BREAKING: Football Manager 2018 Headline Feature News!

BREAKING: Football Manager 2018 Headline Feature News!

Now, speculation is mounting around the imminent launch of the computer game Football Manager 2018. Each new release of the popular football management simulation enjoys huge sales and its loyal community of fans is alive with rumours over what new features await them this season. Mike Duff has more. With a little over six weeks to go before the release of Sports Interactive’s Football Manager 2018 the rumour mill in the FM community across the internet is reaching its annual fever pitch. Jack Peachman is an artist at Sports Interactive’s sister studio, Creative Assembly. So with the match engine, it’s such an important element of Football Manager and in Football Manager 2018 I’m hearing that big overhauls will be coming to the AI new tactical options for managers to use, as well as some new player roles. What about match presentation? Well, with the match engine itself I’ve heard of a new graphics engine in the works. Maybe this is the year, new motion capture animation, perhaps making its way in as well. And on top of that, I know for a fact that Creative Assembly artists have been working on some other, unannounced, changes, that we hopefully will see in the not so distant future. Curtis Morton, better known as The GamerCan, is a popular football Youtuber. I hope I don’t get in trouble for this but I’ve spent quite a bit of time at SI HQ over the last few weeks and kept hearing the word Dynamics. I’m not sure what it means but I get the impression it’s big. I also heard a conversation in the toilet of all places that Scouting is being completely revamped in line with how real clubs actually find players, and I understand that Data Analysts are now central to this which is great – as they brought them in last year and they didn’t really do anything. I’m also looking forward to seeing how SI handle the insane rise in transfer fees that we’ve witnessed in this transfer window. Is there anything else your sources are telling you? Well, my subscribers ask me for help with the game all the time, so I’d like to see more things to help people like better analysis tools and more feedback from your backroom staff, that sort of thing. I mean, what do Sport Scientists even do?? And before I forget – when I was leaving SI the other day I bumped into a guy who said “you’re that streamer aren’t you?” “I think you’re going to like this year’s Fantasy Draft”, so I take it there’s been some improvements there. Those are just a few of the rumours swirling around the release of Football Manager 2018. This is Mike Duff, Global 24/7, in London. Well, Mike joins us now, live from Football Manager HQ. Mike, has there been any official confirmation from Sports Interactive about these rumours? Not yet, Anita. the one buzzword that keeps coming up is “Dynamics”. Nobody’s entirely sure what it means, or indeed, how big an addition it’s going to be. But one or two recent leaked reports have suggested it’s going to be the most significant innovation. But the rumours and counter-rumours keep on coming and- Actually, I can see Miles Jacobson, the Football Manager gaffer, arriving now. Let’s see if we can grab a word. Miles, can you confirm any of the new features about Football Manager 2018? We’ve heard that the scouting system is going to change to better reflect how real clubs recruit players. Is that true? Well it is the end of September now and I did say I’d start talking about features now. So, yes, that one is true. What about improved stadium designs and match presentation? Increased depth to sports science and tactics? Can you confirm those? You’ve got good info. Yes, those are true as well, alongside the new graphics engine. Dare I mention dynamics? Is that something that even exists? And, if it does, can you give us a bit more info about it? So “Dynamics” is one of our big new features for this year. I’m not quite ready to talk about that one yet. We’re going to have a series of videos that’s going to come out in the next month. Which will include the stuff you’ve already asked about. Also, sports scientists, new-look Fantasy Drafts, AI improvements, both on and off the pitch, some tactics improvements as well and lots more besides. But look, mate, I’m really sorry, I’ve actually got to go and finish the game, so I just want to go and park my car. Well, there we are, Anita. It seems we cleared up a lot of the questions surrounding the game’s release in November.


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  • the UI looks horrible. What the hell are this gradient on the header, old fashioned buttons, backgrounds, etc I hope its not finished yet

  • Miles Jacobsen is the Dana White of the football managment gaming industry. Thinks he's a star, loves the sound of his own voice and constantly shits on the fans when they don't agree with him. #bringbackthecollyers

  • I'm actually a little worried about the lack of information and general vagueness. Its like the game is actually below par and they are just trying to get as many pre-orders before everyone finds out. Just put out a list of things added, and things improved. Its all any fan of the series wants, not skits.

  • I just want to have the option to play the matches, I love the depth of Football Manager but being able to control how they play with a controller even with awful graphics would make this a 10/10.

  • Is it possible, or has it been possible, or will it be possible to take a career from a previous FM game and transfer it to the next one?

  • So.. they basically confirmed some of the new additions from last year (data analysts, sports scientists) were useless and want us to pay full price again to have them finished.

  • As an owner of FM2013, FM2014, FM2017
    Things can be done???

    1. The social feed is lame as fuck. Same shit over and over again. Either you remove it entirely or you added alot more contents to it. For example, your personal social media account where you could see your follower numbers and fans tweeting you good /bad stuff. I dont know.
    2. I need my full back / wing back to be able to use their bodies to block a crosses…Seriously
    3. I have yet to see a bicycle kick goal after all the years i played. Perhaps this time?
    4. I felt you could have do more as an Manager / Management
    – Example – decided a tour on yearly basis and its location? WIth each location comes with different effect ? – Manager has the option to applaud fans after every game in different ways? – FInancial part maybe you can have a voice over different types of sponsorship? – Setting ticket price? More depth needed in this area with the management.
    5. For the sake of comedy effect, please look into how the fans can interact with club. Example : Arsenal fantv hahahahhahahaha, when wenger lose and the UI fans rant all over would be funny as hell.
    6. Transfer market, option to approached the players without the consent of their club and secretly make an arrangement?
    7. Press conference is lame as well. More depth into it.
    8. Champion tours on the street after won the cup? trophy presentation? Dressing room celebration? More depth into it, DOnt just put a picture on news say we won and its over.
    9. Offside…. FUK THE OFFSIDE FIX THAT SHIT. I swear the offside trap in FM2017 is ridiculous

    This game has so much potential but stagnated forever….

  • Douglas Scafutto says:

    I'm waiting since FM 2005 for a division between direct set pieces (the ones the player can shoot to the goal) and indirect set pieces (the ones they gonna cross to the area). Per example: it's so dumb to put CR7 to take set pieces if he is going to cross the ball to the area, in this case he should be in the area coz he is tall and a good header. So I guess it's strategically important to have direct and indirect set pieces taking (player choosing in tactics panel).

  • Why does this video feel like a spoof video? Really weirdly put together, too staged. EDIT: Yes it was intentional, but just really cringe.

  • mrmojorising2502 says:

    Thank you for finally opening my eyes(it took me some time) so I'm finally able to stop supporting you..Every year,same fuking shiet..Not anymore,atleast not for me..Just asked for refund on my preorder..(I know I was stupid with preorder,call me too optimistic for changes..)

  • What a bunch of spoiled kids in the comments.
    Yes last year was horrible with nothing really new of significance added.

    So far we see that scouting has improved (looks awesome to me).
    Then we have dynamics, hopefully it's not just a pretty screen to look at. I guess you can't just buy 10 players in a transfer window anymore and expect to win everything right away.
    Sport scientists and data analysts are actually useful now.

    They haven't even announced all the new stuff that will be coming in the new game and you are already bashing it.

    Only thing that I haven't really heard about that needs to be in the game is overhaul of the training system and better tactics creator.
    Hopefully match engine gets improved significantly.

    Again, we haven't seen all the new stuff and improvements, just be patient for now.

  • Hopefully, there are some experts here, because I could use some expert advice. Advice that will, again, hopefully, stand me in good stead with FM2018.

    When your hitherto over-performing team abruptly turns to shit *overnight*… and there's no obvious reason why and it's impossible to diagnose the problem and no measures you take make the slightest difference anyway… what do you do?

    What do you do?

  • 2017: half an hour long feature reveal
    2018: 4 minute long faux-news with youtubers

    at least i can save some money this year, thanks SI

  • Exciting! Seems like this years FM actually has some new stuff in it! Also hope training has been improved: so many possibilities there, FM is just not doing enough there.

  • I have enjoyed every edition of football manager and championship manager sine cm2, and I like how they make tiny improvements each year, some features have been better than others, bit the 2d and 3d engines were amazing, while FIFA level quality would be awesome its not really needed, I like to watch replays of the goals, but honestly the actual match is just a small amount of the game. The new addition they seem to be adding this year looks great awesome and was something that was missing. But aften 20 years i would rather have more polishing, another up to date database and minor additions so that I do not have to learn the game all over again before I can lead some obscure club imot financial ruin, 10 years of nothing or if i'm lucky maybe Champions league gold

  • I've been playing this since 1992 and yep Every year a new Skin sold for £30, Same Bugs as back then, Yes I'm mental and Hooked on the great Idea which is mainly in your Head, but boy come SI ya knob's The only thing that's really changed over the years is 2D to 3D and you somehow think getting the 3D to look better and better to pull in the FiFA freaks will cut it….. well sod ya like every year I will wait until its under a tenner and buy then cheers

  • The screenshots all look to be from the fm slim mode rather than the full mode, all very bright and child like. Let's hope it's not all heading this way.

  • What is the publicity bs? Just tell us what’s happening you fucking retards. Treating your loyal customers like shite as usual.


  • I refuse to keep paying for what is essentially the same game each year. The football manager game engine is badly out of date and requires a major overhaul. The lack of competitors means these guys get to keep selling re-skins each year. They want to take in as many pre-orders as possible….sad. When you release a proper game I will buy.

  • At the last day in Sep
    SI you gave us this shit video??!!
    just cheating all of the game players

    in my opinion
    if SI want to make fm better, they have to employ the new staff with talent

  • I really hope they change up the match talks and press conferences, I'm sick of saying the same things over and over again and it's been the same for years ?

  • Only four minutes? :/ that is irritaining for us who can't wait for new version of this game 🙁 compared to last year 30 minutes… dissapointing

  • SocialNetworkClub3D says:

    Big Thumbs Up for this great video idea hehe 😀 btw i love you guys for offering an linux version, thank you very much for this <3 best wishes

  • LongHaired Yeti says:

    Anyone that pre-orders this game before knowing what they have actually improved or added is a mug,u tuber getting paid to promote nothing new there .

  • LongHaired Yeti says:

    Tells you alot about the game and the company that they are asking for pre-orders before the game details are shown .


    you can have millions on your bank account,but the club still won´t let you build or expand.EA has had over 100 buildings/upgrades.

  • What is this video? Did nobody think this is a really dumb premise for a promo video at any point during filming. Show the game, show what's new! if there isn't anything new at least pretend better than this.

  • PLEASE FIX THE REGEN FACES this year i didnt play much because the regen faces were horrendous and it ruined the youth experience

  • SI have become a fucking joke. There hasn't been any significant improvement for at least 6 or 7 years. Just the same re-hashed shit thrown out there for gullible cunts like me to throw money at. No competition, no innovation and no improvements. And as for raising the price? Wankers.

  • Should have gotten Darren Farley to do the Harry Redknapp window winding down, or use him in some sort of promo's for 2018 he does pretty decent impressions.

  • football manager nl says:

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  • When this game started all my friend played ….now I am the only one still playing…..this video explains why……what a waste of time…….who was this video for? Spend time on making the game good the rest will take care of itself,,,,,,,,,another year when you have taken your eye off the Ball………..

  • Please I hope they've focused heavily on the gameplay mechanics, all this window dressing doesn't really improve my overall experience ESPECIALLY THE DARN DEFENDING MECHANICS!!

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