Brexit deal: What do the other parties think? – BBC News

Brexit deal: What do the other parties think? – BBC News

the Prime Minister comes before us today
trying to sell us a deal that is already dead in the water this is not the deal the country was promised I’m almost tempted to ask if
the if honourable members opposite will put their hands up if they actually do
support the Prime Minister on this set of proposals
Not one the spirit behind it which is of
effectively conceding large areas of sovereignty giving up control in order
to secure a deal goes completely contrary to what people thought they
voted for and they voted Brexit this is undeliverable she’s tried her best she
really has tried her best but she was handed a sticky wicket in the first
place and in the end the only way out of this is a general election or a people’s
vote on her deal I’m the first generation of politician for whom
opportunities for young people if we go ahead with this will be fewer than I had
and that’s something would be deeply irresponsible it’s not the only option
not leaving the European Union having a people’s vote finding out whether people
want the terms of this deal not the lies not the promises that were offered
before the referendum previously people were voting on promises they were
told that’s amounts of money for the health service we’d be taking that
control of all kind of thing this is clearly isn’t true and now we have the
facts as opposed to the promises I think people will reconsider their positions to simply say well I know it’s a deal that doesn’t command support or
confidence on my own side but please vote for it because the alternative is
even worse to arrived at this point at the end of negotiation is about as bad
as it possibly could get people just bored out of their minds with this brexit argument it’s been going on for over two years and there are massive
issues out there how you deal with the aging population how you do with
technology change the future of the Health Service they’re all on hold
nothing has been done and we just got to get back to those big issues and draw a
line on the brexit you


100 thoughts on “Brexit deal: What do the other parties think? – BBC News”

  • When has a deal between countries ever gone perfectly? All of a sudden it's a big deal and jeremy kyle is trying to dig at anything to become PM.

  • Did anybody actually believe May was going to deliver Brexit? You see kids, votes don't mean a damn if the establishment don't like the result. Our once great country will be a mere region in a federal Europe and white Brits will be an ethnic minority by the turn of the century, if not before. Our future is gonna be a mix of Islamic terror, grooming gang, violent crimes, race riots and a far-left leadership, who will blame the white Brits for the problems. Meanwhile our (((masters))) will get richer ruling over a completely divided nation. That's our future now, buckle up.

  • The UK needs to fix their low birth rate problem which is a much larger economical threat than leaving the EU.
    Only Japan is actually finding solutions to the problem of low birth rates in developed nations… it would be wise if the West pays attention.
    Fact is developed countries can't take the easy way out and just give your countries to hoards of middle easterners. That would be very foolish. You fight all these wars for your countries… well this war requires creating life instead of destroying it.

  • A phoney war and the illusion of democracy. We are not going to have control because we never had. Now that the veneer of democracy has been rubbed away people will no longer partake in the sham of voting. The UK as we imagine it is not there anymore.

  • No more Tory leadership. There will be a no vote and a 3rd PM in 3 years. Call another General and be obliterated by Corbyn !! 🎸 the Parliament.

  • For the past 2 years, all we have heard is biased news on BBC etc
    This is to try and bombard and brainwash leave voters into questioning themselves.
    Then they have the gaul to mention slight issues on one point of the leave campaign…. what a joke!….
    We voted leave…… this means leave…… simple.
    The EU just called our bluff and we caved in……. as for War criminal Tony Blair, he should be hung……
    The EU would damage itself too much by being awkward on trading, so all the trading tariff crap is smoke and mirrors.
    All in all it's just London getting what it wants…. AS PER USUAL….
    We need a civil war…… we cannot accept this anymore….. democracy is clearly dead….. time to stand up and be counted……

  • No no , The Brits are totally in the right , go ahead guys tear up that agreement ( chuckle ) you'll be fine without one when you get booted out . What stay in the EU ? Yea , that is no longer up to the British people , cant do anything about that one either way. It'll be fine . You'll do great . The future is looking bright ( rofl ).

  • Pro remain mps are right, we now know the facts of the deal. The EU wants the UK as their slave and will continue to treat us with contempt. They do not have the UK interests in their heart, in the same way May does for the EU. A soft Brexit was nothing other than fantasy peddled by remain pms and the media.

    A pure, clean, true Brexit, with a bare bones fta is all we want and expect. Failing that wto.

  • May is nothing but a globalist shill. 15/11/2018 was the day that democracy died in Great Britain. Conservatives enjoy your time in power because you will never have it again thanks to the traitor May.

  • Kevin Wellwrought says:

    All parties must unite to give May the ‘no confidence vote’ and remove her from office before she does any more damage to UK economy and politics. Time is of essence here!!

  • Lawney Malbrough says:

    Mates your PM is just as fubar as the Florida election comittee. Time to kick her out of office. Can't you charge her with malfeasance or something?

  • can anyone just explain to me why the UK needs a deal why cant they just leave and thats it, the rest of europe has better things to do and i bet the british people have better things to worry about to

  • Remoaners, including May, are absolute pondlife. Puppets of Soros and vile multinationals who want to replace EVERYONE they can with a cheap Pole or Romanian. They won't be happy til there's blood in the streets.

  • We the people are not as ignorant as they would like others to believe. We voted leave because we do not want unelected faceless bureaucrats dictating to us how we should live or rather be enslaved is what it will mean. Out means out.

  • Come on…let's be realistic about this. May was always going to deliver a soft deal…….that's why she cut Davis and Raab out of most of the negotiations. She has been steered by her 'advisors' in the back room and part of the tactics to get this past is deliver it when the times about to run out. If the Conservatives don't get May and this situation 'handled' they will be savaged in the polls.

  • A lot of gibberish to avoid real problems: the UK wants EU skilled workers but no their unskilled ones (and migrants). That's it.

  • If p.m. Maggie t. was still around the only thing you would have heard from brexit is the scream of nuke capable vulcan bombers returning from brussels. god bless the UK and god save the QUEEN from your friend in the usa.

  • You forgot to ask anyone from Plaid Cymru you feckless dimwits. Continue to take our money to fund your channels but wont give any representation on them. Owen smith is anything but welsh he is a corporate shill, same as the rest of the blairite labour idiots.

  • The bbc… just when we really needed ''a balanced'' report the bbc give us this !! and we have to pay a licence fee for it.!! .. its becoming ridiculous… the bbc ''Where integrity goes to die''

  • Last week South Korea Moon's regime delivered 20,000 boxes of tangerines to North Korea Kim Jung Un by C-130 Military transport; 5 times back and forth, at a cost of approximately USD 600,000. Many people have doubts and worries about that- why now? Some believe that Moon is hiding money among other items in these deliveries, but there is no way to confirm if there is anything in the planes other than tangerines. Theses doubts are a result of Moon's Pro-North Korean administration. They are continuously deceiving their people and control media to keep them silent.

  • Thanks for a video collection of smarmy swamp scum licking their lips in glee, they must be breaking out the champagne at the BBC

  • be a shame if after not surrendering to the nazis to now surrender to the resurrection of the 3rd reich under Juncker and his nazi roots. Once EU has an army nobody will leave the EU. EU a totalitarian regime run by unelected, anti semite elites. Freedom of speech, democracy, sovereign nations run by elected leaders all at stake… How many people realize whats really at stake here? You guys need a Churchill not another weak Chamberlain to lead you back into freedom. Remember where appeasement got you last time or did you already forget? EU the midwife of a global technocratic totalitarian regime, you gotta be crazy to think thats good for the common working class person.

  • this is what happens when raceism an nationalism prevail…everyting was going with Britain an d European Union for decades until the U.S .A an Britain an d E.U. decided to invade Libya an Syria…the War they started created a situation,,,an all those refugies fled to Britain an d E.U…an Britain dont want them,,but prefer to come out of the E U. so she dont hav to take them….now Britain may be on the treshold of hell…Raceism brought that upon themselves..

  • The political class think the British Public are stupid. This is is a deliberate orchestrated ploy to push for a Second Referendum. 1. Cause political chaos by Producing a Rubbish deal that everyone will reject causing consternation and confusion then 2. offer 2nd Referendum, in the guise of a valid & reasoned solution to stop the self created chaos. Slam dunk and the Globalist and Big Business which support the EU get what they want. I pray to God that this manipulation of the British people and the undermining of UK democracy is not allowed to take place.

  • More bullshit by the BBC.
    Gerard Batten on facebook says what most of us feel, that we have
    been betrayed by our elected representatives.
    If we do not get a clean break then civil disobedience will ensue.

  • So, #BBC is trying to #Brainwash people with their #Propaganda. I will not be surprised that later it comes out that #EU is paying BBC to spread these propaganda to stop #Brexit. #British people who support Brexit must stay together and must not leave their grounds with these lame propaganda. #UK must #LeaveEU with #NoDeal

  • There will be no Brexit.Teresa May played it very well.The plan will be voted down, another referendum will take place and Remainers will win.The End.

  • We voted leave just do it, the trouble is we have such a weak government, fuck could you imagine going to war, she would just surrender. TRAITOR'S. It's time for civil unrest. We must keep Britain British no surrender

  • It's all an EU/Remainer plot! They're all lying, as they intend to abstain/vote in a way to keep the UK in the EU for future membership (Why else is May pushing on?). The big EU fear is UK will break free and prosper as pro-EU will never be able to con the British people into being rejoined to the federation. It's all an EU/Remainer plot. Scheming politicians talk about now – but they're always plotting ten years ahead. Talk of second referendum is a publicity stunt, as they know they would lose big time and kill their plot . Fear-mongering about no-deal and the Irish border is propaganda. This is our 'Battle of Britain' for our future. Write to your nearest Conservative MP and tell them to change May's plot for a pro-UK plan.

  • We need a new election and get rid of conservative and labour, they have both been disgraceful throughout this process and neither party care about what the people voted, slowly and systematically they have both been destroying the uk. We need a new party to get behind that puts UK FIRST (moggy and fararge together would be good) but till that comes along it has to be UKIP

  • 2gointruth With Good News of The True Gospel says:

    I am a staunch believer that we should remain in the EU, and I watched the whole of nearly three hours of Theresa May’s achievement for a good deal, with the EU at PM’s Question Time: Where not one of those who criticised her, seemingly at every turn, had not even spent one minute of the many hours of each day and night, over the two years of negotiations that that Theresa May has Spent, working herself to a frazzle. Why don’t we all shut up (especially the News Media) and wait for the deal: That is, when she returns from Brussels and she will put it to every MP in Parliament. Then we’ll be able to add our own selfish and mean-spirited points of view, at that time!

  • Vince Cable….voice of reason as usual….pity the Liberals did not have him as their leader before….do not think they would have got into bed with the Tories which has ultimately led to this tabacle

  • We need to EXPOSE and GARROTE, as it were, the Conservative MPs who have (or will) profit directly, by investing in the destruction of ESSENTIAL and PUBLICLY held companies.

    They are not even ASHAMED of their crimes against this nation; working openly against the interests of those who elected them!

    We need to take DIRECT ACTION, before they JUMP SHIP to evade the consequence of their own crimes..!!

    How long before they arrive in Trumpian AMERICA, to enjoy the proceeds of their UTTERLY dishonourable gains?

    Believe me, they have performed numerous and various activities; which constitute nothing less than being UTTERLY & BRUTALLY AVERSE to the interests of our Nation.

    We, as the United Kingdom, have previously contributed so much to this world.

    What is to say that our contribution to the world community is over?



  • I think Theresa May is doing her best to pull the UK out of the shit it got itself into, and the rats who pushed UK into shit dare to criticize May…..They don't deserve May…they should go with Farage…

  • Brexiteers and Remainers must unite. Demand a vote of no confidence and a no-deal Brexit. With this bad faith deal we loose our national sovereignty AND the perks of being in the EU while still having to pay tribute.
    This is unacceptable.

  • They all coming out of the woodwork now, that Brexit was ruined by what Mrs May has done, who's fault is it , that brexit wasn't carried out, first they put May in.charge, most of them won't stop opposing brexit, also going on BBC and Skye, to air Thier grieve, and the bloody BBC wouldn't stop doing debates on brexit, since we won two years ago, we don't want a second one referendum, but a general election to throw you out, as for the people's vote fuck them, tell them to go to bed, all this bloody talk about people getting older, etc, do what ?.all the roaches in Westminster are on Thier last leg, do you want us to uethinise them ?. Happy to oblige,

  • This woman, Frau Adolphine Merkel, 'without-a-shot-being-fired', has
    taken up, where ADOLPH left-off! – Make no-mistake, what she (and her
    'Commission/Parliament' gang) want, (what Adolph-wanted) is to change the 'continent'
    of Europe into a COUNTRY called Europe. If PM Theresa May, a 'remainer', well-meaningly,
    (!) sells-out to this Merkel-woman and her successors, I don't have to be a
    Nostradamus to forecast what lies-ahead. Within 10-15 years of an
    irrevocable/irreversible signing-up to what she and her 'Commission'
    really-have-in-mind, are, 1/. All 28 existing individual 'countries' will
    disappear-from-maps, showing a COUNTRY called Europe. 2/. A single
    combined-military and (by whatever name civil-service), will exist. 3/. all
    gold stocks presently held by individual-nations, will, (for
    convenience'-sake!) be transferred to BERLIN, as will, 4/. the HQ of this 'new
    country', because anyone believing that little pipsqueak 'Brussels' has been
    anything-other than a smokescreen smoke-and-mirrors 'temporary-illusion' for
    their-'real-plans', needs their head testing. 5/. NATO will cease-to-exist. And
    6/. Your kids had better start LEARNING-DEUTSCH (for non-linguists 'that's'
    German). 7/. 'IF' Britain is still-attached, like an umbilical-cord to-this new
    'country', 'driving' WILL be compelled to switch to the 'RIGHT'
    side-of-the-road. To all lefty dreamers/'remainers', don't say you

  • This is the best Brexit recipe. First, break two German eggs and beat lightly with a fork. second, place a non-stick Brussels pan on a low flame. Add a little Irish butter and then pour the German beaten eggs into the pan. Stir constantly and stay alert so that the eggs don't stick to the pan or curdle. Keep on lowering and raising the flame to ensure this. The cooking time may seem like forever but don't give up. Be patient. The eggs should not become too soft or too hard. Both can be controlled by raising or lowering the heat from the flame. When the Brexit eggs are neither too soft nor too hard remove from flame and serve immediately to the British public with French garlic bread and shout, Brexit Eggs are served! If the British public puke then throw the eggs out of the kitchen window along with the non-stick saucepan.

  • we lost all those brave service men and women in all the wars. now the British government is selling them down the river . they died so we could have are own country ruled by us not Germany, France, or Italy, and junkers, JUNKERS they would be rolling in there graves they fought all those wars to free europe now Tories giving it all away. WHY And To Junkers

  • Look just get us out we want out no deal no relationship nothing they need us more than we need them that's why it's dragged on and on as long as it has we hold all the cards the eu should be asking us for a deal our economy will unstoppable if when we leave only if we drop the eu like a bad habbit

  • Made some of my Stayer points to the illegitimacy of the Quitters claim they can Quit against what is now the over 50% et al last night. Phone Radio. Do something do not sit like glued up flies in the Spider Quitters’ Web of lies, illegitimacy, corruptions, loss of jobs—already happening, threats of far more, fear at Crashing out and May's present Rotten deal, Dover jammed up and thousands of portable toilets reported on Channel Four put in down there, ten to twenty years before we can get decent or even any trade rules all on an advisory Referendum set to distract from internal Tory squabbles? The list goes. See my Facebook Post, needs rewriting for more. Peter L. Dollins.

  • No worries because May defies Tory rebels to press on with Brexit deal. And so now, European citizens will no longer be able to “jump the queue” for jobs in Britain. Africans and Asians will finally get an equal chance to get work in Britain, ending the subtle discrimination in favour of white skinned and Christian Europeans. Because, that is what the people wanted from Brexit. Lol!

  • SameSameDifferent says:

    Wow!!! From someone who is not a part of the UK, I simply cannot believe how many un-democratic politicians you have in your Parliament. They must be getting a really good amount of money from the globalists, to betray the UK and your democratic vote you had.

  • Full WTO EXIT on March 29th 2019….. and we are keeping our £40 Billion to buy PREFAB houses for the poor… £10k min chalet/houses…. 500,000 built in 3 years £20 per week rent.

  • The Last Spartan says:

    Mays customs union agreement is tantamount to a declaration of civil war against the British people.

    And in response to this deal if it goes through, I'll not be paying my council tax and I'll happily go to to jail for non payment of said council tax

  • How is the alternative worse than this present deal your being skeptic. you have no idea what would happen to much scaremongering now Just break free and give it a go.

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