Breaking the Habit | Steve + Bucky

Breaking the Habit | Steve + Bucky

My name is Bucky. Thank you Buck, but I can get by on my own. Thing is… You don’t have to. Even when I had nothing, I had Bucky. It wasn’t him! Hydra had control of his mind. Whether it is his fault or not… He is dangerous. You thought you saved my life, When I was taken hostage. You should have left me to die. This could work out. Don’t you get it? I’m fighting for my right to exist! Do you even remember them? I remember all of them. You said, I couldn’t be what i was… That’s not what I said. Finish it. I’m not gonna watch you die. I’m ready.


26 thoughts on “Breaking the Habit | Steve + Bucky”

  • xAlexKindaGirlx says:

    OMG This is so good. One of my favorite pairing and you throw a bit of JDM in there, you completely win my heart. This song cover is so damn beautiful as well.

  • *confused velociraptor screeches*
    Mother of God, I'm not even over Chester OR what happened to our Bucky boy in infinity war. I'm not crying. You're crying we're both crying. Emotions

    But in answer to your earlier question!! So far the new job is great! Getting paid a couple dollars above minimum wage is a great feeling. Who knows, in a few months I might be able to afford an editing program worth it's salt and I'll be off to college. Fingers crossed.

  • Bellamy Blake says:

    Omfg this is beautiful editing <33 I love all the voiceovers you added and the manips r so original and amazing! This song also suits Stucky rly well <33 If u don't mind me asking, where do u get the footage of 'Kings' from? I've been looking for it everywhere x3

    R.I.P Chester <3 He will always remain in our hearts xx

  • I still can't believe that Chester is not with us anymore… This music and video truly breaks my heart. Such an amazing manips which I think would be great in an MCU movie. To be honest, I'm quite afraid what will happen in the Avengers 4. I don't know what the future of Stucky is. But thank you so much for making this masterpiece. I got shivers by watching it. I still think that JDM would be amazing in a Marvel movie, so please send your videos to Marvel in order to make it happen! 🤣 But truly, your work is beautiful and I am always amazed how each and every video from you is perfect and unique. Thank you so much for doing it. 💕❤️

  • omg this is sooo stunning and emotional. that transition at the start to bucky waking up was sooo good!! gah this pulled ya in from the start and didnt let go till the end!! wonderful job love!!!

  • innundir_skinni says:

    it feels like i've been beaten twice: by your music choice and by the storytelling of your editing. but it feels warm in my heart to see other ppl honering chester even through fan-vidding. thank you for this video! one of the fav characters with the cover of my fav music artist. p.s. rip chester

  • ellaisplotting says:

    low continuous screaming
    Such. Fucking. TALENT

    I was delighted to see Stucky, my ultimate pairing, in my sub box. But to see it was from you genuinely made my day. Thank you.

  • OMG what I just watched???
    oh my heart, how is this even real, all this manips and vo's
    just too perfect wow amazing amazing <3

  • I've never heard this version of the song but it got me way too emotional + Stucky?? yep that's it, I'm dead.
    for real though this was amazing!! I love these two so much and you editing them always means I'm about to watch a masterpiece
    the manips are beyond this world, I just don't understand how can you create something this perfect??!!

    oh my god, im really late catching up on your videos (sorry about that btw) but i am always so fucking impressed with your talent!!!!!!!

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