BREAKING: Trump Has Serious Republican Primary Challenger

BREAKING: Trump Has Serious Republican Primary Challenger

There’s a very interesting development, which
is that Donald Trump has a serious primary challenger. Now, let me sort of [inaudible] explain what I mean by serious. By serious, I don’t mean someone that has
any chance of actually beating Donald Trump in the republican primary, but it’s serious
in that it’s someone who is more of an actual republican as far as the perception of him
than William Weld who’s running against Trump, and his name is Joe Walsh. He’s a former congressman. Joe Walsh told George Stephanopoulos on his
ABC Sunday morning show yesterday that he is running for president and the Republican
primary against Donald Trump. President points too often is just about every
poll shows more than 80% support for the president among Republicans. They don’t have an alternative. I’ll tell you what, George [inaudible] look,
I’m running because he’s unfair. Somebody needs to step up and there needs
to be an alternative. The country is sick of this guy’s Tantrum. He’s, he’s a child. Again, the litany he lies every time he opens
his mouth. Now everything is working against this guy. Okay? Trump has a very high approval rating
among Republicans, but not as high as Trump thinks. Trump says it’s a 95% approval rating. It’s more like 80. According to a new, uh, Associated Press poll. Walsh has a lot of exploitable personal issues,
including allegedly being a deadbeat dad. The Republican National Committee isn’t going
to support a primary challenge to Donald Trump, but, and this is the dream, Joe Walsh might
be able to get in the way just enough to become an annoyance to Donald Trump, which would
be really great. Trump has a high approval rating among Republicans,
but it’s not set in stone. Many republicans say they support Trump merely
because they don’t like Democrats and it’s their way of showing it. But there is 21% of Republicans that already
does not support Donald Trump, and that is a, a fifth of the party that might be interested
in an alternative Republican to Donald Trump. The RNC won’t support a primary challenge,
but they don’t even really need to because the goal here is not to beat Trump in the
primary. In the same way that the goal of an impeachment
inquiry isn’t to remove Trump before 2020 the goal of all of these ideas is to weaken
Donald Trump. So do we on the left want people running against
Trump from within the Republican party? Absolutely. The stronger they are, the happier we are
to see it. Democrats can just keep running their primary
and meanwhile, anything that could weaken Donald Trump is a good thing. Walsh running against Trump might lead to
some money being spent that otherwise wouldn’t, and impeachment inquiry would replace some
Trump campaign media stories with some impeachment inquiry stories and that could damage Donald
Trump. Remember 2016 was decided by 70,000 votes
in three states. Any of these things that could weaken Donald
Trump or interfere with Donald Trump being able to set the narrative, we should welcome
and we should encourage. This is Donald Trump’s strength. When he sets the narrative and gets the media
in a frenzy, gets them spending three, five or seven days on something that Trump benefits
from, or at least that Trump would prefer they focus on other than some more damaging
thing that is good for Donald Trump. Joe Walsh is a disgusting ideological clown. He’s completely unqualified to be president
of the United States, but Republicans already voted in a guy who’s completely unqualified
to be president. By all means have at it. Joe, see what you can do. See what amount of support he can pick off
from the Republican Party. And by the way, don’t forget, and this is
like the dream scenario, if Joe Walsh can get some traction with the fifth of the Republican
Party that doesn’t approve of Trump, again, latest poll from the Associated Press, 79%
of Republicans approve of Trump. 21% don’t. Okay, that’s one fifth of Republicans. If Joe Walsh can pick up 3% support, 5% support
in the Republican primary, obviously he loses the primary. That may be enough. It may give them enough money and may give
them enough momentum to say, you know what, I’m going to run as a third party. Because Joe Walsh has said he’s a terrible
guy, but he said he apologizes for his role in helping to elect Trump in 2016. If his goal is really to do anything he can
to remove Trump, he might say, I’m going to run third party. And they’re, when you look at how close it
was in so many key states, Wisconsin, Michigan, other states, Joe Walsh running as a Republican
could actually, I’m sorry, Joe Walsh running as an independent could actually take enough
Republican votes away from Donald Trump that it flips one state to the eventual Democratic
nominee, two states to the eventual democratic nominee. So this is not strategy for the left. What we need to do is run a fair primary,
uh, and then get people to vote, get people to vote who otherwise wouldn’t. Half the country doesn’t vote. Find people who already agree with us. Tell them this was a very small margin in
this state and that state in whichever state you should vote. That’s still our strategy. But if Joe Walsh is going to create an annoying
distraction, like a mosquito that you just can’t get to get, leave you alone for Donald
Trump up until the republican national convention and then might actually run as an independent,
he could single handedly hand a state or two to the Democratic nominee and conceivably
turn this election. It might not happen. We should support it because it does nothing
bad for us and potentially does some good things. Yeah. Uh, it’s, it’s an obvious dead end in what
it is in that Trump is going to be the Republican nominee unless he were to drop out or something. Who knows. Uh, but it is not a dead end in that it could
have a real impact and really hurt Donald Trump in the eventual general election. If you disagree with me, tell me where I’m
wrong on the numbers. Okay. Uh, if you disagree with me for some other
reason, I guess also let me know, but the real case I’m making is that mathematically
this could have an impact that is not good for Donald Trump.


100 thoughts on “BREAKING: Trump Has Serious Republican Primary Challenger”

  • Let's also put an octopus against trump, they're one of the smartest animal on earth while chump is one of the dumbest human on earth, should be a fair opposition

  • I was in a serious debate many times with people who think that the Republican base doesn't even like Trump, but they support him because they hate the DEMs more. This primary will once and for all prove that in fact the GOP voters don't vote for Trump as the lesser evil, but because they actually like him. They really are that vile.

  • Any primary challenger will drain resources from DJT including his mental stability, health and endurance. I am all for it. The more resource he uses, the less he has for later.

  • Ebenizer B. Schlestertrapp Dumoulin says:

    Welcome back! The only problem with Walsh is that the repugnicans might elect him. As you know, they've pulled that kind of scheiße before…

  • I honestly don't believe that Trump will make it to elections. Social media is making a mockery of Trump. And now Fox News is jumping on the "beat on the brat" ban wagon. If the Republicans like Joe Walsh and the Mooch, continue their mockery, he'll end up in a straight jacket. However, you are totally right that we need to encourage it. I agree 100%

  • David, That sunglass ad that keeps coming up on a lot of these youtube videos is so fucking annoying. Its a terrible ad. Who has this kind of reaction to sunglasses? These actors are way too cool. Just thought I'd let you know how annoying it is every time I click to watch, I have to wait for Skip ad to continue.

  • David I think your polls are off! Haven’t you been watching Trump’s rallies? Sold out and people are standing outside. Your under estimating the Trump.

  • Joe Walsh is an "actual republican" in the sense that he'll pretend his economic policies and fiscal concerns AREN'T JUST racism in disguise.

  • Call me crazy but I don't think Joe Walsh (a one term Congressman who got duped by Borat and didn't pay his child support) is much of a threat to Trump. Before you say "he's more qualified than Trump was in 2016" that no longer matters. If it did Clinton would be in the White House. In 2016 Trump had huge name recognition and he knew how to manipulate the media to his benefit by getting constant news coverage. Few know who this guy is and he has zero personality. A strong primary challenger could definitely hurt Trump. This dude isn't it.

  • slashandbones13 says:

    Neither has any shot and Walsh is basically the same guy as Trump in the important ways but no one has done this kind of thing in 30 years. And now, two people are trying it. I am curious.

  • Emarex Official says:

    Why can't Republicans that are opposed to Trump just vote for the Democratic candidate that they like the most? Yang is running on bipartisan issues and if 20% of republicans vote for him or other sane candidates like Sanders they actually have a chance against the corporates like Biden or Harris. I am fine with Trump running for the republicans, I just want a proper alternative and that is only possible through the Democratic party.

  • I live in red state and out of all the people I’ve interacted with sense 2016 I’ve only found 2 actual MAGA hat Trump supporters out of let’s say like 5,000 people. Everyone else is like “meh it’s a republican”

  • Angel Symmetrika says:

    Joe Walsh is not a serious challenger. He has about as much negative baggage as Hillary Clinton. I'm not swayed by a homophobic racist Christofascist who doesn't pay child support.

  • There's going to be another GOP challenger, a military general; he'll be the next president and get re-elected too. Just wait; come back and give this comment a thumbs up when he joins the race.

  • Linden Stromberg says:

    80% support for that lunatic?
    What's wrong with the US? I'm serious, what happened to you guys that there are so many people that think THAT is a good idea?

  • Maybe if he would have stepped up 2 years ago he might have been considered. But because he was silent even though it hurt the country, his real motives are questionable. So what's wrong with replacing a Republican with a Democrat? They're afraid of losing face. That's all.

  • GorillaGuerilla says:

    He should run as 3rd Party Candidate!
    Although it probably wouldn't change much – republicans tend to vote party line!

  • I don't really care about weakening Trump. If it happens fine, and if it can be done without expending excessive resources, good. More important is strengthening the Democratic party, first to defeat Trump, and take back the Senate, and most importantly, to have strong enough support among the people to defeat the military industrial complex, big oil, the health insurers, and the corporate influences that deny us a functioning government. We strengthen the Democratic party by a hard fought primary, by a strong candidate, who can fight and win and keep fighting, and we strengthen the Democratic party by removing the appeasers from power.

  • Maybe some of us should start a troll campaign in favor of this guy. You know go to right wing videos and forums and support this guy pretending to be right wingers.

  • So if we were like the russian trolls we'd push this guy's campaign with social media presence… why can't we do that?

  • You mean it's actually not a Nazi running against Trump oh it's a Nazi Nazi he had a daddy who had a daddy who worked for a Nazi lol

  • Chandler McElroy says:

    For the GOP, seeing guys like Walsh run shows a real sad state of affairs for the party. He is speaking the truth of who and what Trump is so this may be a sign even some Republicans can't stand him either. I have a feeling a lot of loyal Republicans are going to the ballot box in November 2020 and will choose to skip voting for Trump.

  • I am a longtime Joe Walsh supporter. He can be like Pat Buchanan and greatly damage the incumbent.

    I stopped calling myself a Republican because of Trump.

  • Could a tactic be for the left to contribute to Joe Walsh but not vote for him? Maybe go as far as to have Joe Walsh bumper stickers to derail the republicans? Fake support with no real votes? 🙂

  • Joe 'happy shooting kids' Walsh is not a serieus person. He is running against Trump from the right to get back into the mainstream after his career-ending video on 'Who is America'. He said children from the age of 5 should have guns and know stuff about morters… In a sane world he would still be hiding in shame.

  • mercury-grade retro says:

    trump is a clown, but he will almost certainly win re-election in 2020. trump isn't in office because of putin, he's in office because of the utter failure of the two political parties to work on behalf of the american people. years ago, someone like trump wouldn't have made it through the primaries based on his multiple marriages/divorces alone — if not laughed off stage when he spoke. partisans like you, david pakman, are half the reason he's president — just go on defending and praising obama when he was every bit as much a war criminal as bush & cheney. and what did obama do for unions and working class people — oh yeah — nothing. and what did he do about health care — oh yeah, he passed a fascist mandate that required every american to buy insurance from private industry. what a PROGRESSIVE.

    really, pakman — we have people like you (on both sides of the aisle) to thank for the trump presidency.

    and fuck bernie, btw. are you guys going to let him "sheep dog" you again after allowing himself to be cheated by the DNC in 2016?

    until the DNC goes back to truly supporting middle & working class americans (instead of paying lip-service to the same) they will continue to lose elections. and they'll deserve to lose them, since the only thing they have to offer these days is identity politics and "social justice issues" — in other words "bullshit".

    the trump presidency is a tragedy, but it's the result of our "two party system" that's working towards the same rotten goals. if a dem is elected president in 2020, you'll see some of the same criminal behavior of the gov't (especially places like syria), but domestic spending and agendas may change slightly. you're all a bunch of chumps if you think otherwise.

  • The Sparkle Zone says:

    4:20: I think there's some potential here for Mr. Walsh. He's a former racist/bigot commenter, I think that his campaign could get the support of the people on both sides who're either feeling a little guilty about their racist past, and people who've been flirting with racism. I'm sure it's a small percentage, but that's possibly enough right there.

    I'm not saying they would stop being racist, but they would feel like it, and that's enough to make them switch sides to avoid feeling guilty.

  • I dont know if you noticed but, every youtube post I watch, EVERY SINGLE ONE, lists below it in the top spot a pro Trump 'survey'. Maybe look into why youtube seems to be pro Trump, as oppossed to being neutral.

  • I agree with you on the numbers. However, and I know Walsh running as a third party candidate was hypothetical, but I doubt Walsh hates Trump more than any possible democratic candidate. I just don't see it. I don't keep up with the guy so maybe I'm wrong.

  • There should be more Republikkkans challenging Little Hands than there are Democratic candidates. It's appalling that even Turtle "Moscow Mitch" McConnell could be a better president. A God-awful one, but better than the vermin we now have.

  • Trump is such a bad person and president that anyone that would challenge him should without question win the nomination for president America can't withstand another term of trump if you think this term was bad the second term will be 10 times worse American voters must vote out all the corrupt politicians in 2020 its extremely important than everyone votes intelligently wise your future and your children's and grandchildren future depends upon it that are counting on you to do the right thing and make the correct choice in voting for the very best person for president in 2020 please don't make a huge mistake for the future of all Americans we are counting on you and your wisdom for our future it extremely important

  • PeterTheSAGAFan says:

    Let’s Review: Joe Walsh can’t make cash with Trumpism, so he is against.. Republicans see Trump as their Messiah.. Trump is perfect for the KKK/Christians and Right Wingers

  • This analysis is nuts. The libertarian candidates siphoned off a significant amount of republican voters and Trump still won. Trump ain't the Democrats problem. The Democrats (specifically the DNC and establishment candidates) are their own problem

  • Here's a crazy thought.
    What if he's running to later 'switch' back to Trump and unite the entire GOP?!?!?!😱😱😱😱😱

  • David what about if Walsh runs as an independent, and Warren or Bernie win the democratic nomination…. and the moderate democrats seeing a progressive flock to a Republican that’s not crazy trump … wouldn’t this strategy you recommend backfire?

  • Leftist don't get it. Repubs knew Trump's reputation and they still voted for him. Majority of white people vote Trump regardless of whoever.

  • The ranting fool needs to be EXPOSED over and over again. The FAKE that is trump must be called out repeatedly. Since only half the population votes only half the population is aware of the fool and liar that is trump. These challengers (Walsh and Weld) serve that purpose of exposing the disaster that is trump.

  • Kyle Kulinski of Seculartalk had a much more insightful take on this issue, Walsh is merely rehabilitating his public image and as a demagogue, he's well aware that he has almost no chance to beat Trump.

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