Breaking Into Military Bases with UFO Fanatics | Mystery Girl

Breaking Into Military Bases with UFO Fanatics | Mystery Girl

There are unmarked cars
that go around this area, they were tracking our mobile phones. You know, this is the real Spookville
down here. I’ve had three UFO sightings myself and they were all very real. Could this be a portal to
another dimension? It could be. The Ministry of Defence don’t want
to make a big deal out of it. I mean, it’s a bit like
the Men In Black, you know. “What have you seen?
Don’t talk about it.” Because you have these military bases and you have crop circles nearby, that’s no coincidence. The world is riddled with strange
and unsolved mysteries. I’ve made it my life’s work
to investigate and crack them once and for all. Wiltshire County in the southwest
of England is a hotspot for UFO sightings, crop circles, ancient monuments and supernatural phenomena. Yes, Wiltshire. To make things stranger, there’s
a curious number of military bases dotted around this mystical land. Indeed, there are rumours
that within Rudloe Manor, a former RAF base set up
to investigate UFO sightings, lies the remains of an
alien spacecraft and an alien corpse. Yes, aliens. There have been many sightings
in the area of UFOs around Rudloe Manor. A lot of these bases in Corsham have a very heavy military
police presence around them so they’re extremely important
to the state and to the armed forces. Is there a link between Wiltshire’s
supernatural phenomena and its heavy military presence? Could I be able to uncover a huge
government conspiracy? So I’ve come to Wiltshire to see if this really is
the UK’s answer to Area 51. S**t. The first stop on my investigation
was the Barge Inn, A pub that I’d been told was
the meeting point for crop circle, UFO
and energy orb aficionados. Hello. Hi. Hi there. I was just wondering if anyone here
has seen any aliens? I’ve had a few funny experiences
with the crop circles and stuff. A few weird lights at nights
on the way home. So you believe in the energy of
the area? There’s definitely loads of energy
round here, there is. We do get quite a lot of tourists
come here for that reason. There’s an American fellow staying
upstairs. I think he’s in the garden now.
Might be worth a chat. Thank you, I’ll go chat to him now. -Hi, are you Darren from America?
-That would be me So what brings you to this part
of the world then? My whole idea coming here is to see
if I could get my conscious mind to connect somehow
to whatever it is that’s here. I don’t know if you heard
that they actually have manifested crop circles here? From the mind? -Really?
-Yeah. So I’m going to try to manifest
one myself, see what happens. The idea of my circle is to
have hearts in the design. So I wanted to put hearts
around the Earth. So you’re from California which is
a hub of UFO sightings. Do you feel that same energy
in Wiltshire? I do, yeah. I feel like a lot of the reasons for
the things that you feel around here are from the ancient people
that have already been here. They’ve built monuments all over
the place here like the White Horse and Silbury Hill. These are all signs to me that
there is something special here that these people knew about and unfortunately they didn’t write
it down for us to to read about it. Yeah that’s so annoying, isn’t it? But you know, those folk tales
do have some truth to them. What would you say if you met
an Alien? I would say “I wear this ring”
you know, just to tell him “I’m your friend” so if they do come… “Friends”, you could fist pump. “Friends.” Yeah wow. What Darren, the man from America,
had said to me about the density of ancient
monuments in the area got me thinking. Could this perhaps be connected to
Wiltshire’s mysterious energy? I arranged to meet a UFO and
crop circle enthusiast at a nearby prehistoric
artificial chalk mound. So David, you’re a crop circle
and UFO enthusiast? That’s correct. Why does this area in particular
have such a high amount of UFO and alien activity? We think that this particular area,
there’s some kind of electrified energies in the ley lines. What’s a ley line? They are energy lines
which are invisible but they congregate and they say
that the intersections here are the most powerful in Europe. Wow, so it’s much more than
a coincidence then. I know people that have made
crop circles in other areas and they don’t experience
any of the weirdness and we think it’s something which is
inherent within the land and inherent within where we are now. Then you’re getting into
Stranger Things, you’re getting into
interdimensional stuff. -Are you a fan of Stranger Things?
-Very much so. I see so many parallels between that
programme and the Upside Down. What did you think of the new series? -It’s great.
-Yeah. Have you binge watched it all? -Yeah, in about two days.
-Cool. So here we are. What is this? It’s Silbury Hill. History tells us that took 10 years
and about 750 people to make. 10 years and 750 people? So what you got to look at there
is… -For that?
-Yeah. No one really knows why it’s there. Why go to that trouble
and why build it here? Yeah, because it looks really boring. Could this be a portal
to another dimension? It could be, who knows? We’re wondering why the military
has such an interest in this area. You’ve got bases all around here
and there’s an argument that says “Could it be that the people
that have put these bases down are trying to harness or are aware
of the…” -Energy.
-Yeah. I don’t think that that proliferation
and the proliferation of military bases in the area
is a coincidence. It’s not a coincidence. I don’t think so. Definitely not. I don’t think so. Just as I was leaving David and
the underwhelming chalk mound, I noticed a commotion going on
on a nearby hill. Apparently locals were about to
re-chalk a giant chalk horse. I went to get a closer look to find
out why everyone in Wiltshire was so obsessed with chalk and why the military
were getting involved. I wonder what are in those bags. Maybe it’s chalk. Maybe it’s alien eggs. And the army are here again. Surprise surprise. All roads seem to lead to
the military. And I’m going to take that road… to the military. It was clear to me that if I was
going to get to the bottom of the military connection to
the area’s paranormal activity, I would need to go to the secret base
dubbed the “UK’s Area 51”, Rudloe Manor. I arranged to meet a UFO investigator and an urban explorer
outside its gates. So you’re a UFO investigator
and you’re an urban explorer? That’s correct. And where are we now? Right, behind us we’ve got the old
RAF manor house and this used to be where the RAF
Provost and security service, which is the RAF police,
were headquartered and they used to send out officers
to interview UFO witnesses. Wow, this is very, very, very, very
interesting. So why is Rudloe Manor
known as the “UK’s Area 51”? I think this is known
as the “UK Area 51” because of the UFO investigations. The fact that there was
a secret wing of the military sending out officers to interview
witnesses. They would then deny that
that existed. It’s a bit like the Men In Black,
you know? “What have you seen?
Don’t talk about it” and that all went on from here. Which, the original
Men In Black or the new film, because I didn’t like the new film? I mean this was prior to
the Men In Black. There was a crash in North Wales
of a UFO, allegedly something taken away
by the military and there are rumours of an alien
body but nothing firm on it. An alien body? They say that if they got out,
in 20 odd days, the whole planet would be dead
from infection. You wouldn’t want that
getting out. No, you want to incubate that. -Exactly, yeah.
-ASAP. Next, the UFO investigator
and the urban explorer took me to the entrance
to Burlington Bunker. This houses a massive
subterranean city originally built to enclose
4000 government personnel and the royal family in the event
of a nuclear attack. Matt says it connects to Rudloe Manor and might potentially be
where the alien corpse is. Here, we had to be especially careful
of the Men In Black. We believe there’s some sort of
secret cameras here and there’s definitely motion
or vibration sensors on the doors down here because you get picked up here
so easily. You can get through this fence
and at the bottom, there is another metal door and if you get through there,
I have been in there years ago, there are these reflective archways
that tell you where to go underground and then you get to a door,
on the other side of that door, that’s the cold war bunker where
the Royal Family would have gone. Wow, and from an urban explorer
perspective, what do you think about this? I don’t like the fact it’s shut. So what’s that behind you? I think that’s just a bird feeder, but you never know with these things, I mean where are they hiding
the cameras, the movement sensors? They always seem to know we’re here. There are unmarked cars
that go around this area, they were tracking our mobile phones. I’ve been checked out by
the Special Branch. They’ve come to visit people I know,
giving them fake I.D. cards. You know this is the real Spookville
down here. So I spent the day investigating
the energy that’s around Wiltshire, the ley lines. Do you think that that also has
some connection with the amount of military bases? I’ve seen balls of light
in and around crop circles. I’ve seen military helicopters
chasing these things and they go off at incredible speeds and one night we even saw one of
these little balls of light go up into a saucer. If there was anybody on board
that saucer the g-forces would have killed them. Wow. So is that a yes then? Absolutely, I believe Wiltshire
is a high activity area. So where are we off to next? Well we’re gonna take you outside
the brand new place called The GOSCC, The Global Operations Security
Control Centre. That’s where they’re employing
children as hackers. So if you imagine they’re doing that
sort of stuff behind closed doors there, what else are they doing? Finding aliens. Yeah, definitely finding aliens. Matt seem convinced that our
movements were being tracked by the police. It seemed only a matter of time
until they pounced as we went deeper into Wiltshire’s
military heartland. So where are we? We’re outside the GOSCC. Oh yeah, it says right here. Yeah, we’re outside the
Ministry of Defence, Corsham site which is the Global Operations
Security Command Centre. -Yeah, so–
-The police are here. What are we going to do,
the police are here. -Oh yeah.
-Shall we just carry on? Yeah we’ve got some visitors here. They probably wanna know
what we’re doing. -Shall we just act cool?
-Yeah. Hello, hi. So what is your plan
for this evening then? We’re filming a little documentary
about underground and stuff like that. And the UFO investigations
they used to do here. -Right, OK.
-Yeah, UFO investigations. Cool, anyway, we’re going
to leave you in peace. No worries, thanks a lot. -Have a good day guys.
-Cheers. Once they realized that it was me
they didn’t want to make a scene. So they recognized you there. Yeah, definitely. They recognize you? Yeah I reckon, yeah. It’s one of the most secret places
in the country but the MOD police are obviously
going to report back to them now about what we’ve been doing. So there’ll be a file on us
somewhere. Does that mean there’s a file on me? There will be a file on you. That’s kind of annoying because
I’m meant to be undercover, so… They’ve parked just the other side
of the roundabout so they can keep an eye on us but they’re making out
like they’ve left. So now we’re off to the CCC but the police know what we’re doing, they’re on us so we’ve got to be
careful. They probably don’t want us
going into that bunker entrance and there’s cameras there and we’ll be watched the whole time
we’re walking up. Yeah, we’re being watched right now. Yeah. This is a very secret bunker that was paid for
by black budget money from Margaret Thatcher. It says we shouldn’t go in
but we’re just going in. -Yeah, why not?
-We’re just going in. Underground here is like
Cheyenne Mountain in the States. It’s a shock vibration floor
with a supercomputer in it and it controls Trident submarines and nuclear launches of missiles
from those. Do you think the police
are going to come? Oh yeah, I’d imagine so. Right, so it says, ‘Corsham Computer Centre.’ What does this have to do
with the UFOs? This is an underground launch
computer site but it could be a lot more than that. Maybe this is where they do
the searching for UFOs from. And from an urban explorer
point of view, have you ever tried
to get inside here? Obviously this is still working
and quite active so I don’t think you’d get anywhere
near it underground. That camera has turned now
it’s pointing at us. Not directly at us but
it is pointing at us. Are the police here? Yes, the police have just arrived. Shall we act surprised
or shall we act cool? No… -Shall we just say…
-Yeah. …sorry? We’ll find out what they want. -Hi guys.
-Hiya. -This will be closing very shortly.
-Alright. So you’re not too worried with us
going into the bunker then, no? There’s not really much I can do. They’re… …really, -really nice police around here.
-Yeah, they are. They just let you carry on. They don’t want to do anything that
looks a little bit too pushy because we’re here and they know me. Had they not known that I was here, you probably would have had
a lot of a different reaction. Really like, more aggressive? -Yes.
-Oh yeah. So yeah, the fact that I’m known
probably is why we’re getting “It’s OK, carry on.” So this is just another day
in the life for you guys? -Yeah.
-Yeah, you know, they play their games,
we play ours. Well, thank you very much, this has been very very interesting. Just think, if the alien bodies
are in this place, you’re just hundreds of feet
away from them. Exactly. So is Wiltshire the UK’s Area 51? Can it be mere coincidence that the ancient monuments, magic energy lines, military bases and tiny child hackers are all in Wiltshire? Does this hill have supernatural
significance? Or is it just a massive,
underwhelming hill? Were Matt and Richard right about
the Men In Black chasing us, eager to hide their secret
experiments with alien technology and basements filled with
extra terrestrial corpses? Or were obviously just pissing off
police because we were trespassing on
government property? After analyzing all the evidence, I knew I had my answer. Aliens don’t exist.


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