew that, you knew that. – You went right there. – Gummy bears and maybe some– – Gummy bears on ice cream, really? I’ve never done that. – Yeah. – I know people do it, but I don’t do it. – Gummy bears and then maybe
some Reese’s Pieces bits. – [Paul] Oh, that’s more me,
yeah, that’s where I’m at. – You know what I’m saying? – [Paul] That’s more my flavor. – Oh yeah, oh yeah. – I love that. Amazing, we can do one more question. – [Kara] Okay. – And Kevin wants to know, if you were to meet Eisa in person, what conversation would you guys have? – I am Eisa. (laughing) No, I think I have conversations
with Eisa everyday. And, I think that Eisa has definitely… I don’t think I’m gonna
answer your question perse, like in the way you asked it, but I know for a fact that
Eisa is a part of my psyche and it’s really about, it’s
just very self explorative, like, what diving into Eisa’s world, it taught me so much about myself and the things that I was possibly
holding, or, you know? Anger, in some sort of
way, or displacement. And it’s really, kind
of, like displacement of energy, right? – Mm-hmm. – And how she kind of reacts to the world. – Right. – It’s like there’s this inner cry that I now I’m trying to
figure out where to put it. You know? And energy never dies, it goes somewhere. And, so you have to find a very healthy, mentally healthy way to do that. I think I have conversations
with Eisa everyday. And I couldn’t even get into
what I possibly can ask her. ‘Cause I feel like it’s a
conversation with myself. And my younger self. – When you’re walking around the streets of New York, do you ever
see a girl and go like, “Oh, she’s like Eisa.” (mumbles) – Oh, yeah.
– Like pickup things from real people. – Oh totally, for “Revolving Cycles”, the younger kids were everywhere. I do think that I was a young Eisa. I do think that, you know. I mean, not to that extreme, but… But I do think that there’s those dark energies
that live in all of us. Or, and the bright, you know? It’s sort of like how do you
access, how do you access? – What’s your favorite New England state? This is the most important question. – Oh my god. (laughing) – That’s really, why did you
have to go onto that, huh? – I don’t want you to
pick favorites, it’s fine. – I can’t do that. – They’re all your children.
– They’re all my children. (laughing) – I love it.
– You’re a New Yorker. – I’m a New Yorker. – Yeah, yeah. I was a New Englander,
turned a New yorker, so… – Where are you from? – Connecticut. – True. – I got out. – True. – Anyway. (laughing) – I love it now. Check out Kara Young in
“The New Englanders.” Manhattan Theater Club,
stage two in City Center. – Stage two, stage two! – On West 55th Street. There’s a city bike station right there. I grabbed a bike after the show. It’s good to help people.
– You did? – Yeah. – That’s really good. – You had to go to the
opening night party, I had to go walk my dog. Kara it was nice meeting you. Thanks for coming in.
– Really, really nice to meet you to, thank you. – Go see “New Englanders” it’s
playing through October 20th. – Stage two! – And Caitlin, why don’t you take us out. – Thank you guys so much
for tuning in today. We are Live at Five, every
single weekday here on Facebook. You can listen to us wherever
you get your podcasts by searching for #LiveatFive and hitting that subscribe button. Be sure to tune in tomorrow. We talk to Cory Jeacoma
all about “Beautiful” the Carole King musical. (upbeat music)


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