BREAKING: Prayer NOT Protecting People from Coronavirus

BREAKING: Prayer NOT Protecting People from Coronavirus

OK. We literally have seen people argue that it
is OK to crowd together in houses of worship churches because Jesus is protecting the people
from Corona virus. Remember this lady a couple of months ago,
six weeks ago, driving out of this Ohio parking lot is a woman who just attended a church
service with dozens of other people, including children. May I ask you about your decision to go to
church, to be inside that building? I wouldn’t be anywhere else. Aren’t you concerned you could infect other
people if you get sick inside? Now, a little. Now I’m covered in Jesus blood. I’m covered in blood. Other people who don’t go to this church who
you might encounter, all these people go to this church, but you’re going to be in places
where other crashes every day. I’m so sick from what happened because I’m
covered in blood. Thank you very much. It turns out not only was that not true, but
churches, while trying to get coronavirus stimulus money, are often staying open, causing
new outbreaks of disease. New York Pastor Fabian Arius has a parish
that lost 44 people to Corona virus. That’s not cases. Forty four deaths to Corona virus Bishop Paul
Eggan. Steinar, from an Evangelical Lutheran Church
network, says that the pastors in their network are reporting in some cases, 25 to 50 percent
of their congregations have Corona virus in the south of the United States. We’ve seen more of these huge evangelical
churches stay open. And there’s a whole bunch of examples, Kentucky. There was an outbreak that started and then
moved from the church to g.e.’s aviation plant in Madisonville. 70 infections have been traced back to a church
in Sacramento, California. The full list is not so important, but the
point is churches have been huge epicenters of outbreaks. Some churches not all, to be super clear. Some churches have been the loudest advocates
against the stay at home orders, wanting exemptions from the large gathering bans, for example. And yet, at the same time, they want coronavirus
money. Houses of worship have received hundreds of
millions, certainly maybe even billions of dollars under the paycheck protection plan. And the reason is because churches are being
treated like any business or nonprofit that needs funding. So understand the hypocrisy here. Churches want to be exempt from stay at home
orders because they say we’re not like any other business or organization. But they say we are just like any other business
organization when it comes to peopIe funds. Now, the truth is more complex. Many of the churches that are seeking funds
have shut down or are doing only online stuff. Many churches in Massachusetts, for example,
fall under that umbrella. So I am not individually saying every church
is hip. Critical because they are all against shut
downs and all taking BPP money. That’s not the case. Many of the churches that got BPP funds are
Catholic churches and many Catholic churches have been closing in accordance with state
guidelines. But the special treatment has to stop guys
in the eyes of the law and under government. We’ve already said churches likely shouldn’t
be non-profits and churches probably should be paying property taxes. Now I have no problem if the church has a
school or a daycare, something that is truly a traditional standard nonprofit. I’m fine looking at exemptions there, but
the general blanket idea that by saying you are a place of worship, you pay no taxes. It has to end. And in addition, in exchange for the privilege
of not paying taxes. Houses of worship are not supposed to be political,
and often they are. Rarely are there ever repercussions. So I just want consistency. If you want to be treated just like any other
business and get your peopIe money and all of that, well then you don’t get to say we
are different and we get to stay open as as if we were an essential business. Why would that be the case? If you are special and you get to stay open
no matter what and you get to not pay taxes? Why do you also get the peopIe funds? And then more urgently, because really, you
know, I care more about lives than the money component. The issue of funding, taxes, all of that. It’s important, but it’s not urgent. The issue of churches as a locus for coronavirus
outbreaks, that is both important and urgent. Very much so. And I don’t know at this point what can be
done. There are actually churches that are deliberately
being defiant when it comes to coronavirus and staying open. And it has to stop because it’s spreading
infection and as a result it is spreading death.


100 thoughts on “BREAKING: Prayer NOT Protecting People from Coronavirus”

  • Daniel Yeatts says:

    Don't forget the South Korean church that stayed open and caused a massive spread that infected nearly 3,000 attendees in Feb. Millions of devout Christians died from plague in the 1300s; the Black Death didn't care who they believed in.

  • Silverfirefly1 says:

    My feelings on this subject were confirmed by that African mega church a few years ago. The one that pancaked vertically while it was at full capacity.

  • Jarle Malmin says:

    God created everything on this planet. This means the virus too…. which means its supposed to be here. And it will spread to believers and none believers alike. These people see no Logic sadly.

  • Silverfirefly1 says:

    Mecca is empty because even muslim fundamentalists know to save the body count for their enemies rather than their own.

  • TheBlazersfan22 says:

    i pray to jesus everyday. I wonder if he will protect me from bullets. 😛 I love jesus. Will he save me from falling off a cliff? I have drunk jesus blood at church. Will I be able to walk on top of water so sharks can't bite me ?

  • Spaghetti Monster's judging your life choices says:

    Wait so your saying we can rid ourselves of half of America's evangelicals just by giving them the choice to go to church? Ok I'll take that deal. They've been warned to stay home. It's on them if they go and die from this. I just feel bad for all the innocent people they infect.

  • Timothy Wayne says:

    It's not enough for them to be covered in blood. They want us all to be covered with the blood of Jesus and to deny science. Maybe by this time next year there will be fewer evangelicals.

  • And yet not one of these loonies will admit that 'Jesus' didn't save them. Churches don't pay tax. They shouldn't get a penny. The only ones which should get any assistance are the ones who have followed the rules.

  • The Supreme Court ruledTrinity Lutheran v Comer states that church school can not be denied public benefits due to religion. Yet Burwell v Hobby Lobby ruled that some corporations are exempt from following laws that “applies” to their religion. Yet Alabama passes laws not allowing non Christians to have religious persons and materials at their executions. They don’t want Christian religious freedom; they want Christian religious domination.

  • The way I see it, if God does have time in his schedule to worry about my lungs, He has given me doctors and nurses and Dr. Fauci (hereafter to be referred to as The Doctor) and the good sense to follow their advice!!!

  • Rod Anderson says:

    I feel sorry for the numerous innocent people these religious nuts will knowingly infect and subsequently KILL — and then claim their untimely deaths were "the Lord's will". May the souls of these religious nuts all burn in eternal hell for their hypocracy. These are the same stupid unthinking "sheeple" who voted Trump and the Republican Senators into office.

  • angelo lopez says:

    Is it true that most Jewish in nyc "convert" their houses as a synagogue and they don't pay taxes on the house.

    Is that true?

  • poopdeckpappy.. says:

    Who cares its trumptards they deserve what they get. Trumptards were told the rules but trumptards wanted to listen to president shit for brains. Hey trumptards president shit for brains gets tested everyday do yoy . Morons

  • Beyonder Galactus says:

    my hope is that all these folk, as well as the " death before wearing a mask" crowd get together a lot, hangs out and die. Thus raising the average intelligence of America. the dumb fuck factor needs to be reduced.

  • Heaven help those who interpret religious doctrine so pathetically. Prayers can soothe and calm. Religious justice can kill.

  • evelyn hopkins says:

    Christians who also use the brains which “God gave them”, still wear seatbelts in case of an accident.

  • We genuinely need to address the nonprofit status of churches. Maybe it will root out some profit preachers that wear thousand dollar suits and have private jet.

  • Selarom Ogeid says:

    Churches are for people who can’t read the religious text due to being uneducated. Stay home and read your religious text

  • Máire Walton says:

    Yes, the invisible man in the sky, who died 2000 years ago, is protecting earthlings with his blood??? Darwin deniers.Bizarre.

  • Kennedy Lehane says:

    As a Christian, I can say Jesus clearly tells people to pray at home. It says, in Matthew 6: 5-6, ”When you pray, don't be like the hypocrites who love to pray publicly on street corners and in the synagogues where everyone can see them. I tell you the truth. But when you pray, go away by yourself, shut the door behind you, and pray to your Father in private. Then your Father, who sees everything will reward you.”

  • Now come on. I grew up in a religion. But "covered in Jesusuz blood?!" Wtf? Which insane variant of the Cult of The God of The Middle Eastern Desert pedals that gruesome motif?? God what an inestimable load of crap religion is. As the great Gordon Ramsay says, crap on top of crap, using crap made from crap.

  • "Covered in Jesus' blood" … This is such a hideous expression to any person with a sane mind. Christianity is based on "blood sacrifice" and is no better than the cults that threw virgin females into volcanoes to appease an imagined "god". Jesus was only "dead" for about 36 hours according to the bible. What sacrifice?

  • Dean Nilvalli says:

    This is some sort of beautiful paradox. Given the type of people who are being struck down, or "smote" as it were, it would seem that God is using this to get rid of lots of those we may do better without.

  • It's not about Jesus or faith, it's not even just about the money. It's about dominionism. These people believe that the Christian Church (or their narrow version of the Christian Church) should occupy a place of privilege in American society. They believe in a mythologized past where everyone was once like them, and they would gladly kill either themselves or other people in order to see us "return" to that.

  • Brandee Easterday says:

    I’m a person of faith and I say they need to pay taxes, they have side businesses that nothing to do with worship. They sell land to developers for profit…enough is enough. Jesus would have paid his taxes! Let’s be real!

  • Socrates ExplainsEverything says:

    All religion is a scam, clearly.
    Even so – Thank god for the stupidity of these people!
    Every one of these deaths is one less solid and unquestioning Republican vote.
    Praise Jesus!

  • Natily Dotson says:

    I'm religious but I'm not forcing myself or family to take risks, why take those kind of risks when you can watch via tv or internet or radio ? The ones not willing to compromise are the ones that are cheering for the end of the world…"where there are two or more…"

  • Sahade Alarcón says:

    Churches should get NOTHING. They pay no taxes whatsoever. Only those churches that help the poor should get help.

  • Government money going to churches is just WRONG. They are not held accountable , they pay no taxes, and it violates the desires and thinking of the framers of the Constitution. This is just political bribery of an important Republican constituency pure and simple.

  • The Christian coalitions are behind Trump. Through their connections, the Trump adm. hires people to rile
    up folks to defy guidelines, gather together , and protest to 'open up the country. ' Science be damned. These evangelists smirk at the cameras defying guidelines put in place to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Ssooo, they congregate, blow droplets on each other, then on folks in their respective communities. Then when these folks get sick, they go to our overwhelmed inept healthcare system to take care of them. Rah, rah, rah, aren't we smart. That women was crazy; Jesus said we have to do the leg work. In this instance that means listening to the science and stay TF home. Idiot. Then these evangelists 'encourage their followers to give their stimulus checks to 'the church's. for the greater good of man kind. Then they ALSO want funds from the government! They will get it too. Because Trump needs their backing. Meanwhile thousands of Americans are waiting in food lines. WTH iscwrong with this picture???? Folks, stay away from that kool-aid. !!

  • Churches asking for money while they are tax exempt…. Conservatives gotta grift. Besides, shows that churches are nothing more than a business.

  • youtooberman9001 says:

    Letting yourself , your neighbors, your congregation, and your family get sick with the corona virus to own the libs

  • Evan Noynaert says:

    As someone who used to be a minister, I disagree that things like day-cares and schools should be treated as non-profits. They are usually run as profit centers for the church. A long-time friend who is a pastor told me they would have shut down years ago if it were not for the income generated by their day-care and school.

    Also, the way they run these schools is really pretty similar to the way private for-profit daycares and schools operate. Is it really fair that the businesses associated with the church get tax exemption while competing small businesses get squeezed out because they do not get the tax breaks and subsidies of church-associated businesses?

    I would probably limit the tax exemptions to things like food pantries and senior centers.

  • Bye! Bye! Watchtower says:

    Jehovah's Witnesses are using zoom for their meetings. Their website accepts credit cards so they can donate. They are not doing their door to door preaching. Instead their writing letters.

  • You guys want to join a religion that allows you to make your house your own church? Tax exempt? Hell yea you do. It's called Scientology Sucks and it's a real religion. Join the bitch. Costs nothing. Just got to party.
    Sign up at

  • Nick Soapdish says:

    So churches, who don't even taxes, get millions in tax relief from the government because of people like Donald Trump? If that's true, then this country is truly screwed! The way I see it if that's the case the church should be paying taxes.

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