Breakthrough Advertising: The entire marketing funnel revealed

Breakthrough Advertising: The entire marketing funnel revealed

today is another lesson from breakthrough advertising I'm gonna show you how you can create a top-to-bottom marketing funnel I'm gonna show you how you can update it for the modern world using technology and the Internet even though this was written in 1966 I'm going to show you how you can update the marketing funnels that it describes and I'm going to show you how to approach every single segment of your market through different sales funnels this is probably one of the most detailed and in-depth videos I've ever made thanks to this book I'm gonna get into it after this hey welcome back its profit copilot calm happy Friday everybody we made it to the weekend so this is profit copilot calm my name is Mike meanie and this is all about helping you to get better results online and today I'm going to give you the entire marketing funnel this is going from top to bottom I'm going to teach you how to profit from every single stage of the marketing funnel irrespective of what you're selling or what you're offering in your business so you know how to sell to just about anyone no matter what stage of the funnel they are at or what stage of the funnel you operate in and this is the exact process that will help people to feel like they know like and trust you and this is using the book breakthrough advertising by Eugene Schwartz so we've gone through this book before it's the most expensive book in copywriting history that I'm aware of anyway it currently retails on Amazon for about a thousand dollars you can get cheaper versions elsewhere but if you're going to invest in a copywriting book that's the one to get so we're gonna take a massive lesson from this book today because I think everybody needs to know this stuff it's really important so this book talks about the five levels of prospects awareness and it was written in 1966 but what I'm going to do today is I'm going to update this stuff for the internet age so I'm going to show you how you can use this content in this book in 1966 to make money on the internet today using modern technology so I'm going to effectively update the content in this and make it relevant to you so we're going to use a combination of psychology and technology so we're going to take the psychological stuff from the book and then I'm going to give you my own experiences with techno so we've got this mishmash of things going on so the marketing funnel concept all begins with this book everything that we do on line with sales funnels and marketing funnels comes from this book this is like the birthplace of the marketing funnel so it's really important stuff and you know there's dozens and dozens of courses that charge around $3,000 a pop to to learn this stuff so I'm a little bit excited about this today because I've been planning this for quite a long time so this really is the beginning place of the marketing funnel and the funnel if you're not aware of it at the moment it moves the prospect from A to B so that starting point is usually them not knowing a thing about you they might not even know about the problem they have and then you move them through a series of events through the funnel that will eventually result in them trusting you enough to hand over their credit card details to you and that is the purpose of the funnel we can use it for different things so we can take someone from not knowing a thing about you to sharing your content or opting into an email list we can use the funnel in like multiple different ways depending on what we want to achieve the most common way is the gas sale but at the beginning stage of the funnel they don't know anything about you and that is just one level of the funnel and we have multiple stages through the funnel so I'm going to give you different strategies that work for every single stage of the funnel and I'm going to teach you how to capitalize on every segment of your market because each stage of the funnel represents one segment of your market I'm going to explain what all this means in immense detail in a few minutes but I'm going to show you how to use this with integrity and through value-based marketing so if you care about your prospects and you care about your customers this is out absolutely going to help you deliver more value and make more profit in an ethical way where you feel good about the sale so I'm going to tell you every single level that you need to know I'm going to give you examples and then I'm going to give you actionable strategies that you can use and that is because you will have built enough trust through educating your prospects and that is key and getting that emotional bond with your prospects and listen you don't have to do all of this that what I'm about to show you is in-depth it's hands-on it's real tactical stuff but you don't have to do all of what I'm about to show you if you just want to focus on one segment of the market that's absolutely fine I'm sure you will do amazingly well with just one segment so 5 elements of prospect awareness the first level the biggest level is unaware the second one is problem aware the third level is solution aware the fourth one is product aware and then the fifth level is the most aware I'm going to explain what each of these means in detail so the first three stages unaware problem or solution aware these are all about educating your prospects and the final two stages which is product aware and most aware those two stages are about selling so all this will become clear as we go through I know it's a lot but by the end of it it will make sense I can promise you that so the first level the unaware stage of the funnel this is where you have freezing-cold traffic it's not even cold traffic it's freezing these are the people who don't know that they have a problem they're unaware that a problem even exists and they're happy they don't know that life could be a lot better and this is the biggest segment of a market but it's also the hardest to sell to and this stage the unaware stage is all about planting see and it's about giving people new ideas making them interested in something and then when you have their attention when you have their interest then you can start moving them through the lower levels of the funnel so an example could be you've got a blogger who's happy running the blog update in the the website every day and they're monetizing with Adsense and they're happy they don't realize that they're missing out on a whole heap of revenue they think that had sensors where it's at and they don't realize that they could easily make 10 times the amount so a strategy attack addicting you can use could be to create an interruption in their pan this is where the pattern interrupt comes into place I've spoken about this before this is where you tell them something new you educate them that the problem exists and a good way of capturing their attention could be through Facebook Ads so you create a quite shocking Facebook ad or you boost the post of Facebook something that gives them some some stats some data that allows them that tells them there something they need to know about and they need to take more action and that action brings them down into the second stage of the funnel these are the people that are problem aware so we've moved them down to the second level and these are the people who know that there's a problem but they need more information so these other people who might be searching for a solution they turn to Google so they start looking on forums they start asking for advice on the Internet and they start googling they start reading blog posts so the example of problem aware people could be that the blogger now knows that they could be earning more they realize that they're missing out on something so the strategy for you to capitalize on these kind of people could be through content marketing so this is where things like keyword research comes in you can embed yourself on communities and this is again all of our education and use that education to bring them down into the next level which is making them solution aware and this is the third level of the funnel and these are the people who are actively looking to solve their problem they're looking at their options they're examining everything that's out there and how they're finding these potential solutions they're potential products well they're still searching on Google they're still asking for advice on communities they're still reading blog posts they're watching YouTube videos so an example could be again sticking with the blogger analogy the blogger realizes that creating digital products is the most lucrative way to monetize his website so it starts looking for ways to create digital products and your strategy could be a Facebook retargeting campaign because if they hit your website once you've already pixel them so this is where you create a retargeting campaign and offer them the lead magnet and again you can use content marketing so you find the exact search phrases that people are using to find the content that solves this problem and then you create content based around those keywords and then you position that content in front of these prospects and use content as a vehicle to get them to subscribe to your email list while still providing them with an education okay all these levels so far are still about providing people with an education so to get them to opt in to yes to your email list it's through the promise of an education and that will move them down to the next level of the funnel and these are product aware prospects and they realize that there's a specific product that will help them and this is warm traffic they're almost ready to buy from you they're still kind of on the fence and they need a little bit more of a nudge to buy so an example could be a blogger knows that your specific problem exists but they're still on the fence they're still weighing up their options so a strategy you could use to convert these prospects into customers could be to create a custom audience on Facebook and run an ad campaign only to those people who have already subscribed to your email list or another good strategy could be to create a product review so you run them through all the options available you review every product that's available or the ones that you believe will best help them and suit their needs and then you review each one and then you have affiliate links pointing to all of the products and you profit that way and then at the bottom of the funnel the very final stage of this we have red-hot traffic these are the most aware prospects and these are typically your previous customers or their prospects who know exactly what the problem is they know exactly what products exists and they want a deal so they might have gone to buy the product they might have put it into the shopping cart but they've hesitated for some reason so an example could be it's a blogger who wants to buy your product they've added it to the shopping cart but they didn't buy because they're going to go look for a coupon code or they're going to look for a better deal so a strategy you could use to convert these people into customers is again to retarget them on facebook with a special offer or you can offer them a coupon code or maybe a time-limited offer something that will help shift them into buy mode so include maybe a special bonus something like that to sweeten the deal and that is a really easy way to convert that segment of your market that level of prospect into customers so there you go that's five segments of your niche that you can target so you can decide which segment is best for your business or you can target every single segment if you want to but you don't have to just one will do so I know I've given you a lot of information too use I know that this is going to be immensely profitable for you but let me say hopefully you realize that when we break it down and we look at each segment each level of the funnel you can see that it's really easy stuff we're not doing anything too complicated and in fact you're probably already doing a lot of what is required to turn this into a profitable system anyone can do this right you can do because you're probably already doing most of what was required anyway you might just have to tweak a few things here and there it's simple stuff okay so I hope you found this useful so big props to breakthrough advertising by Eugene Schwartz what an amazing book I will return to this again in the future if you want me to you just have to let me know that that is the kind of content you want so thank you very much for checking this out if you've liked it if you found it useful hit the like button below subscribe to the channel to share this with whoever you can however you think will benefit from this share it with them pay it forward and I'm sure they're going to be really thankful to you as a result so thank you very much for checking this out I hope you have a fantastic weekend take it easy take care and I will see you again on Monday


8 thoughts on “Breakthrough Advertising: The entire marketing funnel revealed”

  • Alejandro Viquez says:

    Thanks for sharing knowledge! Great to hear that you want more people to know about this great tool for better copywriting.

  • absolutely amazing info. I have been making funnels with clickfunnels for my phone & computer repair business for few months now. However, I was too focused on conversions without starting with awareness and interests. I started to write blogs that give helpful tips just recently and plan on creating video content as well. Can we talk man?

  • Great stuff, thanks so much! And please more about these 5 Awareness-Levels. If possible with examples, which kind of content is relevant for which level and so on…

  • Thanks for the video mate it was awesome 🙂 – Question: How do i work out which level is best for my business?
    I am an online health and mindset coach, my niche is corporate men who are overweight, stressed and feeling like their living to work.

    I run promotional Facebook ads right now for 28 day challenge. Its basically like what you said about "Pattern interrupt" style but it hasn't been working well for the last 1- 2 months. so i need to find another solution.

  • What an amazing and informative video my friend. I feel like you pulled back the curtain and revealed some HUGE secrets. Thanks, would love to see more from book.

  • That is one expensive book man lol Classic though looks like you got an excellent condition copy. Great video bro!

  • You've just given away one the best secrets of selling 🙂

    Unaware – They don't even realize they already have a problem.
    Problem-Aware – Make them realize they have a problem.
    Solution-Aware – Present them with a solution to solve the problem.
    Product-Aware – Show the product/s that enables them to solve the problem.
    Close the sale. [ This is a super simple objection breaker system in sales ]

    This is the basis of all human psychology. Make them unhappy with what they have already because there is a new and easier way or product/s that can make life easier or solves their unhappiness. This is so powerful that every professional business owner and ads agencies use all the time. We call this the ABC of selling, it's thought at high levels. Each step has to be applied in order. Jumping to the price kills the sale. Gotta show What's in it for me 🙂

    What you've just given away cost me a lot of money and time and seminars to learn. Where were you 10 years ago 🙂

    Excellent tips yet again! Thank you!

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