Breaking In To How Bad It Is – a Review (Spoiler Free)

Breaking In To How Bad It Is – a Review (Spoiler Free)

how long will it take to get to AMC 13
I’m afraid I can’t let you do that, Joe Allen. Someone is coming, and I need you
to be safe. Oh okay, Google. Uh, I already got a ticket, so uh see you later. Hey, Google. Is someone inside? Hello, Joe Allen, someone tried to break
in but my systems detected the intruder, and notified the local authorities. Good
thing you have me around! So, Breaking In stars Gabrielle Union, and she plays Shaun Russell, who’s a mom… that’s it! Nothing else to her character. and she has two kids. One of them’s a girl and
she’s a sassy 15 16 year old girl. Then there’s like the nine or ten year old
brother. That’s what you expect. Pretty baseline. Nothing too interesting. I would say the most interesting character would be Billy
Berks. He plays Eddie, who is the ringleader of the whole villain troupe, and he’s the
most level-headed. He’s-he’s there to rob someone who’s dead, not really kill anyone,
that’s not his intention. Understandable. He’s very similar to the main villain
from Tomb Raider who’s just dude wants to do his job and get home now
Gabrielle did her best with what the script was giving her she was good but
really just the dialogue III could not stand it I’d sing like 30% of the
dialogue was just someone screaming someone else’s name and then the rest of
it was one small short sentence followed by another small short sentence I know
this is Ryan angles first film that he’s actually written by himself aside from
the short films that he’s credited in like 2000 and his other works that he’s
got credit for our rampage non-stop and commuter and all three of those are just
screenplay credits so he’s not until this point written his own
produced film I’m not very good at writing dialogue as you can obviously
tell but geez another confusing thing about this movie is the director James
McKee cue you may recognize that name from V for
Vendetta or the Raven I don’t know why he made
this this lacks any any Flair there’s it’s
it’s sloppily put together there’s there’s continuity errors throughout the
whole thing things just happen and the setup is never explained things things
just appear okay how did you how did you get that crowbar word wait huh huh
where’d that come from it’s it’s bizarre even the action was lackluster
especially coming from V for Vendetta I don’t know what happened
it’s passionless and that is its biggest flaw well that’s one of them so I would
say the biggest problem with this movie is the fact that no one talked to each
other the whole movie could have been solved in ten minutes instead of 88
minutes yes this movie is not 90 minutes making it under full feature-length film
status which is pathetic and honestly it feels like it was supposed to be over 90
minutes because I think this thing was like trimmed down to be as tight as
possible but in doing so everything unraveled if Peter hadn’t gone crazy and
tried to kidnap her or take her and he probably would have gotten his money
Shawn may have gotten some money they would have left everything would have
been okay but no Peter decides to go Rambo and now we have this movie the
house that she’s breaking into and owns is a smart house or fortress there’s
there’s never really any clever use of the smart home functionality the
villains know that it’s a crazy smart home but they don’t use the motion
sensors like on the outside of the house to track her or the motion sensing
lights to track her also there’s a nest thermostats throughout the house but
they’re all different models and none of them are on and there’s also motion
sensing lights that are supposed to turn on but they really usually don’t dude
did have so knows that so that’s that I’d really hoped that maybe this would
be a movie where we could actually use like smartphone technology and and give
our character clever ways to use it maybe have blast doors that you can
smash down on someone’s leg or I don’t know
tripwire visually speaking this movie is just a mess there are so many shots
outside that aren’t like properly adjusted so we can actually see what’s
going on there’s there’s times when it’s almost in complete darkness like use
creative lighting while you’re outside there’s no real establishing shot of the
house until the very end of the movie also every time we travel throughout the
house you’re never really certain where you
are because again we never get a clear sense of the houses layout which is
crucial to movie that happens only inside of this house like how do you
mess up on something so fundamental to the movie is it’s madness there’s really
nothing special in this movie at all it’s not set in a vague slight future
like Logan which I hope just like a little bit maybe you know had a little
bit more fun with the costuming Department like her you know changed up
a little bit I mean I didn’t really expect much but for an 88 minute movie I
was bored I really can’t recommend it if you want to watch a movie that has
bizarre editing just to watch the Snowman from last year I think with
Michael Fassbender that’s just more fun or watch Evolver that’s a movie that’s
under 90 minutes but it has way more fun villain


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