BREAKING! Putin Prepares Russia For Post-Putin Era: We Need Stronger Parliament And Weaker President

BREAKING! Putin Prepares Russia For Post-Putin Era: We Need Stronger Parliament And Weaker President

Russia is a huge country, and every region has its specifics, problems and experience. Of course, this must be taken into account. I believe it is necessary to cardinally increase the role of governors in decision-making at the federal level. As you know, back in 2000 the State Council was restored at my initiative, where the heads of all regions participate. Over the past period the State Council has proven its high effectiveness; its working groups provide for the professional, comprehensive and qualified examination of issues that are most important for people and Russia. I believe it would be appropriate to fix the status and role of the State Council in the Russian Constitution. Russian society is becoming more mature, responsible and demanding. Despite the differences in the ways to address their tasks, the main political forces speak from the position of patriotism and reflect the interests of their followers and voters. At the same time, almost all the parties represented in the State Duma – and you know that I have regular meetings with their leaders – believe that the Federal Assembly is ready to take more responsibility for forming the Government. I expected this round of applause, but I think you will have another opportunity for applause now; please listen until the end. More responsibility for forming the Government means more responsibility for the Government’s policy. I completely agree with this position. What is the situation like now? In accordance with articles 111 and 112 of the Russian Constitution, the President only receives the consent of the State Duma to appoint the Prime Minister, and then appoints the head of the Cabinet, his deputies and all the ministers. I suggest changing the procedure and allowing the State Duma to appoint the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, and then all deputy prime ministers and federal ministers at the PМ’s recommendation. At the same time, the President will have to appoint them, so he will have no right to turn down the candidates approved by the Parliament. All of this means drastic changes to the political system. However, let me repeat, considering the maturity of our main political organisations and parties as well as the reputation of civil society, I believe these proposals are justified. This will increase the role and importance of the State Duma and parliamentary parties as well as the independence and responsibility of the Prime Minister and other Cabinet members and make cooperation between the representative and executive branches of government more effective and substantive. Colleagues, I would like to emphasise that our country, with its vast territory, complex federal and administrative division and diverse cultural and historical traditions, cannot properly advance and even exist sustainably as a parliamentary republic. Russia must remain a strong presidential republic. The president must undoubtedly retain the right to determine the Government’s tasks and priorities, as well as the right to dismiss the prime minister, his deputies and federal ministers in case of improper execution of duties or due to loss of trust. The president also exercises direct command over the Armed Forces and the entire law enforcement system. In this regard, I believe another step is necessary to provide a greater balance between the branches of power. In this connection, point six: I propose that the president should appoint heads of all security agencies following consultations with the Federation Council. I believe this approach will make the work of security and law enforcement agencies more transparent and accountable to citizens. The principle of appointment following consultations can be applied to regional prosecutors as well. Currently, they are appointed in coordination with regional legislative assemblies. Colleagues, this may lead to certain, including informal, obligations towards local authorities and ultimately to the risk of losing objectivity and impartiality. As to the territories’ position regarding a prosecutor candidacy in the constituent entities of the Federation, it can be considered during consultations in the Federation Council, which is in fact the chamber of the regions. We cannot have different local legislative systems in different regions; the prosecutor is a supreme authority who exercises control over the execution of laws irrespectively of any regional circumstances. I am confident that a greater independence of prosecution agencies from local authorities would be beneficial for citizens regardless of the region. Colleagues, let us always be governed by the interests of our people. And my seventh and final point: the judicial system – the Constitutional and Supreme courts – plays a key role in ensuring legality and citizens’ rights. I would like to emphasize, along with judges’ professionalism, their credibility should be unconditional as well. Being fair and having a moral right to make decisions that affect people’s lives have always been considered of paramount importance in Russia. The country’s fundamental law should enshrine and protect the independence of judges, and their subordination only to the Constitution and federal law. At the same time, I consider it necessary to stipulate in the Constitution the Federation Council’s authority to dismiss, on the proposal from the President, Constitutional and Supreme Court judges in the event of misconduct that defames a judge’s honour and dignity, as well as in other cases provided for by federal constitutional law, that make it impossible for a person to maintain the status of a judge. This proposal is derived from the established practice. This is something Russia definitely needs today. Furthermore, to improve the quality of domestic legislation, to reliably protect citizens’ interests, I propose strengthening the role of the Constitutional Court, namely: to verify, at the President’s request, the constitutionality of draft laws adopted by the Federal Assembly before they are signed by the head of state. We might also think about extending the powers of the Constitutional Court to evaluate not only laws, but also other regulatory legal acts adopted by various authorities at the federal and regional levels for compliance with the Constitution. Colleagues, аgain, the proposals made today, by no means limit the discussion around possible amendments to the Constitution. I am sure that public associations, parties, regions, the legal community, and Russian citizens will express their ideas. The broadest public discussion is needed. But, opening this discussion, I would like to give it a start in a certain direction, or at least to show what challenges we are facing. Please, do not forget what happened to our country after 1991. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, we still had the same ambitions and of course have preserved the colossal potential – the human, intellectual, resource, territorial, cultural and historical potential, and so on. But there were also threats, dangers of a magnitude no one could have imagined ever before. And that was a pity, as they should have thought about it in due time. Therefore in our further state-building efforts, we are facing seemingly contradictory tasks that serve as a guideline for values and may appear incompatible at first sight. What am I referring to? We must create a solid, reliable and invulnerable system that will be absolutely stable in terms of the external contour and will securely guarantee Russia’s independence and sovereignty. At the same time, this system must be organic, flexible and capable of changing quickly in line with what is happening around us, and most importantly, in response to the development of Russian society. This system must ensure the rotation of those who are in power or occupy high positions in other areas. This renewal is indispensable for the progressive evolution of society and stable development that may not be infallible but ensures that the most important thing – Russia’s interests ­– remains immutable. What else do I consider important and would like to emphasise? The amendments that we will discuss do not concern the foundations of the Constitution and, hence, can be approved by Parliament in line with the existing procedure and law through the adoption of relevant constitutional laws. At the same time, considering that the proposed amendments concern substantial changes in the political system and the work of the executive, legislative and judicial branches, I believe it necessary to hold a vote of Russian citizens on the entire package of the proposed amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation. The final decision must be made only on the basis of its results. The opinion of people, our citizens as the bearers of sovereignty and the main source of power must be decisive. In the final analysis everything is decided by the people, both today and in the future. I am referring to both the choice of national development strategy and daily issues in each region, city or village. We will be able to build a strong, prosperous and modern Russia only on the basis of unconditional respect for the opinions of the people, the opinions of the nation. The current year of 2020 is a landmark in many respects. It is a transition to the third decade of the 21st century. Russia is faced with breakthrough historical tasks and everyone’s contribution is important for resolving them. Working together we are bound to change our lives for the better. I often mention the word “together” because Russia means all of us. I am referring not to the people present in this hall or rather not only to the people present in this hall but all citizens of this country because I believe that success is determined by our will for creation and development, for the implementation of the most ambitious plans, our labour for the sake of our families and loved ones, our children and their future, and hence, for the sake of Russia’s greatness and the dignity of its citizens. Thank you for your attention.


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  • President´s timing is brilliant, he has just enough years as president to help transformations take place as well as planned – and to help in case additional actions needed for reforms to be perfect.
    After "the chaos years" he has stabilized Russian society – now he, with the new PM and government, will create forms and norms for new Russian constitution. Russian people and society will prosper with high level education and advanced technical development ! And you really deserve it – so happy for you, congratulations !

  • Maria Isabel CMC says:

    In Brazil our Supreme Court is an horror and nobody can do nothing against or stops them in doing all abuses and crimes…Mr. President Putin is preventing an abusive and criminal Supreme Court, that's is very need and fundamental point.

  • "I suggest changing the procedure allowing the state Duma to appoint prime minister of the Russian Federation."

    2 seconds later:
    " At the same time the president will have to appoint them…………"

  • Mwamba Kandimba says:

    I don't think Russia will ever find an other President is the same caliber as Vladimir Putin! He will be remembered as the one who made Russia Great Again!

  • Unorganised Expendables says:

    God bless Russia…… President should maintain some veto powers….all presidential candidates should be selected from KGB😁…..and a strong bureaucracy and defence back ups for better administration like the board of advisors in Pentagon will be neat. Their should be a ratio between expense of court dealing and bureaucratic dealings….. for better and corruption free government offices… God bless…..

  • Sir Putin has done a lot for beautiful mother Russia and he is a very good-natured person, Ameen ❣️ And not, only, mother Russia but we all will miss him, Ameen❣️ 😢😢😢💌💌💌💌💌💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐

  • Prasad Jonnalagedda says:

    just my personal gut feeling – at this time of very unbalanced and chaotic situation of the world, russia going towards "strong" parliament is worrisome, wondering if western world or unknown forces are effecting russia's fundamental principles!, only time can tell.

  • Great man,great leader!They say,greatness of a man is measured by his enemies and detractors!
    Putin is loved by people and hated by politicians who don't have a spine!🥊


  • So this is essentially Putin's succession plan. He rewrites constitution until Prime Minister has all the power and the President is a fugure head. Then in 2025, he asks Parliament to make him a PM. And people elect someone who Putin picks as President as that person will be the only viable candidate. This is what Edrogen did in Turkey, pretty much. And of course Putin will claim that he follows the law doing all of this.

  • Scary times and huge challenges ahead in post Putin Russia. Good preparation is critcal , anticipating evil forces get more grip in Russia.
    If the Nobel price selection procedures were not totally corrupted Putin deserve 2 at once!! 1 for being a great peace maker, and 1 for his fight against evil Jewonist forces and his respect and compassion for humans in general.

  • JesusLOVES You! says:

    God bless and congratulations to Russia for accomplishing so much after working so hard to get here. President Putin kept his promises.

  • An old man once said to me,
    "Son you know the difference 'twixt us 'n the damncommies ?
    The damncommies stand up there and say what they're gonna' do. Then they do it.
    Us, we stand up there, and yell all this shit how we'll never never, ever, never do "that." Real loud.
    Then that is the very next thing we do."
    This was a long time ago. The damncommies were still the damncommies in those days.
    They screw everything up, an' they're not even damncommies anymore !!! (I didn't know damn commies wuz 2 words until I got to junior high school)
    The old man was exactly right.
    President Putin, and the entire Russian Federation's Government is exactly right.
    To all you namby-pamby, candy-ass people of little faith, I'd like to ever so politely say 😝

  • Antoine Johnson says:

    I Think hé Wise Yet I Believe Thé Fédération Parliment Should Observé Within Fédéral Synthc Of FERVENT matters of constitutional injustice Just As Thé U.N. Only Time Will Tell If FEDS organisation on a global stage conjoining obligations of U.N workload to 3/3 Of A Whole Because Thé A.U. ,F.E.D ,And U.N shares 1/3 To Créate 3/4

  • Statesmen of the millennium. Knowledgeable, smart, hard, strict, resourceful, strategic, bold and most of all kind and unselfish. Always finding ways for improvement.

  • Paulo Irineu de Souza says:

    Putin is an example of diplomacy, leadership and strategy in a chaotic global geopolitical scenario! My respect and admiration for the russian people! I wish you all the best, thanks for the example you set for rest of the world!

    From Brazil!

  • Бојан Bojan Бабовић Babović says:

    A book could be written about consequences of Putin's departure. But Russia is not a ordinary nation or country, but unique one in whole world. We could say deeply esoteric… Mother Russia is above any individual per se, she does have her own very old soul and actions and reactions coming from her soul, that only lost souls don't evaluate and have no respect for. We Serbs have a saying for such people : "like they've fallen from the tree or Mars! (i kid you not) just yesterday…"

    God Bless Mother Russia
    Бог Благословио Мајку Русију
    Боже, Благослови Мать Россию

  • Lol, more checks and balances!? How if he is changing the constitution and making him self the center of Russia power forever.

  • Putin helps Russian to become a power & balance on their system, no one complains & protesting as yet they listen, patience & quiet during Putin gave a speech make them happy & peace of mind because of religion apply.

  • I think it's a bad idea to have the President solely responsible for selecting all the intelligence chiefs. I think this is a radical centralisation of power, with a cherry and some sprinkles thrown to the PM, who is still massively subservient to the President.

  • @ RUSSIA 🇷🇺 Where would u be right know if this SAINT would not have came to you’re rescue. Probably not in the 21st century soo the mother land owes this man there life

  • I don't think people are watching this video to the end. .Putin is not trying to weaken the Presidents authority in Russia, Putin is trying to amend the Russian Constitution to give himself powers he does not currently possess . Putin is saying that he wants to amend the Russian Constitution so that the President and the President alone has the power to dismiss a regional Judge if Putin disagrees with that Judge's " behavior ". Putin wants the power and authority to place Judges favorable to Putin's agendas in all the regions of Russia instead of letting local citizens choose their Judges. That's giving himself power s he does not currently possess .

  • If i were in the russian Duma i would suggest to make Putin president for life . He is the best qualified to take good care of Russia .

  • If you agree with bible prophecy Russia is victor over the Unite states of America.
    Military and economy along with close ally China..
    Form together the Asian block of Nations to become the Kings of the East..all trade is East. ..

  • I like it although maybe vice president should also be elected by the people so they don't get stuck… Although I guess because of my military schooling I like China's way best … Where high ranking Military career long members really do know what's best for country since public everywhere really are misinformed.

  • Galactic Warrior says:

    Just trying to protect Russia's sovereignty from the globalists which is good and necessary. In the end, people will vote on any proposed changes.

  • I had worried about a Cult of Personality. Mr. Putin seems to be working to prevent such a malady from afflicting Russia again.

    A more decentralized Russia will make it more resilient against offshore intrigue.

  • chetan kumar Ghodke says:

    when I think of Russia, the image of Putin comes to mind. And when I think of Putin, I feel wow, what a great leader. I can't think of Russia without Putin, I would prefer him to be President till he is alive.
    He has already taken Russia to a high level and will continue to do so.

  • If their is another president hope is not as idiot as TRUMP, because we don't need another cry bebe that how kill other countries but when some step foot oh his lands, he says that is so disrespectful.

  • William McKenna says:

    Это фашистская Россия. Власть в стране захватили обычные бандиты и воры. Когда-то фашистская Германия была потрясена путинским фашизмом. В России, конечно, боятся за свою задницу, потому что милиция будет бить! Преодолеть власть путинских полицейских, прокуроров и т.д…. Если это произойдет, есть все шансы, что что-то в мире может измениться к лучшему. Мы должны искать справедливости со словом и истиной, публичностью! Только вместе, только публичность, только бойкот!!!!! «Это будет стоить тысячи слов, когда сила руки важна. Вы должны быть сильными, вы должны сказать: "Руки от меня. Вы должны ответить силой силой! Другого пути нет! Честным словом и мирным делом уже не добиться результата. Очень видно, что им нас*рать на людей. Надо отвечать на силу- силой! Другого пути уже нет!

  • William McKenna says:

    Мне 36 лет, я построила дом в России, две погодные дочери ходят в начальные классы, казалось бы, все круто. Но из-за нестабильности и различных других обстоятельств желание растить детей в России исчезло. Будущее ребенка в россии , это гомосексуализм и наркомания. Если ты в россии никто и звать тебя никак то и ребенку будет тоже самое… Хорошее образование он не получит и уделего. Люди Боритесь за свободу хотя-бы не ради себя но ходябы за внуков и бабушек и дедушек.

  • Russia must be impenetrable, unconquerable, indivisible and invincible in the face of the unrelenting vultures patiently waiting for its (Russia's) downfall. I am not Russian but I can relate when I see Russia's enemies. Long live Russia !

  • A country as large as Russia Federation – w/o a strong presidential system – is an opening for disintegration such as Uni Soviet, Yugoslavia. Mr Putin seems to repeat Mr Gobachev path.

  • Einfach süß gele gele says:

    нам нужно купить эфиопан и эритранский бомо, потому что с нами есть люди, которые делают зло

  • Rainbow Pierrot says:

    Im an American but this made me almost cry for how beautiful his speech was, I hope this year we can unify as one planet and not only as our home countries

  • Adalard Richter says:

    Now that his term is about to end, he wants to reduce the power of the future president, but didn't care about such reforms when he was president for 20 years. Fucking hypocrite. People who drool over this Channel won't understand

  • Putin must be in power to protect Russia.
    We don't want to see gal like USSR.
    Be powerful and keep Russia.
    Long live Putin and Russia.

  • One step forward and another back. While giving parlament real power is a necessary step, appointing regional governmental directions in order to push central directives is not. It is out of touch with regional needs and their right for self governance. It shows that exerting more control over more remote and distant regions is more important to maintain stability and that Russian government lacks trust of local representivies to work in Russia's name.

  • I doubt Putin can be replaced as easily. Energy that he spreads is unique. I wish he was much younger to keep leading the country for decades more.

  • Man f american and british media. "Putin bad, putin dictator" and here i see this man protect its country from such a thing even happening!

  • Magdalena van Weert says:

    Bravo! Pres. Putin. Thank you for ALWAYS educating the whole world, sharing your LOVE, wisdom and ALL YOUR HARD WORK FOR THE WELL BEING AND SAFETY OF YOUR PEOPLES. YOU ARE A TRUE PEACE MAKER /KEEPER AND SUPER DIPLOMAT. Many countries around the world will adopt these plans.
    There are many, more and more, GOOD, WISE leaders in the world now, cooperating in order to achieve the HIGHEST
    GOAL: peace, honor, respect, compassion, cooperation between all living beings.


  • Greedy Pig Putin. When he has to resign from being the President by Constitutional Law, he still wants more power. He had all the power when he was President now he just wants to take that away from the next President. I really hope they change this Law.

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