Bridgeport News: City Signs Final Contract On Majestic Theater

Bridgeport News: City Signs Final Contract On Majestic Theater

The renovations that are going to not only preserve What’s here but make these back and bring them back to their grandeur of the past. it’s quite an exciting thing on a number of fronts and I’ma turn over to Craig in a minute, and we’re gonna sign a Symbolism the signing is more than just that it really means that this project will take the next Formal step in every way, that’s appropriate to move this which has been long and coming but today is about The Majestic and Poli theaters and the revitalization of downtown Bridgeport, so I’m so pleased to be standing here with Mayor Ganim today to execute the LDA which is the official start of the project Steve: you said housing retail what’s gonna happen with the theater itself, Craig: So we’re, What is your name? Steve DoingItLocal Craig: Steve Steve. We’re looking to revitalize the theaters I was explaining to a council member earlier that we are in discussions with a couple different groups Who’ve expressed interest in occupying both theaters; So I don’t want to you know Get ahead of myself, but we will be revitalizing or some type of adaptive reuse of One or both of the theaters, but we’re gonna see a revitalized structure here Okay, are you nervous about and there will be a hotel? We will have the hotel upstairs Are you worried about the retail that’s empty already in the downtown? It’s a simple equation. It’s which came first the chicken or the egg right so you have scale and density For a residential piece it creates demand for commercial services, so you can’t have one without the other This is a story so that has played itself out Chapter and verse time and time and time again And each and every borough of New York City, and we see it happening around the country There’s no reason. Why it should not happen and Bridgeport, the best and largest city in the state


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