what is going on Sharer’s welcome to the
vlog welcome to another awesome day oh yeah we still have a lot and I mean a
lot of construction going on but that’s not gonna stop us because today we’re
going to do the most epic stuff with the safe what is going on oh my gosh grace
what are you doing you’re supposed to climb that ladder grace you’re crazy
otter oh look at Greece she’s up way too high
look at grace look at grace odor what is she doing oh my gosh we gotta go get her
come on we gotta go down and get her what is she doing oh my goodness otter
come on grace what are you doing Chris you’re not supposed to be up there get down that’s way too high no grace
that’s way too high oh my goodness oh great
okay sharise we gotta get grace down so uh smash the like button right now so
Grayson come down ready three two one sound like button boom okay grace the
sheriff smash smash like button if you can come down now
whoa scary whoa not doing that again the good news is grace made it downstairs
thanks so much for smashing that like button now grace I’m thinking we open
the safe whew okay yeah we got that safe to open last vlog I tried to open it
with tearing it open with the 12,000 pound winch on top of the Hummer oh I
hear a creaking one more okay so close but there was no success
so today I’m thinking we can actually use some of these tools look what the
workers left here they left this kind of thing I’m not really sure what it is I’m
gonna hop on this thing and try it whoa careful Steve whoa great this thing
is way too wobbly I’m getting off this here let me try
whoa Steve this is more wobbly than I thought I have no idea what I’m doing
I’m just messing around Oh Chris I don’t know what you did but whatever you did
try it again okay I’m gonna try it again ready push
oh great this is awesome now you just got to do it to the other side oh it’s
okay Steve there you go oh you’re moving we’re going up I didn’t even know what
no if I want to go all the way up there grace this is like really wobbly and
super hard but Steve there’s only one way to open the safe we have to go all
the way up grace you might need to find Plan B this thing is really I don’t
think it’s safe at all to be on I don’t either but do you want to open the safe
or not Oh grace if we’re gonna put the safe on this thing we got to figure out
how we’re gonna come off to see how does it come down yeah we should make sure
how to get down before we go up you got a graceless jump three two one go oh
okay my turn here we go okay now that we
figured out how to use this lift type of thingy I got shoes on so I can be more
safe because I found a couple nails this is so super dangerous too definitely
don’t try this at home but grace I think we’re ready to go get the tape I think
we’re ready okay let’s do this to the ATV let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go
hop on grace let’s go start this thing up
hang on tight here we go okay Chris let’s grab the safe oh it’s
still here from last time Sharer’s last time this is where we set it
up and try to tear the safe open with the Hummer okay you’re so close let’s
see what’s going on hang on oh no it would look like the hook came on how Oh Sharer’s the rope nap but grace we got other plans for it today yeah I think
we’re gonna open it this time okay so let’s unattach this thing from
the tree this safe is so heavy okay bring this rope around grace try to pull
it to the ATV ready and pull I told you grace it’s so heavy it’s like 300 pounds
here ready three two one pull oh here we go
okay and pool again oh whoa oh it hurt well first I was getting into the ATV I
can’t even do that wow this thing is heavy
whoa okay then we got to bring it to your local oyster it’s a lot heavier
than I thought we should be able to pull it off here we
go okay are you ready grace yeah this looks
like it’ll work you ready yep I’m ready time to pull the
save three two one oh it’s moving yes here we go
whoo it’s working okay at the time oh hey safe is coming let’s
go oh I think this is as close we can get
it there’s too much construction in the way but the good news is we brought it
up the hill a little so you just have to drag it down the hill to that ladder
let’s disconnect it in the back of here and let’s drag this thing over okay you
want to try a dragger this time grace wait for me to drag you have to drag it
you guys Steve pull really hard you got it Steve shares help Steven move
this heavy safe by smash that like button so heavy this is so heavy we need
all the likes I don’t know you have quite a while okay we’ve managed to get
the safe over here now he’s got to lift up onto this ladder oh my goodness it’s
just so heavy okay here now we just gotta somehow
slide it onto there now let’s try ready oh my gosh it’s so heavy
this isn’t moving anywhere okay Plan B grace that piece of wood might work okay
let’s try this one hopefully this okay so we got a piece of wood we lay it
there we’re gonna try to slide this safe I think that’s gonna be a lot easier
than trying to lift it so we just got to push it this way grace you ready okay
walk we’re on the thing we gonna push it up okay ready grace oh wow this is
really heavy oh come on a little bit better oh this thing is
stopped okay sure don’t ask me how we got this here but
somehow we did great I think we’re ready to raise this thing up yeah this better
works cuz that was so heavy safe drop test okay should we hop on this thing
you hop first oh my goodness you think this think this is so much weight on
this thing grace I know that means I’ll just be more wobbly okay should we try
to go up and raise this thing I guess though oh here we go
careful raising the safe up we’re getting their shares we’re getting
higher with three sets use your whole body that’s how heavy it is that’s how
much weight we have up here grace we are way up here we’re getting hot butchers
we are at the same level as the family room window oh this is getting scary
grace and it’s super wobbly this thing is not very safe I don’t know if we
should go any higher this is actually getting really scary wow this is really
high are we gonna get back down I don’t know
we’re literally at the height of the bedroom window I can see my friend’s
house hi we are yeah we’re really hot share its grace I think it’s ready to
come down I’m like really scared we’re way too hot we are getting high no grace
stop stop stop it’s way too shaky grace whoa whoa no it’s not me
is it the wind I don’t know guys I think we have too much weight the safe is
still heavy the safe is too heavy oh no when you get
down okay uh how do how do we get down whoa grace it’s really windy wait Steve
did you hear that grace your base is cracking look it is cracking Steve
there’s two cracks now okay we got to come down
grace you guys forget how to come down I’m just a jump no bricks hey I didn’t
get off here can’t jump it’s too I I’m getting way too scared
grace this is such a bad idea shares definitely don’t try this at home I just
have to go I’m going Steve go guys go be careful but you got it make it down I’ll
come after you Steve I’m too scared it’s way too high I
can’t do this okay I guess I’ll try it I’ll go I’ll get down first that I can
help you grace oh wow grace this is so wobbly careful Steve whoa that was a big
step it was a big step oh wow this is not a good idea
Wow I just heard something you too oh my goodness okay oh I’m gonna try to make
it down Wow oh my goodness
Chris this is so scary oh my goodness careful Steve
how am I gonna do that whoa get me down shaking so much now go come down come
down grace okay grace you can make it down come on you got this oh you just
kind of put your weight on there and you come down shaking so much you got it
grace you got it sit down sit go come on grace you got it you got it
oh my god this thing is just going up there wow wow that was a lot harder than
we thought oh we try to do the drop test it kind of
failed we kind of got stuck up there if you have any ideas come within down
below I will see you tomorrow so until then you know what to do stay awesome
and share the love peace!



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