BREAKING: Trump Situation Room Photo STAGED

BREAKING: Trump Situation Room Photo STAGED

so it is now being alleged and it seems pretty
damn clear that Donald Trump’s big powerful squinting at the camera strong looking situation
room photo that was supposedly taken while the raid that led to the suicide of ISIS leader
Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was happening, was a staged photograph likely taken hours after
the event and that Donald Trump was actually playing golf when the raid took place. I already
told you that Donald Trump admits to having told the Russians but not house leadership
about the attack in advance. I also already discussed how that puts our national security
at risk. It puts our sovereignty at risk. We don’t need to go back to that. We did that already. Let’s just talk about
the picture briefly. My BS detector was going crazy. As soon as I saw this picture, it seemed
so obvious that this was another element of Trump trying to recreate Barack Obama’s Osama
bin Ladin with the picture from the situation room with the speech that he gave. And with
all of it, the picture looks completely staged to anyone with common sense. Everyone looks
like they’re posing. It was posted by Dan Scavino. Scavino is an assistant to Trump,
uh, and director of social media. And of course the Trumpists ate this up like it was being
spoon fed to them. But then it very quickly started getting weird. Pete Souza, who is
a photographer, he’s been a photographer for numerous presidents ending with Barack Obama.
Notice that the raid took place at 3:30 PM Eastern time, Washington DC time, and the
IPTC data on this photograph says that the picture was taken at 1705, that’s 5:05 PM
about 90 minutes, 95 minutes after the raid took place. Now put that aside for a second. Just looking
at the picture suggests that it’s staged. You see everyone clearly posed. The picture
is symmetrical. It looks at one of the pictures, looks like it’s being taken in a way that
would actually block the view of everyone in the room of what it is that they are. Supposedly
they’re observing. It looks like a setup. There’s the now infamous picture of Barack
Obama and Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden taken during the raid that killed Osama bin Laden
and it actually looks like a real candid picture with people reacting in real time to what’s
going on rather than a staged photo op 90 minutes after the incident is over. Now it’s
possible and it’s been discussed. That was the raids still going on more than 90 minutes
later, but the idea that they’d be in that pose after 90 minutes, late 90 minutes after
the raid ended is strange to say the least, but then we get more information. It is now believed that Donald Trump was golfing
at 3:33 PM Washington D C time. The raid was at three 30 Trump golfing at three 33 how
was he in the situation room watching this live? There are reports that Donald Trump’s
motorcade started coming back to the white house after 4:15 PM Eastern time. Once again,
suggesting the situation room picture had to have been staged long after the fact. Now,
in reality, this shouldn’t matter because there are so many things that really do matter
a lot here. Why did Donald Trump tell Russians before congressional leadership about this
raid? Was this operation legal? Always a question. When us military operations are happening
in other countries, does taking out one person in ISIS even really matter in the fight against
ISIS since it is cell based and decentralized and more ideological than about individual
leaders? Does this really undo the damage that Trump did in the region by pulling troops
from Northern Syria instantly endangering the Kurds? There are real issues to talk about, but understand
how numb we’ve become to Donald Trump’s character that it totally staged room photo is released.
We found out that he was actually playing golf at the time and we’re completely desensitized
to it. I’ve said before, the further Trump is from making decisions, it’s better. In
a sense. We should be glad that Trump was nowhere near the situation room when this
raid was happening. His presence could only have worsened the possible outcomes. If he
wasn’t golfing, he might’ve been tweeting about it as it was happening, right? I mean,
it’s, it’s really not good for Trump to be near these things, but this is just not somebody
who’s in it to help the country. This is not someone who’s here to better circumstances
for as many Americans as possible or to be a participant in this thing. We know as humanity
on planet earth for the betterment of as many people as possible. He’s in it for himself. Golfing, self enrichment,
staging a picture that he thinks makes him look, look good, even though the picture is
obviously staged, it’s sick and geopolitically, the most serious thing, and I mentioned this,
but it’s really where the focus of our conversation should be killing leaders of terrorist groups
doesn’t do that much in 2019 there is an environment and a geopolitical status quo that foments
the ideologies that lead to things like ISIS. That’s what you need to change. If you kill
a leader or you show up and you get a leader to kill themselves, and three of their kids
has happened, the number two is promoted and that’s it. And lastly, as a reminder for this
week of gloating by Donald Trump, that I hope you’re ready for, remember what Donald Trump
said back in 2012 Donald Trump tweeted in 2012 stop congratulating Obama for killing
bin Laden. The Navy seals killed bin Laden. I wonder, I wonder if Donald Trump is going
to apply that exact same logic to what took place here, particularly since he was golfing
as this raid was being carried out, and his involvement could only have put the operation
at risk without helping anything at all. Let me know what you think. I’m on Twitter at
de Pacman. While you’re there. Follow the show on [email protected] slash David pack,


100 thoughts on “BREAKING: Trump Situation Room Photo STAGED”

  • Michael Crumpton says:

    It is just so pathetic that Trump cares nothing for the reality of a situation. The only thing that matters to him is the perception of the public.

  • David a question I have is how did the United States access the assassinated guy's DNA for use in identifying what was left of him after he committed suicide? I suppose he might have been captured and held by us at one point and a DNA sample taken? But how else would we have accessed it? Is it possible, I wonder, that not only was the war room photo fake but the whole affair?

  • Obama's photo pretty much told us that the neat and tidy "situation room" as shown in movies is fictional. And then Trump went and posed in a photo akin to the neat and tidy "situation room" as shown in movies. Of course it's staged. He's obsessed with "central casting" that he's only concerned with making it look as good as in the movies, instead of making it look realistic. What a pathetic shallow man.

  • It's obvious that it was staged because every single person in that room is looking at the damn camera. This is just Trump trying to look like a strong leader when he's clearly a weak imbecile.

  • DRAFT DODGER: "Alright everyone, look important. Pence! Look away, quit staring at me, you're creeping me out. Alright coffee boy, we're ready take the picture."
    Matt Gaetz: But I'm not a coffee…never mind, say CLOWN AND CIRCUS SHOW!

  • looks almost photoshopped tbh, the whole deal and the Bin Laden Raid are so strange to me, i get that these are bad dudes and are responsible for horrible deeds, but should modern countries be able to put those persons in jail and sentence them accordingly instead of just trying to kill them in a spectacular fashion. Ofc its hard to say but to me it seems to kill them now changes nothing Bin Laden was basicly an old dude in a shack with kidney problems same with Baghdadi, IS is done at the moment. Killing them in their primes might have changed something but now, you are just killing a has-been.

  • Taking advice from your golf caddy was a theme of Jerry Seinfeld. Perhaps Trump has a golfing caddy that gives him his advice. It would be in kilter with the outcomes of his decisions.

  • David, I think you are underplaying the significance of this figure, yes it was only one person, but the right person can make a difference. Sure Tim Cook has done a good job, but he's no Steve Jobs. I do agree with a number of points you raised, but disagree that leadership is not a valuable asset to eliminate, even in an organization that is decentralized.

  • Souza, your ONLY source for this, has already walked it back. The raid didn’t happen at 3:30pm, it happened sometime around 6pm. Doesn’t exactly mean it wasn’t staged, but this is certainly a clip based entirely on false reporting

  • Stanford Hudson says:

    I do not like Trump, did not vote for him, and think he has betrayed all of us. But, I don’t like it when the other side stretches the truth. We are better than that. The raid started at 5:01pm EST. Trump golfed until 3:33pm EST. They all gathered in the SITROOM at 4:30pm EST. Check out these links:

  • the speed of chillax says:

    right now foreigners are giving the American public a pass, largely… a kind of," yeah you all fucked up, thought it might be funny or whatever, jokes on you tho huh…" and if we as a nation come to our senses and elect a Democrat in 2020, for the most part the damage the baby dick'd mouth breather has done internationally can be walked back….. however, if we elect this douchnozzle another term, not only will he have four more years to play romper room with foreign policy, the only doctrine being, whatever makes trump inc. more money is what the US is doing, but er'one else around the globe will not trust the american public's sincerity or integrity at large, because we reelected him and his ostentatious shenanigan fueled white house tire fire 🔥, eyes wide shut this time around…….

    so yeah, we all need to go vote any way we can next year to get this asshole SOFA KING FIRED his new complexion will be beet red rather than orange… in the meantime pressure your representstives, especially anyone with a spineless republican asshat elected to office from where they live, to impeach his dumbass STAT, full stop 🛑.

  • Not surprised. Next thing you know, he will lie about his turds and say he drops the healthiest turds. I bet he even clogs high flow toilets.

  • Playing golf not in the command room with ISIS leader takedown. Fake Fraud Traitor Trump ! Joke! It’s no joke that this ass has put us all in jeopardy.

  • Take a closer look at the cables in the picture, they are no plug in the computers also the screens are off, what a loser, pathetic.


    The problem with Trump he has very big shoes to fill after Obama's presidency and he knows he can't do it unless staging a lie as away.

  • usually a photographer will take several pictures in such an intense and historical moment. I mean at least like 30 pictures.. They better get these photoshop retouchers to get going on all the new fake pictures that will be needed to support Trumps newest and most pathetic SituationRoom Gate…

  • Wow sharpie gate on steroids. He’s reached another new low and so quickly. No. This is dangerous ground I agree. This is our country he’s gaming. We knew already he was taking credit for what he would have dismantled had they not moved up the raid .. this raid was years and years of work likely President Obama overlap… work at obtaining the intelligence (intelligence we can no longer access now since Trump and Putin’s decision) The result of our working WITH the same Kurds he ordered we abandon. And for what? To guard Oil Fields !! more disgusting than I thought capable from this bum. Disgusting NOW MORE TROOPS Not less all over the world to compensate for what we lost in this formerly safe area. This raid had to be moved up before Trump could sabatogue it. It really stinks to high heavens

  • trump…"I told the Generals where Al-Baghdadi was and told them how to kill them" "I am the all powerful Oz":…LMAO!!!! Of course is staged! Everything on his administration has to be to please his idiot supporters!!!

    Mahmet Murat ildan~

  • GOD I miss President Obama. Looking at his expression during Bin Ladin raid. I want THAT man not Mickey and Minnie Mouse combined the man that holds lives in his hand. This is a stark contrast to what we had and what we can never allow anywhere near the White House again.

  • Notonebuttwo Othman says:

    I knew he was making it up ,, him claiming that Bagdadi was screaming and crying while running away sounded more like a child story

  • Please please PLEASE someone ask him about his tweet in 2012 about not giving Obama credit for getting Osama Bin Laden during one of trump’s “chopper talks”… would make my October.

  • A reality TV star staged a photo op? Say it isn't so! Seriously though, I don't think anyone is particularly surprised. The wonderful world of Trump's make believe…

  • David let's see this for what it is. He needed two things, to fool the public into thinking he had delivered something said he would, and two……to keep everyone's mind off the hopefully impeachment inquiry. So here we go. I said yesterday before all this picture stuff came into play, Self how did Trump see what the Isis leader was doing if he was in a compound, and the raid, was planned yet spontaneous ? Did the soldiers have time to place camera's inside? While they were being met with gun fire? How did he know the man was screaming, whimpering and crying? Did he hear it? But how he was inside of a compound! It was than I had to SLAP myself, 🖐️ hey wake up, that was Donald Trump saying all that bull, how did I fall into that FIGURE IT OUT TRANCE, trying to make Sence of it? He hates Obama, because he will NEVER be the CALIBER of man, that Obama is, Trump's a bonafide hater. The picture was worth a thousand words, and not good words either. They all looked like that had drank a bottle of metamucil, and was wondering who would GO FIRST? I know the Trump lovers don't wanna hear this, but OBAMA did it better, even if he's was staged too! 😉

  • Horace Bugzapper says:

    First it was funny, then scary, then insane, then funny again, then terrifying, then unbelievable, then a new feeling I cannot explain. It is a feeling that is equal parts anxiety, manic laughter, hopelessness, and nausea. Glod bless the united shersh!

  • The Obama pic: Everyone looking at the same thing, natural poses.
    The Trump pic: Not everybody looking at the same thing, some looking like they were listening to someone giving them instructions how to sit…

  • I bet Trump didn't even know who the isis leader was, never the less that our army forces were after this guy, but still he took credit for it.

  • As utterly pathetic as this, Dumbf dotard incident #8971349812734, patently is, people should be far more concerned about what this speaks to: with respect to the absolutely abject and imbecilic state of U.S. politics and governance.
    As an Aussie — from the nation who acts as the U.S.'s military "eyes" (see: the most important non-mainland U.S. military installation, the Pine Gap signals directorate) and, as such, the likely first target for any nuclear attack that may ensue if the U.S. stumbles into a major war with a nuclear power — I am genuinely questioning whether we (and the world, for that matter) should be standing by the U.S., in this, its hour of mortifying self-shitting…
    Fix your shit, please, 'mutts. This has long gone beyond being just a meme / joke 🖕😒

  • of course it was because it looks exactly like the Obama situation room photo when they allegedly watched Obama I mean Osama get shot in real time and then dumped his body in the ocean really fast. They probably fake the Obama one too

  • The picture is cringey cringe cringe!!! Easily spotted to be staged. Omg look at Pence. This picture is very bad. Very very bad.

  • On golf course, staged room, talk to foreign people and forgot to call Pelosi can you say another impeachment again. 😂 🧢☂️

  • Petitio Principii says:

    The person posing as Trump playing golf is a doppelganger used as a decoy so that terrorist attacks that could compromise Trump's tactical inputs to the operation would be frustrated. Brilliant strategy.
    Seriously, could be that it just had happened and they really posed for the pic as it ended, rather than having a candid one. But if the golf playing timing is legit, then the pic is really legitimately bogus.

  • What I don’t understand is the Kurds saying they did a dna test on some underwear to confirm the identity of the IS leader. If that’s true, the timing of the raid claimed by donny is days out.

  • The NYT updated their story. Everything you said here is false. Worst of all, you're an even bigger retard than Sam seder. "He told russia" no fucking shit David. They flew over Russia air space to conduct the mission they had to tell Russia, or do you want a fucking war? And why tf would he tell Congress? Democrats would leak that shit to the media and it'd jeopardize the mission. I get it, you dont like trump but dude what the actual fuck is wrong with you?

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