Breaking out of the Friendzone (Ft. JaidenAnimations)

Breaking out of the Friendzone (Ft. JaidenAnimations)

Hi! My name is Maaz and before we staart I just want to let you know that this is a continuation from this video (PLEASE WATCH IT I BEG YOU) About how I
got friendzoned :’) Please watch that story first so that you’re all caught up For this next saga B) Now without further ado Maaz. (◡﹏◡✿) I’m breaking up with you 🦀🦀 Maaz is Gone 🦀🦀 James… JAMES NO NNNOOOoOoOoOoOoOoOoO WOAH (oh lol it was a dream get rekt) *breathes deeply* just a dream… just a dream it’s just a dream *groans* What’s wrong, you okay babe? uwu AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Alright so here’s a quick recap: CHERRY, this beautiful brown QUEEN asked ME, the loser friend-zoned Maaz to watch a movie with her… alone ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Now, I don’t know what kind of Dwayne Johnson that I was living under but at the time I thought that she was trying to… You know… Make the moves or uh… *licks lippies* Secretly confess to a hunk like me and uh… No… No she wasn’t. No… no. NO. NO *Young Maaz screams* NO!!! *still screaming* NO SHE. *AURGH* WASN’T!!! *pls STOP* *Grabs a goofy goober and yeets it at Young Maaz* Hurt me daddy 😩😩 It’s crazy… because there I was yaknow Trying to decipher her words like it was some ANCIENT HIEROGLYPHICS when she was actually just like WOW!! *wink* I can’t wait to
see Twilight New Moon With my best buddy old pal MAAZ Twilight. She wanted to watch FRICKING. TWILIGHT. And I thought it was a genuine
show of her love for me and *laugh* don’t get your hopes up about what happened There’s no spice, there’s no baseball, there’s no tea SIS (we only stan queens here) *watching Edward from Twilight gross* Oh brother THIS GUY STINKS (Team Jacob, always) After this,
everything was more or less the same level of one-sided crush until we reached grade 10 In a previous video, I mentioned that NOTHING HAPPENED during visual arts and… well… that’s not EXACTLY true… Because I actually shared my art class with her And it was around this time that my feelings for Cherry PEAKED O__O So I was like… trying to spend as much time with her as possible During classes… At lunch… Before school… Following her home… (wait) Watching her SLEEP (wait WHAT) You know, the usual stuff!! *Police car screeches in, sirens blaring* SHH!! COME ON DUDE!!!! (dog move bro>:( ) And finally, ladies and gentlemen… we got him. After three years of middle school, Cherry was finally ready to get in a relationship And… in my head… Since she’d been with the other BOYS Who else was left other than the 👑👑BROWN PRINCE 👑👑 I mean… what
could go wrong??? *ahem* I’ve had a lot of good times with
all of you guys and it’s been really difficult for me to decide who to give this to… but… I think I’ve made up my mind I want to give this final rose to… Oh no Cherry, it’s okay! I’d like to gracefully accept the final rose an- Cherry: J-Dog. *S H O O K* Aaaallllrriiiiightt *J-Dog and Cherry kissing noises* *sniff* I thought it was my turn :'( I mean look, she did go from one
good-looking white dude to another MUSCULAR good-looking white dude… sure but like… Why mess with vanilla when you’ve got chocolate right here B) heh heh Isn’t that right?? Kill yourself. OKAY! O_O Now the BIGGEST difference between this
relationship with J-Dog and the others was that… She was falling HARD. So much so, that she began to alienate all of her other friends in order to spend as much
time… with HIM And BOY did young Maaz NOT take that well And I legitimately
confronted her about this which led to our little fight I couldn’t BELIEVE that
she was not only ditching all of her friends behind, but also spending all of
her time with him, thinking about him in class, drawing little cutesy love notes
and stuff, like come ON CHERRY!! Only I can do that :^) *that’s against the law* But she wasn’t having ANY of it! Cherry said that she could spend her time however she wanted and if she
wanted to hang out with J-Dog and not me… Then that’s that. And ooooohhhhh MAN I was soooo NOT okay with that Gosh I actually… I actually remember how
because I was like, so FREAKING annoyed by her doing this that whenever I passed by
her lunch, I used to sing the song ‘Somebody That I Used to Know’ by GOTYE yOu DiDn’T hAvE tO cCcUuUuUuUtTtT mE oFf- HAHAHAHAHAHA (WOW I AM CRINGING) LIKE I DIDN’T SING IT OUT LOUD I didn’t like… I didn’t just BELT IT OUT I just… kind of… *wheeze* Whispered it???? I ca- I can’t believe I did that!! That’s like the next level beta bro I was next level beta Like we have an alpha male, we have a beta male, and then you
have an OMEGA MALE, okay? That was *wheeze* THAT WAS ME And guys… This thing went on for SIX. MONTHS. I was whispering this song for six MONTHS! yOu DiDnT hAvE tO CcCuUuUuTtT mMmEeE oOoFfF Wait, what was he saying? Wait who was that?? I DON’T KNOW Probably some LOSER *groans in painful cringe* oh my god… *inhales deeply* WHY???? Ohhhh… alright alright alright Okay let me be serious for a sec As much as I’m memeing about how desperate and how much of an Omega male I was I think it’s important to recognize that most of us in this situation aren’t inherently bad people I’m sure that those in Cherry’s position who have like… you know affection thrown at them don’t just shut them down like I WILL STRING YOU ALONG TO SUCK AWAY YOUR EMOTIONS No, like of course not! They just want everything to kind of stay the same you know? And similarly, majority of people in my shoes don’t ACTUALLY despise them for
friendzoning We’re just… a little lonely you know So at the end of the day I ALWAYS had Cherry’s back Even if we weren’t on the best of terms
at that specific moment So when cherry and J-Dog broke up in a HORRIBLE way I knew that she was a
genuinely heartbroken And when I saw that… ALL of my middle-school anger, the stupid logic and the petty feelings… Disappeared. I had to help my friend. I tried to cheer her up as much as possible And… eventually, as time tends to do She got better. We started talking more and more and… Sure enough, we built up our friendship again. And you know what I noticed? That I was completely and utterly okay with being friends. The friendzone that I had
created for myself was finally over Because… well this may actually sound
real sad BUT I’d finally accepted that a relationship between us just wasn’t going to happen Wow that really was kind of sad to say I’m really not helping out my Omega male image, am I? no you’re not lol BUT I’d also be lying If I said that I wasn’t at least a
little bit curious about what happened I mean, like, look at me How could she NOT
fall for this?? mfw you look like irl Baljeet from Phineas and Ferb :'((( And with me finally being at peace I had this weird level of
confidence So I kind of just like… Low-key asked her about why she dated the guys in our squad specifically Oho, that’s easy! It’s ’cause I’m REALLY into
white dudes *confidence, self-esteem and self-worth shatters* Oh. BUT I’M LITERALLY AS WHITE AS YOU CAN BEEEE (canvas white lmao) It all made sense now! I was being DUPED all along! I had somehow deluded myself into thinking that she was like… going in turns within the squad, dating the BOYS When it was actually just her dating good-looking white men *Laughs* *Laughs in lonely brown man* *sniff*, *lips smack* Excuse me for a moment! Michael Jackson, please… TEACH ME YOUR WAAAAYSSS *when you get a victory royale in Neverland* You know what? I’m actually sort of glad that I’m
feeling like this. Like, okay sure I was devastated when Cherry said that she was into white boys BUT I… think I’d already moved on by then She didn’t owe me ANYTHING and I DEFINITELY should have been a good friend to her WITHOUT the ulterior motive to date her It’s actually crazy Because I called her up
after like… FIVE YEARS to ask for permission to make this story But during the call, I said something along the lines of: Hey, you know how I really liked
you during middle school? Wait… You were into me in middle school??? *wahs in agony* *pray for lonely brown boi* SO APPARENTLY I somehow hid my feelings for Cherry SO WELL that SHE didn’t even KNOW that I was into her WHAT!? Please… PLEASE KILL ME mmmmmmmmmmmmmm y’all hear sumn? Alright but seriously, I am so freaking glad that NOTHING happened back then Because whilst my hormones were chanting YAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSS SLAY HERRRR My logical side was like BEGONE, THO- I also had no follow-up plan after my confession like okay If during the movie night she were to have turned, wrapped her arms around me, looked me dead in the (non-existent) eyes and said Cherry: Oh my gosh, I can’t take it any more! I LOVE YOU!!! *mwwwwaaah* I would have been like *Maaz Psycho 100 – Currently 100%*
Lonely boi powers activated Cherry: wait what *flies and breaks through roof* whoa WHOA WHAT IS THAT?? SILENCE MORTAL *EVAPORATES BYSTANDER* aaAAAHHHH THE ENORMOUS EGGPLANT ENERGY
COURSES THROUGH ME I have now levelled up… TO BETA MAAAALLLEEEE- No, of course not! That’s not how it would have happened!! I would’ve been like: Oh… Oh- Okay… You want to play Minecraft??? *oofs in the distance* I would have been a TERRIBLE boyfriend. Cherry? Ch- Cherry. You TOTALLY dodged a bullet there *laughs in desperation* And to think that I actually cared so much about this Nowadays, it’s just a good memory and we were both able to have a good laugh about it over the phone I wish I could go back in time just to meet middle school Maaz and be like: HEY! Stop being such a terrible human being and just COFESS you freaking idiot!!! And oh… *YEETS YOUNG MAAZ TO OBLIVION* 👏 RESPECT WAHMEN!!! 👏 *Police screeches with sirens blaring* Please do not assault children FRICK Seriously though, if you ARE in a similar situation to me in school First and foremost try to think of it from the other person’s point of view And secondly, I think confession is just so much easier to deal with If you confess and they accept your feelings then GREAT! and if they don’t, then you can just move
on, focus on other things and save a BUNCH of time Unlike me, who spent like
three years is moping around Trying to bleach my skin *Michael please, stop it* *Jail cell closes* Make the most of everything Maartians. Life is… WAY too short to be hung up on whether your crush will like you back or not I hope that you guys can
glean something from my own experiences and develop the courage to confess. It’ll be hard, yeah But… It should be worth it. Good luck ๐Ÿ˜‰ *Funky endcard music takes over* Cherry is genuinely one of the sweetest people
I’d ever met and even after everything that happened I still remember her incredibly fondly AND, I’m
gonna send this video to her! So hey Cherry, love you! *laughs* Platonically. Remember to like, subscribe, hit the notification bell and comment THIS for a shout-out in the community tab Thanks to all of my channel members
and Patrons for supporting me I appreciate ya And I want to remind you guys that I’ve got
merch over at crowdmade Alright, laters everybody, and stay AMaazing!


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