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  • 25 years after the fall, here we have the Berlin Wall bringing people together in the most unexpected way. We made this short film to tell the story of the chance encounter that changed everything for two former Berlin Wall guards. 

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  • Yeah nice artwork but…. I was only 8 years old when the wall came down, but I have my direct experiences with this wall. Why you don’t make a comic strip from the GDR Tanks which driven past – daily – in front of my kindergarten to secure the berlin wall. Or show the brave people who ran through the checkpoints and then minefields, almost reaching the wall and then shot down by border guards.  For me this is a distorted company perspective of the wall.  I grew up in a suburb in the gdr on the direct northern side of the berlin wall. Even in the same suburb, It was not allowed to enter my father´s house in another part of my (gdr) town – because it was too close to the berlin wall. This "Amelie" dreaming magical movie style and narrative is a cheap effect of catching people’s emotions for economic purposes out of context.
    This was not only a simple wall with two guys on both sides and nice music.
    It was a perfect technical death trap made by humans to kill humans. This is what I saw – from the east side. I don´t know what these AirBnB marketing guys  from San Francisco saw, maybe only some graffiti´s – from the west side. .But I could not blame them for that. I guess they never saw that death trap in real or had a descent education about this.

  • I saw this as an ad on another you tube video. I almost cried! I like videos like these, they remind us that we can mend the past with the present to change the future

  • We've been all alone,stuck in our little Zone since 1987. We're poor little souls, who've lost all contol and we're foced to take that role. 😀

  • I have a question, how react the people from USA or people from  gb on the fall of the Berlinwall?
    I wasn`t born at the fall so i dont now 😀

  • This is really beautiful. My parents were stationed on the west side of the wall. Most people my age don't remember or consider that Germany was torn in two for over 40 years. A few days ago my mother wept as she read accounts of western servicemen, I could tell she was remembering the plight of the East Germans who were so close yet so far away from freedom.

  • Joan Caballero Humet says:

    He conegut aquest treball a través de persones molt properes als creadors. M'agrada moooolt ¡¡¡ llum,,grisa i verdosa pròpia d'un compte centre-europeu,,les imatges flexibles i amables,,,aquells braços del protagonista que semblen de goma,,,com invocant una humanitat sense rigideses,,potser la feblesa natural de tots plegats ?
    i el mur i les cadenes ¡¡ i allò que no ens deixa lliberar-nos de nosaltres mateixos,,,de les nostres construccions mentals,,com si el món fos una peça inamovible.
    Moltes felicitats Marc ¡ 
    Tens un camí moooolt ampli davant teu ¡¡¡

  • In a country where excluding anybody is labelled “Nazi” it is very interesting that the adjective “exclusive” means “classy!”
    The fate of every nation depends on two things:
    1) The people who are INSIDE that nation; and
    2) The people who are OUTSIDE of that nation.
    In fact, the term “nation” means a certain type of people living inside certain borders.
    Imagine an Exclusive Club making someone a member who promises to run out the door and invite everybody in!

    Who would allow someone with the smiling “Looks don’t matter” attitude decide how THEY will look?

    “Racist” is just code for shut up White guy.

  • Honestly, that's a really heartwarming advertising, with an amazing message. And I actually like Airbnb pretty much. But since when was there a patrol on the west side of Berlin Wall? Only the eastern side was patrolled to prohibit the getaway of citizens of the GDR into the democratic western countries of Europe like Western Germany 😉 

  • What I feel when I think about the "downfall of the wall":

    After the 3rd Oct. 1990 countless industry- and trading companys in the east where sold for peanuts, millions of GDR citizens lost their jobs and were soon a problem for "solidary tax contribution" . The common rule, that everybody had to work, went down with it and therefore the foundations for "HARZ 4" was born. As were 5 million jobless people. ( Btw if you dont know what these terms mean by now then you dont have a right to comment here anyway) . Now we have to pay the price for this worst planned reunifcation. And our children will pay it with their pensions in future. Back then , after the "fall", when I was put to school in the "west", I was laughed at, branded as an "Ossi", pranked for being able to speak High German and not having a strange name as many of GDR children had. So much to "reunification".Where where you Amercian companys back then?? No cold war anymore. Wow. People again could meet each other. Travel and anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall…. No thanks to you, you wardriven country. Internationally significant?! For Americans? Airbnb?! I guess not! Especially not from you. 

    What a pity, that this incident is so often being used as a tool for manipulating people to support capitalism, communism, nationalism likewise , and/ or today's companys. Commercializing, like this clip above , has absolutely nothing to do with the downfall of the wall. You just want to have your piece of the cake. Go scrounge it somewhere else.

    Take your capitalistic behaviour with you America, and leave us be. I am disgusted how you think about and ply  "the fall". You remind me on David Hasselhoff and that so many people thought back then , that his "Looking for Freedom" was significant for the "downfall". Since everybody in Germany knows, that you are the terminal stage of capitalism, which you cannot escape, we all , no matter what political opinion one has here, Social , Liberal, Democratic, National, Lefty, we all in our country agree, we are happy living NOT your way of living. 

  • I love this story, it's really, really wonderful! It makes me so happy! This is one of the best story I've ever heard in my life!! 😄☺️😄😄😄😃😃☺️☺️😄😄😃😃😃😄😄

  • Neoshua Butler says:

    Dear Airbnb, My friends and I are at a conference in Baltimore and …we rented a place from AirBnb for the conference and the place we rented from stated it had Wifi but he had a hotspot and their were four of us on a hotspot trying to work on the internet. So the internet wouldn't load properly, it took hours for the homepage to load. When we complained to Airbnb, they were intially seemed as though they were going to assist us but they stated it was late and we could address the issue the first thing in the morning. They never called and so we called them and when we callled they switched the person over our case and told us that we needed to give the host more time eventhough he stated he wouldn't have wifi until June 5th. The new person over our course  was very slow at addressing our issue and tried to belittle the problem stating that it was amentity. Eventhough it was an amentity I was paying for not him. Then after that he tried to insinuate that I was lying or that he couldn't verify who was telling the truth even though the messages states that he is using T-mobile which is a cellphone company and that the internet was limited. When he continued to push the issue that he couldn't verify who was telling the truth, I asked to speak to the supervisor The women Ashley D. from Tampa yelled at me and told me that because he had some sort of internet there was nothing they could do. So me and my friends had to scramble to get another place because Airbnb would not cover the difference for us to have another place in the DMV. Ashley was very rude supervisor who cut all of us off and should really be fired and she tried to convince us all that she was the only supervisor on staff when we asked to speak to someone else. We called Airbnb again after our encounter with Ashley and spoke with Emerald who said she would call us back with some results but did non instead Darren or Darryl did and told me that he would not let me speak with another supervisor besides Ashley so we told them we would call them back. When we called later that not the case was switched over to a man Raymond and the supervisor Taylor. who gave us a refund and a coupon for 250 off but I dont think that was enough and so I am writing this letter as well as contacting several other entities to have something else done about this. I would not recommend AirBnb to anyone. The customer service needs a lot of work. Then you reported my post on facebook!

  • Cute little story but most of the time it's just chinese or arab investors leasing their places to tourists and raising property and rent prices to unaffordable highs for the average citizen.

  • Hi. Nice to meet u. I represent landlord.I wonder if airbnb could have a design for the tenants that before logging into their own account tenants already agreed the 30-day relationship contract. So tenants should only sign up the dates they need to live in. It is like a (relationship contract).
    For example: tenants want to live cor 3 days and leave. That's their own behavior. If the booking is for 2 nights.
    The purpose is that landlord reach the legal action instead of illegally daily leasing. Since there are lots of regulations on airbnb for tenants agreement, why not add this one on. Tourists don't have time for reading them. It can provide strong pretection for the landlords who are work hard on this business. Usually,30-day leasing is legal globally. More creation more ideas. Really appreciated.
    Also landlord can download this contract.

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    لو عايز تسافر يبقى لازم تعرف إيه هو Airbnb

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