Breaking the barriers of bullying

Breaking the barriers of bullying

I was just 8 years old. I was studying at uni. It was my neighbour. Every single day. It was relentless. Two boys would push me around at school. They would mock me. They would call me a freak. She’d often say mean, spiteful things. The manager would scream at you in front of everyone. This darkness would just, overwhelm me. It takes you to a very lonely place. You contemplate the worst. When my mum realised something was wrong, she took me to the Headmaster. Between them they had told me to stand up for myself. My son persuaded me to speak to the neighbour about the bullying. Turns out, her mum had recently died. She was just taking it out on me. My brother had gone through a similar situation and gave me the confidence to return to work and speak to HR. He reminded me that I wasn’t alone. Don’t be afraid to speak up. Nothing will change until you change it. Be brave and tell someone. Bullying doesn’t only happen at school. I wish I realised what was happening to me at work, was bullying too. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. Accept help when it’s offered to you. There were plenty of times when I didn’t, but when I did it changed everything.


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  • My advice don't let anyone drag you down to the bottom of that pit of darkness speak up and don't let it change who YOU are! You are you and you can't change that. Stand up , speak up, say that it's wrong! If they continue just say 'I'm sorry for what ever happened to you , but don't take it out on other people, if you want you can talk about it and we'll all understand you. Just tell me what's wrong, and I'll try to make it right.'

  • They say keep you friends close and your enemies closer but they dont say keep your children and family even closer, what hope is there when the ones you need and love dont, miss understood,rejected n judged and (NO BODY CARE'S)

  • speak up and stay safe! if your bullied you can tell the childline which is 0800 1111. in sorry for people who get bullied. Keep trying until something changes. 😔🔜😃

  • Freakshow Studios says:

    I am 14 and I have autism. I go to a school that claims to be "Intergrated". My autism sometimes makes me act "Strange" or "Weird". I have been bullied since I started at that school, when I was 11. Last year a new boy came into my class, he is the worst. He beat me with his tie and said "NO ONE LOVES YOU HA HA HA!" and the called me "Weirdo". Stuff like this nearly caused me too… I don't wanna say. I told the teachers, but it doesn't stop. Sorry, but you can't end this Nightmare. NO ONE CAN

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