BREAKING NEWS !!! SNK Neo Geo Mini portable arcade console on the way

BREAKING NEWS !!! SNK Neo Geo Mini portable arcade console on the way

it looks like SNK is the latest company
looking to cash in on the retro game console craze while SNK may not be the
household name that Nintendo and Atari gamers of a certain age will probably
remember the company’s classic Neo Geo family of devices initially designed for
use in arcades the key innovation of the Neo Geo was that a single cabinet could
run up to six different games and owners could change games by swapping out
cartridges the company also released a home console system but it was never as
popular as those offered by rivals Nintendo and Sony anyway all of which is
to say that SNK is reportedly planning to launch a Neo Geo mini that comes with
about 40 classic games pre-installed the Neo Geo mini basically looks like a tiny
game cabinet complete with a joystick and game buttons and a 3.5 inch display
it has an HDMI port that allows you to send video to a larger screen and a
joystick port that allows you to plug in multiple external controllers so you
could either use this as a living room console or as a portable device that you
can carry with you there’s also a headphone jack a power jack which looks
like a USB type-c port and a power button on the back of the mini console
it’s expected to come with a bunch of popular games including Metal Slug King
of Fighters and Samurai Shodown titles there’s no word on how much the Neo Geo
Mini will cost or when it will go on sale in the meantime I guess you could
always pass the time with a $25 Oregon Trail handheld game system


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  • — NanoG247 — says:

    😀 I can’t wait for this release! I checked on amazon and it’s expected to release on October 15 with a bundle of controllers for $165, or console alone for $109. Not bad of a price for 40 games and half of what I used to play back then. Good luck getting your hands on these!

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