Breaking Bed — Couple VLOG

Breaking Bed — Couple VLOG

PLEASE STAND BY ABOUT ORANGES AND CATS Vitalii: It’s a beautiful day! Do you know why? Because three days passed since my keratin treatment! Vitalii: And this means that I can finally wash my hair again! Fat Lady: Before sugar powder, I couldn’t focus on anything. But now I have been up for two days. Fat Lady: I’ve written 4 term papers, ran a marathon, read six books and done all my christmas shopping – and it’s only March! Vitalii: We even started from a beautiful breakfast! Vitalii: It’s a curcuma… how it’s called? Juice? Yes, a juice! Vitalii: With… how is this thing called? Because of all this German language that I am hearing I started forgetting English. Vitalii: So here is this orange thing… Jakub: It’s an orange, for fuck’s sake! Vitalii: Yes! Orange! And also curcuma, oil… Jakub: Yeah. Line seed oil… and black pepper. Vitalii: And here we have some avocados… and of course coffee! That’s the reason why I am so happy today. Vitalii: And some tomatoes with mozzarella and… No! We don’t eat candies! These are not ours. Vitalii: It is Natsumi! Candy Natsumi: Ha! Vitalii: She left her candies. Vitalii: By the way, Natsumi has left us for a month. That means we are very unhappy and without asian food at home. Vitalii: You are welcome to come here and cook something for us… otherwise we won’t survive. Jakub: The balls are getting cold. Vitalii: Balls?
Jakub: I meant eggs. Vitalii: Let me warm the balls! PLEASE STAND BY Vitalii: Besides, I made a very long break from coffee. Jakub: Oh, you already put spoons on the table? Jakub: I don’t know what for I did that. Vitalii: I see… Vitalii: You scared the cat. Oh, I forgot about the main news! His dad left us a cat! Vitalii: Now we can do certain things with him… Jakub: With her. Vitalii: With her? Oh, alright. Forget about it. Everything is fine. Cat, you are safe! Vitalii: *meows*
Jakub: YouTube – cat. Cat – YouTube. Jakub: Her name is Shila. Vitalii: Give me your paw, Shila. Jakub: No! You dropped your egg… Vitalii: So now I am not the only cat in this house. Vitalii: Today is going to be an exciting day…
Jakub: I will cheat you with her! Vitalii: What did you say?
Jakub: I am going to cheat you with her. FUCK LIFTS Jakub: Do you realise that if we get stuck in this elevator, I am going to kill you to save oxygen for myself? Jakub: I am serious. I would totally sacrifice you for more oxygen. Jakub: I hate elevators. Vitalii: Fuck… CAUGHT IN THE RAIN Jakub: It’s raining… Vitalii: And it’s really strong rain… Jakub: Ah, fuck. HOW TO FOLD A BED IN HALF
(VIDEO GUIDE BY V. WINTER) Vitalii: Hello, it’s me. Selfish Winter. And here is selfish Winter number two. Vitalii: Today we are going to break this bed because it is handmade and we have a new one. Vitalii: It’s standing right here… Vitalii: It perfectly suits our furniture. Jakub: Everybody has this bed in Berlin. I am ashamed that we actually purchased it. Jakub: Now it’s understandable why you said that this bed is handmade. Jakub: This bed used to be a wardrobe and another bed. Jakub: Vitalii fully unscrewed both, the wardrobe and bed parts, and made a custom bed himself. Vitalii: I am going to miss this bed. Jakub: I won’t. Vitalii: Really?
Jakub: Yes. Vitalii: You don’t appreciate my work… Jakub: Look how dirty it is already! Vitalii: Those are wine stains. It’s history! Jakub: History my ass. Vitalii: This looks so scary… Jakub: Oh my god! It looks like a torture instrument… Vitalii: It’s super heavy, isn’t it? Jakub: Yeah… Jakub: You made it so you can unmake it. Jakub: Now we will sleep on the floor. Vitalii: I killed it! YOU will be next, if you won’t subscribe! Jakub: How to fold a bed: A video guide by Vitalii Winter. PLEASE STAND BY Old Lady: Quiet! Keep it calm up there! Old Lady: What did I just say! I am calling the police! Jakub: The room looks much bigger without a bed. We should just sleep on the floor. Vitalii: Yeah, I don’t mind. You can sleep on the floor. Jakub: We relocated the bed. It’s standing now here. Jakub: Hi!
Vitalii: Hey. Jakub: What’s up? Vitalii: Not much. Jakub: We still need to attach the handle to the night table! Vitalii: My stomach hurts. Jakub: Why are you ruining the scene? Jakub: No! Don’t leave bruises on my neck! Vitalii: You taste so soapy… Jakub: But I didn’t wash myself for two days. BOYS NEED TO CHEAT (SOMETIMES) Vitalii: As you already know, Natsumi has left us. So we decided to cheat on her. Vitalii: We can not live without Japanese food anymore. Jakub: Is sushi Japanese though? Jakub: Oh my goodness, I am just asking… Vitalii: No, it is Ukrainian, you know? Jakub: Well, by the amount of sushi that Ukrainians eat and all the restaurants that offer sushi, I wouldn’t be surprised. Ukrainians are crazy about Sushi. Vitalii: Anyway! Vitalii: We can’t be the stupid country anymore! Vitalii: I don’t sound like Trump… Vitalii: Anyway, we decided to cheat on Natsumi. Sorry Natsumi! Vitalii: But it’s actually the restaurant that you were recommending to us, isn’t it? I hope you will watch this VLOG. Jakub: *laughs* Vitalii: What’s so funny? Vitalii: We are going to eat now. Wish us a good evening. And we wish you a good evening too! Meow! THANKS FOR WATCHING SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL


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