BREAKING! Putin: WADA Ban Is Political And It Doesn’t Have Anything To Do With Keeping Sport Clean!

BREAKING! Putin: WADA Ban Is Political And It Doesn’t Have Anything To Do With Keeping Sport Clean!

First of all, we need to analyze this decision. Here is the obvious part, which I can see immediately. For example, there are no complaints to the National Olympic Committee. If there are no complaints, the country must be able to take part in competitions under the national flag, according to the Olympic Charter. This means that this part of the WADA decision contradicts the Olympic Charter. Therefore, we have good reason to appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS). There are also some other arguments, but first, our experts and lawyers should analyze everything so that we can talk with our partners competently. However, I believe that the main thing, and everyone seems to accept it, is that punishment must be individual and based on the acts committed by an individual, as it has been since the Roman Empire. Punishment must not be collective, that is, applied to the persons who have no connection with a given crime. Everyone is aware of this. I believe that WADA experts are aware of this as well. But if they take decisions on collective punishment, I think this is a reason to believe that these decisions do not seek to keep sports clean, but are based on political considerations, which has nothing to do with the interests of sport and the Olympic Movement.


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  • Why aren't the US cheats being caught? Must be cheating or they wouldn't win anything. Is it just because they are Russian that they are being punished, because Russia push back against Western State Terrorism?

  • Tell them to ram these sporting competitions up their ass. There are greater principles at stake here. Russian honour does not depend on sports.

  • Russia just jealous that America has been placing 1st place at every Summer Olympics for the past 30 years 🤣 even the United Kingdom and Germany outperform Russia at the Olympics….Putins only hope to beat USA at the Olympics was to have his entire Olympic team on steroids lol Russias state sponsored doping failed and not they are paying the consequences

  • “Punishment must be individual”. A lot of people think that Putin has a “point” right? Well he doesn’t have a point, athletes don’t compete for themselves only but for the country. And in that case it’s not just some Russian athletes who cheated but also the country. But a lot of dumb people will agree with Putin even if for example he says that 2+2 is 5 some people will agree with him. Typical dick riders 😂

  • Firstly who ban Russia secondly all USA sport have 2 ban world know this case. Russia they have 2 take it an action to USA anything's dont even call partner call them enemy

  • Time for Russia to create a new Olympics free from western hegemony
    Many nations will participate in the new Olympics, and they will ditch the western manipulated one.

  • All the allies of Russia like sirya China Nicaragua VENEZUELA Cuba Serbia North Korea Egypt south Africa and the brics nations should BOICOT the Olympic games

  • Wow am floored
    He just is blessed I believe it honestly

    They tried every trick in the book to break him or to bring Russia to its knees but he is still standing stronger than ever and so is Russia

    Russia still blooming and growing despite all the embargo better than crumbling USA

    Now sports? Why? Because Russia stood by Syria?

    Because Russia is a fair and respectful trade partner that doesn't go into countries to destroy them?

    May God protect Putin and his amazing team of exceptionally competent team of Patriots

    May God bless all Russian

    Russia will always win

    Ya Lublu rassia

  • It is time for Russia to start the Orthodox Olympic's first one in Athen's Greece then held all over the Eastern Hemisphere. Include motor bike racing as a replacement of the Chariot Racing . You got the Stadiums . If they be like your World Cup 2018 , we be in for a treat !!!

  • And off course white skin and blonde hair supremacist Australia agreed with the ban because Russia is out so Australia will host the fake Olympics!

  • الغياتي التازي says:

    Sorry president Poutine Its about meticulousely planned state-run doping program for years to ensure dominance at the games, its not individuel issues.

  • The best of the Our American athletes should boycott the games if this is allowed to stand. We have to show solidarity. We Americans do not agree with this, nor most of what our Government does and doesn't do. We're working on "draining our Swamp" and if we can't do it politically… we'll do it another way.

  • What’s clean to you Putin?what about Chernobyl? What a mess? Right? Due to “unauthorized “ research on atoms? Governments take over lands? Farmings.. agriculture.. most food is not organic anymore nor are people free to grow their own!!!!! I know dry Well about the difference in lineages, genetics, dna. We all do not consume or digest the same nourishment. KIDS GET KIDNAPOED. FORCED TO SURVIVE OFF INTOXICATING ENVIRONMENT. RADIATION AND CHEMICALS IN WATER. YOU FEED IT TO US BY FORCE SINCE BIRTH, so WHO ARE YOU TO SAY WHAT ONE CAN INGEST OR CANT.??? . EVERYTHING IS STILL COOKED AND PROCESSED THROUGH EARTHS ELEMENTS. think about it!!! Stop this BULLSHIT excuse. Tactics and control, as for irrigation and agriculture. In order to truly teach and everyone. Play fair and consume for each specialized individual. YOU KNOW DAMN WELL WHAT TO DO

  • What WADA is saying that Russian Federation is doping all their athletes! Which means that all the hockey players who are playing in the US are doping, thus the teams are responsible and the league should be punished, further more the country that it represents should be banned from Olympics!
    Lance Armstrong was the biggest dopper in the history of sports, he and his friends doped for 15 years in which at least 500 million dollars were stolen from fans, probably a billion! Nobody banned US for anything and he didn't even go to jail! He did Oprah instead! Canelo got pinched, 2 years ago, His defense was, I ate Mexican beef! Did WADA ban Mexico for doped beef, ofcourse not, they gave Canelo a 6 month ban,with time served,from the time of investigation! I could go on NBA,NFL ,boxing, tennis, sports are dirty, but punishing a country for action of professional athletes is pure political witch hunt! Russia stay strong, this is so weak and pathetic that the whole World knows what is going on! CIA is running out of ideas and power and they are using weapons of mass distraction, hahahaha and nobody's is buying it!🥊

  • BaiAnNa2014 Twitter says:

    There is a saying in USA,
    "One bad apple 🍎 spoils the whole bunch."
    It can if individuals are not held accountable. If you take out the weeds, the garden will be beautiful. Great wisdom, @VladimirPutin24

  • Well said and people do listen and think. That is what I call “communicating” and “communication”, getting a very important point across without or controlled emotions. Logics, ideals and the end results is the beacon. Thanks for the day lessons and making me do a reflection of my past conduct and behavior in life as well.

  • Some people just can't handle "COMPETITION". I guess I won't be watching the Olympics anytime soon. You have great Russian athletes and figure skaters Russia. 💐🙏🐻🙏💐

  • Bumblebee Autobots says:

    The US is behind this episode.
    Just because the US couldn't produce enough olympians nowadays , it is resorting to these kinds of acts.
    Russia is numero uno in lots of these olympic events and the US knows that it cant beat these russian professional athletes.
    Very sick minded US.
    All hail Russia…all hail Putin.
    Greetings from India. 🙏🙏🙏

  • WADA is a controlled institution by the imperialist/dictator/communist US/Europe/Israel and they will do to ban all the athleths of Russia to any Olympic games to be participated by fake /false propaganda on drug issue.This is same institution like the Human rights group,UN body,ICC, OPCW, others who are under the influence by the devil groups in the world.All of this institution are useless.

  • Ukropnazis and CIA trolls are crying and raging 🙂
    That's the only thing they can do, Russia and the Free World is winning 🙂

  • I think everyone should have known.
    Most countries use steroid to their athletes and this is common practice.
    They use steroid during the training to build up muscles and stop using it months before the competition to clear it from the body circulation.
    So when one country says the other country do it, most likely that country also does it since that's the only way they know how to be more superhuman.

    But get a bucket of salt.
    I'm not a reliable source

  • Joseph Schneider says:

    The Russians were banned two years ago, this is a recycled accusation by the Cabal. They are enraged that Putin exposed them as Satanic p*e*d*o*p*h I*ll e*s that they are. 100,000 children go missing each year in the US. Why ? They are to be cursed!

  • It was obvious that this was done under political expediency orchestrated by just one hand..The Americans! My belief is that the Russian will win in the chamber of justice and WADA will look like a bunch of morons which we already know they are qualified to wear that label.

  • When will the National Olympic Committee address the rather severe and sickening massive child pedophilia rape happening?? Nassar with the help of the USGA (United States Gymnastics Association) turning a blind eye, raped 200 young girls.. Most recently a French adult Figure Skater diddles a 13 year old US skater .. and what was the punishment.. the governing bodies wanting to sweep it under the rug.. lesson here is .. in zio-vassals .. pedophilia is AOK haha.. so sad 🙁

  • Наталия Милованова says:

    Кубертен не пришел в восторг, увидев , что сотворили с его детищем. Спорт сегодня- не просто спорт.Это геополитика.Спортсменов с самого раннего детства приучают быть бойцами и борцами.Только им и их тренерским штабами знакома цена победы ради короткого мига на пьедестале и снова борьба за своё место в спортивном мире.Но им нужна наша поддержка. Господа спортивные функционеры, что вы сделали в их защиту их достоинства и чести? Доколе?Хотя эта ситуация палка о двух концах. С появлением телевидения спорт перестал быть просто спортом- это шоу. Древние римляне говорили: Хлеба и зрелищ. А отсутствие нормальной и честной конкуренции и соперничества обесценивает спортивные соревнования.Наша страна умеет организовывать спортивные мероприятия любого уровня.Как на счёт умения защищать своих спортсменов?

  • Russia better organise there own games. What is the point competing with the olympics when you are the only country that can not use dope! There is no gain in the olympics for Russia, only humiliation with the others so called "dope free" and clean.

  • It's so unfortunate that even a major Sporting event such as The Olympics are now biased & used to smear & Punish an entire country such as Russia that doesn't toe the line to the so called Zionist agenda……!!!!!

    Sooner or later something is going to trigger a Nuke war that will be the end to civilization altogether.

  • L❤️ve and good wishes to President Putin and Russia, soon you will reign supreme. Whilst the US continues to ostracize Russia the deeper our admiration and ❤️ for Putin grows.

  • Richard Llewellyn says:

    If Russia cant fly thier flag and compete, then the Olympics are dead. Just more history ruined and touched by the U.S Z.O.G stink finger.

  • It's really hard to watch at Merkel. Her face and her body language in general show hostility towards Putin and Russia. More than half of the problems surrounding Russia's hysteria are, or have been, her fault. Ether is she personally involved or is she silent and spinning her big head like she does here. It's strange that intelligent Germans (still) consume that kind of leader. Nothing from her. She is done. The only thing that is growing is her head (she has bigger head then all three men combined). Despite having first-rate medical treatment (apparently they managed to suppress her shaking) and first-rate food, she is unable to maintain weight. Putin is the only elegant, professional person here who truly understands people's problems. Merkel, however, just spin her big head, you can tell she is angry. And she loves jihadi terrorist who killed 98 people in Russia and participated in other criminal activitiess. As we heard Mr. Putin, she personally does not allow to surrender a terrorist to the Russian authorities. She was angry bcs Putin has spoken abt that here. Let the whole world see what king of person is she. I don't see the same kind of protection about Assange who rotc innocently in worse prison. In Europe! A sold-out aunt, whose allies listen to her intimate conversations, but she still loves them.

  • Watching the same old faces at Wada and hearing the same things about doping makes me puke. One and the same old, shady but well-paid bureaucrats who are willing to volunteer for their US master. Disgusting. Look at US quasi-athletes. Look at their physiotomy. How can a woman with a normal diet and training have such legs and arms and neck. She can't. But no, the US cheaters can be doped up, all with the support of wade … a pity wada. Haters, who hate firstly themselves and then the whole world. Russi should say enough, keep that to yoruselft, Russia doesn't need that. Russia should show that it does not care and should voluntarily exiting from this rotten quasi organisation. And all normal athletes who know that today, just about every layman consumes doping, let alone the professionals (just see the Norwegians – they are all patients, all ill and therefore entitled to doping – then go to the Paralympic Games if they are so sick) … so, those honest athlets from different states should say that they will not participate in this filthy political shame.

    What about the Wada database documents that show that American quasi-athletes were allowed to take illegal drugs? Or that how US tennis player was being min for 6 years on oxycodone? Norwegians all on corticosteroids … this American satan blames others for everything they do themselves. This tactic, however, is the most disgusting and dirty, and in private lives, everyone would avoid such people. Yes, even those of you who now support Wada would avoid people in your privat lives. They lie, they steal, they cheat ..

  • Not like it's the first time this shit's happened.
    The City of London is showing it's desperation, anxiety, and apparent weaknes.
    It's destroying US from the inside, US military, and NATO are it's protection, and bully's weakening, alienating these countries. Perhaps the replacement countries are having second thoughts ?

  • Some countries always afraid to mess with 🇷🇺mother russia 🔝 face to face.. That's why they will doing this type of shit political thing's..

  • Ирина Москаленко says:

    Let WADA return the money paid by Russia to the WADA budget: $ 1,022,486.76 for 2020 and $ 1,000,000.00 transferred for 2019. Why pay money to an organization that has become a political puppet ?!

  • Well said, but don't worry Russia, people know it's a joke and it's probably a blessing in disguise as before you know it there will be transgenders competing and breaking records and then the whole thing is going to be a farce.

  • Russia should not give any funding to any sports associations like FIFA and the Olympics until these bans are taken off. USA* athletes have been caught doing drugs* in the Olympics too but that never led to the whole of the USA* not being able to compete.

  • VVP always goes after corruption, so if there was actually corruption you can be sure they'd be going after it, not pretending it doesn't exist.

  • Сергей Желонкин says:

    Запад копается в нижнем белье России и всё время хочет что то найти грязное, хотя сами англосаксы давно уже по шее в дерме и это постоянно доказывают. Не стыда не совести и не капли чести у западной элиты. Про народы плохого не скажу, простые люди везде одинаковы и страдают одинаково от тупых политиков. Путин борется со злом и китайский лидер ему помогает.

  • Wada is run by criminal NWO Bildenberg group criminals agendas !!!inoting to do with Olympics
    WADA is FAKE Soros globalist platform of political criminals sponsored by NWO mafia of crooks
    Protecting the sovereignty is #1 priority!!
    Wada criminals go f*ck your selfs you are no body’s 😂😂😂😂😂

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