Breaking the Matrix, Quantum Shifting, Manifesting, Magic, Reality Shifting, Quantum Jumping…

Breaking the Matrix, Quantum Shifting, Manifesting, Magic, Reality Shifting, Quantum Jumping…

Breaking the matrix, quantum shifting, manifesting, the law of attraction, magick, reality shifting, quantum jumping and more…. Hi guys, welcome to becoming better you
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okay first of all
one of the most magical things we have we know okay magical we get a scientific
as well because we cannot break things into separate pieces you’ve had science
broken from religion but if you think about it all of these things if you boil
them back in history they all come back from the same point science comes from
alchemy religion comes from spirituality if you go further and further and back
in history they all all basically boil back to via magic to shamanism and okay
there are some people gonna be up in arms already saying although but they
all are connected so when you separate them this is when things come become
distracted distill disjointed so we have to think about them all together so if
we have to think about religion and magic and science as the same thing then
albeit you’ll see what I mean as we go through the video you’re gonna have to
watch the whole video to see what I’m talking about if you think I speak too
slowly then go down below to that little circle thing and watch this video at
double speed so you can get the information double as fast or one and a
half times okay so that magical thing that scientific thing that amazing thing
is called the magnet because from the magnet we get
electricity right you spin the magnet and then electrons get shot out and they
go down copper wires and we get electricity we know the earth is a
magnet but yet the human body is also a bio magnet right where is the center of
this magnet and where does it all come from sorry if this seems a bit
disjointed but it is all gonna come together if you just bear with me at the
end of the video so let’s start with emotions okay when we project emotions
from the heart they become very very powerful so as in the experiments of
those Japanese experiments projecting emotions onto water just before it’s
frozen you get different shapes form yet with emotions let’s let’s try an
experiment right now so with no story with no history connected so don’t
connect any memory to the emotions you’re going to feel feel an emotion
let’s say let’s feel the emotion of love in your heart do it now to feel that
emotion of love in your heart but with no memory connected to it just pure love
okay now feel bliss now feel anger sadness happiness joy just and you’re
gonna find the feeling in your heart there is a connected something to all
those emotions there is a base in your heart of all those emotions and then as
we charge those emotions we charge them positively for joy for happiness or we
charge them negatively speaking metaphorically in theory to sadness to
anger to last – they become negatively charged right therefore we feel better
or with it worse positive being better negative being worse so now we come back
to the magnet the center of the Mack everyone says the most powerful point
for vortex fields and matrices onion social media thing they all say the
center is the heart because they mostly talk about the heart in the self-help
books but then there are some ideas and philosophies that talk about the solar
plexus being the center the meeting of heaven and earth in nee dang in even in
Christian mythology or religion whatever you ought to call it
there’s a meeting of heaven and hell at the center point right so if you take
heaven in hell to be metaphorical heaven being the positive charge hell being the
negative judge okay so if we think of our body being a magnet the center point
is a solar plexus if everything of the bio magnet above is positive and below
is negative then we take an emotion let’s say joy we have it in our heart
and then when we have that we cultivate that feeling that positive feeling
upwards not from our heart we send that feelings of our solar plex and let it
bounce up from my heart and up now back on daleney up our through our crown
chakras and we get a feeling of lightness being lighter towards
enlightenment illumination now if we take a negative emotion again culminate
in the heart from that source and we send it down through our solar plexus
down and further down and further down the further bit and it reaches our feet
and when we do this you’ll find you create a feeling of grounded this
because anger and fear and all those bring up strength and power within us
and if we send that power to our feet you stand you literally stand with your
feet shoulder-width apart you literally send it to your feet you
become that anger that fear that we become very very grounded and we send
them off into the earth the negatively charged emotions would become very very
grounded very very stable and when you do that you’ll find someone
if they try to push you they can’t let you knock you over fun little experiment
try it everyone talks about duality and creating a non dual state I’ve talked
about it myself but then when you think about it to
create a non dual state if we use magnetism to create a non dual state and
that means sending anything negative downwards and anything positive upwards
to create a positively negatively north-south charged magnet the field
around us becomes non-jew and so we become non-jew
following me so far does get a little bit complicated now let’s think about
that if I feel bliss where do I feel I feel it sort of in my heart I feel at my
head if I feel desire or lust where do I feel it well generally lust and desire
they talk about it coming from the loins don’t they so if you measure from your
solar plexus about more or less depending on your personal build the
opposite to the strength of the heart is the strength of the Louise so you have
desire and lust etc going from the loins initially and joy and happiness starting
from the heart and then you send them you send one up through your head at the
W head and you send the other one down and down through your feet now this if
you take it to let’s say Karbala the Tree of Life also makes perfect
sense in the Far Eastern philosophies they say – in certain ones they say to
be able to build you have to start from a state of sorrow and then you work your
way up but that’s the same thing and you’re starting with that sorrow in the
ground sent down through your feet to ground you and you slowly build up
following so far hope you are or stopped if you’ve got this far great
if you’re watching double speed brilliant yeah remember if you’re liking
it make your comments so we have this magnet and if you
concentrate on this and you just say right from my solar plexus from the fire
where heaven and earth were heaven in hell whatever you want to call it you
meet that is the point of power and then from there everything above becomes
lighter and everything lower becomes more grounded more physical as you do
this if you do it for a while and I’m not talking five minutes something over
several days concentrating contemplating on this I’ll get to that later you will
feel as how you’re being stretched you’re opening out it’s actually quite
an amazing feeling to do so go give it a try just that alone could be a video but
I’m gonna go way further than that this one is gonna be a long video to think
about that process the positiveness up negativeness down and you’ll realize
that it’s not all about the heart all about love from the heart love is the
most powerful thing I’m not saying love isn’t powerful but
is it the most powerful there have been studies talking about feelings what is
the most powerful feeling and when given to people who know how to meditate the
highest most amazing feeling they say you can have isn’t a feeling of love to
know in an orgasm it is the feeling connectedness of higher consciousness
that illumination feeling so practice that stretching with Tantra
the whole thing off for example the sexual tendrá you build a feeling of
ecstasy from lust and desire in your loins and then you send it up your
Kundalini but you’re creating a positive charge through certain acts and then
sending it up and it’s a sporadic thing this way build on it slowly and
consistently to have a go with that when you talk about manifestation they say
don’t lust for something desire for something just create the intention and
go for it if you have desire for something you have to have the desire
for change but then once you’ve got it you’ve got to get rid of it because
desire belongs down in the loins and down to the earth it doesn’t belong up
in the head and that’s why if it you let it go up into the heart and up into the
head everything gets messed up so you send it down so you can use desire to
create the manifestation obviously if you don’t have the desire to change you
know and to change anything so it’s not you don’t use desire you use it from the
negative half of the magnet to create the chain
when you look into the occult Sciences magic they also say the same thing it is
the transmutation of one emotion to another emotion goodness creates the
ability for change to happen and this is important scientifically later on I’ll
go into it with the quantum theorists but again if you change one emotion in
magic they say it doesn’t matter if it’s a positive or negative emotion as long
as it’s a strong emotion and now think of this if you take a strong negative
emotion from the lower half transmuted in your solar plexus which is exactly
what they say in the ancient Eastern philosophers you create transmutation
not in your heart in your solar plexus and they’re talking about philosophy and
meditation and creating higher consciousness and you do that in your
solar plexus and then you send it as you transmute it in your solar plexus to a
positive emotion that is jumping from a negative field to a positive field something’s gonna happen when you do
that it’s got to doesn’t it it’s as though you’re changing an electron to a
proton of emotion that’s gonna release something powerful it’s got to now
science isn’t quite there yet but I’m sure it’s gonna catch up soon with that
so again this still stays in this magnet now you have the Eastern philosophies
and the Western philosophies you’ve got yoga
you’ve got Taoism and then you’ve got Hermeticism in Western culture the fundamental difference between the
two is the Eastern cultures teach there is a central pillar we can know from you
over from the Kundalini and then Western cultures Hermeticism for example the
karbalaa teach there is that central pillar but then there are two side
pillars and eastern philosophy is basically saying forget the two side
builders just concentrate on high consciousness getting to but then the
two side pillars can be used to manifest things etc etc etc so combining the
power of the left and right with that central column and the north-south
magnet we start to beget very how things happening hope haven’t lost you we’re
still any sort of just starting just bear all that in mind
whilst we continue talking about the stuff for change to happen whether you
call it the law of attraction phenomenon which you could also actually call magic
some people know you can’t do that they’re completely different things I
don’t do magic I manifest things well what’s the difference that they talk
about to be able to do it correctly a state of gnosis
a state of gnosis is a state of as it were trance a meditative state a
hypnotic state if you look at the magical theories they say with that
transmutation of emotions if you do it from a child state aiya I what all the
shaman’s did they go into a trance state to do these things it increases the
power even more it’s a state of gnosis a trance state meditative state is very
very important with the central column the magnet and the side columns we are
trying to break out of a matrix here it does get a little bit complex every day
from now on I mention this on Instagram yesterday focus on the beauty you can do
this once a day twice a day however many times you want to do it and the more you
do it the more powerful it’s going to become because we what we have seen as
change our negative programming to a positive programming why because our
heart and our heads are in the positive air of the magnet so whilst they are
negative everything breaks down and we get stuck in the matrix this is why the
heart and the head is not about being non-dual it’s about charging them
positively with that as above so below law first rule of consciousness of
mentalism we have the positive charge so all the positive stuff is up it and the
negative stuff so below as above so below you get the reflection of the
dualistic state the negative going downwards I hope this is starting to
come together with this trance state as I said now and the state of beauty we
focus on the state of beauty from our heart let her grow up to our hits
this is where manifestation comes from it all relates together it all comes
together so you from sort of a state of gnosis from a meditative state focus on
beauty now you can go outside and if you’re lucky enough and you have flowers
in the garden it’s very easy but at the same time if you’re walking down the
streets walking to work and there’s a huge traffic jam next or you’re stuck in
traffic and it you have to find the beauty in something maybe it’s raining
maybe it’s the beauty of how the raindrops fall
maybe it’s the beauty of the exalted the smoke coming out the exhaust pipe of a
car it’s really dirt it’s really City is stinky but find the beauty in and think
to yourself how good can it get how good can it get and send that feeling upwards
and as you’re sending the feeling upwards
remember the reflective energy needs be sent downwards it’s not just about going
up it’s about the magnet the constant flow in two directions from that semi
state that quick trance was you doing this of gnosis and this is why learning
to meditate is very important because whilst you have a monkey mind you can’t
do this something we’re going to get to in a minute
and again quantum physics proves this when we talk about entanglement hope
you’re following this so far it’s a long video I apologize for that but it’s
better to make this all in one video so I briefly mentioned the monkey mind the
monkey mind the way you’ve been programmed negative state negative
language negative subconscious whilst we have
that nothing’s gonna happen and this is why the experts of our attractions say
some people can’t do it the simple reason is because of all the negative
negativity they have you’ve got the young or the Jung or whatever you want
however you pronounce his name of the shadows to be able to go higher to go
further you have to embrace the shadows not hide away from them embrace them now
if you take the shadows again I’ve talked about this in other videos if you
take your shadows like the very old Buddhist tradition the Chad tradition of
demon feeding that would be the translation or feeding your demons
that’s been trademarked by someone but it’s a very old technique from over a
thousand years ago called Chad and you literally embrace your demons you
embrace your shadows you say thank you very much for your help for protecting
me from your subconscious and you put them down to your feet and there go my
dogs barking because I just whistle so you you you keep that subconscious those
subconscious negativities they’re not a bad thing but not in the mind they have
to be in your feet does that make sense do it take the negative the negativity
from your monkey mind send it to your feet any time look at neuro-linguistic
NLP they they teach you we control ourselves
and there’s a lot of again the world of magic of Crowley I mean the one one of
the famous things of this guy cook Crowley he said he could do magic by he
could make someone else fall over or do the same thing that he did walking down
the street now mentalism and NLP has proven exactly
how to do this is nothing magic it’s all to do with the subconscious
that you connect you form a bond without that person knowing Darren brown check
him out he does this he’s got loads of videos about this you you connect in
with that person by making certain movements and then when you’re in
connection you can make a movement and the other person will make the movement
it used to be called magic Crowley thought it was magic it’s actually
psychological principles neuro linguistic principles
so this is why I say you have to have everything related so anyway
NLP it says you have to to be able to change your mind you have to become a
positive mind get a positive mindset the best way to get a positive mindset over
the long term apart from putting the negativity to
your feet is eliminating all negative language no can’t shouldn’t mustn’t and
all controlling language because if you want to set yourself free you can’t be
controlling yourself should must need to but all of those control you but is
actually a negative word because anything that is stated previously to
but is negated by the word but it’s actually one of the worst words in the
English language or in any language that cut off I’m not listening to anything
that was previously said to myself in my head or to the person having a
conversation with but get rid of everything they say and then the
conflict so no controlling language eliminate those musts those buts those
ken’s those Karnes those nose from your head if you want to have them make sure
they’re below your feet to ground you and they’re very important for grounding
because there’s this thing when people wake up this is how cults are created
when someone wakes up they open out and hypnosis has everyone is in a hypnotic
trance and when you go from one hypnotic trance hypnotic state there is this
period where you are just receptive to anything that comes along if you’re not
grounded so you know lots of people are waking up awakening and there’s this big
movement to sort of like the New Age and you’re probably finding there are gonna
be some growing cults coming around over the next few years of people waking up
and and this happens because you wake up and you sort of find yourself in this
new trance state you don’t know what to do and for example if that happens and
you I don’t know you go to youtube when you find some new information to
probably know the conspiracy theories or or a new religion born again whatever
and it’s this new idea and because you’re in this trance state you can
suddenly latch onto it but you’re not grounded you latch onto it and then
you’re floating around and then you go and tell people you know about this and
and then they’re like what the hell are you talking about and so you enclose
yourself to protect you those shadows are working for you to protect you
misguidedly and you close off and that’s when people
get trapped into cults and all these things and you need another hypnotic
trance state break you need to break that home not to trust to be able to get
out of them well lost you hope not as I said this is a long video very sorry if
you’re still with me well done congratulations by keeping that
negativity those negative things below your feet when you do wake up you’re
going to stay grounded you’re not gonna puff off on some become
born-again or go and join a cult all the new news or whatever it is it’s they
keep you grounded they’re there for a reason you don’t want to eliminate them yes in previous videos I’ve said to let
them go yes do let them go let me go over your mind
you can let them go off so you can have a rest for them and then when you’re
ready I haven’t said this yet from other videos but when you’re ready you bring
the bat and you keep them below your feet to keep you grounded the positive
negative charge of the magnet we’ve got the magnet we’ve got the Kundalini we’ve
got the tree of life which is the Kundalini running jurors but from not
just through our spine but it goes from above our head to below our feet we have
the two pillars at the side we have the flow positive negative we have a flute
we can start to move into geometrical shapes if you wish you have the toroid
vortex which a lot of people talk about vortexes it’s sort of being talked about
a lot now it’s not new and then when you have this again a lot of people say the
center of the vortex is the heart maybe that’s the power source the center
is actually the solar plexus and then it gets pushed just like our blood does
from the heart and so you can then start to circle this toroid vortex around us
to get it flowing that’s one of video metrical shapes another geometrical
shape basic geometrical shape we’re going to get on to geometry soon it’s
the pyramid and the pyramid forms around us and there’s the highlight point at
the top and there’s the big grounding at the bottom again it all makes sense in
your bodies within it we’ve got the positive language we’ve got the negative
stuff down the bottom if consciousness does not exist does anything exist the
old saying if a tree falls in a forest and there’s no one there to hear it when
it falls does it make and sound well yes it makes sound if
someone’s listening right no because it’s a constant serie of okay because
there’s consciousness around hey because trees have consciousness plants have
consciousness animals to some degree have got everything to some degree have
a degree of consciousness so whilst there is consciousness around source
energy around these things happen if there is no consciousness then reality
doesn’t exist and when you talk about your own personal reality and the little
bit of consciousness you have if you don’t believe something it doesn’t exist
right hmm things get blurry there they get a bit smudgy but you if you don’t
believe you can do something you’re probably not gonna be able to do it
until you start to break the matrix and this is where it’s interesting like
magic covers this because they say if you do the magic and you do it correctly
even if you don’t believe it it’s still gonna happen if you apply yourself if
you observe it quantum physics with that photon double slit experiment you didn’t
have to believe it you had to observe it observe ation consciousness being there
not belief that’s the importantly so consciousness exists through our bizarre
vation not through belief but if you choose not to observe it let’s say
something that is so personal like astral projection now i can say i astral
project i literally leave my body and my consciousness it leaves my body and i
can go someone who doesn’t believe that isn’t
going to never get it because they cannot observe it because their beliefs
stop them from Missouri in the first place
does that make sense think about it okay now we’re going to
get on to and have a sip of coffee this is as I said a very long video we’re now
going to get on to quantum theory there are people that talk about talking about
breaking out the matrix there are people that talk about quantum shifts Deller
effect all these things Neil let’s look at this from a quantum physics point of
view we have to combine everything together there is the e8 what’s the EA
the e8 is an eight dimensional figure then we have what they call sacred
geometry the pyramid the circle the the vortex the sphere the pentagram the
hexagram the Merkabah all these patterns of sacred geometry are contained within
the e8 a dimensional figure you can see the a dimensional figure these are
obviously 2 and 3d representations of the e8 but obviously because it’s 8
dimensional it’s not static it’s constantly moving it’s made up of
tetrahedrons which is a bit like a pyramid but it’s
equilateral triangles on all sides as a three-sided pyramid it’s made up sort of
that shape now you have to remember the way this is made the way this is
drawn it has straight lines between it it nothing travels in straight lines
everything travels and curves so whilst this is a representation you have to
imagine the points and these are to get this this these are crystalline
structure so if you take a crystal a crystalline structure all the atoms are
ordered but there is not necessarily a straight line bond connecting them
they’re there because of invisible forces right those invisible forces are
not straight lines they move in curves this is important now why is this
structure important because this structure the reflection of this
structure for this 8-d structure goes to a 4d structure just as our reflection we
are three dimensional and if we see our shadow on the ground that is two
dimensional so everything we do in three dimensions
we move our hand in three dimensions and our shadow moves in two dimensions
correct okay so we have quantum theory states or quantum physics quantum
mechanics state talks about this e8 the state dimensional shape in its shadow is
four-dimensional and within this lie all the sacred geometrical shapes sacred in
all the religions sacred in magic sacred in spirituality sacred in maths
Pythagoras went on about these shapes very very important and all of them can
be found within this eight dimensional e8 shape why is this important we’ll get
there I already mentioned the photon double
slit experiment so observation creates now let’s talk about entanglement we are
getting to how to break the matrix entanglement is when you have two
photons that mirror each other when this photon is spinning upwards this one’s
always going to spin downwards and they make each other if one moves out the
other moves out of moves in yeah relatively speaking that is entanglement
and the movement of entangled particles this brings me on to again we’re talking
about quantum shifts with quantum shift and the Mandela effect people talk about
are there are infinite parallel universes all happen at the same time
what we do is we jump from one to the other okay
yet if we have one proton one reality and we shoot that consciousness reality
and reality exists within us not out there is within us it’s our reality and
we shoot that reality through a double crystalline structure we get two protons
that are entangled so if we have one reality and we shoot it through a double
crystal we can create two realities and one reflects the other and then if those
two photons move into atoms so this the photon is the intention of the reality
and the atoms they pass through and talk to and change are the realities we then
have two realities and of course they could actually move through twenty atoms
and then we get twenty realities to a deep parallel universes simultaneously
but we’ve created them through entanglement so if we want to create a
Mandela effect which is an effect that has to be created by many people
simultaneously at the same time so lots of people are doing it or simple the
manifestation so instead of a quantum jump which is everybody you get the
simple manifestation of changing your own reality if you shoot your reality
how you have it now through a double crystal to create two possible realities
and then they pass through atoms and create they manifest two realities as we
said things can only exist if we’re conscious through consciousness so if we
then instead of focus on both possibilities we only focus on one the
other one basically for reality’s sake ceases to
exist so is it necessarily about parallel
universes that multiple infinite parallel universes at the same time that
creates reality shifts or is it ourselves shooting these photons as it
were through this double crystalline structure and creating for a short time
the double and then we focus on one and therefore we can shift towards that one so parallel universes run over I’ve just
thrown that theory in yeah if you think about it it’s we create them now when we
talk about still not there sorry we’re getting there when we talk about doing
this photons are waves they’re not particles and when the wind is blowing
there is interference for the proton and so nothing can really happen you have to
have the pure proton to be able to do all this and this is why meditation is
important because if we have if we take that reality that proton is a reality in
our head and we’ve got our monkey mind going in a brain going and it’s getting
interference and nothing’s ever gonna happen and whilst it’s being interfered
with our subconscious mind with all these negative thoughts so we night
might not be consciously aware but they’re going on boss we still got them
in nothing’s going to be able to happen and this is why meditation are not
meditation to nothing it’s meditation to contemplation to contemplation because
that is contemplation is a meditation focusing on one thing and following it
to its end okay so we’re quieting the mind so we
only have one wave if you’re talking about two dimensions one wave if you’re
talking three dimensions or four dimensions you might find waves or
actually spirals but let’s not split hairs here huh
so you have this one wave this one spiral going because meditation would
quieten the mind down the conscious mind the subconscious mind it’s going one way
and then if we can create from a trance state using transmutation of emotions so
we get that split and then as soon as we split and we get that created we only
see this this one disappears is that not manifestation is that not the law of
attraction is that not how magic would work that’s exactly what they say but
that’s a more scientific approach next yes but our brains aren’t protons but oh
we have two biochemical electromagnet magnet there so why are the thoughts
protons yet at the same time we can also say okay it’s not a proton gun but we
can also say when we emit emotions towards a plant we can make it grow
better yeah so when we emit the sureness of an emotion through
transmutation to our brain we create a stimulus for something to grow from it
science may say oh no you’re talking about protons and you can’t relate
protoss desperate science also said that you can’t put emotions onto water and
freeze it and form certain shapes with a regular fairly a regular sense of design
every time we can that’s been shown people who try to debunk it fine
but ya be following this so where does this breaking the matrix
fit into it okay this gets complicated now but this
is where e 8 comes in now 8 is an 8 dimensional structure it’s what they’ve
been able to do is that the all is there everything or is the e 8 just a shadow
of an e 16 an e 16 a 16th dimension is the 16th dimension just a shadow of the
32nd dimension and it’s just completely infinite can we go down from 3d to duty
and 2d down to something called 1d 1 dimension to break the matrix if you
contemplate on the eh structure knowing it contains all the sacred geometry
there’s a reason behind it and you focus on it and you contemplate on it you’re
going to start seeing patterns this is where it gets very difficult for me to
continue explaining this because you are asking me to put it into words we’re not
talking about words because we’re talking about something 8 dimensional
the 8th dimension and 8th density as it were but if you focus if you contemplate
the 8th dimensional structure knowing it contains the fourth dimension the 3rd
dimension if you need to start from a two dimension and build up from 2d to 3d
3d 240 if you want to n jump from 40 to 80 that’s fine and you understand the
concept between if you imagine the matrix is that 8th
dimension now it might be a 16 or 32 dimension but if you can break that 8th
image conceptually you will start to notice cracks in the matrix cracks in
the matrix put your keys down you go to look for them you can’t see them you
come back after looking for the third type and there they are things that
disappear reappear the Mandela effect things you believe and you just know a
true and yet other people don’t see them you contemplate the 8th dimension that
e8 sit and meditate on it that is how you’re going to break that matrix before
I go one other thing I talked about you have to shoot the photon the reality the
new reality you want you have to shoot that through a double crystalline
structure to get the two realities but I didn’t mention how do that well if you
look at ancient symbolism and in Egyptian symbolism you have the Eye of
Horus and all over everywhere you have the all-seeing eye the third eye the
all-seeing eye and it just so happens that that tiny real and that it refers
to has crystals in and those crystals are
called D M T so if we shoot that thought through a Pinery gland that is how we
can create the relic realities and people who take DMT whether they do it
legally go to countries weddings early law they don’t illegal at the home or
before it was illegal eyes people who took DMT through you know mushrooms
through I up casa etc etc when they did that they went into states that create
sort of new realities as it were don’t they oh and if you believe conspiracy
theories this could lead to a new conspiracy theory of that is actually
why they legalized any plant or the majority of plant that people recognize
having DMT in it because it can instantly create these alternate
realities because you’re adding to your growing the crystalline structure within
your pioneering land to create new realities and then you could say
conspiracy theory well that’s why they legalize them because they didn’t want
people to have the control to create these things ok you can go there if you
want I’m not gonna go there the other thing you have to realize is when you do
this it’s not every single photo on you shoot through the de crystalline
structure is going to split into two photons and have entangled photons I
think they say it’s about one in every billion it happens so if you just start
doing it randomly you know you’ve got to be able to increase the potentiality of
doing this and how do you increase the potentiality doing this this is where
everything fits together align your magnet ground yourself
positivity to your head the positivity will create better sleep where did the
sleep chemicals come from the pioneering land get it working healthily eat
healthily exercise right there are physical levels to help you do this to
meditate clear the thoughts open your Kundalini connect that Tree of Life
through your body I haven’t made a video on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life but
there’s so much information out there go have a look I might make a video on
it in the future I might not everything connects together science religion magic
all of it all of it when you put it together connect and I could talk for
hours on theoretical things about for example Adam and Eve in the Apple land
why didn’t they want them to eat it well perhaps they didn’t want to eat it
because people were just visiting this 3d world and as soon as they ate
something it wasn’t true knowledge it was just a tree and it was just an apple
and they didn’t want those because then they’ll be stuck here and they got stuck
here and then now we’re all stuck here or you could say oh well no they were
hiding something and what were they hiding why were hiding it why didn’t
they want us to know this because we were created as in the 3d world and they
didn’t want us to know all this to be able to break through to the e8 and
further and it’s taken to 2,000 years to realize it okay I’m not saying Adam and
Eve was a literal thing you know it could be metaphorical but it is a
powerful story and that is a story in two or three religions and other
religions have very similar stories so again you know we can go on oh no no not
about this but the point is reality shifting quantum shifting you know how
to do it now breaking the matrix you’re not going to do an end of day
but you know how to do combine the two they become very very very helpful if
you’ve watched this video up till now congratulations I commend you on being
able to watch me for the amount of time it’s taken to get here well done I
really hope you loved this video I hope you go off and think about this I will
be for those who wanted doing guided meditations to help you do this
practically so just to help you do it there’ll be a couple of them if you
don’t need the guide in meditation you want to go off do it yourself you know
start with the meditation start by aligning yourself the positive thinking
grounding yourself with a negative emotions as far as I know I haven’t seen
anyone talk about this stuff this this is a first if there are other people
talking about this I have no knowledge of it but aligning all this stuff
together makes it very very powerful I’ve seen individual bits but no one’s
put this stuff away put it together there is the process
align yourself I said the meditation the contemplation a lot of meditators say no
contemplation no it has to be free open thought and nothing else to reach higher
consciousness but if you contemplate on something you get answers or concepts of
answers then you can relate that to and build much faster that is the difference
between the single channel or The Tree of Life and the channels with the side
you need the contemplation for the side channels for the side columns okay
that’s it I hope I’ve blown your mind thank you very much and I will see you
in another video subscribe like comment sharpener


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