40 thoughts on “Brexit: UK’s new PM accused of pursuing ‘no-deal’ – BBC News”

  • Michael LEYLAND says:

    The bbc are properganda company that advertised it's new channel with itv and it costs £5.99. They did not need to mention the price but they did that is advertising and they get away with it. They should be closed down.

  • Beaye Malphas says:

    We are screwed. It’s going to be No-deal and that will be the end of Britain. Scotland will leave the union and Northern Ireland won’t be far behind. Boris is a fool. Brexit will go down as the stupidest thing we’ve ever done.

  • You aren’t going to get a deal, just face it. The EU have nothing to gain and all to lose if they start to negotiate again..


    A henous crime, according to the BBC.
    The EU needs destroying for the good of every country in Europe.

  • Ohh Dear Dear Whats this ?? does the bbc ''Where truth and integrity go to die'' not believe in Democracy… Shock Horror… this gutter broadcaster with their Globalist Deep State agenda, has IMO had its day…

  • Good. Ellesmere Port voted LEAVE majority, so for sure they got other streams of income for their high skilled, university-degree educated workforce. NOT. Who needs these bloody French people telling us what to do.We`ll do a deal with Zambia and sell all our … erm…our..sell stuff there with Boris`s FTA.
    Rule Britannia!

  • Hello BBC PLEASE DISPLAY THIS ON TV: 2 young girls, 1st 15 YEARS OLD,
    second 18 YEARS OLD, were abducted and their bodies still not found!
    "suspect" (66 YEAR OLD) says he killed them and burned their bodies
    after raping them, in his home there were found human teeth, and bone
    His neighbors say they still heard screams from inside the
    man's home at 3 and 4 o'clock even though he says he killed the 15 year
    old at 12, the police are not doing anything and they have not entered
    his home even though they could hear sceams from inside! The girl called
    the police 3 times and it took them 19 hours to find the house and even
    then when they heard screams they had not entered! The 18 year old was
    abducted in april and the police (even though the missing girl was
    reported by her parents) had not began the search! The 18 year old this
    monster says he tortured and raped her for 3 months! The second girl's
    parents were told by the police she is gone with her boyfriend and there
    is no need to search her!
    The dialogue between the police and the girl is hallucinating, the police treated her with direspect and with irony!

    There are more freightening details about this case which would make this post too long,
    this did not happen in an isolated country from the middle century, this happend in a country in
    the EUROPEAN UNION which recieved money from the EU for improving the police but in which
    nothing is ever done and no one is ever guilty, this tragedy happend in Caracal, Romania!

    BBC please display this on international TV!

  • Karol Tobiasz says:

    What will happen for UK if crisis will come? EU as a union cannot even support Greece since 10 years, so incompetent institution. We all wanna be united but EU should do their work properly if they are getting money from citizens.

  • Custos Secretus says:

    It is only the UK that is willing to negotiate.

    The EU has held fast to May`s deal Merkle presented her with.

    You do not chain yourself to the negotiating table in the EU, the EU is not negotiating at and throw the keys to those chains to the EU demanding a good deal or you are not leaving.

    Still, too many Remainers in Parliament blocking every way to actually leave the EU.

    Time for a General Election.

  • stuart mcmahon says:

    Only a fool would have a single plan without considering other options . There should always be a “plan B”. These news channels are paid to make drama, I take no stock in their programs.

  • How's the NHS doing with that 350 million a week infusion that was flouted around? Must be some system now after 3 yrs.

  • The UK demands a referendum to expel Scotland from the union.
    Throw them out .!!
    Thick , racist and unhealthy fried Mars bar chomping bunch ..

  • Electric cars not brexit are causing car shutdowns..also the amazing EU has made it that by 2030 only electric cars can be made..good old EU right?

  • If remoaners hadn't spent last 3 years trying to STOP brexit and not be helpfull with finding a deal or prepared for no deal..we would be ready and certain now. It's been 3 years and no one knows ..what a joke

  • The “British Broadcasting Corporation” you’re job for decades upon decades has been to broadcast to the British people through wars, Britain’s highest and lows, supporting and informing the very people who have kept you and your business going since the start. How are you so horrifically biased and persistent on trying to scare and panic the wining beliefs and wishes of your own country? How much are you going to earn and cash in from by staying in the Europe union and or what kind of people are putting your work out. They embarrass you with every broadcast with Pathetic scare mongering and how they embarrass undermine and brain wash people. Also to have the right to sleight our and more importantly YOUR pm. You are a disgrace.

  • Getting a deal will drag brexit out way past his stated october deadline. Smells like no exit in the end…i mean things have stalled for years already…why not a few more.

  • I Hope Boris do's pursue a no-deal because there just after the taxpayer's money while dumping people in the UK and expect all UK taxpayers to pay for it. Foof the EU.

  • Its not dangerous he is trying to follow through with our democratic vote! He is willing to walk away with no deal if and only if they can't make a deal. So what you want us to stay in the EU if we can't get a deal even though it goes against what we voted for? NO! We leave and work out a deal after we have left if we can't reach one before. It will hurt the EU as well as us if we don't make a deal and with a strong PM in place who is willing to walk away stand more chance of not being walked all over like May was. Get a grip of yourselves! We voted leave and we want our democratic vote to be followed up on or what the fuck is the point in having them?

  • Boris is such a political fraurd, he couldn`t even get his BS story on smoked kippers correct plus Gove says one thing and Johnson says another. Oh My God We are losing companies hand over fist..Brexit is already a pathetic idea, yet we`ll still carry on.with these losers.

  • officialnucky says:

    No. He's just got the balls to tell everyone to piss off if they want to give us a bad deal. Something May didn't have the minerals for. We should have been out 2 years ago

  • Hear ye hear ye!, The english have decided to fuck the european union, and they shall forever be known as quitters.
    English equal Quitters.

    English = Alt+F4
    While your at it England, make sure to keep your tourists out of Amsterdam. We don't need no Quitters here!

  • BBC are trying to scare the working class knowing they made the difference in the brexit vote, they're shady but definitely not stupid

  • As for the planned 47 per cent "ethnic mix", the dark org passed that a decade ago. My guess is they now see white British natives as the ethnic minority. Will the potty director general want to aim for a 47 per cent white British native mix now, instead of the current 15 per cent? Of course not.

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