BREAKING: Rudy Giuliani Subpoenaed For Ukraine Documents | Deadline | MSNBC


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  • I hope the first thumbing of the nose at these impeachment subpoenas (like Trump's people have gotten away with so far prior to this) gets met with an immediate, painful squeeze so severe their eyes pop out of their head. Something to tell the rest of the jokers lined up outside the principal's office that Congress has a cane and they're not afraid to use it.

  • Mitchell Davidson says:

    You are watching a coup attempt. Your media is complicit in this corruption. Do you want to live in a free country? Do you want to pick your President in the future or do you want to be told who you should vote for? If you continue to support this you will never be allowed to pick your President ever again. (Remember Bernie) This is what corruption looks like! Wake up!

  • Oh no. The dog chasing the car has now caught the car. Wonder what will happen next.
    The running greyhounds actually catch the "fake rabbit". Perfect.
    The fish finally bit the hook. Now comes the filetting.

  • Useless committes… nothing will happen to Rudy. Corey Lewandowski's appearance at the committee proved that the committee is useless. Wasteful expenditure. Don't sit.

  • Let's not forget how Rudy Rose to power. By imprisonment of 1000s of black people through corruption and framing under the guise of the drug war if he corrupt now he was corrupt then….. #neverforget

  • The Dems Trying Everything They Can To Get Trump…And The Left Media Helping Them…What A Crock…Go Rudy…It Is All Going To Come Out Soon…The Dems And The Media In Trouble.

  • Bring that HAMMER down! WE want justice! #lockhimup #rudycolludy IMPEACH ORANGE BOY and all of his cronies slapped with all kinds of charges.

  • What a joke. The president wants to investigate real Biden corruption in Ukraine and the demonrats impeach him. You just can’t script this kind of humor

  • Good. Gulianni has the evidence of the crimes committed by the Obama administration.
    He has the court documents and sworn testimony.
    Trump wins again. Lol

  • Robert Hartford says:

    Breaking: Quid Pro Joe's Bribery Video Goes Viral. Reports Emerging Of The Possibikity Of A Second Video!!!
    Anonymous Source Says Biden Considering Ending His Campaign To Avoid DOJ Investigation.

  • Pamela Mitchell says:

    What happened to Rudi? He is totally off the rail crazy. You touch donnie or he touches you. die professionally. It's just a matter of time before trump does not know who he is. Remember trump has no loyalty to anyone but him. All others beware. Rudi, you will find this out very soon.

  • Alessia C***** says:

    Rudolph Giuliani is treason trumps personal criminal lawyer and is now going to need a criminal lawyer for himself hopefully. 🤣😂

  • “It seems pretty clear to me that Adam Schiff and the Intelligence Committee Democrats knew about this. That makes me think that Democrat's attorneys with that committee were working with this person
    “Concerning the complaint, it looked like it was written by a team of attorneys. I was an intelligence analyst for 19 years. We don’t write that way. We see the very detailed legal footnotes to this. This, I think, was a setup job that included others, probably Adan Schiff and attorneys with the House Democrats Intelligence Committee.”

  • Trump's lawyer needs a lawyer.

    Who had that happening today? I had three months ago. Congrats to the winners of their local office pools. LoL!

  • Interesting to see if Trump can legally tell Giuliani to defy the subpoena since he's not a federal employee,,,OR Giuliani may defy the subpoena on his own??

  • MSNBC Taking the same approach to this witch hunt it did to the Russia Gate scandal. Pander to the deluded libs who hate our President. Buh bye MS-NPC.

  • Giuliani is a criminal too. Deplorable friend to Trump. May Giuliani find a lawyer as screwed up and incompetent as him, to defend him. DC smells rotten, Time to take out the trash.

  • The corrupt DNC and Fake News Media like MSNBC and CNN etc are seeking to hide DNC corruption in the Russian Collusion Hoax
    and the Bidens' crony capitalism. These utterly corrupt organisations are trying to impeach the President before he can investigate 
    and expose their corruption in the lead up to the 2020 elections.

  • Remember to periodically remind the members of the committee throughout the testimony that the witness has rights. lol

  • Manuela Costa Lima says:

    Mr. Giuliani goes to Congress (echoes of an old movie)… and leaves Washington in a straight jacket. Finally!

  • Hey MSNBC … why exactly were the corrupt Ukranians paying the Bidens $50,000 per month? and did Joe Biden really withhold US Government aid from Ukraine because the corrupt Ukranian prosecutor was NOT investigating his son? That's kinda hard to believe, don't you think? I'm sure Rudy Giuliiani can provide some clarification if he testifies before Congress.

  • They need to get that nasty old snake head Killary up there on center stage of rage rage rage, she's got the world hater accelerator "Thelma and Louise" lead foot. Venomous feminist crash test dummies, way cool.

  • Cecil Treadwell says:

    Trumputin's long ties and long coat are a visual deception tool to make him look lighter and help to hide his belly.

  • Go on, Rudy Giuliani, defy Adam Schiff’s Congressional subpoena and make our day! Do you Giuliani feel lucky, punk?

  • Barr, Pompeo and Giuliani are going to hunt down the citizens who DO NOT BOW down to the Supreme Leader Trump! You will believe what the Supreme Leader says or you will suffer consequences! If you do not believe the Supreme Leader you will be sent to a re-education centre for six months. Starting in January we will be establishing after school program title Youth for Trump. It is mandatory that the youth attend. We will be educating the Youth on the Supreme Leader and singing his praises. We will be hold youth rallies across the country next summer and our closest friend President Putin will be attending some of these rallies.

  • Not only should everyone vote, everyone should also email your congressman and senator and demand the impeachment of Trump. Especially if they are a Republican. My wife and I have several times.

  • If you or someone you know is a Trump supporter, seek help. No, I mean that. If you know someone who is, they're likely delusional to some degree, and may not think properly, may be paranoid, horde weapons, and make things up often, or lie about things. They may have an aversion to the truth. It is advised that an intervention be held, and the truth be slowly and carefully explained to them, so that they realize they need help, and then helping them to the appropriate place to receive that help, whether it's a therapy clinic, or an institution of some king.

  • MSNBC a FAILURE to provide the TRUTH. Giulani was approached by the Ukrainian investigative team looking into corruption. They felt the US FBI were not listening so they used an alternative.

  • If Rudy Giuliani is going to be called before Congress please please give the American people time to get as much popcorn soda pop and other snacks needed for this great great comedy event. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. The Rudy Comedy Hour…..priceless.

  • Ms Wallace, I couldn't help having a snide chortle when you straight-facedly called Rudi Giuliani the President's personal criminal lawyer. Talk about the blind leading the blind! Giuliani is obviously now in need of a criminal lawyer for himself, and he'd better be a whole lot better than the bumbling fool who's leading the half-insane Donald Trump towards impeachment.

  • Jermarcus White says:

    The Dems are not going too like how this all turns out for them it's going too uncover all the bs behind Russian hoax

  • Rhonda Kennemer says:

    Well Americans think about this why don't they want him to testify besides just the documents, why dont they want him to come before Congress? Americans wake up the real agenda is they want us to be socialist! And that is their real goal for America and yes us americans let us not forget it has never worked! Let's as americans look beyond all the noise and start voting for what is good for us we are the majority so quite letting these news outlets divide us! Think for yourselves and don't let these people divide us anymore!

  • Rhonda Kennemer says:

    All the remarks seem like a lot of hate here! Are any of us perfect? I don't think so in fact we are all flawed. It's time we as americans become united not divided! Quit letting these news outlets divide us! TURN THEM OFF!


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  • Why don't msnbc videos show up in my subs? All the other news networks do. I've tried unsubbing and resubbing a bunch of times and that didn't help

  • Trumps got the Secretary of State and the AG and God knows how many minions going around the world searching for evidence in a lunatic conspiracy theory he heard somewhere. That's what you should be concerned about..

  • Fake corrupt news. Polls are on Trumps side easily. Whose poll do you refer too? Your own? Or one of your sympathisers? Guiliani will rip them apart but he won't have to. Fisa & indictments will happen very soon. More facts that interlock with both the Russian & Ukrainian cons pira cy. Bye bye corrupt politicians.

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