*screaming and yelping* Mark: AH JESUS! *calm and tranquil music* Mark: Hello everybody. hello everybody my name is Markiplier and welcome to Friend Yoga My name is Markiplier and welcome to friend yoga. And you- And you- *slaps mat* And you may be wondering and you may be wondering… where’s my friend? where’s my friend? *rolls over then dabs* *Tyler comes in* Both: SPOON. SPOON. Mark: Hi, okay. Hi, welcome to friend yoga. We have preselected… some yoga poses? Yes? We tweeted out to you guys about yoga poses that we could do with two people. Namaste And so we are gonna do that for you right now. Ready? Tyler: Ready. Both: Spoon. *laughter* Mark: What’s the first pose? Ooh. Easy. We could do that at any time, and you can see it right here. Mark: So link, which arm first? Mark: This one? Tyler: This one. Tyler: You’re so much lower than I am. Mark: Well then get lower! Mark: *strained* Oh, too low. *Tyler laughing* Mark: There we go. Mark: AHH, MY QUADS! Tyler: YEAH, QUADS! *Mark screaming* Mark: BUH Mark: Good. Mark: Alright, I’m gonna put an official “Nailed It.” Put in a “Nailed It” thing, with an explosion and glitter. Mark: *laughing* What? I’m just… I’m just- do you remember, like, the videos where the people were dancing on each other and it was this pose but then they just rammed their asses in their faces? Tyler: *laughing* Yeah! Tyler: I was just… Mark: I am going to ram my ass into your face! Tyler: Hold on, we should Tyler: both do like… Tyler: one should be on… Mark: We should take turns is what you’re saying. Tyler: Yeah. Mark: You wanna share the ass ramming experience. Okay. Sit down, big boy. It’s about to get comfortable. *Tyler laughing* Mark: Just, gotta shove it in there. Mark: Jesus Christ! Tyler: Good thing you checked out my leg hole before this. Mark: Yeah, well I wanted a closer look. Oh God! Mark: Jesus Christ! Mark: I’m not looking. Mark: OH, JESUS. You, we nailed it apparently. We got it! Mark: What is the other guy doing in that? He’s just Tyler: He’s just relaxing. Just chilling. Mark: That’s not a yoga pose. Mark: That’s nothing! Alright whatever. Okay, alright, nailed it. Mark: Oooh. Tyler: Whoa. Mark: That’s not… That’s not two people doing yoga; that’s an instructor helping somebody. Tyler: We can still do it. Mark: Alright, lemme help you out here. Mark: You need to… Tyler: Push them back! Mark: You need to get your hips back there, buddy. Yeah that’s, that’s good. Tyler: Good? Alright. Mark: And now my turn. Tyler: Alrighty. Mark: Make sure I’m good- Mark: Wait, I’ll do it this way. Downward dog. Tyler: Alright. Tyler: Alright, that looks good. Mark: Is that good? Tyler: Yeah, it’s good. Mark: Yeah? Okay, alright, we got that one. Mark: Nailed it! Tyler: WOO! Mark: Who loves cats? Mark: This- Tyler: We do. *laughter* Mark: That’s not what the shirts say. Tyler: I know. Mark: This guy! Tyler: This guy! Mark: Alright, next. Tyler: Ooh. Mark: Do you wanna be bottom or top? Tyler: I, we should do it both. Mark: I love a sharing relationship. *laughing* Get down. Oh, you wanna push up with me on you? Tyler: We, we gotta push up at the same time. Tyler: I think that’s part of the pose. Mark: Ohhhh, okay, alright. Mark: So I’m gonna, I’m resting my ankles on your shoulders. Is this good? Tyler: Yep. Mark: Your legs can take this? Tyler: My legs can take it. Mark: Here we go. Alright. Mark: 3, 2, 1, push! Mark: Did we do it? Tyler: And ONE! *Mark screaming and Tyler laughing* Mark: WOO! Mark: Now me on the bottom. Tyler: Go for it! Tyler: Right here? Mark: Yeah, right there is good. Tyler: Alright. Mark: 3, 2, 1. *grunting* Mark: *struggling* You’re so heavy! Mark: We did it, though. Mark: Nailed it! Mark: Alright, what next? Mark: Ohhhh. Okay. Mark: I, Tyler: Can you flex backwards? Mark: Yeah, I think I can do that. Tyler: Okay. Mark: How is her feet flat? Mark: Oh, on his butt. Tyler: That is, that is insane. Mark: That’s not the way legs go, is it? Oh God, no! Tyler: You gotta have the back of your head towards me. Mark: Yeah, I know. I’m gonna flip. Tyler: Oh jeez. Mark: How else would I do it? Tyler: I don’t know, but I was gonna have you start with your legs on me. Mark: I’m gonna come down hard on the low of your spine. Mark: I’m sorry if I paralyze you. Tyler: Please don’t. *Mark screams with effort* *Mark panting in pain* Tyler: How’d we do? Did we do it? Tyler: I had a thumbs up, we’re good. *Mark groaning* Mark: *heavy breathing* Ow. Mark: Alright, your turn. Oh, God. That’s 200 pounds of man about to come down on my spine. Alright. Tyler: I’m scared to do that flip on you. Mark: I’m ready. Mark: I can take it. Tyler: *struggling* Nope. Mark: Oh my God! Tyler: I don’t trust myself flipping over, so I dropped on purpose. Mark: You can do it, just do one leg leading. Mark: Like, flip with one leading leg. Tyler: Okay. Mark: Almost. You almost had it! You almost had it, you were so close! Yes! Yes! Yes! Did we have it? Yes! Mark: We got it clear from the judges. Tyler: Woo! Mark: Woo! Mark: That was so scary! I just imagined a teetering log, like just a whole tree just falling. Have you ever seen those Japanese log catching competitions? I mean, I think it’s fake, but the guy that just pssh. Show that video right now. *crush* Mark: Yep, that’s what I thought was gonna happen. How is that balanced? No, they photoshopped that! No, no. That’s, that’s gotta be photoshopped. There’s no way! It’s chin… Tyler: to ground. Mark: Chin and hands. Mark: I think we can do that. Tyler: So it’s push up position. Mark: Okay, you gotta… You gotta, whoa! Why are your ankles sweaty? Why are your ankles sweaty!? Tyler: I’m a sweaty boy! Mark: But your ankles!? Tyler: Every part of me! Mark: What? How? Tyler: I’m real sweaty. Mark: Oh man. Alright, you know, we just gotta go for it. Mark: Chin. Ha-hand. *struggling* Feet. Together! *Tyler grunts* *Mark grunts* Mark: My spine can’t take that bend! Tyler: I can’t do it. Mark: My spine. Both: Nooooooo! Tyler: It’s the first failure! Mark: Nooo! Mark: Alright, that, that looks complicated but I bet it’s not that bad. Tyler: It’s a head stand. Mark: Yeah, it’s a head stand. Tyler: But we both have to head stand. Mark: Hands behind. So we have to be head to head touching. We’ve gotta be touching head to head. Tyler: Interlocked leg through the crotch. Tyler: And one… Mark: Yeah, both of our… Mark: Left legs, no right legs. *laughing* Mark: Yeah, no, right leg. Tyler: Yeah, right leg. Mark: Right leg, right legs. Tyler: Who’s more confident in a head stand? Mark: I am. Tyler: Okay, I kinda figured. Mark: Well, I mean, you can do that. Mark: It’s elbows, arms, and head. Tyler: Yeah. Mark: You got all of it. Right behind your head, you’ve got that. Tyler: So I think the more confident person should go second. Mark: Okay yeah, that’s, that’s true. Okay. Alright. So, whoa. What am I supposed to do here? Put it, put it down. Put it down. Put it away! Mark: We just gotta go in blind, so I’m gonna feel out with my right foot. Where’s the, where’s the foot? Where’s the foot? Mark: Where’s the foot? Tyler: My other one isn’t up. Mark: Where’s the foot? Where’s the foot? Tyler: My other foot isn’t up yet, Mark! Mark: Why not? Tyler: Cause you’re pushing against me. Mark: I’m sorry. Mark: I’m so sorry. Tyler: Here we go. Ohh. Mark: Alright. Mark: Where is it? Where is it? Where are you? Tyler: Shit! Tyler: I went down. Mark: We can do this! Tyler: I, we can do this. Mark: We can do this. Mark: Oh shit! Fuck, sorry! Tyler: You pushed me over. Mark: I’m trying not to. Maybe we gotta hook our legs first with our other leg on the ground and then pull ourselves up. Mark: You know what I mean? Tyler: Yeah, I got my right leg up. Mark: Okay, where is it? Fucking… Mark: Is that it? Tyler: Yep. Mark: Okay. Tyler: Are we locked up? Mark: I don’t know. Tyler: I turned into a ball. Mark: I don’t think this is gonna work. Tyler: We can do this. One more try. Mark: No! Alright, one more try. Mark: Just gotta hook that leg so while we flip… Tyler: We’ll kick each other in the nuts. Mark: Okay. Tyler: Alright, ready? Mark: Yeah. Tyler: 1, Both: 2, 3! *Mark grunts* Mark: *high-pitched* AHH, MY NUTS!!! You landed right on my nuts! Ohhh nooo! I, I felt *High-Pitched* I felt the heel on my balls! Mark: Ooohh. Tyler: I tried, I tried to be gentle. Mark: Ohh, it was, it was gentle. Like, it was, it was oddly gentle. *WTF* It was just like, I’ve never felt a heel come that gently on my balls. Partial credit? Okay, cool. If you freeze frame it. Maybe they only took a picture for a second. Maybe they couldn’t hold that long. Tyler: I totally flipped completely on you. Mark: That was good. It looks like you’re crying. Tyler: You bend better backwards. Mark: I don’t know. Mark: I’ll be on top, I’ll be on top, that’s for damn sure. Tyler: I’ll be on bottom. Tyler: Grab my ankles. Mark: Okay. Tyler: I’m gonna start down, just lay on top of me. We are gonna flex at the same time. Mark: Okay. Tyler: So, Tyler: you’re gonna flip, so Mark: Okay. Tyler: lay on your back. Mark: Alright. Tyler: with your hands against my… achilles. Mark: Okay. Tyler: And your legs on my shoulders. Mark: Right. Mark: Upside down push up position. Tyler: Yeah, you don’t have to roll into it. You can just lay down on top of me instead of whipping me with your feet. Mark: That’s probably for the best. Alright hang on. Let me just roll onto here. *What are you doing Mark?* Mark: It’s this way, right? Tyler: Yes. Mark: It’s this way. Oh boy. Tyler: Yes. Mark: Okay. Alright. Mark: So there’s my legs. Tyler: Alright, I got your legs. Mark: Okay. Tyler: Are you gonna be able to push up an arch? Mark: I will try. Tyler: Alright, ready? Mark: Neck bridge baby! Tyler: 1, Mark: I’m already going! Tyler: I was gonna say count to three cause I have to push you up at the same time. Mark: Okay. Mark: Go for it. Tyler: 1, 2, 3! *struggling and laughing* Mark: How close are we? *Mark screaming* *both screaming* *Both laughing* Tyler: *Laughing* My face went straight into the floor. Mark: Yeah, I realized, what are you gonna push up with? Mark: Your hands are… Tyler: It’s my back. Mark: Didn’t get it? We were close though, right? Put a side by side. Tyler: That looks about right. Mark: Yeah, we were pretty close. Tyler: Are we kissing? Mark: Well, I mean, we’re not right now. *both laughing* Mark: We’re about to get real friendly. Tyler: We’re about to get real friendly. Mark: Okay, so you just gotta sit. Wait, flip the other way so that I can logic this in my brain. So I am just gonna sit on your feet. Tyler: And lay back. Mark: And lay back. Tyler: And I’ve gotta grab your ankles. You’re lucky I’m inflexible, I don’t think- whoa! Mark: I don’t think… that… Tyler: I think we can get this one. Mark: I don’t think that my back can go back that far. *struggling* *Tyler laughing* Mark: Augh! Tyler: I was trying to lift you up. Mark: Augh. Mark: Grab my, I’m gonna press here. Tyler: I gotchu. Mark: Okay, you gotch me. Tyler: I gotchu. Mark: Okay, I’m coming, ahh! Tyler: I let you go right as I broke it. Tyler: We can do this one! Tyler: We can legit do this one. Mark: No! Mark: It’s like when Bane breaks Backman’s back. *Tyler laughing* Tyler: What!? Mark: It’s like Mark: *laughing* It’s like when b- Bane breaks Mark: bakes *Really Mark* Mark: It’s like when Bane breaks Batman’s back. Mark: That’s what that is! Tyler: Bane breaks Both: *laughing* Backman’s back. Mark: Backman. When brain bakes Backman’s back. Tyler: Alright, you get on bottom. Mark: You’re not, oh man. I expect a sweet kiss. I’m secure. Mark: Oohh. Tyler: I can’t reach over. Mark: Ohh. We’re just not flexible enough for that one. Tyler: We’re not flexible enough for it. Mark: How’d we do? Judge overall score. Impartial judges. Tyler: I think we started off pretty good. Mark: Wha, we got this score! Out of what? *Tyler fake pukes* *Mark laughs* Mark: Anyway, so that was friend yoga. We’re very sweaty. That was all of them? We did pretty good. Mark: That was not bad. Tyler: I think there are more we can do. Mark: Oh, I’m sure there is more that we can do, but maybe we’ll do it in another episode. Maybe we’ll figure more stuff out, get more flexible. *whispered* And maybe there’s gonna be a pole dancing video at some point. Mark: So. *Tyler fake coughs* Mark: You okay? Tyler: Whoo Mark: As Markiplier always says: You know who loves cats? This guy! Mark: *quietly* This… This guy. No… So thank you everybody so much for watching. Let us know how we did in the comments below and if you guys did yoga at home with your friends, show us pictures on Twitter. Thank you everybody so much for watching and as always, we will see you in the next video! Mark: Buh-bye! Tyler: Bye!


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