BREAKING! US Adopts Sanctions Against Nord Stream 2 And Turkish Stream

BREAKING! US Adopts Sanctions Against Nord Stream 2 And Turkish Stream

The sanctions against Nord Stream-2 featured in the Pentagon’s budget were expected, because the States want to gain unilateral advantages in the gas sector by infringing Europeans. This statement was made in the Russian Foreign Ministry. The U.S. House of Representatives adopted the bill, now it should be signed by Trump. Europe’s reaction was predictably harsh. The European Commissioner for Trade condemned the sanctions against legal entrepreneurs, and the Association of European Businesses demanded that the EU, finally, itself, without interference from outside, determine the energy policy. My colleague Mihail Antonov will continue To take money from someone, you need to spend money. The House of Representatives of the US Congress implemented the decision to use gas as a weapon in the form of a separate defense budget item. Part of the $738 billion will be spent on sanctions against companies involved in the construction of two European gas pipelines – Nord Stream-2 and Turkish Stream. Beat your own so that strangers are afraid. The cohesion of our allies under US leadership is crucial for us to hold Russia accountable, to prevent a new arms race. I urge my colleagues to support the draft defense budget I urge you to support this budget since we are a country at war. We are in a hot war with extremists around the world and the Cold War with our competitors – Russia, China and other states that do not recognize international standards – Republican Party Rep. John Lewis Gazprom’s European partners may fall under sanctions: OMV, Wintershall, Shell. But the main goal is the owners of three pipelayers involved in the Baltic Sea – the Italian company Saipem and the Swiss Allseas. Their managers and shareholders will be denied entry to the United States, and assets will be frozen. Contractors who also work in the Gulf of Mexico seem to be scared. According to the German television company NDR, the management of Saipem and Allseas announced their readiness to leave the project as soon as Trump signed the bill, and he had already promised to do so. All for the energy security of Europe. Brussels is so perplexed by such care. We got this information, we began to study and evaluate it. Give us time to evaluate what we can do – European Commissioner for Trade Phil Hogan. While the new European government is still gathering thoughts, Germany has already decided everything for itself. The Germans are furious. European energy policy should be determined in Europe, not in the USA. We fundamentally reject interventions from the outside and extraterritorial sanctions – German Minister of Foreign Affairs Heiko Maas Berlin assumes that the Nord Stream 2 and Turkish Stream commercial projects are outside US jurisdiction. When trying to complicate the construction of gas pipelines, Washington expects to create an artificial shortage in the European market and make up for it with its expensive liquefied gas. Everything is sewn with white thread, so much so that the Merkel party has defined it as a hostile act and even the German “greens”, who often oppose traditional energy, called the actions of the congress “unprecedented interference”. German business demanded from its government to stop lawlessness and racketeering. The adoption of sanctions against Nord Stream-2 by the US House of Representatives is an attack against European sovereignty and unacceptable interference in Europe’s autonomous energy policy. They will negatively affect the efforts of the EU, which acts as an intermediary in the development of a transit agreement between Russia and Ukraine. If sanctions will come into force, then the European industry and consumers are threatened by rising energy prices – chairman of the“ Eastern Committee – East European Union German economy “Oliver Hermes. The main countermeasure is the speedy completion of construction. For the US sanctions to take effect, the defense budget must be approved by the upper house of Congress – the Senate, then it must be endorsed by Trump. After that, 60 days begin during which the State Department and the US Ministry of Finance must provide the White House with a list of companies subject to punishment. According to German media estimates, five weeks before the completion of the construction of Nord Stream-2. That is, there is still time, but it is not clear how much. Whatever happens next, one thing is clear: the overseas allies dealt a fatal blow to the pro-American feelings of the Germans. The democratic majority in the House of Representatives of the Congress was part of Germany’s political class as the only source of light in the dark era of Trump. Now this source is gone.


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  • This TRAITOR PRESIDENT has figure out how to cause more turmoil around the world!Again,no diplomacy,just KAOS!I know, BEAUTIFUL,PERFECT!

  • It’s like telling everyone buy freedom gas and you’ll be free!!! give me a darn break the American empire is like a wounded hog in its final hour.

  • The only country that wants war is America. And with that 738 billion dollars you can help alot of Americans with it. America should mind their own business for once. And also America is the biggest arms dealer in the world. Fucking hypocrite piece of shit government. They literally don't care for their own citizens. Yet they are happy enough to keep their warmongering regime alive. All with the tax payers money. Fucking criminals. Can't believe Europe still see America as alies. Sick of that country.

  • Do you people really think The U.S. Gov. tells any TRUTH to it' s citizens??? Americans are not ALL in league with American Gov.. I do not vote because the vote is in already…and beyond that I do not vote because I HAVE A KING. YAHUSHUAH!
    Pit of vipers raise your ugly head…The world has been overcome! Wait for it…Behold He Comes…in Wrath and JUSTIFIED!

  • U.S economic terrorism at work- so much for a free and open capitalist society.
    Perhaps they can revisit what it means to be truly competitive in a global marketplace.

  • I knew there was a very big possibility for US and or other US Western Allies that were going to some how disrupt Russia’s natural gas pipeline, because that would take $$$ Money away from the US and imo Ukraine can no longer siphon Russia’s LNG and resell it. imo Ukraine’s greedy corrupt government will suffer the consequences, because what natural resources does Ukraine have to offer or anything else? imo Ukraine should have never been tempted by the US government to secede from Russia. Karma’s kicking them in the face. Plus, Ukraine has a 40 % Russian speaking citizens and many are leaving.

  • Do you understand that if the military budget plans sanctions against some targets, against some enemies, then this should develop logically. For example, if Nord stream 2 is a danger from the point of view of the Pentagon, and any company who engaged in construction is an enemy of the Pentagon, the Pentagon can impose sanctions against those who condone it, the example of Merkel. With whom Merkel needs to talk it through? With Putin, and Putin is the enemy. So we can't let them meet to discuss the construction of the enemy object, which means that any airport from where can fly Merkel, too, is an enemy object. And all the airport staff. So you can go on and on. The Western way of thinking is schizophrenia. Or it's a virus that leads to insanity. It's some kind of meningitis. "When the Lord wants to punish someone, He deprives a person of reason"

  • Another u.s. desperate act trying to stay above water. All attempts will fail. China and russia dont have to fire a shot.they just buy gold and wait. let the u.s. implode on itself under the weight of its debt

  • Pres. Putin stated at one point 79 countries are involved with said pipelines. Germans have invested funds into this project. Maybe Macron is correct about building an EU Army. Dump NATO. My country was not designed to interfere with Europe. That is what the Monroe Doctrine was about. These actions are causing resentments. Only 3 States possibly 4 who receive the benefits from this move. Oil, Gas Industry receives tax funding. Germans need to tell us the base goes in Germany. Turks threaten it. The propaganda is Russia will make weapons? Get a clue. BP is pumping oil in Russia. Good grief.

  • Go ahead America try sell your expensive liquid Gas in Europe that we have to wait for while you ship it across and then try to charge Europe three times the cost. We the people will burn wood and coal before we buy your expensive shite liquid Gas

  • 1:20 a country at war ?? with whom? as for extremists ! there hasnt been any attack on US since 911, while cold war, it's US who started it.. It wouldnt hurt you if u deal with ur competitor as competitors do.. It's only a war in the mind of US admins

  • Well that's the anti-Christ's MO.
    I live in the US and I see our people being lied to by our government…
    The people of the US don't want war, but we're to busy fighting each other that we aren't fighting our corrupt government.
    Its so so wrong and I am called a shill because I think our government is a bully and Putin is amazing
    I am apparently an enemy of my country for thinking this

  • The US political excuse to the Nordstream 2 pipeline is to prevent a new arms race? That is the most shi!!y excuse I’ve ever heard. Bush used the excuse that there were WMD in Iraq and turned out that there were No WMD to be found and Iraq was Bombed by the US military and used irradiated munitions on soldiers and civilians that have been infected with radiation and the mothers and infants are suffering from diseases and genetic mutations. Anyways, Money is being Taken Away from the US and that they want to Dictate and Impose there Democratic Policies to foreign leaders and government of where they can get their LNG or anything else for that matter.

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  • This is good because it widens the gap between the USA and Europe. Keep it coming USA you are doing a great job destroying your alliance with Europe.

  • America's one truly 'Exceptional' Quality:

    Its Self-Aggrandizing ARROGANCE!

    Godzilla just slipped on all the plastic it's been shitting into the Sea for the last fkin CENTURY!

    Gigantic SPLASH imminent… Take cover & hold on tight! This is gonna be messy, folks…

  • Who started two World Wars? Never ever Trust GERMANY! Not then,Not Now.The whole World needs to watch out for EUROPE and help protect Her!

  • Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!! As a citizen of the most powerful and feared Nation on the face of the Earth ( The United States ) I get a good laugh at the posts from little minds of 💩 hole countries that think the U.S. cares about their whining…WE DON'T CARE WHAT YOU THINK…WE RULE THE WORLD… PERIOD!!

  • Disgusting American politicians. While everybody in the world knows that Trump walked away from the arms agreements we hear this. The guy actually said that Russia must be held accountable "to avoid a new arms race". Sooner or later the EU has to grow a spine.

  • St. Michael Anthony says:

    The United States of America Government is on fastrack to self destruction. The rest of the World must give them all the space and room they need 😂😂😂

  • How about all those that has all the junk to say about my country the greatest country in the world a free one that is. Can just eat their own words. One day . they might understand we are going to be here and not be hearing by any other country are people are strong like many others are. So keep your mouths shut if it wasn't for us helping other countries. A lit of death would spread far and wide across the globe

  • Russia is like a teenage girl 👧 who is always gossiping……Look at all these weird comments….Boo Hoo it’s no fair….Everybody always hating on me…..Let’s cry together…..

  • Just I wondering if may I asking who is America in first place? and where is this hypocrisy nations in the maps? Well I do believe that someone one going to say in north America tho, hahah uncle Sam please stop the shit that you have been saying for a while and it doesn't make any sense any more .

  • Before America made up all sorts of excuses to illegally sanction countries they don't like. Now they don't even care anymore cause they know the world is on to them anyway.

  • what gives america the right to put sanctions at a whim….about time germany stopped sitting on the fence…dont put to much faith in either country

  • U.S sanctions is going to backfire on them spectacularly. All the countries will stop trading in U.S dollars and it's already started happening.

  • For the elected U.S. government to attempt to control European business is completely
    nuts; we do not own or run the world. This is only one of many recent American political
    attempts to control the world economy, and in so doing is destroying the nation. Our
    political representation must have a complete overhaul; we have self-serving dopes
    representing us.

  • Most animals, cornered and on its last legs, will act violently and irrationally, the US is like the cornered hog, sanctioning any and every country for what it sees as an impingement on its world hegemonic position. How many countries haven't been tariffed or sanctioned?? The US is on a hallucinating and paranoid LSD trip!!

  • The US can't compete because it's leaders are brain dead. Consequently, it must sanction and threaten countries and in the process, the US has become the most despised nation on Earth…along with Israel, the owner of the US!

  • French hates British, German hates French, Mexican hates American, American hates Moslem, British hates German, Spanish hates Italian, Italian hates British, Danish hates Swedish, Swedish hates Finnish, Finnish hates Hungarian, Hungarian hates Romanian, Romanian hates Ukrainian, Polish hates Ukrainian and Mostly hates UK.
    Who's the winner??? 😂😂😂

  • Turkstream is completed already.
    Nord stream 2 is 80% complete.
    Even if the companies stopped operating, Russia has its own technology to lay down pipes in deep sea (chersky academician vessel), the only problem it will take more time.

  • Well,People Goes crazy over FrEeDoM… just wait…and later there will be another people who say "free Germany!" or "restore democracy to the German people!" something like that

  • So NATO and the UN are worthless they say Russia is a threat but are willing to let them control their energy sector. Screw the EU and all the corruption I hope Trump freezes all the accounts. China and Russia government are dictators and are scum the EU are acting like the French

  • Well …well…well…🤣 hey germans, when russia was sanctioned it was fine for you, when its same happen to eu and you, then its bad? Your hipocrisy is outstanding

  • USA are nothing but pirates. Steal oil from countries or sell bombs to there enemies Saudi Arabia,putting profit before the lives of there own servicemen and women.


    My gosh! My country (U.S.) sure is lacking in tact and diplomacy, and rather deserves that! I'm just a little guy and have no clout, and my apologizing for their being rude isn't authorized by them. Nevertheless, I'm sorry. You're to be respected as equals.

  • Wait a minute. Maybe I don’t understand something or missed it? How to understand this? Why did Germany suddenly recall some kind of sovereignty? This is strange. For 50 years, Europe lived without sovereignty under the supervision of the United States and everything was fine. I don’t understand anything. Why is Europe sovereignty? I think sovereignty is not included in the plans of the American host. In vain Europe remembered this, very vain. It will hurt.

  • live wrms and ars mara khawal tb no only russia no numbers as far as i am concerned dont get me mote into politics 👞👞👈🏻👈🏻

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