Breaking Down the Television Commercial Industry In the US

Breaking Down the Television Commercial Industry In the US

Hi I’m Elora Murray at Fusion 360 Studios
reporting for the Fusion 360 news network. If you own a TV, and most Americans do, you’ve
probably seen a lot of commercials in your life. Some are funny, some are uplifting
and then there are those that are just annoying. Whatever the case, the TV commercial industry
is huge in the United States.In fact, in the US, more than 125 billion dollars in revenue
is brought in by the broadcasting industry each and every year.Over 15 hundred hours
are spent watching television per person, per year in the US. In addition the number
of TV households in the US has reached more than 116 million.The biggest TV advertiser
over the past few years has been AT&T spending more than 1.5 billion dollars on commercial
spots and airtime.Furthermore, nearly 100 million viewers in the US consume online advertisements
per year.According to PWC the United States TV advertising revenues will grow from 116
million dollars in 2015 to 81 billion dollars in 2019.Moving on, 15 second commercials are
best for companies with high-brand recognition.30 second commercials are best for conversation
or dialogue, including information on product benefits and top selling points. 60 second
commercials are for longer product or service descriptions; with time to identify a problem,
offer a solution and guarantee it can be solved with quality and care.Now let’s talk about
one of the times Americans look forward to commercials, the Superbowl. According to a
survey of 1000 people, conducted by the San Francisco ad agency Venables Bell and Partners,
78 percent of Americas would rather watch the commercials during the Superbowl than
the game itself.Even more interesting is that 70 percent of Americans focus on the ads before
the game, more than any other time during the Superbowl.That’s all the news we have
for you today. Hopefully you liked our video as much as some of your favorite commercials.
Once again, I’m Elora Murray with the Fusion 360 News Network. Have a great day.


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