Breaking Up

Breaking Up

Heya guys, want to treat yourself this holiday season with some online safety? Use the code DOMICS at for 75% off for a 3 year plan. And for a limited time, also get an extra month for free. *the aftermath of too much maple syrup* *A DOMICS ANIMATIONS* Is it just me or has it been breakup season lately? Ew. There never really seems to be a good time to break up. You’re probably in the middle of deciding on when to break things off right now. But something’s delaying it, whether it’s a concert you two planned on going to for a while, but it would be too much trouble to resell the tickets, or you’re being considerate and waiting until exams are over so it won’t affect their studies, But the reality is there’s never a good time. It’s not some 9 a.m. appointment you can schedule next month. You do it soon or you do it later… …and the longer you wait, the harder it gets to do it. I consider one of the poorest ways of breaking up is acting like an asshole so you force them to break up with you instead because you’re too much of a coward to get your hands a little dirty. You manipulate the situation so that you become the dumpee instead; you become the victim making them the villain. What this does is it allows you to gain the sympathy of others who don’t fully know the story from both perspectives or true reasoning of the break-up… and that sympathy helps you justify this ugly method of ending a relationship. …and that sympathy helps you justify this ugly method of ending a relationship. This is how grudges are born man. So, how do you do it? How do you just tell someone? “Yeah, you know what Cindy? I don’t think I want to do this anymore.” I mean you could.. Best-case scenario is they mutually agree with you and it’s a clean transaction you both admit. You don’t see things eye-to-eye, you don’t have the same sense of humor, her father’s racist, or you’re just staying together for the sake of being in a relationship, and not because you’re actually in love with each other. But let’s say you two aren’t on the same page. It’s way more difficult to convince the other party to comply with your decision While my past video “You Should Probably Break Up” focused on the red flags in a relationship I want to talk more about the inevitability of some relationships ending. These are the couples whose red flags they chose to ignore in the beginning or partners who’ve just matured separately and have become different people. Proving to be incompatible with each other. Things aren’t always in our control and that holds true for people’s mindsets when being in a relationship. Most people don’t really plan ahead when starting their commitment to a person, they don’t usually decide right away that yes this person right here will be my fully committed partner for all eternity including future incarnations. No, you kind of just date people to discover what kind of people you’re compatible with, and when you find out you’re not What’s the solution? ʸᵒᵘ ᵇʳᵉᵃᵏ ᵘᵖ A lot of people who have fallen out of love and remain in their relationships choose to stay because to put it simply: it’s comfy! There isn’t really a catalyst for a breakup, no one cheated on anyone, it’s just been a slow burn over the years about little things that added up. But you’ve invested all this time into each other’s lives that it’s just too much trouble to cut ties and deal with the aftermath. You live with each other so how do you decide who moves out, who keeps the dog so how do you decide who moves out, who keeps the dog your friends and family have known you two to be inseparable, so it seems beyond impossible to imagine you two breaking up. It’s just so much pressure It seems like a lot of work, but know that it’s even more work to maintain a disingenuous relationship Best-case scenario, you can stay friends. You just got to convince the next person you’re dating that you’re still living with your ex and they have nothing to worry about. If you’re gonna break things off with someone do their next partner a favor by doing your ex a favor and be clear about the reasons why you’re breaking up with them. Just because you’re done with them doesn’t mean the world is. All relationships are learning experiences and it’s so common for exes to emotionally scar each other so deeply that they’re incapable of opening their doors to anyone new. Sometimes it can be really difficult to have a blank slate with new relationships, I get it and old habits tend to carry over from the previous. But if we’re supposed to learn from our mistakes, then we deserve to know what they are, even if we don’t initially agree with them you guys remember my fourth breakup story about how we ended really abruptly when I was convinced that everything was good and dandy… …but they weren’t. The breakup came out of nowhere. There was no discussion about it, her decision was made and I had no choice but to respect it and so my self-esteem plummeted. I tried to appear okay on the outside, but I was really broken inside. I had this looming cloud of sadness for my whole final year of university. It was so distracting that I almost hope that she just admitted to cheating on me because I was convinced that it’s much easier to move on from someone when you hate them, but I didn’t get an explanation. I was left wondering and didn’t get closure – So I didn’t know how to feel towards her and how to move on kind of like if you’re watching a movie and just cut It Midway you really don’t know how to feel about the movie because you didn’t get the conclusion and you’re left with unanswered questions. Was it a good movie? I don’t know. Was it a good relationship? I don’t know! Better late than never Karen or whatever name I gave her in the story actually contacted me years later. Years after I made the video. It obviously caught me off guard, but I tried to handle the conversation maturely. She apologized for what she put me through and admitted that the break-up was handled very poorly. She was young and didn’t know what to do at the time We talked for a bit and I finally got my explanation. I got my closure I really didn’t care too much about the details of the explanation, I already spent years after the breakup theorizing what it could be that it wasn’t all that surprising I just really respected her maturity and approaching me about her situation. Something that was way in the past and kind of unnecessary for her to do because of the time that’s passed. I wanted to hear it directly from her instead of from my thoughts, and I greatly appreciate that she did. No, we’re not friends again She made it clear that the purpose of the conversation was simply to give me the explanation that I deserved. It wasn’t a rekindling of a friendship and weirdly enough I was okay with it. Not at first, but it made sense to me afterwards. We became strangers again and it wasn’t sad. The common problem with most failed relationships is that both parties usually have no idea what they’re getting themselves into. They have a raging amount of passion going into it and they expect the relationship to match their…fantasies… …and they handle it poorly when it doesn’t. The majority of us aren’t lucky enough to find our soulmate right away on the first try. The majority of us have exes! …some more than others- *coughs* And the fact that exes exist means that most relationships fail. Oh, man, that’s a sad fact. And a lot of us have definitely not been properly equipped to maturely handle breakups when we were young. I’m not saying to be ready for a breakup when getting into a relationship. That’s uh, that’s kind of messed up. It’s kind of pessimistic. Just try to develop the empathy and a level head for dealing with problems when they arise. It’s real easy to make decisions fueled by emotion and it’s very often that they lead to undesired outcomes. I like to think that if you use Emotions as fuel it’s kind of like driving a car that you can’t steer. Oha ha ha, good luck with that…. No one likes going through a breakup, but it’s something we all got to learn how to deal with. Thank you for listening to my PSA, I’m sorry if your partner breaks up with you later tonight. hU- Big thanks to Nord VPN for being a sponsor of the channel. Exes can mess you up real good, but Nord.. Nord’s got your back. Surf the web with piece-of-mind by using my code DOMICS at for 75% off a 3 year plan and for a short time get an extra month for free! VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) are a great way to protect your privacy and security online, allowing you to browse the net anonymously with absolutely no data logging using military-grade encryption They have thousands of servers in over 60 countries, the software itself is lightweight and has a user-friendly interface and you can virtually be wherever you want to be without actually being there! Even if you’re not traveling you can never be too safe when connecting to public networks. I’m actually going on a short vaca’ to Disney World this week and you know for sho’ that I’d like my privacy to be protected. And it’s available on Desktops, Laptops and Mobile Devices as well of which you can protect up to 6 at once. Boot it up choose where you want to be and you’re there in mere seconds. If you’re too lazy to choose you can hit this button right here and Nord’s like: ” *tick* I got you” and you’ll be automatically connected to the nearest server It’s so easy! Still not sure about it? Try it out with money back guaranteed before 30 days. Once again, that’s with the code DOMICS for 75% off a 3 year plan. Enjoy! Subtitles: Mystic Yandel, improved by ps3aciv and SirZP


100 thoughts on “Breaking Up”

  • Not So Sad Baguette says:

    I’m not single because I wanna be
    I’m single because every time someone asks me out I panic and say “I’m gay-“

    But I’m not lying

  • My last ex started to be abusive do I broke up with him for being such an ahole out if no where. He went around crying to everyone and tried ruining my reputation. Which he did in many ways. I've become that thing that people pitied. I ended up moving and dropping my friends because it was too awkward to constantly explain his craziness even though no one liked him. People stopped seeing me as me.

  • 1:08 we call this the drama triangle, the victim, the bully and the rescuer. The only way to get out is to refuse to play a part, which most people will interpret as being a bully.

  • Friend: Dude.. I just broke up with my gf..

    Me: I've never gotten into a breakup before

    Friend: you're lying

    Me: No, I've just never had a relationship before… ;~;

  • Ruhina Chowdhury says:


  • I broke up with my ex partner about 3 weeks ago. I ignored all of the red flags in the first months. The relationship got to a point where we had been toxic to each other and in the last weeks, even though I tried pretty hard to make things work out, he didn't seem to want to try and was avoiding me. I was getting really hurt and had to break up, even though i liked him a lot. He was really rude to me after the breakup and even accused me of cheating. I was so mad because even after breaking up, he was still hurting me. He became friends with the people i was trying to befriend (and he knew that) and i became pretty lonely. It got better though (kind of). Honestly, he's over it and hitting on some other girl already, and although i really do not like him anymore and don't want the relationship to come back ever again, i kind of feel some resent and kind of miss him, as a friend. He helped me through some hard times and i just really miss talking to him. And i know nobody will read this, i just wanted to vent somewhere lol

  • Matt from Wii Sports says:

    My friend broke up with me and moved on quick asf with another guy…the thing is that she didnt even tell me she wss gonna leave to Arizona so early…..😭

  • Arman Kristoffer Evan R. Dulay says:

    just came from watching the break up series, and have reflected so much stuff while watching this. You truly are a great artist/story-teller/youtuber dom, proud kabayan here

  • My ex broke up with me over a year ago and now I'm in a new relationship since 3 months and I'm still afraid of the pain that a next break up will cause me. I hope this relationship will last a long long time

  • I haven't broken up with a guy for a while……….
    Because I literally haven't have had serious relationship ever since I broke up with my 3rd

  • Me: aLL mY SiNgLe LaDiEs! aLL mY SiNgLe LaDiEs! aLL tHe SiNgLe LaDiEs! aLL tHe SiNgLe LaDiEs! nOw PuT yOuR hAnDs uP! 🙌

    Also me: Puts hand up

  • Citris Butter Penguin Productions says:

    Im about to be 3 years with my boyfriend but im trying to figure out if i should leave or not cause i have college to go to and him and my mother dont really get along and she nags me constantly on true but hurtful comments on how his attitude and personality will effect me in the long run

  • Jacob2010301 On PS4 says:

    My break up went like this :girl fuck u :me fuck u to bitch :girl u fuckwit :me runs after her :girl fuck this shit I fucked ya dad

  • Sparkler Dazzler says:

    I did exactly what his ex Karen did… and I feel bad but I left the guy because he destroyed my self-esteem to the point where it was practically nonexistent. It was so bad that I even took the blame for the breakup because I couldn’t tell him the truth.

    I see now that this only caused more problems for both of us later and now I’m wondering how I’d explain it now since we don’t talk anymore.

    He’s also passive aggressive and kind of immature so it’ll be very hard to get him to listen… and make sure he doesn’t make a fool of me somehow.

    He tried to ruin my reputation when we broke up but as far as I know, he didn’t make that much of an impact. Still… this is what made me lose almost all respect for him and is now what’s making me reluctant to talk to him again.

    What should I do? I feel like if I leave him alone then I’ll avoid getting humiliated and he won’t get the chance to destroy me again. But then again… If I don’t tell him then he’ll hate me forever thinking that I broke his heart without a real purpose….

    I’m sorry this is so long. And I’m sorry to have poured it all out on someone’s comment section but it just felt so relevant.

    If you guys have some advice please do share, I’d love a some guidance 💕

  • What was the reason also when I was in year 1 (that’s 1st grade in the uk) I was in a relationship but not one week later she broke up with me

  • I think people should be way more open about relationships and not wanting to be in one! It’s ok if you just want a short term partner, not to get married or live together or anything. It’s ok if you break up! A break up is just an “I don’t want to be together anymore.”

  • Never break up with someone during finals or midterms I’ve literally had a girl give me the news then had to walk in and take my bio final

  • well month ago i broke up with my gf and fml this month feels like a fucking year well never getting anyone like her ever again 🙂

  • I've been in 4 abusive relationships. After all of them going too fast, draining me mentally, them mentally and physically hurting me, I found my current boyfriend.
    Extremely caring, Accepting, and protective.
    ( Grabs me food at lunch, keeps bullies away, tells people that they're being offensive towards me, would kill someone if they hurt me.)
    Love you Liam.
    So much.

  • Thanks man, I was the one that doesn't let the doors open and this helped me I think I'm gonna start learning from my mistakes 😁

  • My last girlfriend said “I have a problem, I like someone else but I love you” and I said “I can’t help you, it’s you’re choice to break you with me.” And this Bish told me to “you just do it…” so she wanted me to break up with HER because she didn’t want to have that guilt, I said “No, I love you I don’t want to break up with you. You want to.” And this bitch THIS BITCH said “No, I still love you, you break up with me.”

  • Rafaela Scheiwiller says:

    Mutual breakups can be the easiest (if both parties have moved apart from each other feeling wise), but it can also be the hardest: when you both love each other deeply and its all good, but you know you both want different things (like one person wants children, the other doesnt. One person wants traditional work-home balance, the other doesnt. One person is really family oriented, the other isnt).

    I just had the last lne 2 months ago and im still hurting so bad, we both are. Until the last moment, we had great chemistry and loved each others company. But we just want so different things from life. He wants to stay in his really small community, probably next to his parents and he wants to become the ceo of his dads company. I want to move something more urban (im not talking about huge cities, just big enough that people arent nosy. Im always the odd one at family reunions and for that its fine, but i dont wanna feel like this 24/7). Id move to london or something like that for him, but he really wants to stay in his radius of 160 square kms. I dont necessarily want kids, but if my partner wanted to, id be open to it, as long as we share work and childraising more or less equally (i dont want my future phd to go to waste and you just cant talk to children about really deep and complicated subjects). He wants children so bad, but as i said he wants to be a ceo. His dad goes out of the house at 5/6 am and comes home at 7pm. He says he will be able to find a way, but i know he wont. No ceo works part-time and his dad wouldnt allow it anyways. So i know if i stay with him, ill have to move to a country i dont want to be in (cause it has a monarchy with big political power (liechtenstein) whereas i love the semi direct democracy my country (switzerland) had) with people all around me who will think i am weird (i mean they are great nice people, but just very stuck in their way of living and everything outside of that is just weird) with children for whom ill have to become a housewife with a husband i wont see for 19 hours a day (12 hours work plus 7 hours of sleep).
    Its just hard because i know we are perfect for each other personality wise and if the circumstances were different (if he didnt need to become the ceo of that company which is in liechtenstein), we would be great together

  • My boyfriends ex broke up with him because he 'wasnt good enough' for her. she then found out we were dating and started talking to our friends about how he sexually assaulted her. we then told our hed of 6th form and the ex confessed it was for attention. She is bitter nasty and the spawn of satan.

  • My bf liked my bff and I knew and actually what happened was not planned but anyways he liked my bff and so he broke up with me and after she rejected him he came back to me and my dumb self accepted and knew he still liked my bff his friend do sent know how to shut up and so when we came back from Christmas break we were walking to class and my cousin who is a grade below us came up and he knows what's been going on lately and just says "so how's yalls relethionship" and I'm like "ummmm actually .." awkward silence "I'm breaking up with you" he looks at me says OK and walks off and I tell you he said it in the most motto toned voice ever a month later him and my bff started dating and then he dumped her for our other bff that was dating his friend yea he was an idiot and it didn't work.

  • xXfluffycipherXx says:

    I once read a book about someone who literally scheduled a divorce. Why? Because she was tired. The husband still happy in the relationship, too. (moans) and I mean- it didn't seem to be the entire book it was accomplished withing the first 50 pages. In a 450 page book. I stopped reading it because it was all too-fancy "bri-ish" voices.

  • I broke up with my girlfriend over the phone telling her you dont wanna there with me when i work with bts ok then bye bitch and yea but we are still friends and ive been an ARMY longer then her thats why but whatever

  • My friends had set me up with this one person and we had gotten together but I've kinda fallen out of love and don't know how to brake up with them because I started the relationship. Any advice

  • I had a friend whose boyfriend refused to break up and kept on cheating on her while he would start yelling at her if she even existed in the same room as another guy.
    I don't talk to her anymore (because we don't go to the same school anymore.)
    but I think she came out as gay recently.

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