BREAKING: Court Confirms Trumps Tax Returns Can Be Turned Over

BREAKING: Court Confirms Trumps Tax Returns Can Be Turned Over

We have yet another major court decision that
says, yes, Donald Trump’s tax returns can and should be turned over to the New York
state criminal investigators that are investigating him, which is yet another failed attempt by
Donald Trump to prevent the release of those tax returns. Now I assume that this will be appealed to
the Supreme court. Maybe by the time you watch or listen to this
story, it already will have been. We will see if the Supreme court ultimately
takes the case. But if so, that is increasingly Donald Trump’s
Supreme court and they may well find in his favor. So I’ll reset the details for you. There is a criminal investigation going on
into Donald Trump and into Donald Trump’s business. It’s happening at the New York state level. They attempted to obtain Donald Trump’s taxes
and the taxes of Donald Trump’s business for the investigation. This was blocked. Uh, this will, this was ignored initially. Uh, lawsuits were filed. This went to court. One court said it is correct and okay for
the documents to be turned over to the investigators. Donald Trump’s lawyers appealed. And once again yesterday, another court said
it is okay for Donald Trump’s taxes to be given to the investigators. This was the second district federal appeals
court, Trump’s federal lawyer, one of them. Another one of them. Uh, this guy’s name is William conso. Boy. He’s been arguing all along that on the one
hand, this is merely a politically motivated phishing expedition. So it’s wrong. But on the other hand, he’s also arguing you
can’t investigate a sitting president. Anyway. Now the entire premise is very legally dubious. We do have the justice department memos, which
are really about policy. They’re not about the law which say it is
not the policy of the federal justice department to charge a sitting president. Now that has nothing to do with investigating
a sitting president and also that’s the federal justice department. We are talking here about the state of New
York investigating Donald Trump. So to any sensible person looking at the basics
of this, Donald Trump is working inordinately hard to prevent the release of his taxes. No doubt the release of his taxes would be
bad for him. The question is in what way would it be bad? That’s still up in the air. Will it expose that Donald Trump isn’t as
rich as he claims to be? Would it expose financial fraud committed
by Donald Trump? We don’t really know, but what’s important
to understand about this ruling is that almost definitely it will be appealed to the Supreme
court and the release of the taxes will be put on hold. But just as importantly, and a lot of people
emailing me are missing this. This is about whether Donald Trump’s taxes
can be released to state investigators. This is not about giving them to Congress
or the public. Now they certainly might leak, but even if
the taxes are given to state investigators, Ethan, until there’s a trial of some kind
in principle, this will not make the taxes public again unless they are leaked, which
is always a possibility. But ultimately, if the Supreme court takes
this case and my guess is that they will otherwise Donald Trump’s taxes get sent to investigators,
it becomes up to the Supreme court, which is made up of some justices that Donald Trump
personally selected, who will get to decide whether our systems of checks and balances
are effectively not nullified. And what you have to understand is that this
administration has been a total scofflaw flouting the law on dozens of and subpoenas. This is one we’re hearing about because the
topic of Trump’s taxes is more widely interesting. But by one analysis, this year alone, the
Trump administration has either blocked or ignored more than 86 subpoenas and requests. We may eventually see Trump’s taxes. We may not. But the real battleground here is that of
the long lasting importance of the issue of what is the power of the presidency. To ignore the checks and balances that we
have, do checks and balances that really still exist when the president is able to get away
with ignoring any of the ones that they don’t like. And so far Donald Trump is winning big. I mean just like really big on that issue. If we don’t change that, um, the, the implications
will be far more far reaching than simply during the Trump administration. We’ll take a quick break. Give us a like on Facebook at
Pakman show. We will talk upcoming about the California
wildfires. We will talk about many more things as well as Andrew
Yang. Interesting. Andrew Yang story coming up the David Pakman
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100 thoughts on “BREAKING: Court Confirms Trumps Tax Returns Can Be Turned Over”

  • If his taxes show anything it would be that he took losses and the banks show large gains. This is just like the 10 years of taxes from the 80s and 90s. This is fraud

  • If you do the "If you have nothing to hide why not show it!" thing, it doesn't much other than to just piss off the liberals. Trump supporters don't care.

  • Tax fraud, less wealth than he claims & straight up plain old fraud? All of the above, but don`t expect to see him being walked out of the Whitehouse in hand cuffs! Vote him out & even then, i don`t think he`ll accept the result if he looses the election. I can hear him now, " deep state, Clintons, coup, get your guns out, take to the streets & protect your president," and then threatens a nuclear strike on everyone!!

  • Gregorius Daneli says:

    BREAKING: Court confirms thing we've already known for, like, five goddamn years already.
    The IRS said he could release his taxes while he claimed they were auditing him… then the New York DA confirmed it dozens of times by now prior to the subpoenas.
    Now federal courts are jumping in on it—at this point, we shouldn't even bother asking; just take his tax returns and make them public. He'll never give them up willingly.

  • ˌWôrnər 'Räbinz says:

    I personally don't believe the
    Supreme Court will even take this case. The judge who wrote the case did not leave much for the high court to rule on.

  • Now his Supreme Court buddies will uphold this criminal's privacy rights. If it was a democrat, they must release their tax returns. Republican, well, it's about the privacy of the republican. When did America stop being about right and wrong and start being about everything the Republican party wants is right?

  • Judah TheOracle says:

    If it goes to Supreme it screws Trump even further
    "Regarding Trump's request for a stay by the Supreme Court — which would put the process on hold until the justices decide whether to hear the president's case — Napolitano said that decision lies with Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg — who is tasked with ruling on such requests from New York State." – Fox News

  • Thank you for your compliance says:

    Basically everything that the WH has been doing in the last 2 years is to hide the criminal activities of Trump. No important policies had been done on global or local issues. His advantage is that 40% of Us voters believe that government is about market and making them richer and this is a sad picture of voters.

  • I do NOT think the Supreme Court will take his appeal as there is no legal ambiguity and 4 judges have now ruled unanimously against 45.

  • MediaMatters IsMyCockHolster says:

    'Democracy Dies in Darkness'…. 'Democrats hold Soviet style closed door hearings on a made up crime with an unknown hoaxblower without firsthand knowledge'… wait.. what?

  • trump is owned by russian oligarchs that backed up his bank loans and truly is putin's puppet, and his voting base is the ultra right white "christian" radicals

  • Constantly Contrary says:

    Uh, just thinking, what if the Trumpster has NO TAX RETURNS? Last time I heard it's a misdemeanor. How many years? High crimes AND misdemeanors.

  • marti-grecia Odalyz says:

    it will be when the American people break through its' stupour and its' desensitized state toward Donald Trump and go to the streets, bonded and banded together that something of consequence will then affect this totally lawless POTUS, and anymore Not before.

    but, as we speak, We the People have gone to sleep under the influence of poppy fields in the never-neverland of the nowadays Wizard of us, and we haven't a tin-man with a Heart nor a straw-man to wake us! 🙁

  • Why do I get the feeling there will be appeals until it reaches SCOTUS, who then also confirms the ruling, and drumpf simply keeps refusing to cooperate even then? It's not like there will be any consequences for him after all.
    The dems need to grow a spine already and start issuing arrest warrants.

  • Judge Napolitano said Trump has no standing in front of SCOTUS because the subpoenas for the tax returns are to the accounting firm Trump used, not Trump himself. The accounting firm can’t refuse. And Ginsberg is the one who decides if there’s a hold, etc, at that level.

  • Hes NOT going to hand shit over and he knows damn well no one can prove will do anything to him. .it wont change anything, anyone with a brain knows he doesnt pay any taxes. Hasn't for many many years if ever. He figured that out long ago. That's why he will only build if he gets tax abatements. He openly has lifetime abatements on current properties. . I

  • This was decided on a while ago. Where are the Dem leaders on this? They should have marched their asses down to New York and got those taxes! I've heard they aren't because they're ignoring the topic so that their own dirty dealings aren't looked into and exposed. What possible reason could there be to ignore a court ruling we've been fighting for since he took office?! It's disgusting weak Dems that will screw anything up they can.

  • The turd should've been investigated twenty years ago, we already knew that the toupee wearing shit bag was up to no good back then.

  • Maybe Democrats should focus on the country instead of these failing investigations. There are more important issues at hand and you’re just giving him more ammo.

  • Scentimental Journey says:

    In fear of what a Democratic future president may do, there is no way that the Supreme Court will want to set precident by putting Trump above the law.

  • I've heard that since this is a New York State case, the Supreme Court justice that this would be send over to would be Ruth Bader Ginsburg ?

  • the Supreme Court will Not get involved in this matter since it is clear cut already. Supreme vourt will only get involved in questionable issues that need a final decision. No more srguement. Done

  • David Pakman is a Sam Harris/ Christopher Hitchens type character.

    It's a matter when he officially comes out of the hate closet and declares his ideological war on 'Islam.'

    Straight up Mossad payroll.

  • William Kamroon says:

    Hey David what you didn’t mentioned is that Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg (RBG) will be the one PRESIDING over Trump’s Taxes case in NY.

    Mind you, Trump bad mouthed her (RBG) in the past so I bet you she’s gon stick it to him not only because the LAW is on her side but also VENGEANCE is a dish best served cold.

  • How can you convince me that USA is a democracy? How many people can the president shoot before the police can arrest him?
    Our congress start looking like the Russian and Chinese. Apart from applauding the president, they are unnecessary.

  • Philip Wipernickle says:

    I wonder if Trump actually gets this to the supreme Court how long it will be before our citizens rise up to challenge the court. Fucking goons. If they don't start colouring in the lines soon I will watch as someone not quite in touch goes to shoot them like that guy in the early 2000's who went after those congressmen playing baseball. They acted so good for a little while. It seems fear is the only efficient catalyst for change right now.

  • KariahLuke MacChan says:

    Packman, thanks for great news and updates.! At the very least dump is going to be at least embarrassed if revealed. No potus has been so reluctant to show his tax returns

  • question: IF it goes to the Supreme Court and the court rules that Trump has to turn over the tax returns and Trump still refuses, what happens then?

  • The ruling is so narrow that it not likely the Supeme Court will get
    involved, and if they do, they are most likely to agree w/ the lower

  • Connie Michalik says:

    If Trump is doing drugs, ie. Sniffing uppers, why can’t someone find proof? It seems that would get him impeached using the 25th Amendment. Someone in his inner circle needs to grow a conscience and find proof.

  • trump, and by extension the republican party, is fucked either way. If it goes in his favor, ANY future president will be held to the same standards. Republicans would rather die than see a corrupt democrat president be able to tell republicans to go fuck themselves in court. So really it's a matter of, do republicans want a small win that could fuck them over for generations to come? or cut their losses?

  • I still don't understand how you can't charge a sitting president. How far does this go? What if he murders someone? He won't, doesn't have the stones. But hypothetically, still free?

  • creamy goodness says:

    Didn't Politico already have hard proof thanks to some freedom of info act digging that he committed financial fraud? He either lied to his lenders, or he lied to the irs. or both.

  • Cory Trae Chancy says:

    Why is he fighting so hard to keep his taxes secret? WHAT is he hiding? Its so obvious at this point that these tax returns are going to ruin him.

  • Won't believe it till it actually happens. If SCOTUS even hears the case it would be pretty damned hard for them to allow him stopping the release without looking like frauds.

  • From across the pond in Africa..I always look forward to watching your show..your politics at the moment is like a reality show.. we also have corrupt politicians here but your guys out stupid ours

  • Blah, blah, blah, Whistle-blower !  Blah, blah, blah, RUSSIA !, blah, blah, blah,
    Emoluments Clause !. blah, blah, blah, Kids in cages !, blah, blah, blah, RACIST
    !, blah, blah, blah, His Taxes ! blah, blah, blah, His taxes ! Blah, blah, blah,
    Charleston ! Blah, blah, blah, Stormy Daniels ! Blah, blah, blah, SHARPIE-GATE !   

  • If it's tax records are so "perfect" as he has claims over and over why is he so desperate to keep them private? Could they hold answers about what Russia or even Turkey have on him?

  • We joke but this is the most important court decision to ever hit the US. If the supreme court rules in favor of Trump then we will have shifted into an authoritarian country. The argument Trump is trying to present is that "the President cannot be investigated or indicted," and so he gets full reign. Nothing can stop him if he decides to abolish all elections because he can't be investigated or indicted.

  • Most of the experts Ive seen have said that the way the ruling was presented it narrows down the issues the Supreme Court can rule on. Almost all of them said that it is unlikely to be overturned. I hope they're right. If it gets overturned then it is 100% proof that the Judicial branch has failed the Constitution and is an official tool of the executive branch. I dont understand how the GOP says they worship the Constitution and then do things like having Trump call the Emoluments Clause "phony" and no one in the GOP blinks.

  • RUMOR HAS IT RBG will review and judge on Trump's taxes.
    if they get stopped and his lawlessness wins again then we my friend have lost our DEMOCRACY.
    Trump is a criminal and will continue in turning our country over to Russia.

  • If there's nothing wrong,perfect in fact,then why oh why is he doing everything to stop it. He would rather spend God only knows how much to hide them…good grief,the mind boggles.

  • Don't think SCOTUS will take djt tax case. Think they'll uphold the appellate court decision. Trump is a liar, cheat, money laundering fraud. He's dangerous & we need to get him out of the WH NOW. Also believe jared was involved in Khashoggi murder. Man, sad to say, but these people need to be removed & if guilty, charged, indicted & prosecuted.

  • I thought Ruth Bader Ginsburg was to oversee the decision if it makes it to the SCOTUS, since it’s in her district? …that’s what Napolitano was saying on Fox

  • They’ll help us, if they are worth their weight in salt. Please help us Supreme Court! 🙏🏻🙏🏼🙏🏽🙏🏾🙏🏿🙏

  • Daniel Moran Aguilar says:

    A collusion between the president and the supreme court judges was the common backend of corruption in 🇲🇽 cant believe this is happening in USA in real time and in Mexico this is being erradicated

  • Imma Conservative says:


  • BREAKING: Water Wet, Sky Blue.

    You elected a real estate con artist who was wrapped up in the DB Russiagate/Money Laundering scandal that saw the bank pay fines of over $600 Million after an exhaustive INTERPOL investigation which, surprise surprise, only mentioned rich westerners roles in washing the cash rather than investigating and prosecuting those who were defaulting on those multi million dollar loans from DB as their part in the scheme.

    Dollars to donuts, Trump has hundreds of millions in defaulted loans and that's how he met these Oligarchs in the first place.

  • PardonMe ImDrunk says:

    Dude is president, therefore one of, if not the, most powerful person in the world. First he was down to release them then started making excuses. As he holds so much power, it is important to see nothing shady is going on. He is not above the law. If you get pulled over try not handing over you drivers license and claim witch hunt, see what happens. They ask for drivers license just to make sure your legit (makes sense) but somehow this president, well, we just got to take his word on it?

  • As imperfect as Hilary was, any justices she would have appointed would’ve been more representative of values of the majority of it nation’s citizens.
    I hope that for those whose favorite candidate doesn’t win the primary, they still come out. Because trump will have more
    opportunities to elect justices if he gets another term and that might mean decisions that favor corporation and take away agency over ones bodies and worse over several decades. In an ideal world he’d have the upturn candidate that motivates and excites us. In the the world he live in its a binary choice for or. Against someone who in many ways is antithesis of much of that the country was built upon and strives for.
    Even when we share common ground concepts like prioritizing America and trade hi approach and execution leaves something to be desired. He is just the worst

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