BREAKING: House to Vote on Formalizing Trump Impeachment Inquiry

BREAKING: House to Vote on Formalizing Trump Impeachment Inquiry

Okay. One of the big criticisms or concerns or really
fake concerns from concern trolls about the Donald Trump impeachment inquiry has been
the impeachment in inquiry has not been formalized. There is no roadmap to what it is that Nancy
Pelosi and Democrats are doing, and as a result, there is no due process afforded to Donald
Trump. It’s all bogus, but even that talking point
is about to fall apart because the house is going to be voting on formalizing the roadmap
and the next steps of the Trump impeachment inquiry, which is an increasingly popular
impeachment inquiry with the American people. As we’ve been talking about for the last three
weeks, we anticipate that this is going to be introduced today. Maybe it’s already been introduced or even
voted on. By the time you watch this clip or listened
to today’s show, will they be uniting under the umbrella of harassing Donald Trump? No. Will they officially announced the start of
a witch hunt? Give me a break. This is a formal process which will spell
out the rights that a president has during an impeachment inquiry. It will spell out the role that Donald Trump’s
attorneys can play and a bunch of other processes. So what’s the real meaning of this? It is to set up a framework so that Trump
can’t or at least would look stupid to continue insisting that this is a constitutionally
invalid inquiry. That it’s a violation of his due process. Trump has been pulling these stunts for a
while now and of course they’re absurd. Impeachment inquiries by the house are constitutionally
delineated, nevermind a valid but still formally authorizing an inquiry with its guideposts
and establishing what due process will look like is a good thing because we live in the
United States and this is how we do things. Now. This is going to pressure Republicans to cooperate. It’s not going to force them to cooperate. Uh, Congressman RO Khanna friend of the show
yesterday was saying this will further put pressure on Republicans to just cooperate
with the inquiry. They may still be in the same place in two
weeks, which is, uh, ignoring subpoenas, ignoring subpoenas for documents. And at that point we will go back to what
is very quickly becoming the most prominent. And sort of foremost issue in this impeachment
inquiry. Will Democrats at least attempt to enforce
their investigative and subpoena power or we’ll Republicans and Donald Trump get away
with ignoring it all again and again and again. And ultimately, this is going to be another
point in the process which will simply be spun by Trump, is Trump ISTs are already saying,
I saw them on Reddit this morning. Why are all these steps and votes being put
in place? It seems so forced and consider the absurdity
of this. First they said, you know, the problem is
this thing is not formal enough. It’s a wacky witch hunt. There’s no limits, it’s no holds barred. And now Democrats want to formalize it and
put some limits and some structure around it. And those same Trumpists are saying, Oh, this
is so forest boats delineating exactly what’s the, this is just too much. It’s too forced. This is why we can’t listen to them. And this is why Democrats just need to do
what they need to do. The point I’m anxiously awaiting are the public
hearings, the evidence being released the day after day tweets, storms that no doubt
Donald Trump will be going on the possibility of, I mean imagine Rudy Giuliani testifying,
but you need to enforce subpoenas. Yes, Rudy, if you force him to show up, we’ll
say, I don’t recall to every question he will say on the advice of counsel, I am invoking
my fifth fifth amendment privilege against self incrimination or fifth amendment privilege. He will do all of those things, but you still
need to enforce subpoenas or this entire thing ends up being just a pathetic waste of time. Don’t make it a waste of time, Democrats. Please don’t make it a waste of time and I,
let me just readdress this point a few people, even though I’m, I discussed this yesterday,
I still got emails from people saying, David Democrats can try to enforce subpoenas, but
still nothing might happen. Okay, well let’s cross that bridge when we
come to it. At least try to enforce the subpoenas by every
legal and law enforcement means that is available to you to say you’re putting the cart before
the horse. It’s a big metaphor day. You’re putting the cart before the horse to
say it doesn’t matter if Democrats try to enforce the subpoenas because Republicans
will get away with ignoring them anyway. It’s different to get away with ignoring them
after Democrats have actually tried to enforce the subpoenas than merely to say Republicans
got away with ignoring the request and nothing else happened. Uh, we are going to be following this. We will see really how this is all structured
in the vote that Nancy Pelosi plans to put forward in the house of representatives very,
very soon. Make sure you’re following me on Twitter at
D Pacman, and while you’re on Twitter following me, follow the show at David Pakman show. We’ll take a quick break and be back right
after this


100 thoughts on “BREAKING: House to Vote on Formalizing Trump Impeachment Inquiry”

  • Trumpism is a severe mental disorder.

    There are only 2 known cures;
    1) Full Frontal Lobotomy
    2) Kool-Aid ( the purple kind )

  • It’s not “breaking” if it’s old news. Not trying to be a jerk but I like your content but I feel like you should try to keep up with news. It would help to get all views at once. Just one idiots opinion. Take care sir.

  • You're dealing with a section of the population that doesn't understand how a government operates and they don't care to learn – that is why you're dealing with all this ignorance. To enforce the subpoena you have them arrested!! It is enforceable – if they don't show up then you can list that on the impeachment as obstruction of justice. The system was set up to bring justice to the country, not be made a fool of .

  • Christopher Justice says:

    Trump: Democrats will never formalize the impeachment.

    Democrats: Vote to formalize impeachment

    Trump: Shocked Pikachu face.

  • The excuse of not impeaching because of the economy under Trump is doing well is a debunked excuse also. If Obama or Clinton were to print money and increase inflation as much as Regan, Bush or Trump had, Republicans would be all over it.
    Printing money to create growth is not really getting viable results.

  • ShareThisFastDOTcom says:

    I bet it's going to be soooo close and nothing will happen. Why? Because it's always been propaganda just like Mueller's 2 year "investigation". All lies begin and end with the devastating leak in my profile. Secret op using propaganda to catch corrupt insiders, make fools of them in the news and flush out all who remain.

  • Agcaoiliproductions says:

    Oh David, Democrats are experts at wasting time. We’re already in a contentious Presidential Primary when we already know it’s Bernie’s turn!

  • Anna-bird Retired says:

    They're now saying that this shows Dems knew what they were doing was illegal & they don't have to comply with or consider anything found before the vote was taken, thereby invalidating the whole process. It's a ridiculous argument & the expedited case now in the courts will determine whether subpoenas are valid & enforceable to investigate the president. That findings of that case will make or break our democracy.

  • How is it “Breaking News” when our elected officials are VOTING to FORMALIZE an impeachment INQUIRY. This man would be found guilty even in a criminal proceeding. Not a criticism of David, more of our politics in general.

  • Michael Finnigan says:

    each ignored subpoena should be a seperate impeachment charge. obama cooperated with hostile subpoenas. man up trump.

  • On

    Regarding not obeying a congressional subpoena. It becomes an issue of Contempt of Congress. Example:

    Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee voted to hold Attorney General William Barr in contempt of Congress.

    Being held in contempt of Congress is a rare but very serious penalty for refusing to comply with lawmakers.

    If seen all the way through, contempt of Congress can result in lofty fines or even jail time.

    That's just one example.

  • Imagine the impact a channel like this could have if instead of just talking about Trump drama, David would mobilize his large audience to take IMMEDIATE ACTION to save our democracy from this attack. Can you imagine if TONS of senators started getting flooded with calls, letters, emails and massive turnouts at city halls with David's audience demanding better from our government.

    We can keep monetizing the demonize of our nation and watching it like it's a TV show OR we can start caring enough to ACT NOW while we still can. Right now they are trying to ban protesting in 18 states. While you folks do nothing, you are loosing the rights you now have to take action. Maybe one day you will go to jail for just talking against the president. WAKE UP!!

  • Randall Stewart says:

    There is no Constitutional procedure for a House impeachment inquiry. The House has adopted process rules for impeachment. Actually, they are the rules the Republicans adopted when they were in control. The Republicans went to Court, which ruled that the current procedures are proper and compliant with the rules. This House vote now proposed is surplus procedural icing on the impeachment cake, a dog and pony show to defang the Republican cries asserting a current lack of authority for the process (even though its own Court ruled otherwise). I suppose that such vote will be publicized as a transition from the closed door depositions to the public hearings soon to follow. Of course, it's procedural BS, but that's politics.

  • It's gonna be like that Dave Chappell skit where he goes to court and writes on a piece of paper "fifth" every time the judge asks something he sings out fiiifth.

  • Kawaii LPS YouTuber Star says:

    Desperate Donny will do anything now. He is the kinda phony in politics that has a combover-ok I borrowed that from Pump up the Volume…

  • What I want to know is how did Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi really die? Trump said he was whimpering, crying and screaming like a dog and that they gave him a funeral at sea. But now i’m reading that he blew himself up & died by suicide. Somebody is lying to us.

  • Formal Impeachment, Trump loves Formal affairs with all the pomp and circumstance, but this one is ponder his circumstance.
    But of course after he finishes his 12 second ponder he will conclude the same as always, lie, smear and obstruct.
    Same formula he always follows under a slightly different circumstance.

    Democrats: Vote on inquiry
    Republicans: ITS TOO LATE

    Lol wtf. This is the new talking point. They have been screaming for a vote now they are saying it's too late the whole things a sham. Incredible

  • David, I'm sorry, but you appear to be laboring under the delusion that the Democrats want to hold Trump and the Republican party accountable.

  • When the facts aren't on your side, argue the process. When the facts and process aren't on your side, whine and scream like a little trumptard bitch.

  • Smart Trump Supporter 2 says:

    It's too late.
    By starting the inquiry without a vote they violated the President's do process. Therefore the inquiry must be cancelled.
    There can be no impeachment, the which hunt must end

  • That's not what this vote is its another vote about investigating whether to vote on an official vote. Its another stall vote I'm surprised you can't see through this David.

  • Spaghetti Monster's judging your life choices says:

    Backing down to Republican whining always turns out well for the Democrats. Will these bunch of dumbasses never learn?

  • David is right. Denocrats should not be making any hypothetical predictions as to what Republicans will do. They need to just follow procedures and the law in pushing through these hearings in a methodical legal way. We don't need the "what ifs" what we need is a strong opposition that will follow through with the necessary actions that come with this procedure.

  • I have lost faith in democrats reinforcing this. I agree we have to enforce the law and follow through. This is bigger than just the impeachment. This is about the rule of law still being relevant and upholding the consitution. While we do need to discuss updating the consitition to modernize it to our times, however that is a separate issue for a separate day and court.

  • This impeachment is pointless Honestly just vote him out so he don't get a second term why impeach now honestly just let him finish Jesus the white house is looking like a political reality show lol

  • David, you might want to take the time to explain to people just how the Impeachment works. from the Constitution to the details. Since most people are too out of touch to learn for themselves.

  • How much you lefties want to bet the Democrats don't get enough votes? At the end of the day, there's still a lot of reasonable, fair minded Democrats in the house that know bullshit when they see it & aren't gonna play along in this game.

  • The House has the sole power of impeachment.

    Also due process is only relevant in criminal proceedings. Impeachment is not a criminal proceeding, "no one shall be denied the right to life, liberty, and property without due process of the law." Doesn't apply in impeachment as it does not deny the right to those things; if found guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors, they are to be removed from office. Then they can be indited and tried in a court of law. Once the articles are passed with a simple majority, it goes to the Senate for a trial. That's the 'due process" Trump is entitled to. Even in criminal proceedings, the defendant doesn't get to respond to or interfere in the discovery process (essentially what the inquiry is doing… building a case based on available facts).

  • Regina Birdsall says:

    I'm waiting for the day that Trump leaves office in disgrace, whether by impeachment or being voted out in 2020. Then he can hide for the rest of his pathetic life, unless he's indicted…..even better.

  • It’s time for Pelosi to tell Federal Marshals to start arresting people for Congress of Congress. If Trump pardons them, then that’s Obstruction of Justice.

  • Nothing will happen. This is a nightmare for the democrats. They pushed way too far and look like complete idiots with no way out. Just accept Trump's not getting impeached and will in all likelyhood win 2020 in a landslide. It'll be easier if you kiddo's just accept reality already and get on with your lives.

  • Republicans will ignore everything no matter what. Dems need to get a backbone and juggernaut through the republican'ts talking points and call their BS.

  • Impeaching a president behind closed doors from anonymous accusers using the intelligent state apparatus, all coming from the supposed "left". Can't accept an election loss, use McCarthyism and the CIA and the corporate media to get what you want. When president Sanders is in, what is going to happen to him? Same thing.

  • Most of the time dictatorships end in a very violent fashion. Mussolini was executed, Hitler was shot and incinerated, Saddam Hussein was found living in a hole then hanged in a stairwell, Gaddafi was beat and shot in the head. I hope tRump will be awarded a similar fate.

  • Judith Aldridge says:

    This is not a vote for Impeachment, this vote is just the next step in the impeachment process. The impeachment inquiry has been deamed lawful in court and the Republicans know that.

  • Democrats must have secret hearings behind closed doors and without republicans so that they can lie and spin.


    Oh, wait….you can't.
    Democrats won't show you anything substantive.

  • Democrats do not have the Senate so there is no chance to effectuate their soft coup. They remain neutered of power in that regard. That deeply pleases me.

  • Rudy will not plead the 5th he'll plead executive privileges or do not recall for everything. Executive privilege is the bs new I'm not answering that.

  • U.S. Congressional Oath of office:
    I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.

    There are members in Congress that need to re-read and abide by the oath they took.

  • Let’s not forget that while this shit show was going on the orange not see you continuing to make policies and pass laws to enrich himself and his friends.

  • Only money gets to lie this hard. Corporate elitism going into high gear. However this is always going to be the case. Worker's have only to understand, that's what's happening. Don't be distracted or fooled. Inform and SHARE. Corporations worse nightmare is an informed, educated public. SHARE THIS WATCH AND SHARE

  • It will only take sending ONE to jail to get the rest to appear and honor their legal subpoenas. I vote we send Mr. Barr first!

  • You're missing the point of not reacting to subpoena's. Everyone of them is evidence of obstruction. So instead of fighting it, it is used as evidence. Every person ignoring them will be persecuted once Trump is out of the WH

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