Breaking fashion with Dani Dyer – BBC

Breaking fashion with Dani Dyer – BBC

When Dani came out of the villa,
every brand wanted her. She’s become a bit of
a nation’s sweetheart in my opinion and, to kind of go into competition
with all these other brands, with so much money and,
ultimately, win a bid for Dani was just such an amazing
achievement for me and the business. Today, Dani is in London
to shoot her new summer range. Do your candid laugh for me. SHE LAUGHS Dani’s been a huge success
from the start. I was buzzing that we even
signed her originally. Nice. Yeah. Beautiful.
You look gorg. You look lovely and brown. At the time, we were massively
the underdogs. The offers that came in
for Dani were huge and, you know,
we didn’t match those offers. You look nice and brown, you know. Are you sure you haven’t been away
on a sneaky little holiday? We’re not about
just throwing money at somebody. For Dani to choose my brand is
something that I am so proud of. Hi, everyone. I’m here today and
I’m shooting my new summer range, which I absolutely love. She’s been amazing. She always
gets behind the collection. She takes part in
designing the whole thing, and everything just sells out. She’s listening really.
Pretending she’s not, but she is. I’m uploading videos. I’m going to show you
some more of my new clothes that I’m literally so obsessed with, and I really do think
it’s my best one yet. Dani’s first swimwear range
is a huge risk for this business. We’ve never done swimwear with her. We don’t know if our customers
are going to like it. The stock itself has cost 80,000,
plus all the marketing and creative that’s gone into it, so we’ve spent well over £100,000. So it’s a huge risk to the business. You like it?
Yeah, the nipples are hard though. I know, we obviously
will take those out. Out of a lot of businesses
I know in this industry, I’m probably the only person
that doesn’t come from money. There’s Thailand vibes
there as well, look, in front of those plants.
Yeah, literally. If you spend £10 million
on a marketing campaign, and it doesn’t work,
then my dad’s not there to give me another 10 million to spend again, so making the right decisions
in the business now is so crucial. More than ever. That’s cute. Yeah, I like that one.
Love it. Can you show me this Dani stock? Dani’s launch is
just around the corner, but Adam has been given
some bad news. So it’s just one style
on tops and bottoms. So basically the whole thing’s
just come in white. Yeah. For God’s sake! So there’s a bit of an issue
at the minute with one Dani style, which we’ve got quite a lot
of quantity on, and it’s come in, instead of coming in the print,
it’s come in just white, which is a nightmare because,
obviously, Dani hasn’t shot that. It’s not what we designed,
and it’s wrong. It’s actually harder for them
to get it wrong than it is to actually get it right cos the
print’s already in the collection. Yes. The knock-on is annoying because we’ve shot,
like, a shirt, some shorts and that bikini with three different
things which, obviously, we lose all the sales on that style. I’ve got to let Dani know
about that as well. I love this print. I’ve also
got it in shirt, shorts… It does impact the business
quite a lot and, obviously, they’ve got
to do a lot of messing around, trying to sort this out now. From an outside perspective,
people think that an online launch is very glamorous. I think it’s
anything but glamorous in reality. Yeah, so it’s all come
through fine. Perfect. Just making sure it looks right
on mobile cos that’s where all of it is coming from and then, like, any initial sales
it reports. So, like, this one… It’s only been live two minutes,
and it’s sold ten on that, which is a really good sign cos
it’s literally just gone live. That’s really high traffic,
so I reckon, what? Overnight, we’ll probably hit
over 100,000 visits. The best seller
is the bloody print that’s wrong. Yeah. Always the way. The swimsuit, the top,
the maxi skirt, the head scarf, all that’s doing amazing,
so that other one that we had would have done really well,
annoyingly. This print is the best seller
across everything, which just makes it extra annoying,
because it means that if that stock was delivered correct, it would
have been another best seller. Guys, I just want your attention
for a few minutes. Emily, stop distracting
everyone, please. So following the promo we had Dani’s
first swimwear launch which was a bit… I was very nervous about
it because we don’t know how she’s going to convert with
swimwear, whether girls are going to relate, etc. And I think
we did a really good job. It did really, really well
obviously, it was a really good day when it launched, beat expectation. So obviously I had a little bit
of a battle with finance to try and push this crazy promo
at the start of the week, which they let me if it hit
expectations. Overall now in the week we are just shy of
£1 million which is incredible and again it’s the highest week
of the year so give yourself a round of
applause for that, guys. When I was younger, if someone had said to me this
business would get to 40 million turnover, I mean, that’s amazing. But now it’s there, for me
it’s about getting to 50 million, it’s about getting to 100 million.
Like that’s just how my mind works. I’m so focused on growing
this business. Everyone, help yourself to drinks.


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