Breaking Barriers

Breaking Barriers

{Jane} From the outside, this facility looks
just like an office building. Inside hundreds of are slated to die in contagious disease
experiments. Here, feces, urine and food are splattered across the floor. The longer the
animals are confined, the more neurotic they become. Some animals try to cope with their
fear and life in a barren cage by developing erratic movements. There are almost one thousand
animals here, including apes and seven different monkey species. The cage sides are solid,
so that most monkeys caged individually can never socialize or touch. In another room,
more animals are encased behind the double sealed doors of isolates, a cage within a
sealed metal chamber. Instead of the forest, they hear only other primates, banging their
heads and their hands against the bars, and the incessant hum of the pumps that bring
air into their sealed units. In this room, highly intelligent primates have gone mad
from isolation, never able to walk or to touch another living being. They sit and rock themselves
into eternity. This macabre circular dance is an expression of insanity. He is too far
gone to stop for more than a second when the outer chamber door opens. Other abnormal behaviors
include head banging and self mutilation. In these huge tombs, adult chimpanzees contaminated
with contagious disease will live up to fifty years. They exist in semi darkness, totally
alone and with no stimulation of any kind. Infected with viral hepatitis, in February
1986, chimpanzee number 1164, an older male, has gone mad. Crouched on the metal slacks
of the bottom of his inner chamber number 1164 rock incessantly and mumbles to himself.
If he hears anything, it is the hum of the mechanism pumping air into the isolate. The
fact that chimpanzees are our closest living relatives, did not save him from living death.
As the outer sealer door is opened, light enters the chamber but he has lost all hope
and cannot respond. He continues to rock and to mutter, back and forth, rocking without
end. Here, mothers circle agitated, unable to defend the babies who cling to them. Other
mothers hold their infants and stare blankly out of their wire homes. Some mothers are
too psychotic from laboratory life to raise their infants, but all mothers will lose their
young to the experimenters. These frightened juveniles, already removed from their mothers
are afraid of the intrusions they have come to expect. As soon as they are old enough
to be experimented on, they bare the tattoos on their chests reminiscent of another time.
These new born infants will never know their mothers. They live in steel cages in yet another
room. Unable to thrive under such barren conditions, many of these orphans will in their metal
nursery before being infected with human disease. Desperate to suckle, these infants are glad
of the fingers I had stretched towards them. In some cages, animals are sick. This old
Macaque monkey has no spirit left. She shivers as if she has neurological damage and suffering
from abrasions to her face and neck. Here, a tiny exotic marmoset has suffered facial
abrasions too and has hair loss on her back and sides. In another cage, a squirrel monkey
has died. His body is just left. Next door to him another squirrel monkey is ill and
has vomited onto his cage floor. This laboratory provides a living death to a variety of animals
including ground hogs, taken from their field homes and families to be infected with diseases
they would never get. These naturally burrowing animals must live in the open. Here on metal
hungs. There is hope for some. In this room, baby chimpanzees, their fate to be future
AIDS subjects have not yet been infected. Most of these toddlers, just two to three
years old, were shipped here from an air force base. They are at a crucial age. For like
us, the most important thing in their lives is companionship. If they do not enter a social
group now, their chances of being normal are practically nil. Next door, Kyle and Eric
banging on their glass cage fronts as they see adjacent doors opening and friendly contact
being made. Hands are outstretched and everybody is desperate for attention. Everywhere there
is great excitement. After months of life in an empty cage, everyone wants to touch
the masks to smell, to groom, to hold hands. Brenda, the infant in this cage, used to be
able to play, and had an old English sheep dog companion before being shipped here. The
oldest, most vocal and already neurotic Bobby is soothed with some popsicle and attention.
Until now, only men and women and cats, gowns and surgical masks have come, not to visit
her but to bleed her and to dump her waste. This baby chimp cannot be saved. He has already
been infected and he will remain here, in isolation, until his death. And now, a final
stop. This is death row, one of the isolate rooms where eventually baby chimps will spend
two or more decades in isolation. An adult chimpanzee weighing more than this woman,
and our closest living relative in the animal kingdom, whose blood we can exchange for our
own, is condemned to living death in this reinforced steel chamber. Starved for contact,
this three year old scream when the isolate door is sealed. All around her, there are
rooms full of animals circling and rocking their lives away. For them, there is no peace.
We have reduced these wonderful animals to this. Please help us reach out and be their
true friends.


100 thoughts on “Breaking Barriers”

  • Lauri Gardner-Rhodes says:

    Absolutly Heartbreaking!!! How could you go on day after day doing a job like this …You'd had to be really sick as hell in the head to even think it's okay to do something like that…50 years of being locked in a tiny cage is not any type of scientific research it's just pure cruelty!! Maybe we should start making examples out of people in the world murderers, rapists, these are the people that deserve to be in those kind of cages for an eternity and stop being a waste of taxpayer dollars!!!

  • This is just Evil people!!! There is no need to test on animals!!!😡This treatment has got to come to an end!!!😔😠

  • Cruelty is cruelty, experiments for the good of man or not. No living, breathing, feeling creature should be treated like this. Period.

  • Experimenting on infant's with no anaesthetic these sickos must be in heaven, it's the same as the concentration camp hospitals experimenting on small children with no anaesthetic I suppose they get more terrified screams to get off on

  • Diana Mccullough says:

    When these people die, they'll go straight to hell and be put in cages and tormented by demons and it'll a million times worse than what they've done.

  • nakoa Humphrey says:

    Why is this allowed, congressional laws need to be put in place to stop this shame on the human race for this God will get those who abuse animals. 😭😭😭😭😭

  • How is this practice still allowed to continue…… breaks my heart and we call ourselves developed and intellectual beings !!! 🤬🤬🤬🤬………my heart breaks for these poor doomed primates…… some human beings are disgusting !!!

  • Imagine…people go there to work every day to torture animals…then they go home…play with their kids…have dinner….how can they ? ? Worst I ever saw…

  • Лариса Шуракова says:

    это ужас….как хочется хотя бы жизнь одного животного спасти

  • please read the description yall. this is 1986. these kind of expirments dont go on today, the may in other countries, but not in the US. peta uses older videos (like this) to scare and hype your feelings up to make you think stuff like this still goes on in the US. it doesnt.

  • While normally I hate the Fascistic attitude that the people at PETA have, for once I agree with them on something. This is just fucking terrible. We have tons of people who support Communism, and tons of people who molest children. Why the fuck can't we just experiment on those dregs of society? I would. Animals don't deserve this

  • All I can say is thank God that the times of tribulation are about to happen, because all these motherfuckers are going to pay unimaginable amount of pain and suffering. And rightly so. Praise Christ, and I hope his time of coming is near. This world needs to be ended.

  • Look what we do to each other, and our own human children. We kill our unborn everyday. Sadly, This doesn’t surprise me.

  • Oh how I hope that people open their damn eyes and wake up during my lifetime and these mother fuckers have to walk among us.

  • I was literally crying after i watch all peta videos and. i hope the animals would live in a very beautiful place not in this cage 😠

  • These people off the ashamed of their self not sure how they sleep at night this is what we calls s*** to hit the fan if people knew where these locations were hell would break loose there's no sense and treating animals like this. To hell with diseases find another way to play God

  • Sweet Little Weasel says:

    I most certainly have some issues with PETA, we've had issues and words… but i also have always admitted to the good they have done. There is a lot controversy regarding experimentation and where lines are drawn. The extreme abuse, cruelty and psychological damage here is unspeakable.
    The only way to gain justice here, is to do every thing done to these poor creatures is to do the same in return to those people who did it.
    It's sad but seems the only way to help a lot of the adults are to give them a big yummy meal, wrap them in a nice soft warm blanket, give them a few hours of affection and love…. Then let a syringe put them in to, what would finally be, a calm, warm, full belly and peaceful sleepy-high, then let them sleep permanently and move on from the horrors of this life.
    The young ones still have chance… find them a warm and loving home wether it's with other of their species or with humans (it doesn't matter … Just so long as they are given full bellys, dry warmth, extensive affection and love). in some cases maybe an actual preserve or management area that will have other adults and mommas that can be surrogates to them.
    These poor little angels ….those who have committed these crimes deserve NOTHING but the SAME crimes they committed done to them in return.

  • How can people let this happen…
    I don't won't to be apart of this world anymore,
    it's sickening….

  • This is the most horrible thing I have ever seen. The people that operate these facilities need to be hunted down and forced to endure the same treatment that these beautiful creatures are forced to suffer. How do these fucking people sleep

  • Nancy Connelly says:

    Dear God what have these MONSTERS (people) done to these poor defenseless innocent monkeys ?💔 Have they no MORALS,COMPASSION, COMMON SENSE, HEART ?? The woman wearing the mask, how can she wake every day and go to work knowing what she is contributing towards these poor defenseless monkeys ! I get sick at the thought of her having children and what values and MORALS she is instilling on them 😰😥 I wish I could do something about this and not just write this which will change absolutely nothing absolutely NOTHING! 😨😰😥GOD PLEASE MAKE THIS MADNESS STOP 😥💔

  • This is so disgusting. Why?? 🙁 poor souls. They’re used to vast jungles, sunshine on their backs, fresh air. Eating whatever they like. Hugs and social life’s. ☹️😭

  • Well Go On, tell BOTH sides of the story. Tell the story of how millions of human lives were saved due to these experiments. Oh, wait, that's right. You don't appeal to logic, you only appeal to emotion. Sorry, I choose logic over emotion.

  • Chayna Merrill says:

    Fuck the human race. Ya its so fucking sad to see this. But its US the human shity beings doing this to these poor helpless, dont have a choice , animals. And infect them with our shity diseased mind, our depression, our addictions… for what reasons? A book? A theory? A educational video? And what have the successfully done but kill the innocence and helpless? Sometimes i really do think the human race shoukd end and start all over. Its too late for yhe damage we all caused to our planet anyway. Our race is the most disgusting and that is sad.

  • Cheryl Greene says:

    This a shame Poor animals They won't ever Stan a chance an real life I would never work an a place like this My heart go's out for them

  • Deanna Taylor says:

    Why are they doing this?… this is so fucked up….shame on these people who work here.may u rot in hell

  • If there is God , then why is he allowed that cruelty to this helpless animals and why wouldn't he punish those who is doing it?

  • Bungaseroja Seroja says:

    Luckily this is just a animals but still i'm feel sad and disturbing with their act I'm don't know wheather they have use human being as they use this animals for their profits

  • this kind of treatment to any animal is sick and it should stop now. shame on those who practice this treatment ,you should all be placed in one of those cells yourselves until you go insane or die.

  • Lefty PlutozEagle says:

    i can not help but to wonder how old are these videos? Regardless WE are this planets virus & mother natures worst flaw controlled by the silliness of a god & the hypocrisy of christianity. Greedy clowns with the need to slumber in laziness & self-serving pleasure of materialistic objects that are consuming & destroying our own planets resources & all that makes LIFE possible. i give us less then 50 thousand years to extinction.

  • Why not give them a better life at least. Keep them in an enclosure which is outside, with trees, grass and the sun. Let the ones with similar diseases live together so they can socialize. I’m not an animal rights activists but this is sick.

  • In light of the recent German lab footage, barbaric practices are sadly still ongoing. As humans and apparently the most intelligent and emotionally sophisticated of beings, surely we can do better than this.

  • Maroncelli Mafia says:

    Inhumane. However, necessary! Yes, and those vaccines developed through tests such as these save billions of HUMAN lives! People who complain about this type of stuff are the one's who's kids are walking, talking, and healthy thanks to these labs and their experiments! Millions of primates compared to billions of humans!!
    "the good of the many, outweighs the good of the one".. in this case it's the good of the humans, outweighs the good of the primates!! Complain all you want people. Doesn't change the fact that your kids are still standing because of these labs and their research!!! GO LABORATORY RESEARCH ON PRIMATES!!

  • Romina Gutierrez says:

    Maldito pais ese ymaldito gobierno que permite esta maldad! Que Dios castigue a todos estosdemonios humanos que hacen maldad como estas… Auque estas personas crueles no crean en dios… Igual que dios los castigue YAA! Que su justicia caiga sobres todos ellos ya! que la plagas que pronto vienen caigan con ellos y todos del mundo que maltrate animales. Asi sea dios!!!😠😤😧

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