BREAKING! Putin: I Decided To Extend Paid Holiday Period In Russia Until End Of April!

BREAKING! Putin: I Decided To Extend Paid Holiday Period In Russia Until End Of April!

Citizens of Russia, friends,
The non-work week in Russia is coming to an end. However, doctors, nurses and all medical personnel continue to work intensely. It is a difficult time for them now. They are holding the line of defense against the advancing epidemic: they are treating and saving people as well as preventing the contraction and development of the disease. I am confident that all Russians will share my heartfelt gratitude to our medical personnel. People working in other fields that are vital for Russia and society are also doing their duty now. I would like to sincerely thank you all, without exception. And, of course, I would like to thank volunteers and people who care, everyone who understood and felt their personal responsibility in countering the epidemic and who strictly follow the recommendations of the authorities and medical specialists, take care of themselves, their families and the safety of those around them. The nationwide non-work week, as well as the self-isolation regime declared in many regions, made it possible for us to gain time to take preventive action, to mobilise all the government bodies and to increase the healthcare system’s resources to counter the epidemic as effectively as possible using our own experience and the best practices from other countries. I believe it of great importance that overall we have managed to protect the elderly from the serious threat so far and prevent outbreaks of the epidemic at kindergartens, schools, universities and other educational institutions. Of course, now we have to think about our next steps and decisions. Let me stress that when making decisions we have to understand that the threat is still present. Virologists believe that the global peak of the epidemic is still ahead of us, including in Russia. In this context, I have decided to prolong the official non-work period until the end of the month, or through April 30. Let me stress that wages will be retained. At the same time, the situation is changing, and it is different in different regions and even in individual municipalities. We have a very large country with varying population densities and regions where the coronavirus has already created a serious threat to people. This applies, for one, to Moscow where the trend has not been reversed yet despite the measures taken by the federal and municipal authorities. Meanwhile, there are regions where not a single case of the disease has been identified, although there are fewer of them as time goes on. Therefore, restrictions should be tightened in some regions, whereas local, spot solutions may be sufficient in others with a high level of preparedness. These specific distinctions must be taken into account. In this context, the regional heads will be granted additional authority in line with my Executive Order. By the end of this week, they will have to plan out a set of specific preventive measures that are the most rational for their regions in terms of the health and security of the people and the sustainability of the economy and key elements of the infrastructure. Let me repeat that the regions themselves will make decisions that are based largely on the objective situation. These decisions should determine what regime to introduce in a region or its individual municipalities under the presidential Executive Order, which companies and organisations need to suspend their activities and which can continue operating with strict observance of public health. Let me add that, as before, work will continue at government bodies, companies with continuous production, medical facilities and pharmacies, shops selling the basic necessities and all vital services. If there is a need to impose additional restrictions on backbone companies and educational and research organisations, the regions will have to coordinate the decision with the Federal Government. It is critical to ensure interaction between different levels of government, including the federal, regional and municipal governments. I therefore asked my plenipotentiary envoys in the federal districts to closely coordinate this work in the regions. All information must go to the Government Coronavirus Effort Coordinating Board for processing and analysis and be used in decision-making. Of course, the regional authorities must coordinate their actions with the sanitary and epidemiological authorities. The key and the unconditional goal here is the proper protection, health, and safety of the Russian people. We will see where the situation goes from here and make further decisions and, situation permitting, will adjust the duration of the announced period of compulsory days off to reduce it. I have another point to make. As we implement measures to combat the epidemic, we must not forget that it is just as important to preserve jobs and incomes. This is a common priority for the Government, the regional authorities and for businesses. An efficient and steadily performing economy provides the basis for achieving our key goals, including in healthcare. Fellow citizens, please continue to strictly follow the instructions issued by the authorities and the recommendations of the doctors and specialists, and to protect yourself and your loved ones. Our shared responsibility and mutual support remain extremely important and, in some cases, decisive. Even this short week has shown that with the proper understanding of the complexity of the situation, we can manage to reduce the risks effectively. I am sure that we will continue to act in the same coordinated and reliable manner. Most importantly, we must be proactive. Thank you. Take care.


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  • Cleiton Faria says:


  • Well said very well said indeed. Focused to the point & decisive. There's a lot to be said for self sufficiency and Russia showing it off here lately. Little envy going in here I must say.

  • Blanca Rugerio says:


  • The corona virus entered Putin’s body and was immediately like “uh holy shit, get me out of here” as it was stared down by billions of Putin fighter cells like yeah bitch just try us.

  • It's funny to think how many people in NATO countries like Putin, but for many it is the opposite in Russia (fx. the like to dislike ratio on an English and a Russian version of this video).

  • i suppose many are lying, you cannot catch a virus, they are not alive , viruses work in your cells to clean them up, they do not live, they have no digestion system, … .we are being lied to world wide.. .the question is… why?

  • Mr Putin realises he has made a monumental mistake by not acting quick enough.
    Mr Putin has slow walked Russia to the brink of disaster.

  • Make your guess !!! What on earth is this ???? To be used to attack arctic targets ? Like artic military bases / floating power plants / ships / energy plants ? Could be for helicopter or missile drone "landing" ?
    No defence system / satellite radar / human eye would see or recognize this to be anything else than piece of ice floating in the sea ???
    Note the light points only to one direction (for night attack usage?) and small light shine up from little holes like left right left right and the those marks for landing in right direction ??

  • I want to do a sample test of young strong church leaders to get an idea. Slowly move into older and watch data. Eventually it should move you back into action. Beats sit at home cause I suck. Thats sookie, sookie in Chinese.

  • Robert Neighbors says:

    Hey all your RUSSIAN TROLLS in Comments, Your Putina is trying to keep a straight Face here, because all the Russian people know he is wagging his tongue, nothing will change, rich politicians are already in protected houses, all the citizens and public will die !

  • Wow most of you are so I'll informed! I live in America one of the supposedly hardest hit states and don't know one person who has it! The hospitals don't seem any more busy than usual. I don't know what's going on but it's more than a virus! I think they leaders are doing something they don't want anyone to know about! To stop everything like this, they are misleading the people! The Clinton's must be behind this!

  • They keep saying take this time to spend it with your family's! Like this is our last chance! They don't want kahoss!

  • "I believe it of great importance that overall we have managed to protect the elderly from the serious threat…"

  • Paulline Cooper says:

    King Putin, Leadership of Integrity, Honesty, Ethical Principles and COMMON SENSE. King Putin, my husband.

  • I am sick and tired of these stifling restrictions under the guise of some kind of holiday (now they won't even let us out for shashliki without copping a fine for it, but whatever). The economy is getting hammered, though not as badly as if we hadn't been hit by sanctions first and learnt to look after ourselves. But a month of "sit at home" and permits to scratch your arse are going to kill us economically. Lukashenko in Belarus has it more or less right. He has forbidden companies to close down and still sends his children to school, considering it foolish and panic-mongering to do otherwise. He has organised nationwide support for the alone elderly, so that they do not have to go out for groceries and medication, among other non-economically-invasive measures.
    It is unprecedented to shut down whole economies the world over, all the more so for what amounts to something slightly stronger than the influenza virus, unprecedented in it's stupidity. We murder the patient to cure the cancer, so to speak.

  • Reinhard Gellen says:

    The corona -hoax will end, when the ruling elites start to lose serious money. Then the stupid masses of the general population will be put at work again. No difference in Russia or America.

  • Respect from Georgia USA!

    As an engineer, I'm doing everything I can to set up decentralized system to facilitate the economy.

    I struggle to learn Russian, but I have recently found a very beautiful source of motivation.

  • Sylvester Kilonzo says:

    Wait, paid holiday?! It is time we all go and take Russian citizenship people. The US, take notes man. This idea of injecting $2 trillion into the economy and nothing is seen by the people needs to stop.
    We are fully aware that after the pandemic you want to accrue the money from the public, right?

  • Tolunay Gündoğdu says:

    Tatsählich pyutin tatsählich???du der treu sorgende sohn???du???AL THe ????putin ???HeRzUMiR?????putin put put

  • Tolunay Gündoğdu says:

    Ich kann machen dass du nie gewesen putina putin ..NevEr bOrN on earTH yes yes o yes.. You putin???? bekle bitmedim.. Ananı coktan kafesledim
    Bogomilitlerini şey yaptığımın cücüğü???

  • Tolunay Gündoğdu says:

    Verhaftet alle it s
    Ağzına 1 yumruk..s..t.r giT sputnik dalga böcek..behhhh
    Du stinkst behh

  • Stane Marchiotti says:

    This is how a real President reacts in front of problems to be solved! God bless Russia with this President!

  • President Putin help the world to get rid of the reptilians. They are controlling US and all governments in the world. Destroy them and the world will not face more wars, invasions etc etc All American people we love ❤️You!!

  • Rabishankar Pal says:

    That's how a president should respond during crisis hours. Every duty bound disciplined Russians would respond accordingly. To Russia with Love from India. Long Live ?? Long Live ??

  • Luz Sáez del Pozo Windsorez says:

    Putin should put Russia into emergency quarantine to save her people, take care of them, make sure everyone get paid not been fired or cut salary.

  • They stole my identity and sold off my CITIZENSHIP and forcing my disappearance and i dont care any more about people i didnot get any of that just my bestfriend got forced away and i donot have any way to go to work because they committed investments frad and i never agreed to that and never got any information about anything because they thout it would be funny to switch records

  • And keep harassing me and making jokes about me so i donnot have any reason to care about people im slone almost all the time because they took people out of my life and were sending people to break in my house and have been trying to steal everything i worked for and my paino i inherited from my grandfather and they are trying to get me to commit suicide because they stole my identity and i documented work i did in 2016 because i liked to work i never agreed to be obligated to them i just liked working on things who sined contact why did they block me from getting information ?

    I never got anything so dont blame me

  • I didn't agree to have to work for them they blocked me from getting information and dtole my identity and im slone almost alk the time because they stole my identity and blocked me from getting information

  • What did i do to you people why am i going victimized why have i been getting publicly humiliated for last several years for trying to get help for girls that were saying they were getting victimized

  • World need only for Putin his very most sacrifice man and iam always everytim pray for god his long live and Godbless you and Godbless you all Russian people love from India ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Now people wont even talk to me and they ruend my life and blocked me from going to work and my email to steal from me and now im alone almost all the time because they keep making jokes about me on kcur radio show and stole my capability to im a real person and not a corprate front for them they attempted to murder me to steal from me and sttempt to cover up

  • Why are they trying to make me be public and why are they not letting
    Females come over snd or they all hate me because they stole my identity and thought it would be funny to slander me when j really worked and never got anything from them

  • Im on privet PROPERTY and it has been the entire time snd they had no right to come on my PROPERTY and break in or send people over under faluse pretext and why dose it matter what i do they stole from me and now everybody hates me and i have nobody in my life excpt my father and i have no way to travel and almost no money i worked 1 or 2 days in last year and havent even been able to spend money i didn't even ask for i went to help a friend because he said he needed help i can't leave my location because they keep attempt to murder me because they stole my CITIZENSHIP or something kicked me out of society because nothing I do is ever going to be good enough to not be alone so gheir was a flash to east last night i seen and Nigeria is probably dead and im about to see what HAPPENS in san Francisco bay

    I have been alone almost all the time for last 4 years because they stole my identity and have victomizin me who said i have to make a move i never agreed to be victimized and i really didnot makd much money in 2016 i don't know ezactly what they did but they stole my identity and everything that made me happymy capability to travrl and work and my bestfriend because the cass county Missouri prosecutor office and police thought it would be funny and a good idea to do this because i was gone most of time working on things and i dont know what they are doing but they keep sending me gay things so i don't know what is going to happen in California but who gives a guck if they want me to be slond all the time than what reason do i have to care about people im not a actor they cant just switch md out for someone else

  • The world deserves to know if this virus was biological or not and I'm expecting the Russian to give the truths.

  • mitzvah golem says:

    Russia helped America..God bless protect Russia.
    Hydroxquinine Zinc sulfate Zepak combined saving lives in NYC now.
    Dr Zev Zelenko MD NYS three part treatment saving in NYC.
    A Russian Orthodox Jew Doctor.
    A Chabadnik who Putin helps and support s.


    Best decision Mr. President. From INDIA. Be safe and keep safe Russia and Russian. Love and blessings from India.

  • george dorschner says:

    Has he finally given up this filler nonsense? He is starting to ressemble himself again. I hated that pumped up football face.

  • "I've extended the non work week to the end of April and everyone will keep getting paid" And that's why Russia will come of this crisis way ahead of the Evil Empire, whose social fabric is falling apart.

  • acheamenid union etehadi hakhamaneshi says:

    Chinese fighters for now when Iran is in state of war with America for Iran till later on some big deals anyone seen the qaher f313 verry cool. Imagine if it would have j10 and j11 engines big engines would help allot to defend Iran

  • Same here, darling. Good strategy. Different locations require different restrictions. Preserve Constitutional rights as much as possible. ????

  • Eli dela merced says:

    President Vladimer Putin is an honest and experience leader. He earned the respect from people of the world


  • Russia and China is showing the Way in Leadership Qualities.

    USA only produce actors and braggards.

    VLADIMIR Putin will serve his country because his people want him.

    Soon Trump will kiss his ass goodbye.

  • I enjoy watching YouTube for the Russian people’s lifestyles especially in the country and the foods. The more I see and hear Putin I realize what a smart man he is. I want to believe him because I sure don’t have any faith in the US president.

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