Breaking Up When You’re Still In Love

Breaking Up When You’re Still In Love

– Nobody’s gonna believe it though, right? I mean, when somebody says
it’s mutual, I’m like, “It’s never really mutual.” – Isn’t it, though? – Isn’t it what? Mutual? – Yeah. – Yeah. – When’s your flight, again? It’s the only thing we can do. – Well, we can wait like
a month or two and then just reconsider.
– No. I’ve done long distance before. It made us hate each other. I don’t want us to hate each other. Maybe I’ll visit in August. – Oh, that would be amazing! – On the other hand, maybe it’ll be easier if
we don’t see each other. – This job better be awesome – You made the right choice. (cell phone vibrates) – Hello. Yes, this is Michael. Oh. Well, I’m thrilled to hear that. No, no, I’m not in town right now, but I will start making plans
at the end of the semester. I’m looking forward to it. – Congratulations. – I am not gonna miss the
pee pee sheets though. – Shut up. It’s a mattress cover. Stop.
– What it is this? – You’re making it worse. – Aw, it’s cute. – No, it’s embarrassing. ♫ Come on back here ♫ Won’t ya ♫ I know that you are full of doubt ♫ I’m pretty sure that
we can sort it out ♫ Maybe I should I get a
new one I have to bring in some new guy home. – Why would you say that? – I’m sorry. That was… – It’s okay. – Thank you.
– Thank you. I got it.
– No. Come on. Let me get this.
– Nope. Tradition. – Ah, jeez. I left my wallet at home. – I got, I have, like, three bucks cash in my pocket.
– How could you? – I’m so sorry. I’m such an idiot. Please. I’m a modern day woman. I could treat a dude on a date. It’s a good way to see
if men are uncomfortable with strong women, actually. – I am not looking forward to dating. – Ugh. Dating’s the worst. – All you have to do is follow
Candice to a party again. – Hi! – Hi. – I’m supposed to distract
you while they flirt. – Oh, okay. Are you actually supposed to distract me, or is this just a pickup line? I’m very confused. – No, I’m, I’m supposed to distract you. – Oh, okay. Fair enough.
– But I did just hear the worst pickup line,
if you’re interested. – I apologize. Yes, I
would love to hear this. – Here goes. Excuse me. That is your color. – Gray? – Gray. It’s ridiculous.
– Okay. Sure. I mean, like, it looks gray. No, but it’s more of, like, a
chartreause or, like, magenta. That might be it.
– A chartreu… – Uber’s here. – All right. (kiss sound) Text me when you land. Safe flight. Honk. – Did you just honk my nose? – Honk. – I love you. – I love you too. (relaxing guitar music) Honk. – Honk. ♫ And I try to listen to my gut ♫ But I don’t have much to say ♫ Oh, tell me how do
I sort this out anyway ♫ And it doesn’t feel right like this ♫ And I start to try ♫ And I fear that I will miss ♫ Oh, come on back here ♫ Won’t ya ♫ I know that you are full of doubt ♫ But I’m pretty sure ♫ That we can sort it out ♫ – It’s just so sad what’s
happening over there. – Oh, yeah. Mm-hmm. (drum music) You don’t know the half of it. (smooth instrumental music)


100 thoughts on “Breaking Up When You’re Still In Love”

  • Theresia Elb VO2 says:

    I love my boyfriend a lot and we've been together for 2 years but he hasn't treated me that good. The thought of leaving him hurts so bad but is that what I should do?

  • Natasia DaSilva says:

    I met an amazing girl from Brazil who stayed for a summer. We had insane chemistry but I had to take her to the airport and say goodbye to her. One of the hardest things I had to do.

  • y’all. My boyfriend and I broke up yesterday but like I still love him and he loves me too. He keeps asking me if I’m ok. But idk what to do hold on or let go.

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  • We are too young. Our relationship wasn’t strong enough to go through the transition of moving on in our lives. That’s not to say we weren’t strong and in a mature relationship, we just didn’t know if we could be together our whole lives. I love him so much. And it hurt both of us to have to do this but its for the best. I wish I could get over him though

  • eleftheria speaks broke says:

    that actually made me really sad. being forced to break up even though you're in love is one of the worst things ever. i'm crying right now

  • Bettinah Nally says:

    I hav never been OK with my boy friend… We fight every week an d we be OK for five days in a month…. Bt now… I think ts real… I Wil. NEver get him back again… I jxt messed things… Bt he was at fault too…. T really sucks….. Jxt can't get over it…

  • I just went through the exactly same thing yesterday except I was the guy in this situation. And I know everything will be okay, but now I wish I could be mentally dead because it hurts just too much, I don't know how to cope with it when nobody's here for me

  • TheColdFlame13 says:

    My ex was younger than me, so when I went off to college she told me she wanted to do long distance and proceeded to break up with me a month in. It was the worst feeling I've ever felt in my life, because I really felt like I could be myself. Also the commitment to the long distance and giving up on it so soon hurt as well. Later about a year and a half later I hit her up which I shouldn't have done. She then proceeded to tell me that she made a huge mistake and wanted me back. It would be long distance again. For whatever reason I agreed to this and we dated again long distance. I was blinded by love and thought it wouldn't happen again. She would always tell me how she made such a mistake and promised to never leave me again. Summer went by and when we went back to our colleges she left me again. If I could have the opportunity back to never have texted her the second time I would take it in a heart beat. It is more than half a year after the break up and I still see a therapist to this day because I have terrible issues trusting people, especially girls now. I just pray to God that I can find a person that won't scar and break me.

  • I feel like the only one who hasn't had a real deep and good relationship here where I was really hurt for a while over them.

  • Theodore Ginsburg says:

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  • You know there is this guy who really loves me , he is not not admitting it he also flirts with other women but he loves me . God save me I am living in a dilemma

  • I loved this guy and I'm still so in love with him ,but he broke up with me because he isn't happy anymore ,I don't know what mistake I did or what I lack.

  • not to long ago my bf broke up with me because he knew it wouldn't work out. We both like each other and it just hurts a lot

  • Finally met the girl of my dreams and now I gotta move to another state for college this fall. Wish me luck boys this gonna be a hard one…

  • sophia miller says:

    Sounds like it’s from the Notebook, but his parents forced us to break up by selling his car, taking away all forms of communication, and possibly moving away. No clue if he’ll try to find me later on but it’s not healthy to wait for him. It wasn’t even our choice.

  • Brackett James says:

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  • I have too move soon but I’m still in love with my ex we talk about getting back together all the time but she says she doesn’t wanna leave her current boyfriend since I’m leaving in three months but I’ve been with her since I was 14 the way I feel around her is amazing and I can’t imagine starting over I can’t stay and I can’t go I wish love didn’t have to be so damn hard

  • I got helped with my breakup thanks to those guys FOR FREE: Super helpful 🙂

  • I'm thinking about ending my relationship of 2years and half tonight by sending a letter to him because I feel that I need to explain all my reasons without interruption, of course the first reason is the distance, the second one is that I still need to wait for him 2years until he found a job so I can move to his country and start living together, reason 3 : I need to sacrifice my job my career my stability my family my country but I was going to do it for him because for me it was worth it so can be with him, reason 4: even if my family was not going to accept him because he's an atheist I was going to do everything to be with him. And now a man that I know since my childhood and I was having feelings for him in the past his now trying to be with me and he even proposed to me yesterday, now I'm lost between this two men, my childhood friend my parents likes him and accepts him, he's ready for the relationship and planing to move with me to live in France and he loves me and want to be with me. I'm crying every night because I feel guilty I don't want him to hate me because I love him but I feel lately that maybe I need to be more realistic and stop waisting my time because after all it's like I was in relationship with my phone, I hope he will understand my reasons because I want all the best for him.

  • I can so relate to this video. My now ex boyfriend broke up with me because he doesn’t want to do long distance when it’s my time to go to college. I am a grade higher than him so I makes me a senior and him and junior. I’m willing to fight for both of us and put in effort into long distance, but he fears the terrors of long distance. He fears that he will hurt me by lying and cheating. Everyone is capable of that if they choose to be it. We both still love each other and it’s one of the worst pains because in the break up he said he loves me and I still very much love him… Also enjoy every moment with someone you care about because for I had no preparation for this break up, a couple of hours before it we were laughing and enjoying each other’s company. Then the next moment we broke up ending with both of us in tears. sorry I just had to let it out….

    I love you so much Gabriel. It really hurt to let you go, but I’ll always cherish those happy memories we’ve had. Thank you for being an amazing boyfriend.

  • 2 years of long distance until we are finally closing the distance to be together, from all the waiting he got tired, he left me , it was the opposite from this video but it was truly painful cause I loved him

  • I just broke up with the love of my life. Not because of distance but because she is a rising star and I have issues I need to work on. I let her go finally so she can soar with the Eagles

  • This is the most painful thing in the world.. My heart aches every day. I like to believe things happen for a reason.. I just can't figure it out this time

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  • Where’s Wolf says:

    My girlfriend broke up with me because her and her family were moving from here in New York to Florida, I wanted to go with her and start our life, but when it came down to it she felt that I wasn’t meant to be with her as she continued in this new chapter. I took it ungracefully and was overcome with disbelief.

  • deborath wilson says:

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    I can’t express in words how grateful I am Dr okojie! It’s like we’ve finally rediscovered those things about each other that made us fall in love in the first place. All of the worrying and stress has simply vanished.
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  • Vegemite sandwich says:

    I met this guy in summer that was truly everything I wanted. He made me laugh, he had the most beautiful smile I've ever seen, his eyes were so warm and cheerful. I loved him with my whole heart and I still do. He used to take drugs and he smoke a lot but it all changed when he met me. He quit both of it and decided to be healthy. Then the summer ended and he had to go back to America. He lives in LA and I live in Croatia so he is 9 hours behind. Long distance is harder than people think. When I go to sleep, he is having lunch. When he is going to sleep, I'm waking up. I don't think I can do long distance cuz I miss him so freaking much. I only get to see him twice a year. I only get to hug him twice a year. I only get to kiss his plumpy lips twice a year. That's horrible. I don't want to end our relationship cuz I still love him so so much. And if we stayed just friends, things would get weird. Anyone got advice?

  • I watched this video 3 years ago because I was in a similar situation….
    Well here I am again 😓

    Edit: To all of those who’re going through a break up or a hardship. We got this…. Only time can mend a broken heart

  • Watching this right now. My boyfriend and I just broke up today 😔😭 send me a “♥️” to make me feel better! If you’re heartbroken, keep your head up because it’ll get better in time!!!! 🙂

  • I find it as the worst excuse, just because he’s moving… if you’re truly in love, why break up? I also hate to see how people break up just because they had some fights even tho they love each other… why suffer, when you could legit try your best to stay together

  • There is no force on earth that would compel me to leave the woman I love for a job, again. A job will replace you in a day if you died. Love should NEVER be let go. I made that mistake and I’ve been in agony for 8 years. I want to go back and change it. She’s married now, and has two kids. I have a nice house, car, money… and I have absolutely nothing..

  • LuckyRavenRose17 says:

    I've been with my boyfriend four and a half years, he went to college a year before me and we did long distance, we're doing it again while he's on an internship in another city. If you both want to make it work, it can work. It's not always going to be easy but that's life.

  • i was dating someone a while back she lived in Jacksonville and i live in Miami.She found me on ig and slid right in my dms we flirted den fell in love i had trust issues but she had every little trick in the book to make me trust her fast forward a year she disappeared her ig went gosht. i wasn’t blocked or anything her ig got deleted completely i tried calling her texting her but her number wasn’t the same i tried other social media’s they didn’t exist anymore and that broke me in every way possible she made me fall in love just to break my heart since i never got an explanation or know what happened to her i just always make a new scenario of her and wat her life is like now good or bad whenever i do it calms me a little ever since that day my trust issues got worse and i’ve never been able to take someone seriously anymore she shattered my heart and i’ve never been able to fix it properly everyone i ever tried taking seriously has shot me right in the heart from my back but i still smile like i’ve never even had a bad break up just kept it moving and never talk about it ever again and ppl don’t get that sometimes all of my anger when i get mad they don’t understand where it’s coming from and ik that if i keep holding on do my anger one day i will explode but hey i don’t trust anybody enough to talk bout what i’ve been going thru

  • Mia Hoàng Quỳnh Anh says:

    I just broke up w my boyfriend because i saw that he was suffering trying to maintain our relationship. He said he loves me when i broke up w him. That hurt. Yeah i didnt want to. But i know it was the right thing to do. The best for both of us

  • scarlet camatose says:

    Why am I crying at the laundromat 😭😭😭😭😭 it's so hard to let go because you both still care so you look for eachother and call eachother but you know it cant be and it hurts so damn much. And even though you say it's over the smallest thing brings you back to eachother but all it does is hurt you more

  • InNOcent Princess69 says:

    That's so stupid they had no reason to break up if you really loved each other you would make it work you're potentially ruining something that could of been a life time of happiness sharing your life with that person that you want to be with why through that away if him getting that job was really important than I would of gotten a job where he had to move and went with him

  • InNOcent Princess69 says:

    I'm reading the comments and a lot of people had gone through this long distance is a thing people if you love someone you fight for them and you make it work it makes me sick when people just give up on their live for someone so easily

  • InNOcent Princess69 says:

    If you try and it doesn't work out then you can at least know that you tried and it just wasn't meant to be but dont give up before giving it a chance

  • I broke up with my bf today because of long distance. This is hurting me so badly. I miss him so much but I don’t think he feels same. It’s so painful

  • Amine Party GaminG says:

    I don't know wht she talk to me back but i love her so much & she did but i couldn't handle more pressure
    Doctor said the anger is affecting your eyes & i feel pain in my head & i put thik glasses , i just didn't want to carry on that relationship bcz we were just hurting each other
    I still love her even i told her i don't love u anymore
    Iam going throw medication to help my self to be calm
    hope she see my comment , i love u so much Orio , :'(

  • Julie Annelisse Hyland says:

    He showed up at my dorm the last day of college to stay the night with me when we had already broken up. I cried all morning when we left each other. Now, I don’t regret it. But it was painful.

  • I’m in 7th grade. I’m a teenager now. Ik I don’t know what love is, Ik I’m too young to understand what love even means but a month ago, a guy who I never would imagen I’d like, hugged me and i felt this adrenaline, this huge pit in my stomach, something i never felt before. I realized I had feelings for this guy. So we went out and it was weird and awkward because we didn’t communicate enough. I liked him so much that I stayed silent because I didn’t want him to find a reason to leave me. I felt like he didn’t like me, I felt like I he would find his way back to his ex so I broke up with him. I went home and my friend texted me saying “He said you were catching his feelings”. As soon as I read that I broke down. I can still remember the tears crashing down, the Feelings feeling stronger then ever. Every single time I see him I feel like breaking down, I feel sad, I miss him. This has never happened before. I miss him so much but maybe we’re not good together even though everyone said we were cute together. I’ve never missed sum1 the way I miss him.
    I still do.
    I need to say more but I can’t explain how lonely iam without him.
    Sorry but needed to vent.

  • You can love someone who is not actually able to complete the relationship or not ready to actually commit. Huge mistake so many women make: not waiting until you marry.

  • It dose hurts and it hurts a lot I hate going through it I hate the feeling of not seeing her again not touching her hair her warm hands her beautiful face and her gorgeous smile I miss it’s been just 4 hours since I left her alone and my heart is falling apart am very weak i hope it’s not a bad thing because am tired of thinking that I will never be prefect for anybody but Sav I’m broken and dying slowly I need to fix myself but sometimes i can’t …… rip me

  • my not so perfect life says:

    We broke up 2 months back! It was mutual, we were in an ldr! I miss him! But the sad fact is that he broke up because he found someone else and I broke up because I was tired of his excuses! I miss him cause I love him! I should move on it's been really long since we broke up!! 🐝 💤

  • Actually, I broke up with him. I asked for the end. I told him long distance would never work out. I still remembered his face. He was exactly like the guy in this video. But I was trying to cheer him up by smiling and said it was ok and not his fault. The truth is it’s not the distance that break us. I was diagnosed with major depression and I always having panic or anxiety attacks nowadays. I don’t want him to see that and decided not to go for his dreams just to accompany me. I also don’t want him to keep checking on me and not focusing on his studies if he decided to go but still in a relationship with him.
    In the end, he is a really great guy that deserves all of his dreams and loves and I don’t want to ruin his life.

  • Minsung Chris Hong says:

    going through this exact situation right now.. Not easy at all to leave someone while you are both still in love with each other.

  • Been with someone,in a scenario where we had different priorities.He had been through a tough relationship,and it appeared as he was not over his ex.We were together without any commitment and he was less invested in me because of his work limitations.Believed in him but I grew so lonely meanwhile,the beginning of the relationship marked with less calls,less availability from him and only me pushing him to do things.Meanwhile i grew sick of his not contacting me and telling his whereabouts and started looking that thing in an ex.
    But my guy,as decided we had friendship and then we had attachment,goodwill,care for each other.
    He moved to other city and was unavailable for sometime.I just pushed him away because it appeared as if it was just a give and take and turning into friends with benefits kind of relationship
    It has struck me now,as he has moved on and I have fallen for him.He is not ready to hear me out that I am in a commitment with him now.He has told me to just be friends now and it hurts,he doesnt answer the calls,neither blocks nor is available.I have had my realisation and this shatters me.I want him to just hear me out,have the last word.It is painful to go through this and expect every day that maybe now he would answer back.I am not able to comprehend and can just regret.I love him and he is not here anymore

  • Boiiii now I am scared I wish I never watched this…I have been in a 3 year distant relationship now I am sacred we'll have to break up knowing that both of us wanna get married to each other ._.

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