hey guys its jenn so a little while back i went to this place called Carmel It’s in California. It’s like north of Los Angeles. I drove there and spent the weekend and then when I got back I discovered that apparently there is a law there that prohibits people from wearing heels that are higher than two inches. And now I’m just confused. Like b*tch.. what if I want to step the f*ck out! in Carmel! So because of this I decided to google other weird laws in the US. Turns out there are a lot of laws that are just as weird in every state of the United States. Now I don’t know if these are real. I found them on the internet, but I’m going to just say ‘Yes they are real’ because ~everything~ that you read on the internet is always true. Like there is never false information on the internet. I believe everything that I see on the internet. Anyway! Your probably wondering.. Jenna why are you telling me this? I don’t care. I am telling you this because… I, being a newly turned 20 year old, adult woman citizen of the United States. Decided that for this weeks video… I gonna break some weird US laws. Right here. Right now. But don’t worry guys, its fine. These laws only pertain to their specific states. So because I’m a California resident… I’m not going to get in trouble. So let’s break some laws! Like, who would have ever guessed that I would ever say that into a camera? Apparently… (pronounces Arkansas wrong every time from now on) In Arkansas it is illegal to pronounce Arkansas wrong. Alright… Like, what if a was a child? The word Arkansas is probably confusing to a child. I mean, it does not look how it sounds. ’cause it looks like it is pronounced ar – can – sas Wait, do you hear that? ar – kansas ar – can -sss- sauce? ar – can – sass [SCREAMS] I’m like a criminal. I’m a criminal, I’m a criminal. In Alabama, it is apparently illegal to, and I quote… What about Halloween though? Is there like an exception for that holiday? Like, is there some fine print that I just did not read? Do they not sell this costume in Alabama? I don’t know, but honestly like, I am really excited to break this law. Because, I’ve always wanted to put on a nun costume. Like, I think it would suite me really well. Here’s my garb. What is this piece of garb? How? OK, this is supposed to go on your? Is this for everyone? like this? [laugh] AAAA! Honestly a look, like an everyday look. My God, YESS! Get me in this! OMG its ripping! Alright, well. That’s about the extent of this law. Apparently… In a certain town of Georgia, It’s illegal to eat fried chicken with anything other than your hands. I have this box of KFC, filled with fried chicken. Honestly like, I hate fried chicken. Unless KFC wants to sponsor me, then I ~love~ fried chicken. It’s so good. Look at this like.. [laugh] what? Like, what if a girl just wants to use a fork? I want to meet the person who is on patrol. Going door to door. Making sure every single person inside their house is not eating fried chicken with anything other than their hands. Honestly, like I would love that job. I’m not even being sarcastic. Apparently, in New Jersey it is illegal to slurp dick. Apparently in New Jersey it is illegal to slurp your soup. I mean I, like if any of these are real, it’s this one. * slurp* *more violent slurps* Apparently in Hawaii. It is illegal to to put a coin in some… [Knock at the door] Knock, Knock, Knock, Knock [pounding at the door] Coming.. [quicker pound-pound-pound] Cop: Its the police! Cop: I’m coming in! Jenn: I’m sorry, please don’t arrest me… Cop: I heard you breaking laws in here! Cop: This! Jenn scared: I… It was only a couple laws… Cop: This! Risky business! Cop: Your life is…
Jenn: I’m sorry.. Cop: fucking over! Cop: Get on the ground! [arrrh!] Cop: Get on the ground! Jenn: I just make videos on the internet, Jenn: Like ICarly. Cop: Get! Get down here! Cop: AUGH! GET! DOWN! Cop: I don’t want to hurt you!, but Get Down! Cop: Get Down! Jenn: Its just one video [in audible] Jenn: Five laws, but it’s in like just one video. Cop: Oh it’s fucking hot. Cop: Your Life Is Over!! Cop in devil voice: ITS OVER!



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