British racism is too subtle 😂  | Live At The Apollo – BBC

British racism is too subtle 😂 | Live At The Apollo – BBC

You guys as Britain have fucked up so much in the world that your racism is like you have another Level of racism that we have like, you know like your racism you guys discuss and talk about it’s like that nuance Is it I grew up during apartheid South Africa? Our racism was very very clear Subtle there’s a gray area. So why can’t we go to the beach because there’s a sign that says no blacks allowed Very straightforward racism, I like a top-of-the-range top-shelf shipment Not this nonsense, that I’m experiencing in London, er, I’m not Japanese I’m from Taiwan bah-bah-bah this is I don’t live here, I’m confused. Leave me alone Not used to that racism I’m used to that top brain stuff man And here’s the thing, I don’t know how to navigate myself through London because it’s so multicultural I don’t know who’s gonna get offended I don’t know who’s you know, I just don’t know, you know, but I did find that when it comes to gingers It’s open game anyone can- No one gives a sh- No-one cares about Gingers like you could kill one at any time, you know that killing ginger and you’ll get to the judge Who’ll be like, what happened? I killed a Ginger judges like my god, but if they change I’m in what? Do you not kill them give the tens awhile I I went to Blackpool. It’s a position Joking. I was in Blackpool And I was doing some shows in Blackpool and there was a white woman cleaning my room My hotel room. I must understand I grew up in apartheid South Africa. I grew up in a very Unequal society. So this for me was never experienced in my life. There was a white woman cleaning my I was throne shit on the floor while she was She was confused. Why would you do that? I said, I don’t know how long this is gonna last I don’t know if this is ever going to happen again. I’m trying to make it last as long as possible. Sorry. I was taking pictures Cli-i-ick! Sending it to the family whatsapp group Doing well my boy. You are doing very well.


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