Up next more news about Donald trump. Shut up! Welcome [to] channel 6 news. I’m Michael Jackson [bringing] you top of the hour news a Giant asteroid is headed towards Earth, and if you live in [the] following areas you should evacuate oh We have breaking news a 28 year old male by the name of Brad Coleman has flaked on brunch today We have Kelly Clarkson on the scene. What is going on out there? Thank you Michael Jackson We are now here with the witness and saw everything can you please tell us what you saw? Well, I was sitting here enjoying my panda shape [pancake] [force] And I noticed that the table next to me was missing a person. I was just so devastated [for] those four people waiting who their missing friend It was horrible, and how did you know that there was in fact a missing persons? Well there was an empty seat Brad Coleman what am I sitting here in this empty chair if he has just decided to show up for brunch today? I think this image speak for itself Hmm truly, Sad is there anyone there that can comment on the situation? [we’re] now here with Giulio who is there waiting for heads table Julie. Hope me please [ inaudible ] My names is Julio Back to you in the studio. Okay. Thank you Julio Clearly Julio was traumatized by Brad’s actions [oh]
And we are just now receiving word that we have a police sketch of the missing Brad Coleman who if you are just now [tuning] in flaked on Brunch He was last seen with two eyes a nose visible ears and a t-shirt of some kind So if you see anyone matching his description do not hesitate to call 911. And now we are here with Brad Colemans longtime friend Jerry Frank. Jerry [I] know this is going to be very hard for you We we were waiting for him here We thought he would come you know But he never came even RSVP’d on Facebook [I] Don’t know I’m supposed to trust anyone oh very Brave Thank you Now back to you in the studio okay, stop Brad Coleman Flaking on brunch today has affected many lives friends family and other concerned citizens around the Neighborhood have Gathered at Brad’s open seat to hold a candlelight vigil So there you have it brad Coleman gone, but not forgotten. I wonder what he would have ordered if he showed up for brunch I’d like to think it [was] some sort of Frittata oh I’m just receiving breaking news back to you. Kelly Clarkson everyone oh my God We just found the missing Brad Coleman what brad please explain to the American people the details if it happens did you in fact? Like [I’m] [dutch]. I just went to the wrong restaurant you RSVP’d asshole on Facebook You RSVP’d. yall i’m only Fifty minutes late. y’all didn’t even get y’all mimosas yet in this hour of darkness finally [reached] the end But we’ll be victim ever recover. I’m Kelly Clarkson back to you Michael Jack what the …well that concludes the news on Brad Coleman and other less important news the Asteroid is headed wait. [oh] if you separate the word Asteroid you [get] the word Teroid ha ha ha [boy] Hey guys Thank you so much for subscribing and watching this totally real newscast [if] you want to see bloopers from this video and this So forget [ok] do it. [ok] [ok] [ok]? click the video on the left and if you want to see another totally real newscast about Pokemon go click the video on the [right] he starts calling the Pokemon by the wrong name he called bulbasaur That’s onions hurdle [wheedle] hardy wiener Beedrill everybody know that’s big dick be and as always if you’re watching this on a fancy touchscreen device all the Links of the description Box below



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