BREAKING: Dems Release Trump Impeachment Resolution

BREAKING: Dems Release Trump Impeachment Resolution

So how’s Democrats yesterday, as we discussed,
they were about to do release the resolution to formalize the impeachment inquiry into
Donald Trump. So understand that so far they’ve been pre-interviewing
witnesses in private, in accordance with the law. By the way, as I will shortly remind you in
the next segment, a very interesting segment upcoming. This is now an impeachment inquiry resolution. The house is expected to vote on it Thursday
and it outlines the process that is going to be taking place to inquire about whether
Donald Trump should be impeached by the house of representatives ultimately subsequently
to be voted on by the Senate. What does the resolution say? Well, for starters, at its conclusion, the
inquiry is going to create a public rec report of their findings. And, uh, this is important, uh, in the sense
that it is one of the areas that has been heavily criticized by Republicans, that everything
is happening quote in secret. Well, in reality, nothing has actually happened
yet. There’s just been pre-interviewing of witnesses. But at the conclusion of this inquiry, there
will be a public report that is going to be issued. Now importantly to Donald Trump, who as you
may know, has been complaining about, there’s no due process. I’m not getting any due process here, even
though we simply didn’t get to that point yet. Nothing wrong has happened so far. The resolution outlines the due process that
Donald Trump is going to, to, to get, and you can make the argument that it’s actually
generous to Donald Trump. The resolution outlines some new due process
rights for the president of the United States. Overall in a sort of balanced, sober rational
analysis, there’s really nothing controversial in the resolution whatsoever. It’s very similar to the process that was
employed, uh, during bill Clinton’s impeachment back in 1998. The difference being that with bill Clinton,
there was this independent council report. Remember this guy Ken Starr, who was brought
in to investigate bill Clinton. Uh, there was a report which came, which presented
was presented to the house committees involved by the independent council, uh, specifically
through the judiciary committee. This time it’s a little bit different. The house itself will be doing the investigating
and it will be uh, the entity, the judiciary committee will be the entity issuing the full
report rather than receiving it from an, uh, a special prosecutor, independent prosecutor. So now the rubber is sort of going to start
meeting the road. And what I mean by that is we’re going to
see very quickly if Republicans and Donald Trump settle down over, there are no guidelines
and no due process because the resolution gives them everything that they’ve been asking
for. Now of course there is a chance, call me a
skeptic, call me a cynic. There’s a chance that it wasn’t really about
process and guidelines all along. It was just something that Republicans and
Trump grasped onto like a last desperate straw to try to stop what it is that is going on. But in any case, if we go by what they’ve
said, Republicans have been asking for their own subpoena power to bring in witnesses. They are being given that by this resolution. Donald Trump has been asking or demanding
or complaining about not having due process. He is getting that. We have very clear guidelines here for what
this process is going to look like and what the deliverable is going to be. Deliverable by the way, doesn’t have to be
a bad word, although when Donald Trump uses it, it often alludes to corruption. The deliverable in this case will be a report,
a public report. I’m summarizing the impeachment inquiry. Uh, Trump want to do process and the route
resolution gives him that. And it’s really important to remember that
the resolution also by the way outlines, and this is where it starts to get very interesting. Uh, the resolution outlines the possibility
of public hearings, which would be just endlessly fascinating. Uh, Congressman Jim McGovern, who’s a Democrat
from Massachusetts, chairman of the rules committee, he released the resolution yesterday
afternoon. I actually bumped into Jim McGovern over the
weekend in North Hampton, Massachusetts at the world famous Haymarket cafe. Very exciting moment for me. He clearly forgot who I was and had no recollection
of having met me. But regardless, Jim McGovern releasing for
us yesterday the resolution. So prepare yourselves now for just the new
wave of bad faith arguments from Republicans about how this is still unfair, how it’s still
a witch hunt, how it is still a terrible unfair example of presidential harassment and also
expect the white house to again start moving the bar to come up with new excuses for why
they are going to be ignoring and directing everyone under their purview to ignore all
subpoenas because before it was, there’s no guidelines, there’s no due process. It’s an open ended secret thing that’s going
on. Now we’ve been told here are the guidelines,
here is the due process and there will be a public report after possibly public hearings,
they will come up with something new to justify it in their minds and in the minds of their
supporters. Um, why they are going to not cooperate with
this inquiry. What I am most looking forward to is that
in the resolution, this is just great. It mentions 45 minutes of uninterrupted questioning
of witnesses by each side. Democrats would get 45 minutes and then Republicans
would get 45 minutes with witnesses in public testimony. If you’ve watched congressional testimony
before, you probably remember that before there is even a prelude and one question asked. They’re low on time because oftentimes each
member of the house will get five minutes. It’s just not enough time still. Sometimes there are fireworks, but it is not
enough time. 45 minutes of uninterrupted questioning of
a single witness, the fireworks and the implosions that we could see in 45 minutes of straight
questioning could be absolutely glorious. And I am very, very much looking forward to
it. And this may be, it may be in the end, Republicans
shooting themselves in the foot by demanding transparency because now they have it and
it doesn’t look like it’s the type of transparency that is going to be particularly good for
the narrative that they have been crafting more upcoming on this. I am sure I want to hear from you. How do you think the vote will go in the house? Well, the, the most, uh, straight forward
prediction is just a party line, a straight party line vote. Um, and what do you expect w if and when these
public impeachment inquiry hearings actually get going?


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  • David says that the House process is "very similar" to the process in the Clinton impeachment. Wrong. There is a huge difference between the two on many counts. In this case Congress is taking on the burden of investigation (including both parties), not passing it off to a "independent investigator." BIG difference.

  • The Dems are like, "Let's get tough. The time for talking is over. Call it extreme if you like, but I propose we hit them hard and hit them fast with a major — and I mean major — leaflet campaign, and while they're reeling from that, we'll follow up with a {whist} drive, a car boot sale, some street theater and possibly even some benefit concerts. OK? Now, if that's not enough, I'm sorry, it's time for the T-shirts: "Criminals Out" … "Donald Trump, No Thanks" … and if that's not enough, well, I don't know what will be."

  • Hi, david. I am hoping dems will march forward without flinching or paying heed to any word uttered from republicans. I have been tweeting and emailing with my oh so pervasive persuasive incredibleness. I am casting spells and all manner of amazing stuff. Adam, put one person in the House jail and nobody else will obey trump orders. Drastic times.

  • You really hit the nail on the head each and every time. I've been thinking this all along that republicans anted this to be public they were better off with it not being public because they could dress it up to be whatever they wanted it to be. Once it becomes public we will base our opinions based on what we see not what they want us to think we see.I've been kinda upset that there's been no transparency until now because I really wanna know what's going on as well.. But I couldn't form an opinion about anything .
    thank you for letting us do this with you

  • Bringing the term "due process" into the discussion concerns me, because it tacitly implies that the impeachment of a public official is somehow comparable to a criminal trial, and that the protection of the accused person's civil rights in the case must be given the highest priority. Nobody has a right to be the president. It's not like a criminal case where the accused person's own life and freedom is at stake. Removing a president does not deprive the person holding that office of any civil rights or liberties; it is merely a determination that the person is unsuitable to hold that office. I'm mainly afraid that the republicans are going to do a really good job of muddying the waters, and insist that there must be some sort of ridiculous "beyond-all-reasonable-doubt" standard of proof in the case, as if though it were a criminal case, and the president's civil rights are being denied otherwise.

  • Who cares is he going to be kicked out? An Impeachment with him still in office and able to run in 20/20 What the he'll does it matter

  • ,They would've given it to Barr to investigate but Brr is involved with his criminal activities. And that what Congress should explain to the plubic. So theses sorry republicans wouldn't have the lie to tell to the plubic. When they have at least 40 Republicans in the room why questions are being asked , theses are some shameless sorry ass politicians. All these people need to be jailed for what they are putting the country through. Because of they would stand up to Trump ' he wouldn't be doing what he's been doing.

  • Edward Williams says:

    They bitched about it not being public. Now they will bitch that it is.
    They will argue and fight about anything so long as it impedes the process.
    This is not about right or wrong, crimes or no crimes for Republicans. It's about how can we destroy this process so that we can keep hijacking the country and main power regardless of the law.

  • Public release? Somehow, I am thinking, the Republican's will soon be walking that idea back. I am sure, that they will not want all of trumps corruption made public and their ties to said corruption.

  • Transparency is what they want, but unfortunately for our country, most of them will still turn a blind eye to the witnesses, and their testimony.

  • They are already doing that. Nothing the republicans and the president are saying is based on fairness and thus nothing the democrats do will be good enough. Therefore Pelosi has to stop kissing up to the republican demands and impeach trump. We have enough information to impeach trump 10 times over

  • I'm against giving them any quarter. We've taken years of their crimes and abuse against good individuals and our system of government. The only time they've almost behaved is when we've tightened down and not given them the leeway to mock up a fake reality and twist the truth of things.

  • David, I would be so happy to see that buffoon kicked out of office. But I wonder… if congress votes and empeach him, then senate vote against. what's the point of all this??? it would stop right there and all that for nothing. Am I wrong??? And if subpeanas are mandatory under the law to comply, why nobody was taken to jail for refusing. like pence or barr…

  • GOP will still say that there is no transparency and that everything is being done in secret. Dems need to stop caving in the GOP temper tantrums and just do the job we voted for them to do.

  • When you got nuthin' just keep pushing that there's something. Doesn't matter. Donald Trumps ONLY crime is that he whooped Hillary Seizure Cankles the big raspberry pantsuit. How many excuses has she conjured up for why she l o s t ? Gotta be up to a dozen by now, right? It's ok dopes. Just keep watching the shiny bulging eyes of Shifty shift. You'll re-energize the Rethithtanth.

  • Uniqueness Entertainment says:

    Donald Trump has his head in the sand like an ostrich. Although the difference is Trump still has his head up his ass at the same time.

  • Awkward Occurrence Late Night Show says:

    Check out my comedy Halloween video montage of trump impeachment v biden at awkward occurrence late show

  • Republicans sit your behinds down
    I heard enuf of yal talking bout impeachment donald trump get his butt out the building, let him get his time in prison, throw away.the key..And donald trump stop talking bout the other presidents especially OBAMA he got bigger BALL,S than you…

  • Now we know for sure, there was NEVER a “whistleblower.” There was however a deep-state anti-Trumper committed to fabricating yet another hoax to try and reverse an election outcome both he, and the media, didn’t like.

  • The bar has been set. Partisan impeachment for everyone. No president will avoid this fate from this moment forward. After 2 years of the Russia nonsense and the fact that Impeachment has been threatened since before his inauguration, there isn’t a snowballs chance in hell the 60+ million Americans who support this guy are going to buy any of this any more than the left will when Republicans pull this stunt on the next democrat president.

  • I'm kinda frustrated, I thought we were already doing an inquiry? And why are they caving to Republicans again? If everything done is legal, who cares what the Republicans think.

  • I don't ever really comment on videos but I'm so glad to hear you like Haymarket Cafe in Northampton! I go there all the time and love their food. Hilariously small world, eh?

  • The National Razor says:

    if you Google psychology today conservative brains you will find more than 80 studies have been done including brain scans that prove that conservatism is literally brain damage. One study shows the complete lack of concern on any level for fairness. So expect nothing but hypocrisy from these people.

  • I feel like, if the bumbling idiot somehow escapes impeachment and gets re-elected in 2020, DP might want to invest in some kind of protection. I have this awful feeling that free speech would quickly disintegrate and we’d be looking at some dystopian future type insanity.

  • None of it will matter if subpoenas aren't enforced. These people need to be dragged into court by police if necessary.

  • In short nothing will happen I don’t believe this and the impeachment is a waist of time well how great Democrats are you are sure there will be anything happening election is next year. And the vote will be negative

  • "They will come up with something new" Already done. Republicans are saying, and will keep saying, that if the process was unfair for any five minute period, the entire thing is therefore void until the end of time.

  • Nathanael Smith says:

    The Republicans new goal will be to muddy the waters on the page and prevent the report being published before the election.

  • If Trump & his flunkies refuse to cooperate, start having them arrested and incarcerated. The Democrats BETTER Step Up & Show Some Backbone. Our National Security Is On The Line. Our Freedoms & Liberties Are At Stake!!!!!!!!!!

  • Who'd have thought that Republicans actions twenty years ago would come back to bite them in the ass, especially with the Clintons being in the orbit of it all…

  • Trump has revealed what Republicans truly are now, how who they are, especially when they actually broke into a secure place to conspire with #Trumps Presidency, which is also illegitimate, propped up by a foreign Leader, they deserve to lose, they should lose!! Who could defend a crook, only the crooks would! Very bad!

  • I don't think they are going to impeach Trump , he's going to continue to do what he want and bring in other countries to help him win and we all know that's so wrong , this is terrible…

  • In case you all don’t know, the Democrats already knows this impeachment process isn’t going anywhere even if it reaches the senate. So you might ask, then why do it. I’ll leave that for you all to find out. One thing is for sure, you won’t find that out on this channel because David don’t have a clue what this ‘impeachment distraction’ is really covering up.

  • I think he is asking for public hearing so that way the KKK plus can show up and if anyone trys to go against him will find backlash and retaliation will be constant. Watch them take pictures and stuff thats why he giving cops military weapons to surpress the black community. There multiple states gerrymandering and trying to find ways to crush if not straight eliminate black votes like putting polls in police stations or miles away. They even had in GA where a black senior citizen bus was stop by cops, people forced off and forced back inside for "Their own safety". Its about to get real out here. Welcome to the land that show other countries how to be racist and oppressive.

  • 5:20 The 45 minutes of uninterrupted questioning is going to be good. The Kavanaugh hearings where really hard to follow, and felt like hero, villain, hero, villain . . .

  • This impeachment is timed precisely to DEAFEN THE VOICES of the candidates in the primary race. Instead of hearing about their SOLUTIONS, we instead get continuous 24×7 coverage of the ORANGE ASS-CLOWN IN CHIEF instead.

    It's a small wonder that TRUMP DERANGEMENT IS REAL, because the DNC can't shut up about him! Focus on winning, not hijacking democracy by way of this SHAM!

  • Trump calls them do nothing democrats.
    Republitrumphos are doing nothing,but defending their supreme leader.Confirming all his incpmpetent appointees.
    Confirming his incompetent lame unqualified judges and justices to a life time position.
    Taking away from the poor,locking up immigrants.MEANWHILE
    Trump is playing golf,filling his pockets living labishingly off tax payers money.His family ignoring and breaking all ethics laws.

  • Republicans will just move the goal post again. Once due process is clearly outlined, they'll move on to something else to try to claim the impeachment is unfair.

  • There will be more than a few republicans who vote in favor of this. Specifically those that sre well under water in their reelection already and those who dont fear a primary.

  • GiacomodellaSvezia says:

    I hope the Democrats will be even better prepared than previously for the public hearings. They will be better prepared than Republicans, no matter what, and they will have the truth on their side, which the Republicans are painfully aware of.


  • I thought this was going to be a vote for impeachment proceedings. This is just a vote for an inquiry which they've already been doing. Very disappointing.

  • Due process applies to criminal trials and the constitution goes out of its way to exclude impeachment from criminal proceedings. Since article 1 section 2 gives sole power of impeachment to the House, they could hold the whole damn thing in secret if they wanted to and it would be perfectly legal. Arguably the president may be referring to the impeachment trial in the Senate, but I doubt he knows the difference.

  • TheLuigiLightning says:

    Breaking: We’ve successfully wasted everyone’s time to the ultimate degree. You’re welcome. You have permission to murder us and our children…

  • Are you freaking kidding me. That's not due process at all. Were you ever in a History Class..?.. Nothing controversial. .The Republicans can only ask questions that are ok. With. Adam Schiff..The Founding Fathers are rolling over in their graves..Liberal Lunatics.

  • First of all they have to get him to show up. I bet he will dream up a visit to Afghanistan that will take him out of the country on Air Force One for the duration.

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