uh-oh where is the safe it was right on
the ledge where to go oh sure this is not good Carter safe was
writing a little edge of the pond but it’s not there right now I don’t know
where it went oh let’s go find out where it is there it is the safe is under
water all wow there’s fish on it look sure it’s coming up you can see all
those little minnow fish it’s like super still right now but as soon as I make a
shadow ready 3 2 1 oh they’re so really still wait for it I
think those are fish I’ll do a little splash the water and oh well they are
fish there’s a bunch of fish all over the safe whoo that’s really I wonder if
there’s something in it that they’re eating or what is going on also I’m not
really sure how this they fell back into the water but if you’re wondering how it
got into the water in the first place well Liz and I kind of made that mistake that’s how it ended up in the water but
then in Carter’s vlog he took the safe and he lifted it up it’s super heavy but
he lifted he got it out of the water and he put it about here and now I’m wonder
if the reason the safes back in the water is because the pond monster was
after it but normally the pond monster only attacks food like check this out
this is the bucket that has all the koi food in it oh this is full oh look at
this look at all the koi food it has in it these are little koi food pellets
that come out of this bucket but this bucket is pretty secured locked oh wow
well it’s supposed to be child law but sharers that’s the exact problem this is
supposed to be a child locked bucket that the monster fights with this about
around 2:00 a.m. every single night it comes and starts ripping the bucket it
rips it off the table throws it on the ground all that we know about the
monster so far is that it comes almost every night these are the claw marks
from it I’m not sure if it comes out of the pond or if it comes from a nest up
in that tree we’re still trying to figure that out although what I just
realized sharers is is check this out comment if you can see this this right
here is a camouflage camera that I bought and it’s pointing boom boom boom
right there by the bucket so I’m thinking let’s take the camera and see
if it caught any footage oh yeah oh wow sheriff’s and check this out look there
was koi fish two koi fish an orange one and a lighter one right over this safe I
have a feeling that there’s some type of food and the safe look like there’s fish
on top of it again little tiny minnows I have a feeling the reason this got
knocked back into the water is because the monster is after it because there’s
some type of food inside and it ended up knocking it into the water but what
never know what’s inside unless we get this thing out of the pond so I don’t
even know if I can lift this thing here we go oh wow this thing is super heavy
Oh shares this safe is super heavy I don’t think I’m gonna better get this
thing out left oh come on oh this is so heavy
sheriff I don’t think I can get this oh come on
pull this way some more come on wrap this around walk in let’s do this
and pool come on Oh almost got it come on there’s
so much water and this is super heavy I got it I got it
oh yeah I got the safe out I’ve been feeling now it’s filled with water oh
wow no that is what I call it heavy safe check it out yours those little fish are
still all around there’s so many tiny little minnows my guess is that there’s
a lot of food inside the safe I I don’t know otherwise I don’t know why all
these fish would be after it let’s see it’s been under water for a couple days
oh wow this is like I don’t know forever and they get this thing open come on I
gotta figure this out oh come on oh no sure is there is a code on here
but it’s not the full code there’s like some part of it missing looks like it
came all the way up here and had more codes on it so we don’t have the full
code to this oh this thing is getting slimy Wow I think I gotta go upstairs
let’s check out the footage if we caught the monster let’s get some weapons to
see we can open this safe we’ve got we got to figure out how we can get inside
this thing by the way for those of you who are new here I’m Stephen Cher and
I’m part of the sheriff and the best most epic strongest family on YouTube
that’s right we’re across four channels my channel my brother Carter’s channel
Lizzie’s Channel and even baby otter and Milly have their own channel so if you
haven’t already hit that subscribe button and join this sheriff am oh yeah
let’s go let’s go let’s go and audre Millie got haircuts oh it looks so good
otter honor honor say hi to the vlog say hi to the sharers Otter says hi yes
Millie you say hi to Millie says hi – hi hi hi hi hi okay so let’s check this out
so sharers and pulling out the footage here okay so here it is me the other day
finishing up overall I’m talking about joining the sheriff and being the
strongest family on YouTube I finished filming and then I walk away
and you can see the paddleboats just floating in the background but then
check this out the very next scene and this is where it gets crazy
so between the time I walked away there’s there’s probably a couple hours
difference and then the camera started picking up some motion and the motion it
picked up is if you look in the background really closely you can see
them lost or just hovering by the wall waiting oh and it looks like there might
be another monster Sharers we check out the far right screen you can see some
other type of monsters fighting well the other ones just sitting there this is
crazy we might have more than one monster on our hands I’m gonna do some
more investigation let’s set the camera back up and let’s keep recording every
single day in so we can figure out what this monster is doing in the pond oh and
there’s Liz so Liz I need to figure out a way how to get into that safe oh I
think you need a like a professional lock-picker I’m looking for anything
that we can use right now I’m thinking maybe you yeah like safety pins and like
try to pick up block oh wait nevermind that wouldn’t work because it’s a twisty
lock um maybe you could try to saw it open oh that’s a good idea let’s go see
if we can find a saw oh yeah let’s see what we have in the beta believe me we
have a saw down there let’s go to the basement let’s see what we got oh we
have our giant nerf closet but I’m not sure a nerf gun is gonna be strong
enough to open that safe we’re gonna need something much bigger hmm
let’s see let’s see let’s see what could we do to open the safe we need something
big massive strong powerful hmm another nerf gun I don’t think that’s gonna do
it let’s check the swag closet hmm what could be in here that we can use to open
the safe there’s a lot of stuff in here but elephant candy or fidget spinners
are really gonna open it hmm oh maybe this was this thing Oh haircut buzzers uh I don’t think that’s
gonna open it Oh check this out look we have this massive spring that’s cool but
no this look at this co2 cartridges what could we possibly use these for hmm
that I’m not sure about but let’s keep that in mind in case we need to co2
cartridge for later I’m thinking I’m thinking that might be the only useful
thing down here let’s go to the garage and check to see we have a saw up there
like a giant sledgehammer or something hmm there’s gotta be something out here
oh there’s a leaf blower not quite sure how strong wind is let’s see what else
is here buckets Oh a torch check this out oh
yeah look at that super blue flame maybe we could keep the safe up and try to
melt it I don’t know just a thought oh whoa sheriff but check this out what is
this that’s more koi food how did that get into the garage shares that’s not
good that there’s koi food in the garage this could mean that the monster has
made its way up into the house that’s not good okay um let’s find a tool to
open the safe let’s see come on oh yeah sound the hammer let’s try this thing Oh
Carter what’s going on okay so Carter um two things I’m trying to open the safe
so I’m trying to find some weapons I found this torch yeah this horse is good
Steve and I also found this ooh a hammer yeah like I don’t know this is gonna
work see see you know what we should use instead of these crazy tools what I’m
thinking we need to do it very carefully and see if we can guess the combo using
one of those like doctor things till I check your heartbeat Oh like one of
these things yeah exactly it’s like a doctor thing cool let’s go try this
thing yes Steve I think this is probably our best bet because we can listen to
the safe as we turn the knob and we can hear the latches and hopefully we can
guess the combo by listening to I think this is our best bet
yeah doctor Steve is gonna go check out the safe you have it Steve if this
doesn’t work I’m gonna go down there with sledgehammers and hammers and saws
and torches and see if I can rip this thing open oh yes to check out on my
channel if this doesn’t work let’s go come on Steve Carter I pulled the safe
back out again because so I think the monster knocked it back and I think
there’s food inside the safe oh really is
say it’s sitting right there Steve yanked it out all by myself it’s so
heavy come on yeah this safe is huge and it’s super heavy all in it’s all rusty
now oh look how rusty got it off and it’s super rusty you think that knob
still turns it was turning earlier okay good the knob still turns and then this
thing still moves I wonder if a I’m one of its just all broken is never gonna
open yeah I don’t think this thing has been open for years
so what do we even do here like I don’t even shares I don’t actually know how to
open a safe with this I know people have done this before
but like where you actually put the thing you gotta put it like right here
okay well look how dirty that is Steve oh wow it’s all Paul mud oh all right so
I’m gonna put it here oh and now what you got to spin it and listen for the
latches all right let’s spin this thing ready yeah you should be able to hear
very well can you hear it no nothing no I don’t hear anything I don’t hear
anything Cher’s maybe this isn’t the right spot oh I heard something did you
hear that yeah now try again oh that was something
that was something I heard something there it’s you don’t hear anything no
you know what car do you get in here old Craig you try this thing okay yeah let
me give it a try I think I might be able to be the safe doctor okay let’s see if
I can hear something just listen carefully I think you just listened for
the Turner things to like make a noise oh I can hear everything I think this
actually might work do you hear anything inside is like maybe there’s an animal
inside and Carters concentrating right now
Shh can’t talk to him it’s gonna listen for it anything
oh I heard something I heard a big like noise we’re getting close Carter we are
getting close oh trying to figure out what the first number is there’s three
numbers we need we know what two of them right this thing is too like a 47
there’s an 18 but we need two more numbers close concentrating again but
him concentrate oh did you get something come on you got something up there
around 83 83 I can hear it at 83 every time that might be the first number we
know 47 and 18 of the last two numbers so maybe the first ones like 83 hmm
anything it’s kind of hard to tell okay I’m gonna need help here so what we got
to do is I think we need to put pressure on the latch okay and kind of push it
down you’re going to apply this okay so we’re just gonna push it down this down
just a little bit just a little bit so then when this latch it puts pressure on
the lock mechanism and then we can start spinning this and we can see if we can
crack it or catch a little bit more a little more a little bit more a little
bit more right there okay I’m gonna hold it there cuz now now I can hear this
scraping a little bit more now a little bit more okay more I feel like each time
it allows me to go more and more okay oh can you hear that yeah I can hear
something okay even I don’t think I’m any good at this I think you might have
liked more fine touch on the finger so you give it a try one more time let’s do
this we’re getting close but I do think you need to put pressure on this I’ll be
I’ll do the pressure and you do the spin right look how far this is it’s almost
all the way down yeah so forever yeah for every number I think it’s gonna
go a little bit further and further so we still going right or left yeah so we
need to figure out the first number first oh there was something there what
number was that around 40 okay I’m hearing all kinds of stuff what are you
here Steve nothing well yeah you hear some Steve it’s getting is pushing back
this is okay around 60 I think there might be the person about here we’re
going this way now to the left oh it’s like stuck now you think that’s a good
thing I think we got the first number let me pull this back a little bit ready
yeah okay now I can move it now come to push
it back down okay I think we’re getting close you see what’s up what was that
see if something around there was me I think 15 might be another number two
okay and one let’s go this way now and ready yeah I’m listening for something
big come on come on something’s gotta be right there right there
fifty-five okay so what were those three number 15 55 and 60 60 55 15 try those
numbers Steve 60 50 515 yeah I think we’re going to put them in in the right
order now so clear it off okay clear it off Cheryl just might be that we might
those might be the three magic numbers to get into this safe okay
and okay ready you put them all in okay three two one it’s so close
it literally is almost there we’re so close I think we’re missing one number
oh we’re so close like a hammer or something yeah okay I think we actually
might build a guess this two shares if you think you know what the combo to the
safe is comment down below who would seem if that doesn’t work I have the
perfect idea Oh what is it check this out share it whoa corner what is that no
you’re going to destroy the save yeah stand back you ready for oh my gosh
Carter no oh sure the kid leave quarters do that go check it on his channel right
now the video is live until they say you know what to do stay awesome and share
the love, peace!



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