Breaking the Burnout Cycle

Breaking the Burnout Cycle

[Music] We’ve been hearing for years from social workers
that, you know, especially people that had been in the field for a while, that this isn’t
really what I got into this field to do. It’s the main reasons for our turnover rate
being so high, is that people cannot keep up with the paperwork, and in combination
with the emotional toll of the job, it’s not, people aren’t successful. [Music] It feels so good as a supervisor to see my
workers feel like they have a tool that is really helping them do their work. And having the Compass has decreased the stress
cause you’re not rushing around as much to do all the things that you can now do when
you’re in the field with your client, so you don’t have as much on your plate. I’m going to say it cuts down over eighty
percent of your time while you’re in the field, and that’s what you want. You have time to do your work, and not feel
stress. None of my workers, I think, would go back. They would not want to go back, and I’d be
lost if I had to go back. I’d have, my stress level would go through
the roof. I have seventeen cases, but I’m not stressed
out about it. Last year this time I had seventeen cases,
and I was like, “OK, I’m two days away from quitting because I’m never going to catch
up.” I wouldn’t go to another agency if they payed
more money, if they didn’t have Northwoods or Compass and CoPilot because it just makes
a world of difference. [Music]


3 thoughts on “Breaking the Burnout Cycle”

  • Sarah Ventura says:

    I'm so burnout I could cry for hours. I've had so many "I can't do this anymore" the past month that's it's mentally exhausting. I make it look easy to everyone around me but inside I'm wondering how I will just make it.

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