Ruahine Forest Park would have been the site
of New Zealand’s largest ever irrigation dam if the government and
conservation minister got their way. The dam would have destroyed
22 hectares of forest park and set a precedent for nearly a
million hectares of conservation land
around the country. Forest & Bird went all the way to New Zealand’s
Supreme Court to defend Ruahine. and the court has just delivered its verdict. We won! Ruahine is safe. This decision protects all of
New Zealand’s forest parks. It’s huge and we couldn’t have done it alone. This victory took 5 years, 3 court cases, and thousands of supporters all around New Zealand. But there are many more places in
New Zealand that need help. If you care about nature and about standing
up for what is right… Support Forest & Bird. Together we can save them too.


One thought on “BREAKING: We won!”

  • it seems like the people vs politicians (aka big corporations).. so why do people still vote these clowns in who choose money, and short term gains, over our endemic flora and fauna?

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